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  • Day14

    Portland (Maine)

    August 11 in the United States

    Nach 7 Stunden Fahrt (inkl. Pausen und Einreiseprozedere in die USA) erreichen wir Portland (Maine).

    Leider haben wir mit dem Wetter kein besonderes Glück, denn es regnet quasi ununterbrochen. Aber davon lassen wir uns nicht unterkriegen und gehen erst mal ne Runde an der Eastern Promenade spazieren um die Beine von der langen Fahrt zu lockern und ein bisschen Meerluft zu schnuppern.

    Danach geht’s zum alten Hafen, wo sich allerlei Restaurants befinden. Und da wir in Maine sind, gibt es heute Lobster Roll 🦀.Read more

  • Day15

    Headlights (Portland)

    August 12 in the United States

    Am nächsten Morgen legen wir noch einen kurzen Zwischenstopp am Fort Williams Park ein, wo der ältestes Leuchtturm Maines (die Headlights stehen)
    Wir können uns nicht helfen, irgendwie riecht es hier nach “Nordsee”. 😂 die Mischung aus Meerluft und Heckenrosen könnte eventuell daran schuld sein.
    Schon merkwürdig wie der Kopf Gerüche und Orte miteinander verbindet.

  • Day8

    Kittery ME to Brunswick ME

    June 16, 2017 in the United States

    All set!

    After a quick visit to the mall to exchange an item, we hit the road north. First stop Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, summer home of the Bush family. Didn't spot them, but did see some big houses. This is a busy place. Republicans seem to have more class than Democrats (see Hyannis). Still prefer Marblehead MA, myself.
    Got gas. This time very few cheaper gas stations afterwards, but still keeping an eye out!
    Then Portland, which is more Limerick than Galway. A bit edgy, with the most down and outs we've come across anywhere. Lots of red brick buildings. Not timber because Portland has burned down a few times in the past. After the 4th time, they copped on about the timber buildings. Quirky shops. Microbreweries & pubs. We walked around, rain threatened but never materialised.
    I changed into longs in the car park, before venturing onto the streets of Portland. It's a bit chilly up here in Maine. Parkme.com guided me to best value parking in the city centre. Cost $5 for two hours this time! That's 10 times the cost in Salem, which is a much nicer town to visit.
    We planned to lunch at Marcy's Diner in the city. Using Garmin pedestrian mode, we found it. Shut for 3 weeks! "Chooso for the ferraris" as they say in Italy.
    Next Freeport. Mall city, literally. L.L. Bean is based here. Huge shop, with lots of outlets clustered around it. No other outdoor apparel shops though, such as Columbia. Bean's seemed dear, but it's not an outlet. Got Christmas decorations at the Mangey Moose. Not many people from Ennis can say that.
    Coffee and a sandwich at Beans. VLL: next time have a small basic coffee, not a medium Americano. Latter dearer but only difference is double the water = dirty water, not coffee. Opted not to add a tip for a self-service service.
    We passed the Fat Boy drive-in diner on the way to the hotel in Brunswick. It is one of our possible dining choices for this evening. Only in America!
    The dirty washing has been sorted at the hotel, by my personal assistant, who needs to go now and check progress. I've done my bit, by reminding her.
    We also now know what "efficiencies" are. There was something else we were supposed to google, but we've forgotten what is was, as we predicted at the time we said we'd google it..........
    We stopped by the Fat Boy drive-in for photos though not for food. You turn your headlights on if you want service. Food is brought to the car on a tray that hangs from the window. We were en route to a classier joint, the Brunswick Diner. It's housed in an old railway carriage. Friendly waitress sorted out a booth for us after we sat for a while at the counter. Delicious Clam chowder to start (for me only) then the "Johnny Cash" for me (ribeye steak, three fried eggs over easy & Texas toast) and a Brunswick Burger (mushrooms, onions, bacon & an egg) for my companion, both of which were proclaimed delicious. The bag of "chips" added to the burger occasion. We really,enjoyed the experience. The place was packed, though it is small. The Wurlitzer jukebox doesn't work, unfortunately.
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  • Day34

    Day 34 - Choo Choo!

