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  • Day15


    April 16, 2018 in the United States

    Diesen Blog-Eintrag widmen wir ganz unserem treuen Begleiter. In San Diego durften wir ein Auto auswählen, es wurde ein praktisch neuer Ford Explorer Limited, 3.5l V6 mit 290PS. Inzwischen hat uns unser fahrbarer Untersatz bereits über 2000 Meilen ostwärts gebracht. Wie geländetauglich der 7-Plätzer ist, wird sich in den nächsten Wochen zeigen... ;-)
    Was wir in den letzten Tagen ausser Auto fahren noch erlebt haben, erfahrt ihr demnächst.
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  • Day70

    Carlsbad Caverns NP - NM

    April 29, 2018 in the United States

    Rising from the Chihuahuan Desert are the Guadalupe Mountains and underneath these mountains is Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Just behind the Visitor Center the Park staff accommodation, built in stone was totally in keeping with the landscape. The park is famous for the Brazilian Freetail Bats that migrate in the spring from Mexico to give birth in the caves. We’re too early in the year to see the main colony flying out at dusk. We booked on the Kings Palace tour and walked the 1.25 miles down through the Natural Entrance to meet the ranger at the cafe, gift shop and incredibly fully functioning toilets 800 feet beneath the surface.
    The Caverns are numerous, huge and spectacular, the photos do not do them justice. We were totally in awe of what nature has created over 260 million years since this area was a marine environment.
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  • Day10

    Carlsbad cavern

    June 6, 2016 in the United States

    750 feet below, 4-5 km walk down (elevator up... Of course)
    Fantastic experience, massive cavern

  • Day9

    Carlsbad Caverns, NM

    October 26, 2016 in the United States

    Descending 800 feet below the desert plains, these caves could be the 8th natural wonder if the world. Calcium based caverns extend miles down into the subterrain, the full extent remains undiscovered, with some chambers as large as four football fields!

    In true American style, at the base of the largest of the chambers, and deepest accessible to the public, was a lift, a cafe and a gift shop. I don't blame them...an 800 foot, 2.5mile ascent would have been rough on the legs considering the previous days activity.

    For any geeks, the formation of the caverns is quite fascinating. Millions of years ago, the desert lay deep beneath the ocean allowing a coral reef to grow in the shallows. As time passed and the sea levels subsided, the coral reef became exposed briefly, before becoming covered by wind blown sediment. This sediment later became compacted to form a sandstone layer around the reef. As the sea levels continued to subside, the ground water followed. However, pores in the calcium based ex-reef allowed rainwater to percolate downward which, when mixed with chemicals from the sandstone, chemically broke down the reef from the inside out. This caused a swiss cheese effect and as the pores grew they overlapped and became the caverns visible today. The stalactites and stalagmites are formed by the same process above but in reverse. The calcium-heavy water evaporates on contact with the air leaving behind only the calcium.
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  • Day74

    Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

    January 21, 2018 in the United States

    Der Plan für heute wäre die Höhle von Carlsbad gewesen. Da die lieben Politiker sich nicht beim Budget einigen können, war die Höhle heute noch geschlossen...da alle Angestellten Zwangsferien erhielten... Wir probierten es doch, leider war alles zu. Dafür lief ein Roadrunner auf dem Parkplatz umher und schien erstaunt zu sein, dass der Parkplatz so leer war... Brian sah kurz nachher nochmals einen über den Weg flitzen. Wir versuchen es morgen oder am Dienstag nochmals. Dafür blieb noch Zeit für einen Walmart-Einkauf und die liebe Wäsche, die seit 3 Wochen miefig mitreiste:-).
    Das Autofahren ging heute wieder entspannt...gestern Nacht lief uns ein Koyote fast vors Auto...zum Glück blieb er auf der Fahrbahn stehen und überlegte es sich nochmals, als ich eine Kurve machte. Uns blieb das Herz stehen... Und wir tuckerten danach im noch langsameren Tempo als vorhin durch die Natur. Weiter vorne sahen wir nochmals einen jungen Koyoten und zuletzt noch einen Hasen im Gras herumschnüffeln neben der Fahrbahn... und überfahrene Koyoten neben der Fahrbahn... Danach ging uns erneut fast das Benzin aus. Nach einer Grenzkontrolle stand auf einem Schild, dass es die nächsten 130 Meilen keine Tankstelle mehr gibt... Mit knapp vor "E(mpty) hielten wir an einer Tankstelle... unsere Karten gingen nicht... ein Hotelangestellter nebenan wurde von Brian mobilisiert, der uns helfen wollte. Seine Karte wurde auch nicht angenommen. Er rief dann beim Tankstellenbetreiber an und der kam um 22:00, und öffnete den Laden und wir konnten drinnen zahlen... Es gab bessere Abende als dieser... Es ging immerhin alles gut aus
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  • Day10

    Cavern City (KCNM), NM

    May 12, 2016 in the United States

    Flight time 2.3 hours. Now in MDT time zone. Refueled. Done for the day.

