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  • Day38

    Thailand begrüßt uns...

    November 9 in Thailand

    Wir verbringen 4 volle Tage bei Shade und seiner Familie. Fathi, seine Nichte, kocht jeden Tag 3 Mahlzeiten. Es ist einfache Hausmannskost, sagt sie. Wir bekommen Krabben, Tintenfisch, sämtliche Fischarten und Kalamari in unterschiedlichen Varianten zubereitet. In den Tagen finden wir zur Ruhe und fühlen uns super wohl. Obwohl wir nach wie vor sehr schlecht schlafen. Der Grund: Hähne. Büffel. Hunde. Schlechte Kissen. 30 Grad. Aber man kann nicht alles haben.
    Das Leben bei Shade ist natürlich und einfach. Jeder findet seinen Platz bei ihm. Darum fühlt sich auch jeder wohl. Und so kommt am letzten Tag unseres Aufenthaltes, die Königin und der König der Insel zu Besuch. Nein. Nicht mit Krone und bunt geschmückt. Er ist Malysier. Sie Britin. Er hat einen Titel und sie geheiratet. Die beide sind liebe und sehr kluge Menschen. Während des Dinners zeigen sie uns ihr Haus. In Miniatur. Sie wollen es bauen. Am anderen Ende der Insel. Ohne Wände. Alles offen. So das der Wind hindurch fließen kann. Die Miniatur ist wunderschön. Sogar Möbel stehen in dem Haus. Nicht größer als mein Daumen. Alles selbst gemacht.
    Und sie sind angetan von Ralf. Und er angetan von ihrem Projekt. Das Haus soll komplett aus Holz werden. Vielleicht ist das was fürs nächste Jahr...

    Wir verabschieden uns von Shade und seinen Freunden. Wir haben den Plan. Naja, den Wunsch. Mit der Fähre nach Satun zu fahren, dort in Thailand einzureisen und dann mit dem Van nach Krabi zu fahren.
    Und genauso klappt es. Durch Zufall treffen wir in Langkawi am Hafen einen Anbieter. Dieser verkauft uns die komplette Strecke für 40 Euro.
    1h mit der Fähre nach Satun
    15 min zum Busbahnhof
    4h mit dem Bus nach Krabi
    Letztendlich brauchen wir insgesamt 10h. Das ist okay. Nur, dass mein Drama in der Fähre beginnt, als mein Darm sich spontan meldet. Nicht hier... Nicht jetzt.
    Die Einreise, dann in Satun, bekomme ich garnicht richtig mit. Ich hangel mich an der Passkontrolle vorbei und renne zum Klo. Die kennen das schon. Die Klofrau schmeißt mir Klopapier hinterher. Gott sei Dank. Ich erinnere nochmal an die Schöpfkellen. In Südostasien gibt es regulär kein Klopapier.
    Immodium akut rettet mich. Und wir können mit dem Bus nach Krabi fahren. Im Bus beginnt dann das Drama für Ralf. Das Klo im Bus ist eine Luke mit Wassereimern umstellt. Trotzdem kommen wir an.
    Thailand begrüßt uns mit Regen und Durchfall.
    Aber das macht nichts. Wir lernen im Bus zwei liebe Thailänderinnen mit Baby kennen. Das sich wegen dem Geschaukel übergibt. Ich bin nur froh, dass ich mit Klopapier helfen kann und er nicht in meinen Nacken gekotzt hat. Wir kommen sehr erschöpft in Krabi an.
    Der Abend wird gerettet durch ein tolles Essen auf dem Foodmarket und Telefonat mit Lisa und Marvin, die bereits auf Koh Lanta auf uns warten.
    Nach Koh lanta geht es dann morgen...
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  • Day156


    February 22, 2017 in Thailand

    Vanuit Krabi bezochten de beroemde stranden van Railay. Zonnebaden zat er niet in, we brachten de dag voornamelijk al klimmend en klauterend door (slechte invloed van Miel). Op onze tocht kwamen we ook een 2 meter grote varaan tegen. In Krabi konden we ons uitleven op de night market. Lokale en goedkope lekkernijen in overvloed!

  • Day299

    THAILAND - Krabi

    January 23 in Thailand

    Next stop was Thailand and we started in Krabi which is a very popular place for tourists due to its stunning beaches. We made the most of this and basically just lazed around on the sand for most of our time here.
    We visited Railay beach first which was lovely but absolutely rammed with tourists. It's very popular for rock climbing but looked a bit too extreme for us to give it a go.
    The next day we went on a day trip to Hong Island where we did some snorkelling and kayaked around the island.
    We also visited the Tiger Cave Temple which was high up on the mountain so we had to walk up over 1200 steps to the top, we did get a good view of the city when we eventually got there.
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  • Day118


    January 18, 2015 in Thailand

    We chose to go to Krabi, a small city on the mainland, because it is a good starting point to go to different islands and we still haven't decided where we want to go exactly. The town itself has nothing special except for its traffic lights and zebra crossings.