    October 11, 2016 in the United States

    There are not a great deal of tourist activities or sights here in Portland. It's definitely a magnet for tourists and it seems that Portland used to be the quiet and friendly gateway to the great beyond in the main of Maine. The state number plates used to have the slogan 'vacationland'. The state number plates now say 'the way life should be' and they both help explain it's appeal and charm. The hustle and bustle of the large cities on the east coast are not that far away and Portland offers a break from the present and also a glimpse in to the past. This brings me on to one of the few tourist attractions available, the narrow gauge railway.

    Alice and I took a short journey along the beach/harbour front on the narrow gauge railway. It represents a slice of local history whereby these particularly narrow trains used to access parts of the state before cars became commonplace. Riding on them now, their creaky wooden chassis and intense vibrations felt from your feet to your head are a way to appreciate travel of yesteryear. We travelled one way along the line and got off for a fifteen minutes break. The convivial conductor entertained us passengers during this time by asking us questions and openly talking about his holiday plans for the coming year. We were soon back aboard the train and slowly bouncing our way back. It was a pleasant way to see the Atlantic Sea and pass a few hours.

    There was a busy donut shop that we passed yesterday afternoon and it had closed due to having sold out of all their donuts. We made sure we didn't mss out today and Alice had the chai flavour and I had the pomegranate. Both were good solid donuts and as they stressed, they did taste different having been made with local Maine mashed potatoes.

    That was about all the excitement we could take for today and decided on returning early to our accommodation and having a Netflix session. Apart from leaving for a filling and tasty vegan meal for dinner nearby, we spent the rest of the evening watching 'Stranger Things'.

    Song of the Day:
    The Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville
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  • Day33

    Day 33 - A Roll & A Movie

    October 10, 2016 in the United States

    Today and tomorrow we are primarily relaxing and getting to know Portland, Maine.

    This city has a nice feel and we found out that it was a national holiday which explained why it was particularly busy. It was also sunny in an autumnal kind of way. In direct sunlight, lovely, in the shade, positively chilly. We had no real plans and had a coffee as we strolled in to the centre. On the way, there was a minor altercation between two men. Of all the places we have visited, this sleepy city by the sea primarily aimed at vacationers seemed like the last place to witness a fight. It wasn't really a fight though and our view was partially blocked by a bus, more wildly thrown arms and a passerby intervening. By the time Alice and I had walked the length of the road and were near to the scene the police had arrived. Just as quickly as it had flared up it had died down.

    Having safely made it to the harbour side we decided to have some lunch. I particularly wanted to try the lobster roll and we found a venue. It was lunchtime and was packed but it didn't take too long to get a seat. I had eaten lobster once before but it was in a rich sauce which I'm guessing defeats the object of eating a delicate tasting fish. The roll when it came was overflowing with lobster and had a single leaf of lettuce and the slightest of smears of mayonnaise. Alice also had the lobster roll and we both agreed they were very enjoyable.

    We then walked along the main street popping in and out of tat shops and by the end of the road we weren't sure what to do with the rest of the afternoon. We were near to the cinema and decided on seeing a matinee. We saw Sully, the partly true story of the pilot who safely landed a plane on the Hudson Bay in 2009. A well made movie that manages to explain what happened that eventful morning whilst also squeezing in an epic battle of noble pilot versus scrupulously unreasonable NTSB.

    For some unexplained reason we were both feeling tired and decided to buy some food and actually make dinner as we had been planning to do for a while. The chicken stirfry was amazing of course and we rounded off this lazy day with a Netflix and HBO Go marathon. The plan for tomorrow is to try and see more of Portland.

    Song of the Day:
    Otis Redding - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
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  • Day34

    Bangor, Portland, Concord & Rochester

    October 17, 2017 in the United States

    In Halifax our ways splitted. Madeline flew back home, Caddi went to New Foundland and I had to return the car to Toronto. I decided to drive via US this time to see something different. I found three great places to couchsurf on my way.
    I checked out some cool breweries Adam recommended to me in Portland and tasted some beer, cider and kamboucha. I bought some beer and kamboucha to bring it to my host in Toronto.Read more

  • Day15


    October 29, 2016 in the United States

    Portland hat uns mit schlechtem Wetter begrüßt. Vor dem Frühstück haben wir den "Face-Check" der US-Behörden über uns ergehen lassen. Dank der guten Vorbereitung der AIDA-Crew lief die ganze Aktion schnell und leger ab. Nach dem Frühstück haben wir dann einen ausgibigen Spaziergang durch die Hafenstadt gemacht. Es gab einige nette Geschäfte, aber bis auf einen Lobster-Weihnachtsanhänger haben wir nichts eingekauft und sind am Nachmittag an Bord geblieben.Read more

