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  • Day20

    Have a magical day!

    October 10 in the United States

    We were up early again this morning and breakfasting like kings on danishes from 7-Eleven. Then we packed our essential supplies; sunscreen, cash, magic bands, water and my camera gimbal before sauntering down to the dock beside our hotel to await the first ferry of the morning.

    In no time we were on board and cruising across the lake to the Magic Kingdom. Now this is how to arrive at a theme park! The only disappointment was not seeing any gators in the water, but that's probably for the best, as last year one killed a small child in this lake.

    Once again we were in the park for rope drop. Now this being Disney's marquee park it was no ordinary rope drop. The mouse himself greeted us outside Cinderella's castle and officially opened the park for the day with some magic and fireworks, before all decorum was lost amid a frenzied scramble to beat the crowds to the rides. We legged it to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and in a mere twenty minutes were careening through canyons, down mineshafts and around gulches.

    Our first Fastpass of the day was the Jungle Cruise, where we saw lots of hippos, some of them were even in the jungle. The others seemed to be in Disney cast member uniforms. There was about an hour wait between Fastpasses, so while Jean rode Space Mountain, which makes me violently ill, I rode the People Mover, which is a great but sedate means of viewing Tomorrowland.

    Staying in Tomorrowland we went all Toy Story and took a spin on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

    After four hours of roaming the park and enjoying the heat and humidity we adjourned to the hotel for lunch and a break. I hit the gym to try and combat some of the effects of my prodigious American calorie intake. I fear 90 minutes on the treadmill and bike may be just trying to hold back the sea with a bucket as I find American food to be my kryptonite.

    Workout complete we braced ourselves for another assault on the Magic Kingdom and caught the next ferry to the park. We arrived just in time to use our last Fastpass of the day and first new ride for this park, the Seven Dwarfs (that's not a spelling mistake, it's how Americans spell it) Mine Train. The standby queue for this was 140 minutes! Even with a Fastpass it took us 20 minutes to get on the ride.

    It's a fun, fast and exciting themed ride, albeit short, but I guess considering the ride theme I should have expected it to be a little short (Dad joke there).
    After a quick feed of more gourmet American food it was time for the fireworks which was the perfect opportunity to squeeze another ride in while everyone else was looking up and going 'ooohhh pretty'.

    We rode the Pirates of the Caribbean, which is shorter than its Disneyland counterpart and then finished the Magic Kingdom visit with the ultimate thrill ride, 'It's a small world'.

    Loaded with adrenaline and all walked out we flowed with the throng through the gates and voyaged across the lagoon to the Wilderness Lodge and a well earned sleep.

    Tomorrow it's Star Wars time at Hollywood Studios.
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  • Day23

    Hakuna matata

    October 13 in the United States

    Whether by accident or design our last Disney Park of this Orlando visit turned out to be our favourite. Animal Kingdom has a relaxed feel that makes it seem less like a theme park and more like a botanic gardens, that just happens to encompass death defying thrill rides. That's a one-two punch that you just can't beat, calming yet terrifying.

    Once again we managed to drag our weary bodies out of bed and catch the Disney bus to be at the park just before rope drop. Overnight, as I was awake, I cooked up the fiendish plan of trying to head for the most popular ride in the park, Avatar - Flight of Passage. This is the most recent and most sought after ride in any of the Florida Disney parks. Wait times of over two and a half hours are common. I wouldn't even wait that long for a date with Salma Hayek, so luckily I had pre-booked a Fastpass two months ago. But I thought if I could race to the ride just as the park opened I might beat the horde and be on the ride within half an hour or so, freeing me up to ride something else later. Good plan, poor execution.

    I foolishly arrived at the park just before rope drop, but 3000 other people arrived before that and all decided to stand in a line just where the Avatar standby queue was. Foiled! Everyone racing for the Avatar ride did have the positive side-effect of freeing up lots of other rides in the park, which meant we didn't have to use a Fastpass to ride Expedition Everest. This is a full on, high speed rollercoaster which climbs to a great height, naturally, then flies down backwards before switching tracks and hurtling down and around the mountains to a sudden stop at the bottom. I thoroughly enjoyed it and giggled like a madman the whole time. Someone else had their eyes closed for large portions of this ride.

