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  • Day46

    Blue Lagoon, Zanzibar

    November 20, 2017 in Tanzania

    Today we went snorkelling to the so called “Blue Lagoon” on Zanzibar. It was amazing snorkelling in very clear waters with lots of smaller fish and colorful corals. I can really recommend it 🐠🐟!

    It is best to go at low tide, a boat is not really necessary to reach the spot (it is really close to the beach). Nevertheless we did hire a mango tree dhow from a local fisherman and sailed there.

    Our perfect little day trip ended with a yummy octopus mango avocado salad 👍
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  • Day45

    Laidback Michamvi

    November 19, 2017 in Tanzania

    Michamvi is very chilled out, there is not much going on and a lot of places are Bob Marley style.

    We stayed in Mpole Guest House, had a nice room and a huge breakfast. The beach is only a few meters away and a nice sunset view bar is also around the corner.

    We spent most of our time with Thomas & Dorit, a couple we met in Paje and who originally told us about this place.

    Thomas twice bought fish, octopus, calamari, crab, shells and even sea snails 🐌 from the local fishermen and we cooked it on our camp fire 🔥, very cool and apart from the snail, very yummy!Read more

  • Day40

    Paje, Kinazi Upepo Bungalows

    November 14, 2017 in Tanzania

    White sand, colorful skies, a nice Bungalow, Masai beach boys, awesome fish currys and masala chips, oh, and Konyagi nights ✌️. These things explain or 5 nights in Paje quite well.

    Very strange things however occurred to the soap in our bungalow. First night, while sleeping, two packs of soap right next to the sink simply disappear! We didn’t really have an answer to this, the monkeys, that come to our roof at night, have no way in. We get a new soap and take very good care of it. But two days later, after we return from a local bar, the soap is gone AGAIN! Creepy sh*t. The next morning we find out, that the rats or rodents sometimes eat soap 🐀😳??

    In the mornings, we do some work (Christmas is coming) and in the afternoons we hang out on the beach, playing soccer or ring toss with the local masai boys. There are a lot of Masai guys here, selling their jewelry on the beach. Almost all are really nice and we are having good times with them. We also see them doing their Masai dance and jumping. Cool stuff!
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  • Day41

    Dolphin Tour

    November 15, 2017 in Tanzania

    Zanzibar has no whale sharks, but there is a dolphin tour. We have never been in the water with dolphins before, so we booked it, although suspecting, that this is gonna be a different experience.

    The whole tour is very stressful, surely by far more for the dolphins than for us. The dolphins hang out at the bottom of the ocean waiting for the boats go away. But they need to breath. So when coming up to the surface, about 10 boats speed towards them, even encouraging the swimmer to touch the animals!! 😡

    It is always nice to see dolphins, but this wasn‘t a nature experience, a strong gasoline flavor in the ocean water did the rest for us...
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  • Day13

    Letzter Tag

    July 9 in Tanzania

    Der gestrige Tag war doch sehr abenteuerlich. Wir sind froh, dass wir wieder heil zurückgekehrt sind. Wir empfehlen, Ausflüge NUR über das Hotel oder den Reiseveranstalter zu buchen. Sogenannte „freie“ Guides haben keine Versicherung und sind sich nicht bewusst, was auf sie zukommen kann, wenn den Gästen etwas passieren sollte.


    Die Reise war ein absolutes Highlight. Afrika hat Claudia total begeistert. Mittlerweile haben wir 3 Länder besucht: Kenia (vor 20 Jahren), Südafrika (2016) und Tanzania (2018). Jedes Land ist anders und hat seine Reize.

    Die Menschen sind sehr freundlich und neugierig. Wir waren nie in einer brenzligen Situation.

    Afrika - davon kann man nicht genug bekommen. Auch, wenn man immer wieder die gleichen Tiere sieht, es ist immer wieder anders und faszinierend.

    Schade, dass es schon wieder vorbei ist.

    Bye-bye Tansania 😘
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  • Day11

    The Loop

    July 7 in Tanzania

    Ach, was für ein wunderbarer Ort zum Relaxen. Völlig unkompliziert. Vor der Haustür werden die Schuhe ausgezogen und erst, wenn man das Hotel - oder wie auch immer man es nennen mag - verlässt, zieht man die Schuhe wieder an.

    Wir sitzen abends zusammen und schauen die WM. Egal, ob Spanier, Schweden, Deutsche, etc. - alle fiebern mit. Es gibt nur 14 Zimmer - schön gemütlich. Die Bar ist ein großes Wohnzimmer, der Bodenbelag besteht bis zum Strand aus Sand.

    Die Sofas wurden aus Europaletten gebaut und die dicken Polster laden zum Faulenzen ein.

