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  • Day105

    Lausanne, Switzerland

    September 19, 2017 in Switzerland

    Lausanne is a city on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking region of Vaud, Switzerland. It’s home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters based here since 1914, as well as the Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park. Away from the lake, the hilly old city has medieval, shop-lined streets and a 12th-century Gothic cathedral, which is regarded as Switzerland’s most impressive piece of early Gothic architecture. We are staying in the pretty waterfront area of Ouchy. Snow-capped mountains and beautiful harbour surround us. Switzerland’s only metro, which is right next to our hotel, connects you to the Old Town. We did it the best and easiest way - caught a train to the top of Old Town and wound our way down the very hilly streets - saved our legs after the 332 steps in Strasbourg!Read more

  • Day106

    On the road again! (Lausanne➡Sallanches)

    September 20, 2017 in Switzerland

    We almost drove around the entire lake on our way to Sallanches - the lake is shared between France and Switzerland, and overlooked by the Alps. We drove via Geneva, at its southern tip to the southern French side, lunched at Port de Rives, Thunon-les-Bains, a fishing port where the restaurants serve fresh fish caught that day. We ate a white fish called féra (French name; lavaret in Suisse) - very tasty. We then continued around the lake until we crossed the border into Switzerland again stopping at the Chateau de Chillon for afternoon tea. From here we turned around and headed for our destination for the next 2 nights - Sallanches.Read more

  • Day143

    Lake Geneva Views at Montreaux

    September 21 in Switzerland

    Lake Geneva, (Lac Leman to the French), is the largest lake in either Switzerland or France. This side of the lake has miles of vineyards along the hillsides leading down to the lake. There are ferries as well as pleasure cruises on a steamer.

    Along the shore is 400 year old Chillon Castle on a small island next to the shore.Read more

  • Day35


    May 12, 2017 in Switzerland

    Today was meant to be horrible weather - only got damp once - so headed to Lausanne for some sight seeing.
    It is in quite a stunning setting, set on Lac Lemon and is also set on a pretty steep hill.. as our legs found out.
    Spent hours in the Olympic museum (I am a big fan) which is well worth a visit as theres so much to see and so many good stories to ignite your Olympic flame!
    Set off up lots of hills and steps to reach the Cathedral, great view from the outside.
    Took a picnic as our budget doesn't stretch too far here in Switzerland
    Tomorrow is our last day and although we wanted to visit the Matterhorn we may have to save it for another trip.. will wander around the local area instead.
    Next stop, Milan :)
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  • Day60

    Saying bye to Nanny and Grandad

    August 14, 2017 in Switzerland

    Yesterday was a sad day because Nanny and Grandad were leaving to Ireland. 😩
    We had to get things packed up on the house because we had to leave at 10am. But guess what? I had a visitor yesterday. A huge spider in my waters, 😱😱😱😱 Nanny told me there was a spider in my water and I freaked out! Luckily, I didn't drink it! Phew! 🤢🤢
    To get to the airport, it took us app. 1h30min and it felt really long . We stopped ✋ at Joux Plan. A place that David and Eilis have been before. There was a lake, some cows and the view was nice 👍. When we reached the airport, we had lunch in the food court. Me and Conor had a kids meal, Mammy and Daddy had Thai food and Nanny and Grandad had tea. ☕️ just tea. 😺😺 It was hard to say bye to Nanny and Grandad because we had a good 11days together in Ireland 🇮🇪 and France. 🇫🇷 But we had to leave to check in to our hotel, so we had to go. We checked in to our hotel in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and we went for a walk. We walked 4km but it felt Long. The hotel is a small hotel, with 2 tiny beds stuck together, but I slept well. (Now Grandad can't take a photo of me sleeping 😌) Today we are going swimming 🏊 and Cycling. (Not mountain biking)
    I miss Nanny and Grandad. 😫😫
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  • Day190

    Day 191: Lavaux Wine Terraces

    August 24, 2017 in Switzerland

    Time for the next world heritage site! Much easier day of travel today, as we were visiting the Lavaux Wine Terraces, a wine-growing area on the slopes of Lake Geneva, about 20 minutes drive outside of Lausanne.

    In the car around 10am, a nice easy drive along the lake foreshore to where we started our day at Vinorama. This was a small exhibition centre and wine-tasting area right on the shores of the lake. We skipped watching the educational film and of course proceeded to tasting the wines - only a couple though since you had to pay (this is usual outside of Australia), and of course I was driving.