    After Expedition Everest we had a couple of hours until our next Fastpass, so explored the park admiring the impressive wildlife on display, including primates, crocodiles, hippos, tigers and gorillas. This was a real highlight and added to my enjoyment of the park, as the animals looked well cared for and in natural roomy enclosures.

    Our second Fastpass was for Kilimanjaro Safaris, which takes you in an off road truck through the safari park sections of Animal Kingdom. It was like being on safari in Africa, without having to suffer the inoculations or the risk of email scams. Seeing elephants, lions and giraffes roaming the savannah, or sleeping on it, as many of them were in the Orlando heat, sure works up a hunger. What a stroke of luck that I had made a reservation for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe inside Animal Kingdom.

    An hour and a half and 27,000 calories later we stumbled out of the cafe in a food induced coma and meandered around the different lands until our Fastpass time for the Avatar ride ticked by. Now I love the Avatar movie and people have raved about this new ride, so I was jonesing to get on it. I was however a little nervous, as it is a motion ride, and a very intense one at that. I have a history of motion sickness and it's these rides that cause it, so I had a full on sweat going as we queued for this treat. It didn't help that the ride had been put on hold earlier in the day because a rider had vomited mid-ride. Mounting my banshee and putting on the 3D glasses I was saying a little prayer to whatever deity would listen. None of them were picking up though as about a minute into the experience, which was astonishing from what I saw to that point, my brain realised that the vision it was processing was not exactly matching the motion it was feeling and was ready to push the abort button. In these situations my go to strategy is to close my eyes until my brain cooperates. I did this off and on throughout the ride, so saw about half of it. Jean was cackling away the whole ride having a whale of a time and she informs me that the bits I missed were spectacular. I felt so much better hearing that. I did manage to see and feel the last minute or so of the ride in a continuous chunk and I'm glad I gave it a whirl, despite what my stomach was telling me.

    Wobbling off the Avatar ride we exited the park and made a quick stop at the hotel to bring our core temperatures down from nuclear meltdown before one last dash for deliciousness at the Cheesecake Factory. Pasta Napolitano and Hershey's Chocolate Bar cheescake wrapping their cholesterol choking fingers around our hearts we finished off our last full day in Orlando with one more trip to the outlet malls.

    Tomorrow it is hasta la vista Florida and hello again chilly London. Time to ditch the shorts and hold on to your money.

    Click the link below to view video of the safari
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  • Day22

    Yeah, but it's a wet heat

    October 12 in the United States

    Moist, that is the word which best sums up the prevailing meteorological conditions here in Central Florida. It is hot and wet. While we've been here the daily high hasn't dipped below 31, and with the added humidity it has contributed to widespread moistness. Normally moist is good, with cakes especially, but in this situation it is a challenge. Luckily I'm all about challenge, so despite the moistness we forge ahead.

    Thursday began with the power breakfast of 7-Eleven danish and minute maid lemonade, the nutritional choice of all world class athletes. Fueled and mentally braced we caught the Disney bus to Hollywood Studios. This park is the closest Orlando equivalent to California Adventure in Anaheim, even sharing a few of the same rides. I had pre-booked my Fastpass rides two months ago and was keen to get to the park for rope drop, so we could fit in a ride on the Tower of Terror, well at least I could, someone else doesn't like the drops, before the queues became too long. Unfortunately fate kicked that plan in the nuts as both Tower of Terror and Rock'n'Roller coaster, my first Fastpass selection, were both temporarily closed due to technical issues.

    Finding my happy place and staying calm in the relentless heat I quickly formulated plan B, head for Star Tours, because only the Force could save me now. In a mere ten minutes we were belted into out Galactic shuttle and skimming across the surface of Tatooine. Saved again by Star Wars.

