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  • Day228


    April 19 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Ich bin jetzt schon drei Tage in Wyoming unterwegs. Zuerst noch durch die verschneiten Rockys, aber so langsam wird es flacher. Das Wetter ist sehr sonnig aber es geht fast immer ein kräftiger Wind, unter Tags hats hier bis zu 25 Grad, nachts aber nur so um die 5. Die ganze Strecke über war ich immer so au 2000 Höhnemeter, darum gibt's hier auch so gut wie keine Bäume, nur Riesen Große Farmen auf denen Black Angus Rinder gezüchtet werden. Sonst gibt's ab und zu mal noch ne Tankstelle, mehr aber auch nicht. Und jetzt geht's weiter nach Nebraska, mal schauen was da so auf mich wartet???Read more

  • Day10

    Beary good day, Teton Village

    June 24, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Our last day in Jackson and we decided to start early and retrace our steps from yesterday’s safari and see if we can find some interesting wildlife. It was very different without binoculars, but we did find Elk, Deer, and we found a moose and her calf, and she was only 20 metres away. I carefully got up close being aware that a moose with calf is very dangerous. Using a tree as cover I got to about 10 metres from her, when she looked straight at me and took a step in my direction I retreated with staggering speed. Our search continued in all the likely haunts but sadly no bear.
    On return from the wilderness we went back to the visitor’s centre, had lunch and checked out the shops again. We took a stage coach ride around town, which was a relaxing way to take in the sights. We are really getting into the cowboy way of life. Laundry was on the agenda so Noela took care of that whilst I stayed in town before the 2 – mile walk back to the motel, should have caught the shuttle.
    Late in the day at around 5.15 we drove around to Teton Village. Carl and Paola had checked this out earlier in the day and discovered that the Gondola to 9000 plus feet is free after 5 PM. The Traam to the top is $40 and goes to 10,000ft so we opted for the cheap seats on the gondola instead. As we were boarding another passenger told us of a bear at stanchion 19 or 20. Well hello bear, a black bear cub directly below us. Cameras went crazy and to make sure we did another circuit, yes, it was still there, Carl was a happy man and we were all pretty stoked as well.
    We celebrated with a light meal and a cold beverage at the Piste Bar at 9250 ft. We were not really dressed for the late afternoon shadows and the chill as the temperature plummeted to single digits. But dinner was great, the beer super cold and the company awesome.
    We again boarded the gondola for the ride down the mountain and our bear was still there, so we did yet another lap. The lift attendant must have wondered what these grown adults were up to riding around and around on the lift.
    Finally, back at the car we fuelled for tomorrow and bid 3 great days at Jackson goodbye. Tomorrow Yellowstone and probably more bear hunting.
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  • Day9

    On Safari, Grand Tetons

    June 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    5.50 AM pick up in an 8 seat off road van, equipped with high powered binoculars and spotting scopes all from Jackson Eco Tours. From the outset it appeared that we had a great guide Chelsea, extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. We picked up another couple Paula and Tome from Jackson Lodge and we were on our way.

    These guide are in 2 way comms with each other so they can compare and share locations of the very elusive wildlife. Our first spotting was pronghorn (Antelope) and we were truly lucky to see the doe in full flight chasing a Kyote away from her fawn. This was a very rare event and something that Chelsea had not even seen. In the same place a lone Bison.

    We received a call to get to a second location where there were several moose. A Bull feeding on cress in the creek and several cows, one with calf grazing. We saw seven of these in total. Next were a pair of Elk beside the road very close up. We saw Prairie Dogs, ground Squirrels, Crane and dear, but the Grizzlys and Black bears eluded us much to Carls dismay.

    We hunted up hill and down dale and even sacrificed ourselves to Mosquitos, Chelsea went to extraordinary lengths to find them but just not happening today.

    Light breakfast was supplied and we had a great picnic lunch provided when we stopped on the shore of Jackson Lake. On our last stop I offered to photograph to guys touring on mountain bikes. As it turned out it was an aussie father and son who were competing in the Bamff to Mexico Great Divide bike ride. What an amazing feat.

    8 hours of value and information, we had some great laughs with the other couple exchanging various stories. Thanks to Eco Tours for a spectacular day.