  • Day1


    September 24, 2016 in the United States

    -First things first... Italian sandwich. Now over the years I have honed the fine skill of creating a Maine Italian at a Subway restaurant on the West Coast. But it just isn't the same. It kind of gets me by, but the reality is it doesn't work well at all. The onions are red at Subway, not sweet yellow, the bread isnt that compacted Amatos bread that becomes one with the cheese, the ham isn't mild enough, the tomatoes are too mild, they put on too much green pepper, you can't get kalamata olives if you want those, the pickles aren't right and the cheese isn't the same. But if you are out-of-state I still recommend it as the only alternative . You just have to work closely with your sandwich maker and be a Nazi about the no lettuce thing. Wow, I didn't realize how fresh the sandwiches actually are at Amato's. These people risk their very appendages by slicing each slice of the tomato by hand into the sandwich. It doesn't even have a chance to sit in a bowl for a few minutes like at Subway. Amato's makes pretty good Maine Italian sandwiches, however, they are a little heavy on the tomatoes as a general rule. Something that's probably remained true since 1902. My Uber driver proclaimed that Amato's has the best Italian sandwiches which is absolutely not true. There are places in Augusta Maine and even Desrosiers in Freeport that are better.

    - The photo of the Motel 6 Lobby is simply something you would never see on the west coast in a Motel 6 ... an unattended computer tablet. These are things that an average Mainer would not notice. Something that I would never have noticed before I went to the West Coast. Now, one part of me feels comfortable being amoungst fools like myself who leave our expensive stuff all over public places. Ahh.. my bretheren. But another newer part of me feels like yelling "hey! who's tablet is this you better pick it up because that thing would be so gone in Oxnard California so quickly it's not even funny". So I hope people are happy I'm not as much of an idiot anymore. And I hope certain people, who noticed I that I lost a few things to theft in California... A few years ago... realize that they still pretty may be the exact same person that perhaps they criticized me for being... sorry to say. Because you're from Maine. Hopefully I've changed in a way that I've controlled and not let the world change me but simply become a bit smarter. While I might have an image of being kind of dumb having lost a few things perhaps now I am smarter not only that I was before but maybe I'm even a resource for you . You need to be on your toes in California and be smarter than when I was when I first arrived there. Here's a story: A friend of mine brought a bag of donation clothing to a donation place in San Francisco two weeks ago. For convenience she put her iPhone in the bag so she could carry it all at once. The place was closed so she placed the bag in front of the door at the donation place and turned around and started to walk away. She had been listening to music on her Bluetooth headphones being transmitted from her iPhone. Bluetooth has a range of about 50 feet. When she realized her phone was still in the bag with the donation clothing because her headphones stopped playing she turned around to walk back to the to where she left the bag.. less than 50 feet away . Yes that's how long it took for that iPhone to disappear. True story.
    -Third photo is something I came across that was kind of funny.
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  • Day1