    Emerging from the blissfully cool AC we roamed the park hunting for further rides with short lines and managed to watch the Muppets 3D before pausing for a hydration break and some trail mix. At this point we decided to take another look at Tower of Terror and Rock'n'Roller coaster, just in case. As we neared the end of the street on which both rides sit a Disney cast member was repeating the message that Rock'n'Roller coaster was still closed, while Tower of Terror was open to Fastpass holders only. Luckily for us we overheard two other cast members saying that Rock'n'Roller coaster had just opened. Armed with this nugget of info we bolted for the ride entrance, well swam through the moist air, and took our place in the Fastpass queue. Quicker than you can say 'Steve Tyler needs to cut back on the plastic surgery', we were lowering the ride restraint and hurtling through the streets of LA to the pounding tunes of Aerosmith. Rock'n'Roller coaster was worth the wait. It was flat out, with high acceleration, corkscrews, loops and inversions.

    Wobbling out of the ride and gradually regaining equilibrium we charted a course for the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, a live stunt show. Our Fastpass was a booking for the 1.15pm show, but in the spirit of Indy I thought let's take a gamble and try the standby entrance for the 12pm show. Fortune favours the brave, and the hot and sticky fortunately, and we were soon seated and enjoying the mock punches and real explosions of this movie classic. By this point our moistometers had reached saturation point, literally, so we made for the park exit and caught the Disney bus back to the hotel then onwards to Disney Springs. This is Disney's destination themed shopping mall, akin to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, but larger and more spread out, like all of Disney World. Lots of exclusive, classy brands such as Fendi, Chopard, Superdry, Tag Heuer etc. which are frankly well above my pay grade.

    Window shopping complete we decided to refuel at the Rainforest Cafe, a dining fave for both of us. By this point two tired little Disney fans were ready for the respite of the Wilderness Lodge, so we caught one last Disney bus back to the hotel and crashed.

    Tomorrow is our last Disney Parks day, Animal Kingdom and the world of Pandora awaits.
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  • Day6

    Hollywood Studios

    September 10 in the United States

    Da wir heute sooo viele Fotos geschossen haben kommen 2 Posts dazu 😉

    Heute also der letzte Park. Wir hatten ehrlich gesagt von diesem Park am wenigsten erwartet, da er uns auch in Paris nicht wirklich begeistern kann (außer Rock n Roll und crushs coaster gibt's für uns nicht wirklich viel). Jedoch wurden wir hier wieder mal eines besseren belehrt. Es ging erst einmal sofort zu Einlass in den Toy Story Bereich, da dieser ja der neueste ist und deswegen auch meist ziemlich überlaufen. Da wir für Slinky Dog keinen Fastpass hatten, stellten wir uns dafür an. Wieder einmal hat uns die ganze Kulisse im wartebereich total umgehauen sodass uns das warten nichts ausgemacht hat (wobei wir echt nie lange anstehen mussten). Die Bahn war wirklich sehr lieb gemacht, - nichts wildes aber hier zählt eher das theming 😀
    Gleich danach drehten wir eine Runde in den Alien Saucer bevor es dann bei Andys Lunch Box lecker Frühstück gab. Wir haben im Laufe des Tages alle Bahnen fahren können, manche davon wie Rock n Roll Coaster und Toy Story Mania sogar zwei mal. Die letzteren waren unsere absoluten Lieblingsfahrten! Vor allem Adam hatte seinen Spaß beim 3D schießen in Toy Story Mania.
    Zum Mittagessen gab es für mich einen leckeren carrot cake Cookie und Adam hat sein Herz an Funnel cakes verloren 🤣
    Die Abschluss Show am Ende des Tages in dem Park hat dann noch einmal den ganzen Tag perfektioniert. Wir standen teilweise mit offenen Mündern da weil wir so überwältigt waren...
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  • Day7

    Hollywood Studios

    September 27 in the United States

    Den Vormittag haben wir heute in den Hollywood Studios verbracht. Nachdem es heute so heiß ist, dass jede Bewegung anstrengend ist, haben wir viele Shows angeschaut.