    Back in Jackson we caught the free shuttle back into town for some shopping, browsing and a coffee before a light meal.
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  • Day12

    True Wild West, Cody WY

    June 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Cody is a wild west town steeped in history and named after Buffalo Bill Cody who developed the town and poured significant amounts of money into it. The hospitality here is second to none and the towns people are extremely proud of what they have.
    Noela and I started the day with breakfast at Granny’s a great traditional diner with really wholesome and good value meals. From there we singlehandedly tried to add to the Cody economy as we found some great western outfitters for shoes , boots and clothing. A mandatory visit to Cody Harley Davidson and a coffee at a genuine espresso coffee shop.
    Carl and Paola headed back into Yellowstone to Mammoth Springs and Roosevelt to chase down more of the elusive bears in the area and returned having seen 3 bear at various distances.
    We all joined a tour at 3.00pm that ran for an hour. The tour was on a trolley bus and gave a very informative talk on the history, the population and the economy, again highlighting the pride that the locals have in their town.
    Tonight, we will witness a mock gunfight at the Hotel Irma Bill Cody’s old Saloon and hotel before heading over to the stampede stadium to see the daily Rodeo. Cody claims to be the rodeo capital of America.
    Then its time to hit the road again and move into Montana and Washington state.

    More to come on the Rodeo.
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  • Day12

    Rodeo Time, Cody WY

    June 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Shoot out at the hotel Irma was a bit corny but they re-enacted a shoot out with Butch Cassidy and Wyatt Earp. There was a big crowd and it certainly entertained the kids.

    One of our things to do in Cody was the rodeo that is held every night in summer. We were picked up by the Cody rodeo bus and taken to the rodeo grounds on the western end of town. We had great sets directly over the shoots.

    It was an entertaining night with several Aussies competing so they received a special cheer. If you ever go to Cody this is a must do event.
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  • Day11

    Geysers and geesers, Yellowstone NP

    June 25, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Jackson is some 50 miles South of Yellowstone NP so we got an early start as there was plenty of things that we wanted to see on this visit. Our first encounter for the day was a group of Bison right next to the road, several cars were parked too close to them and the Bison soon spooked. We can see why people get gored by them given the amazing turn of speed and agility that a couple of them displayed, one even jumping a fence,
    We continued into the Teton NP and then to the South entrance of Yellowstone NP in good time. We again were thankful for the annual park pass that we purchased on day one this pass has saved us a couple of hundred dollars already.
    Our first stop was at West Thumb where we walked a board walk around a collection of small pools of geo thermal activity. This site bordered the lake and these vents were even in the lake bubbling their hot water into the freezing lake water. We were pretty amazed by this but there was bigger to come.
    We headed into Yellowstone village where most people just go to see “Old Faithful”, I had read about another location at the back of this geyser, so we took that boardwalk that went for about 1.5 miles. Absolutely stunning views and geology with water filled vents bubbling and boiling with different colours based on the bacteria or minerals present. There literally hundreds of these and they all had views to old faithful which as an added bonus erupted whilst we were there.
    Our trip continued taking in other sites like Black Sand basin, Fountain Paint Pot, Grand prismatic Springs, The Mud Volcano, The Sulphur Caldron, Firehole Canyon Drive along with other stops to view water falls, rapids and canyons. All of these sites offered something different and were on the southern loop road. We stopped for a late lunch at Canyon Village and then moved into the Hayden Valley our exit road to Cody Wyoming. Bison grazed in the fields, more photos were taken and we ooed and ahhed at the vistas. We came around a bend with a group of vehicles parked and all of a sudden, the car exploded with the shout of GRIZZLY and eagle eyes Noela spotted the elusive beast on a distant ridge. It was a long way off but still close enough to identify. After 15 minutes of bear gazing we continued and soon enough we exited the park.
    Our drive continued, and we recapped the day like kids on a school excursion just near the town of Witica it happened, another innocuous group of cars. There she was another Grizzly along with her two cubs blissfully feeding with the cubs playing. This time though she was 50 to 75 metres away, close enough to make sure that while taking photos you had a clear escape path. We must have been there for about 45 minutes until some peanut drove his car up to them and upset mum. Carl did not want to leave but we dragged him kicking a and screaming back to the car.
    Finally, we got to Cody at around 6.45 feeling pretty happy with the days events. But guess where Carl and Paola are going back to tomorrow morning………….Yawn, see you tomorrow.
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  • Day8

    We're goin to, Jackson WY

    June 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 15 °C

    Leaving Soda Springs behind and following State Highway 89, we set out to Jackson Hole Wyoming, gateway to the Tetons and Yellowstone national Park.