    September 24, 2016 in the United States

    I needed to go to my bank before noon so quickly grabbed an Uber car. Okay well first of all I've been hanging out in San Francisco and I have to tell you since that's the birthplace of Uber, and I've actually been to the Uber building, a sign-less stealthed out place next to the Palace Hotel on Market St, which no one who even drives for Uber has ever been to, that the Uber car that I called to pick up at the airport last night that I got into would never pass for acceptable in San Francisco. It was a beat-up old Ford 500 with scratches all over the top of the trunk lid and the doors were all dented up. There was too much crap in the trunk for my suitcases to fit and peanut shells all over the floor of the ratty old interior. But anyway the driver was nice. And being from Maine, none of that bothered me. I just loaded my stuff into the back seat. But what did kind of shock me is something that might be interesting to native Maine folks. It's something you wouldn't think about and then I never thought about but now that I've been away I have a different perspective. My Uber driver was playing the radio and the station WCYY. The radio was blurting out "Maine's only alternative station!" (see photo).
    Now, granted this is something to be proud of and thank God that there is an alternative station in Maine. Frankly, I don't agree with their boast, but that's a different story that goes way back with me. Back to the story I'm telling: it's a bit scary that there's only one alternative radio station in the state of Maine. Even if that's not true and there's one or two others. That's still kind of scary LOL, to people from out of state! Look I'm just saying. If you've ever had the curiosity as to what out-of-state of people really do think about Maine, well there's a hint. And Maine continually continually engages in this kind of behavior. Just Google "Maine's only" lol. You will find Maine's only summer games Olympian , Maine's only 24 hours a day news team, Maine's only five-star chef, Maine's only Curling club... (thank God)... Maine's only USDA poultry facility... Maine's only bookmobile... Foot Golf Course... Garage door showroom... Okay I could go on and on STOP! Okay it's the 42nd most populous state, and losing population... let's not rub it in! Easy with the "Maine's only" thing. Of course if you know me well you know that 20 years ago I came up with the related "one in Portland" concept. Is there a Baskin Robbins in Maine? Yeah there's one in Portland. Major Airport? Yes, one in Portland. Strip club? Orange Julius? Chuck E Cheeses? Yes, one in Portland. On and on. Now I'm more open-minded and can tell you that there's a five-star chef in Kennebunkport. LOL. Yes, at that White Barn place certain family members of mine like to go to. Maybe next time someone goes you could suggest that they go easy on the " Maine's Only" boast. Besides, last I remember, most people thought of Kennebunkport as part of a New Hampshire anyway. And what the heck is a five-star Chef anyway? I don't think that means it makes them as good as if the chef were GAY, in any case!
    And more than only one gay chefs exists in Maine. So if the chef at The White Barn Inn is gay they should advertise that instead.

    My friend asked me if I'm excited to see all the things that have changed since I've been gone. I said well last time I visited the only thing that had changed was there was a new Best Buy in Augusta. They really honestly looked at me like I was completely lying to them. Kind of had a come on " let's be reasonable " face.
    Well there's a big new development that I guess got approved for the Portland Waterfront area and that will be done in 10 years so there's something. I have not actually visited downtown Portland I'm sure there's plenty of new things there or at least I'm hoping. But I'm very much a symbol of the past as I walk down Congress Street. Because I never even knew that the city took the dog man's dogs away from him. And that probably happened years ago. I'm glad I don't drink any longer (for 9 years) or else I'd make a fool out of myself.
    Okay so the other Uber incident happened on the way back from the bank when we lost cell service completely. This is the kind of thing that also scares people from out of state. I currently carry a T-Mobile phone something that a Mainer would would laugh at. Okay well I also have a Verizon phone, and my Uber driver had an AT&T phone. All 3 phones lost service completely at Northport... A place I used to work. This is not exactly the Backwoods folks. But I've never really experienced in all my Uber travels in Oregon, and California complete loss of a cell phone signal. This is when Uber stops working. I guess I've turned into a huffy puffy out-of-stater because I just got out of the Uber car and started to walk away , and I was ready for the 2-mile walk back to Motel 6. I don't need no stinkin' Uber. Especially one that seriously broken because it is completely relying upon the concept of cell phones working all the time in their business model to work . And at Northport, three of the four major cell carriers fail.
    Okay so I'm walking down the road now to my Motel. I bet any Mainer can probably tell you what happened next can't you? That's right... My Uber driver would have nothing of this behavior on my part. And was following me as I walked down the sidewalk at 3 miles an hour in her car. Unwavering. There was no way I was going to walk it didn't matter that she was not going to get paid, she was going to get me where I needed to go and that's just how it was! This is Mainer behavior. I knew resistance was futile. Kind of like when I was bicycling in cherryfield 20 years ago on a 50 mile ride and a grumpy old lady insisted that I eat some of her cranberry cake. There was just no saying no. So I got back in the car and she got me back to my motel. That's just how life should be.
    I got her an extra Amato's Italian sandwich but she didn't want one. Trying to give it to her was also futile. Well let me put it differently: she's not going to have lunch with a client it's just not how a Mainer would do things. I could tell she was starving and wanted a Maine Italian very badly. But I could sense that she was going to drop me off and then go back to Amato's, that's just how it goes. Mainers differentiate business and socializing and would rather eat alone in their car. Am I right? Once a Mainer always a Mainer. And just because you do something for someone doesn't mean you need anything like money or a sandwich in Maine.
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