    Ab Mittag sind wir dann zu Typhoon Lagoon geflüchtet, um uns im Wasser abzukühlen. Und jetzt geht es ins Magic Kingdom zum Feuerwerk und anschließend Shoppen...Read more

  • Day2


    September 6 in the United States

    Heute ging es nach epcot. Der Tag fing heute morgen schon früh um 6Uhr an. Und nun lassen wir den Tag ausklingen beim warten auf das Feuerwerk....
    Reibungslos ging es leider nicht los. Wir haben für unseren Aufenthalt hier sogenannten Magic Bands bekommen mit denen wir bezahlen können und alle reservierten Attraktionen fahren können. Leider schien etwas mit meinem nicht zu stimmen sodass ich nichts von meinem gebuchten Essen bezahlen könnte und Adam erst einmal alles auf sich nehmen musste. Zum Glück sind hier alle "Castmember" so drauf bedacht dass es einem gut geht, dass sie alles dafür tun um dich überglücklich zu stimmen. Sprich, am Ende des Tages hat alles funktioniert und einen extra Schoko Riegel habe ich auch bekommen 😀
    Momentan ist in Epcot das alljährliche food and wine Festival bei dem es Essen an Buden aus aller Welt gibt. Wir haben uns heute für Thailand und Indien entschieden. Abends gab es dann noch ein paar leckere Mezze im Marocco Pavillon. Man muss sagen das Essen in Disney World ist nicht zu vergleichen mit anderen Vergnügungsparks! Denn es schmeckt einfach unglaublich gut! Zu trinken gab es allerhand aus der ganzen Welt, da hat sich Adam ordentlich durchprobiert, wie im Video zu sehen - Da war nicht alles so lecker 🤣
    In unserer Buchung haben wir auch alle Fotos auf den Attraktionen inklusive sowie die sogenannten Magic shots - dabei kommen so lustige Bilder zustande mit Tinkerbell auf der Hand.
    So nun geht es auf nach Magic Kingdom 💜
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  • Day9

    Magic Kingdom Disneyworld

    February 25, 2015 in the United States

    Had the most MAGICAL day today.

    Animal Kingdom was my first stop. After wandering round and a little train ride I saw Finding Nemo the Musical. It definitely set me up for the day. Fantastic costumes and a sprinkling fairy dust.

    Next stop - Disney Hollywood Studio's. This was defiantly more me. Music from 1940's flowing. Classic Hollywood feel and Beauty and the Beast Live!! My inner child was now very very excited.

    The best was saved til last. Already buzzing I arrived at Magic Kingdom. Heading under the railway station, I walk on to Main Street USA and ahead of me appeared that magical moment. The sight of Cinderella's Castle. My inner Chidambaram as now beyond excited. Strolling down Main Street I headed to the station fora steam training to Fantasyland. A quick stop at Dumbo's circus tent before making my way into the land of the Disney Princess. I ended up in France, standing in the town square opposite Gaston's Tavern. After popping into the Beauty and the Beast shop I took a break in Gaston's Tavern with a hot choc and a cinnamon bun the size of my head. He really does use antlers in all of his decorating. Walking past the Beast's castle me and my child self made our way through the rest of fantasyland, stopping for a ride round the world on Its A Small World. Slightly offensive in some places ( Oz and NZ would not be impressed).

    It was off to Space Mountain after that. Good fun but not scream inducing. It was then time for a coffee float and to watch the light parade before the big finale. Nighttime Spectacular. A wonderful light show followed by wonderful fireworks and illumination of the castle. The Disney Magic was well and truly flowing.

    All warm and fuzzy headed towards my bus. A quick stop off at the theatre first though and a chance to meet my boss. The one and only Mickey Mouse!! He was lovely. So nice to be working for such a generous and kind mouse. :-)

    Home and me and my child self were exhausted after a long but absolutely amazing day!!
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