  • Day16

    Krabi and surroundings

    March 11, 2017 in Thailand

    I'm sitting on a public bus surrounded by Thai people bound for Krabi. Annoyingly my chair doesn't seem to want to recline back, whilst everyone else's are practically parallel to the floor. I wrestle with this very first world problem for a few moments before accepting the defeat of the situation.

    We trundle along from Phuket to Krabi town. I get off the bus and a lady immediately takes my bag and puts it in a cab jabbering in Thai. I was going to try and check alternative modes of transport but I decide I can't be bothered to remove my bag from the taxi, explain and find another way, so I pay the inflated price which doesn't amount to too much and head the ten minutes or so to the hostel. The place gives free BBQ chicken kebabs so I make use of the saving on that and sample a first beer in ten days.

    Krabi town is pleasant enough, but there isn't much to do in the place itself, it is however a good jumping off point to see some of the surrounding areas.

    The next day I headed to Railay beach with a friend I'd met in the hostel. It was absolutely stunning with two beautiful beaches and some of the best rock surroundings I've seen. The water was like a bath, it was so warm. There are also loads of wild monkeys just roaming about there too. We have lunch of chicken and beef in a pineapple with rice which looks and is delicious, and I have a swim and relax on the beach. There is a very fat old Russian man padding about in the water doing provocative poses for his ridiculously young and attractive girlfriend - it sort of takes the magic of the place away! 🙄

    The following day I check what else there is to do and am recommended a visit to a temple about 20 mins away. I head to the bus stop but what was described as a 'bus' to me turns out to be a weird converted van with netting on the side and a completely open back. I clamber in, much to the amusement of some local school girls who ask for a selfie and enjoy giggling a lot. A women with a massive bag of rice almost as big as her also gets on and decides I need to share my tiny seat with said bag.

    At the temple I wondered about the area a bit before embarking on the 1200+ steps to the top. It's a LONG way up and takes about 40 mins (at least I was doing some exercise!) I passed a few people on the way who had given up half way. The last bit of the climb is so steep it's like climbing a ladder. Heavily breathing, I made it to the top and the view is pretty awesome, you could see all of Krabi and the surroundings and I was lucky to get a clear day. I hung around up there for 20 mins before making the descent. On the way down I passed the four giggling school girls from earlier who were about 3/4 of the way up, I gave them each a high five for encouragement which they seemed to like.

    There were no buses or anything resembling a bus or taxi when I got to the bottom. I waited for a few minutes but the only option was a motorbike taxi with a toothless driver who was beckoning. Slightly apprehensively I jumped on the back and we headed off - it turned out to be fine and I made it back unscathed, even if the driver was trying to use his phone half the time.

    I head to backpacker paradise Koh Phangan next to experience the famous full moon party. I'm not sure if it's my thing but I want to see what all the hype is about anyway. 'When in Rome...'
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  • Day78

    A day in Krabi

    November 29, 2016 in Thailand

    We woke up this morning just after the dawn, it was about 0530. The bus was beginning to empty, as every small town we passed through, another few people would disembark. For us though, there were still a few hours left on the bus, snaking through the countryside.

    We might not have slept particularly much, but at least we had slept a bit, which would make the day a bit easier. With her complete lack on space in her seat, Courtney slept the worst of the two of us, so I would have to be the brains of the operation today.

    We arrived in Krabi, at its bus station, just before 0730 in the morning. We were the only bus there, with just a few minibuses otherwise, touting for work running people to Aonang (a beach), or to Krabi (by road). We weren't interested in either, just in getting to our hotel. Unfortunately for us, there were no metered taxis. There were no taxis of any kind. Just the pickups with bench seats in the back, that pass for public transportation in this part of the world. After the usual bullshit bargaining with a few of the operators - people start at such a high price - we found a guy just about to depart with a load full of people that would take us for a quarter of the price. He still ripped us off, but not as much as the other guys were trying to. The locals paid about half again, of what we paid.

    Unfortunately for the touts in this part of the world, we have been travelling so long, that we think in terms of the local currency, and compare to prices in this part of the world, not the UK. We won't pay anything like the tourist prices that people attempt to extract if we know we can help it, and most of the time we can. You just have to play the game. The horrible, time-wasting game.

    Arriving at the hotel, we were very early, but at least we could get rid of our big bags, and wander round the town for the day. Unfortunately, the hotel, was not particularly close to Krabi town itself, so we had to eat breakfast there. The breakfast was not great. Not even close. It's sole redeeming feature, was the fact that you get get an omelette made fresh for you, and they tasted good.

    After breakfast, it was time to wander into town itself, along the waterfront. Here we would be accosted by long-tail drivers, trying to get us onto their jalopy boats, for a tour of the river mouth. There was nothing much to see, and we were happy enough to spend most of the day relaxing at the hotel, but that didn't stop 50-60 people having a go.

    As the day heated up, we retreated to a local cafe, to have a drink, and cool down in air conditioned bliss. This was a good move, as I lacked the liquids that I had been carrying so religiously the past week, and was quickly finding myself dehydrated. Coffee was not the bst drink to rehydrate with though, and Courtney had to step in and finish the drink that I had bought myself.

    Fun fact, just as we had found in Nha Trang, Vietnam, quite a few of the signs and menus in Krabi, are printed in Thai, English, and Russian. We wouldn't have to wait long to find actual Russians.