    Daily total of 4.6 hours flying and 994 km (537 nm). For today, no nasty weather and had some tail winds. Nice.

    Terrain is getting higher, much drier and a bit lumpier.
    They gave me a Yukon truck as a courtesy vehicle. Stayed at Econolodge.

    The next morning low clouds and poor visibility again prevented from leaving until about 11 am. Conventional wisdom says to leave early in the morning in the south to avoid heat and turbulence. Clouds and visibility issues have prevented this for the entire trip so far... except for the first day when it was below freezing
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  • Day7

    Day 5 : Roswell that Ends Well (+ Mark)

    June 2, 2016 in the United States

    Yes, today there are pictures ; our shutters-fingers no-longer shuddering from the after-effects of the 'Albequerque Incident' and each of us in a far more photogenic state, Day 5 has been thoroughly captured in static-snap form.

    Brief aside; there has been disquiet that there has been insufficient 'Mark' mentions in these blog posts. For those worried, he has been with us every step of the way, driving much of it and keeping us entertained with random but relevant pop culture quotes. Attached to this post are some bonus 'Mark' shots for your consideration and approval.

    Luke skipped breakfast today in favour of some additional shut-eye. We were all shocked I tell you...shocked. Myself, Woody and MARK went down to the 'breakfast room', formerly the 'Chinese takeaway room', and had a breakfast that hadn't been cooked in grease, sprayed with grease then served on a bed of grease. After sensible cereal, Woody and I decided it would be rude not to have a go with the waffle-maker, so we shared the experience and the product. MARK didn't have one, but watched us eat ours.

    It was Woody's day to be driver, and drive us he did. It is becoming a tradition that whenever Woody takes the wheel, the drive turns out to be a horrible one ; or else whenever there is a horrible drive to be done it is Woody's turn to drive (chicken/egg etc,). Today's drive through the tiny towns of West Texas was abysmal; there was a storm warning in effect but we respectfully ignored this and drove right through it. There was pouring rain, localised flooding and heavy side-winds, making this the most treacherous trip we've yet taken. Woody expertly kept the car under control whilst Luke kept a keen eye out for lake-sized puddles and I navigated us through the styx to Roswell. MARK was in the car too.

    At isolated moments when it wasn't raining we stopped for pictures with the big texan (there's probably a history to it, but I haven't looked it up) and at a town called 'Happy', that looked like one of the most miserable places on earth.

    We reached Roswell, New Mexico in mid-afternoon and went for some authentic Mexican food made and served by some authentic Mexicans. I had a burrito, Woody tacos, Luke chilli and MARK enchiladas. It was fine, though the experience was mildly tempered in my opinion as we somehow selected the one establishment on the Roswell Main Street that had in no way embraced what the town is so famous for; it's aesthetic simply Mexican. They still had Cinquo de Mayo decorations up almost a month after the day itself, suggesting that it's either traditional to keep them up for a while following May 5th or that the owners were simply too (REDACTED) to take them down.

    To explain, you know you are entering Roswell when you begin to see little green men EVERYWHERE. Virtually every business establishment has themed their enterprise around the idea of aliens having visited/died-horribly-in-a-crash there in 1947. Be they peddlers of sushi, opticians or tax attorneys, all signage either contains terms such as 'galactic', has pictures of spaceships on them, is accompanied by a human-sized fibreglass alien or, most commonly, all three. (see picture of MARK attached).

    After lunch we visited the International UFO Museum and Research Centre, where we were able to peruse a notably balanced account of what might have happened in July 1947, alongside pictures and recreations of the various 'evidence' for and against the 'alien' thesis. The weirdest aspect of this was the revelation that the 'crash' actually happened nowhere really near Roswell, and the incident is seemingly so named as Roswell is where the debris/alien-bodies were taken afterwards. In fact, the crash-site is almost as close to Albequerque as it is to Roswell, a place now famous for its own incident where the facts are disputed and the truth will never be known.

    After the museum we went to the 'Spacewalk' experience round the corner. It was basically someone's back-room painted black with a few bads of luminous paint and a black-light, but what can you expect for two bucks? (answer: way, way more).

    After wandering around the various gift shops selling alien crap and not buying anything (it being crap), we got back in the car and drove south to Carlsbad, where we plan to visit some caverns the next day (today, in around ten minutes as I'm writing this, MARK having just knocked on my door to request we get a move on). We went for an amazing meal at a Bar-B-Q place (see picture); probably the best food we've had since being here (stacks of meat with sides), then for a few drinks at a nearby Best Western hotel; the pricier neighbour to the budget 'Carlsbad Inn' we'd booked for the night.
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