    After an hour or so of slow tasting we went for a walk up into the terraces around the centre. Essentially, Switzerland is usually too cold for grape-growing, but in this area on the northern slopes of the lake they get sunlight all day, plus reflected sunlight from the lake surface, and the stone retaining walls built into the sides of the hills over the last thousand years absorb the warmth of the day and then radiate heat over night. Thus the grapes grow quite quickly, and can be harvested before the long winter.

    It's been a wine-growing region for a long time - there's evidence the Romans grew grapes here, but most of the current terraces date from the 10th and 11th centuries when monks started wine-making as a crop. It's just so picturesque, with the wine terraces scaling against the hills, the huge blue lake, and towering peaks on the far side. We had a great walk up into the hills to a panorama, then back down again.

    The terraces are spread out for about 15 kilometres along the lake shore, so we drove along to various spots and stopped at whatever looked interesting. Lunchtime rolled around and we quickly visited a supermarket in the nearby city of Montreux to pick up some bread and cheese. We found another vantage point and ate in the car while enjoying the view as a thunderstorm rolled by.

    Once the rain cleared up we looked around further, tasted some more wines at another winery and then headed back to Lausanne around 5pm. Another home-cooked dinner of spaghetti and pesto, and another good chat with our host who is very friendly and very accommodating of Schnitzel. It'll be a shame to move on tomorrow!
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  • Day189

    Day 190: Watch-Making and Driving

    August 23, 2017 in Switzerland

    Long day of driving today, but they're all going to be fairly busy days! We left our Airbnb fairly early again, though not quite as early today since I could move the car between a couple of different spaces and reset the timer. But we were on the road by 10, heading north-west into the hills towards the watch-making towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle.

    These are world heritage listed because the watch-making industry that Switzerland is so famous for, essentially got its start here. And after a devastating fire in 1794, the rebuilt town was entirely planned around the industry.

    So all of the buildings are on the northern side of the valley, facing directly into the sun. They're all precisely east-west aligned to maximise sunlight, and not too tall to block light for the buildings behind. Watch-making requires copious light to do the intricate assembly and manufacturing, and so maximising natural light was very important. The streets were also very wide and straight, so that the huge amounts of snow in the winter can be easily cleared. It's interesting to think as well, that watch-making arose as a winter pastime, since the farmers needed something to do while their fields were snowed in.

    But to be honest, aside from the visitor's centre with an interesting and detailed film, there just wasn't that much to see. We followed a suggested UNESCO route from the visitor's centre, but a lot of the buildings are just people's houses and offices these days. You can't go inside, and of course, there's traffic rumbling past constantly and people on the streets so it's not too easy to film either.

    In the end we did what we could, grabbed some bread and cheese at a supermarket and ate our lunch in a park. We were probably there for less than 3 hours, oh well! We decided to skip on the sister watch-making town, even though that one is apparently a bit more picturesque.

    Back in the car and driving south now, as we headed towards the city of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva. The landscape got more rugged as we headed south, eventually finding some proper mountains, some with a little snow.

    We were a bit ahead of schedule and couldn't check into the Airbnb until after 5pm, so we decided to drive on from Lausanne into Geneva, since it's only another 30 minutes. There's a UNESCO listed building there, part of the Buildings of Le Corbusier listing which we checked out. A large old apartment building from the 1920s which looked quite modern, though obviously we can't visit inside.

    Parked in a separate car park and had a quick look at the foreshore of Lake Geneva. It was quite busy and touristy, with boats coming and going and an enormous water jet out in the lake shooting water 200 metres into the air. Wandered around the waterfront gardens for about 45 minutes, but soon decided we'd seen enough.

    Back to the car where we drove the 30 minutes back to Lausanne and found our Airbnb. It's in the hills above the city, just a single bedroom in a large 4-bedroom duplex house (quite modern). Our room is large, probably originally the master bedroom, and other rooms are occupied by a Swiss student and an American student, while the owner lives in the fourth bedroom slash basement.

    The owner was an older lady, originally Dutch but living in Switzerland for the last 40 years. She was also a former dachshund owner and fussed over Schnitzel quite a lot! We ducked down to the supermarket for more supplies. Had pizza for dinner and enjoyed the large house - the Swiss student was quite chatting, as was the owner. I ended up talking with her fairly late into the evening - she's done a fair bit of travel in her life as well which is interesting.
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