    After our cafe pit stop, we headed to the local temple, which sits on a hill overlooking Krabi Town, gleaming in white. It was looking a bit cluttered because of ceremonies related to the former King, who has passed away a bit more than a month ago, and the rearranging of everything for a wedding happening the next day. It was still open to received visitors though, including a tour group of Russians, enjoying a holiday in the sun, while everyone at home freezes through another Siberian winter.

    After the temple, it was back to the hotel for some R&R by the pool, and for some more research around the ferries we would be taking down the Malay Peninsula to Penang.

    Following an afternoon of relaxation by the pool, and in the cool of the air conditioned hotel room, we headed into Krabi Town on the hotel shuttle. This shaves about 10 minutes off what would be a 15 minute walk. Once in town, we ate at a Thai - French fusion restaurant, which as we would discover, was more than a bit understaffed that night. That being said, the food was good, even if the service was painfully slow. We put it down to 'island time', and nothing more.

    After dinner, there was time for a wander passed the wall of history, which documents in friezes, the history of Krabi, before stopping for an ice cream dessert, and finally making it back to the hotel.

    Tomorrow morning, we'll be on the boat to Koh Lanta. It should be pleasant enough, though there is a slight concern, that Courtney will end up a bit sea sick.

    Keep reading, and find out tomorrow, in another exciting post.
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  • Day6

    JP Mansion (not actually that big) Krabi

    October 9, 2016 in Thailand

    Yesterday our 1 hour boat ride from koh mak was assaulted by wind and heavy rain that shredded through the small vents in the top of our boat which resulted in us getting absolutely soaked to the bone. Luckily our bags were nicely tucked away and remained dry. Once in Bangkok massive thunder and lighting shook the terminal with a torrential down pour that I've never seen before in my life. Boarding for our flight was delayed at least 2 hours and we sat on the apron in a huge line all waiting to take off into thick fog filled with lightning and turbulence. Upon takeoff the captain quickly climbed through the madness to 30 something thousand feet only to quickly descend as our flight was only about an hour long to Krabi. We tried to budget a little cheaper this next place we stayed in Krabi but we went too far off the deep end. A rather dismal, large tiled floor room with art from 1970s with a terribly loud squeaking queen bed, a not so friendly owner, shared bathroom with mystery light switches everywhere. This morning Beth was quick to rise as her neck and shoulders were so sore that it was less comfortable to just get up and out of bed. We spent the morning in a nice coffee shop around the corner plotting our time here and decided to go to the Tiger Cave Temple. We set off shortly after riding on individual taxi scooters manned by friendly locals for 100 baht each. 4$ cad. Traffic here is organized chaos for sure but nobody excessively speeds and only use the horn to let people know that they are getting close to you for awareness. Rather than back home I honk at people for being idiots all the time. Not because I get road rage but because people are idiots and don't know how to drive there.
    It was a basic (wat)temple at the entrance with lots of shops selling fruit shakes and souvenirs etc. Monkeys running around everywhere and of course lots of dogs with the occasional cat sprawled out in a unimpressed apathetic manner. The slog to the real temple involves 1237 steps straight up a small mountain. Now that doesn't sound like a lot but doing in 30 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity might make you sweat and suffer tremendously or in my case, a lot! Needless to say there weren't many local Thais doing the hike, rather they took pictures of the sign at the bottom and probably made fun of us. Mostly foreigners with an agenda for bragging rights and a drive for the next epic picture thrusted themselves along with us up this cruel endeavour. There were painted numbers along the staircases indicating how many steps you have accomplished and served as a constant reminder that you are terribly out of shape. As we broached the top it was all made worthwhile as there was a beautiful mezzanine encompassing 360 degree panoramics with free wifi! A massive 5 story golden Buddha and some other small shrines all symbolizing different aspects of Buddhism. The temple sat on a larger size mountain in the area and gave an inspiring view of the landscape. We befriended some Irish sods, gave a donation, paid respects and carried on down. Legs shaking and wobbling reached the bottom and quickly swallowed some mango/dragon fruit shakes. Made our way back to the shitty hostel where all of our stuff was for a regroup session involving long periods of standing/lying in front of our air conditioner. Once recovered set out for some food, coffee and a Thai massage. We got a 90 min Thai massage for 400$ baht each. Wow! That's like 15$ Cad and knowing what I know about biomechanics these poor women need a massage after they treated us. So we tipped well....We then headed over to the Krabi Town night market which was epic. All delicious street vendor food and trinkets of all kinds. I got some chicken and Beth got some coconut ice cream for dinner. Our next plan is to head over to Ao Nang which is not too far away and go check out the beach.
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  • Day9

    Goodbye Krabi

    March 10, 2017 in Thailand

    Morgens erstmal Frühstücken. Und yehhhhhh ich hab alles geschafft und es ging mir danach immer noch gut 😅👌
    Danach noch vor zu den Krebsen die am Tag zuvor total überlaufen waren. Kannte ich so garnicht... Kurz noch shoppen und dann wurden wir auch schon pünktlich im Hotel abgeholt

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