    Freddy Mercury hat man hier ein Denkmal gesetzt. Er wurde ja in Stonetown geboren.

    Über das Essen haben wir ja noch gar nicht berichtet. Naja, das könnte echt besser sein, zumal der Besitzer Italiener ist.

    Durch einen Tipp sind wir gleich um die Ecke bei Fadhil gelandet. Sein „Restaurant“ hat nur 3 Tische. Er kocht authentisch Suaheli. Das war heute Mittag verdammt gut. Hätten nicht andere Gäste von seiner Küche geschwärmt, wären wir im Leben nicht auf die Idee gekommen bei ihn zu essen.

    Wie heißt es so schön: No risk - no fun 😜
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  • Day9


    July 5 in Tanzania

    Nach einem kurzen Flug sind wir sicher auf Sansibar gelandet.

    6 Tage Safari durch 4 Nationalparks sind sehr beeindruckend, aber auch sehr anstrengend.

    Das Hotel ist ein Traum und wurde letztes Jahr erst fertiggestellt. Alles für den Bau verwendete Dinge sind aus Recycling-Materialien hergestellt worden. Es hat nur wenige Bungalows. Schuhe braucht man nicht. Wir gehen vom Zimmer aus direkt auf den Sand.

    Hier verbringen wir die letzten Tage dieser wunderschönen Reise.
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  • Day359


    March 24 in Tanzania

    Still in Tanzania, we then travelled to the island Zanzibar for some sun, sea and relaxation. We spent one day at the beach and we were invited to a sunset cruise in the evening. We thought this would be a very sofisticated event so were a bit shocked when we turned up to find an old wooden boat with around seven locals playing the drums and getting drunk. By the end of the trip we were all joining in with the African singing, dancing and jumping into the sea ( I think the strong drinks they were serving us helped!). Next we visited the main town - Stone Town. This was an old slave market - people would be taken from various countries in Africa and brought to Zanzibar to be shipped on to other countries to work as slaves. We visited the museum and also the chamber the slaves were kept in. There was up to 75 people kept in a tiny room ( see picture) which was so warm - many would die, and if they lasted a few days they were worth more money to sell as it meant they were strong.Read more

  • Day172

    Paradise (again)

    May 19, 2016 in Tanzania

    It's starting to feel like we're bragging about all these beautiful beaches we're getting to go to. But, here we are again, on a nearly deserted beach. This time on Zanzibar. We arrived late last night and discovered that low season is basically empty. There have been other tourists around, but they are few and far between. We found one restaurant open for dinner last night and there was only one other family there. Rachel tried the ugali with curry, a traditional Tanzanian dish eaten by hand. Nick had the chicken masala, of course. Here's a picture of today's paradise, Nick the cat whisperer, and the plane we took here. Hope you all are enjoying the warm weather as well!Read more

  • Day17

    Day 16: Across to Jambiani

    March 21, 2011 in Tanzania

    Early start before our transfer to Jambiani on the eastern coast of Zanzibar. Had toast with a delicious banana jam for breakfast. Our transfer was supposed to cost $10 USD each, but this mysteriously increased to $15 when the driver arrived. He said it wasn't worth doing for $10 with only four passengers, so imagine our surprise when the bus left Stone Town with seven passengers! Felt a little conned, but it's still cheaper than a taxi. Not much money for us, but it's a lot for locals.

    Casa del Mar is simply breathtaking. It's right on the water, which is a saltwater ocean beach protected by a large coral reef a couple of kilometres offshore. Sort of like northern Queensland. At low tide, the water is several hundred metres distant, but at high tide waves pound almost at the hotel gate.

    We spent a lazy morning and afternoon doing very little. Snoozing in deckchairs, lounging in the pool, reading and writing. Annoyingly, several touts hung around on the beach selling food, boat trips, massages etc, and stepping through the gate onto the beach lead to them descending on you like locusts. Eventually "Captain Cook" broke through my resolve and sold us dinner at his restaurant.

    He collected us from the gate and walked us to his "restaurant", which was really just the yard of his house. He'd promised a few minutes walk which ended up closer to 20 minutes (apparently African time applies to distance as well), and it was hidden away in Jambiani village. We both felt a little vulnerable, but he was completely genuine and the coconut crusted blue snapper was excellent. No hidden catches beyond the long walk; he stayed with us all the way back to the hotel and we both felt richer for the experience.

    In the afternoon we'd had a brief wander around the village which was much larger than we'd expected. Bought some postcards and chatted with a local shopkeeper about the Premier League. He was a big Man United fan and saw my shirt. We discussed the win against Bolton from yesterday and Antonio Valencia's return to the first team before lamenting the injuries to our defenders. Apparently he's also a big fan of Spurs, Sunderland, Barcelona and AC Milan too! Covers all the bases I suppose.
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