    We passed through some small towns, Freedom, Wilson, Etna and Alpine. In Etna we stopped at the General Store for breakfast, we were not expecting much we were blown away by the hospitality the coffee and the food. What a Gem.

    After Alpine we turned right to head towards Hoback Junction following the Snake River where we watched several rafting groups shooting downstream. Rafting here is big business but we will not get a chance to do this on this trip.

    We arrived in Jackson around 10.30 and went directly to the visitors centre, this was really helpful and informative. The shops beckoned so a visit to several were made including the camera shop confirming that Noela's camera is a dead duck. Picked up a T shirt at Chesters HD and then went back down to the American Legion rooms. This is set up like our RSLs to assist returned defence force personnel. Had a really nice lunch there before heading over to Snow King mountain. Carl, Noela and I rode the chairlift to the top whilst Paola sat this one out. The Ski run below the chairlift is the steepest in North America and it was really , really steep, we had amazing views all the way to the Tetons and surrounding areas.

    A quick checkin to the Motel 6, and we then drove over to the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout and Show. Highly recommend this show, After a ride out in horse drawn covered wagons we reached the dinner camp after a mock attack by horse back bandits. It was a great couple of hours with great food, camp oven style beef beans chicken and salad.

    Tomorrow morning we are being picked up to join a full day wildlife safari, hoping to see bear, moose , elk etc.

    Keep your fingers crossed for us
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  • Day60

    Yellowstone Nationalpark

    August 10, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Der Road Trip durch das sehr ländliche Montana verläuft recht entspannt und die weitläufige Landschaft neben der Interstate 90 lädt zum Herausschauen und Träumen ein.

    Im Yellowstone angekommen, können wir zum Glück einen Campingplatz ergattern. Dann geht es zur Information und anschließend einen kleinen Berg hinauf. Von hier aus hat man einen schönen Überblick der steppenartigen Flächen und der kleinen Nadelwälder zwischen den Bergen der Rocky Mountains. Es sind ca. 38°C, sodass uns trotz der Höhe von ca. 2500 m keineswegs kalt wird. Wie heiß soll es bloß auf Höhe des Meeresspiegels werden?

    Da noch ein wenig Zeit ist und die Mammoth Hot Springs als eines der Highlights auf unserem Rückweg liegen, schauen wir sie uns auch noch an. Hier fließt heißes Wasser aus der Erde über die Landschaft und hinterlässt teils ein weißes Bett aus Mineralien (??) sowie teils bunte Becken, die durch die enthaltenen Bakterien ihre Farbe erhalten. Sehr schön, vielleicht stimmt ihr bei den Fotos ja zu. :)

    Zum Tagesabschluss fahren wir nicht direkt zu unserem Campingplatz, sondern wenige Minuten weiter zu einer flachen Stelle des Yellowstone River, an der er auf die heißen Quellen trifft. Hier kann man sich ein nettes Plätzchen suchen, wo kaltes Flusswasser und warmes Quellwasser ein angenehmes Badewannengefühl erzeugen. Nach dem heißen Tag ist das erfrischende Bad der perfekte Tagesabschluss.
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  • Day61

    Yellowstone: Tag der Tiere

    August 11, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Für heute haben wir uns einige Sehenswürdigkeiten des Parks auf die to-do-Liste geschrieben. Direkt zum Start schauen wir uns den Grand Canyon (of Yellowstone) an und sind begeistert. Es gibt zwei imposante Wasserfälle zu sehen, aber das Highlight ist der Blick in das Flusstal.

    Guter Dinge geht es nach spontaner Planänderung in das Hayden Valley weiter südlich, denn hier sollen häufig Bisons zu sehen sein. Das Tal überzeugt uns landschaftlich und nach ein paar Meilen ohne Tiere sind wir dann bereits ganz glücklich ein Bison gesehen zu haben, wenn auch in einiger Entfernung. Da wussten wir noch nicht, dass nur Minuten später ein Weiteres direkt neben der Straße gehen und grasen würde. Die massigen Tiere mit ihren großen Köpfen sind beeindruckend und respektvoll halten wir ein wenig Abstand, lassen es uns aber nicht nehmen auszusteigen und ein paar Fotos zu machen. In der Ferne sehen wir abseits der Straße zudem eine ganze Bisonherde. Nachdem wir uns sattgesehen haben, steigen wir wieder ein, um das Tal zu durchqueren. Kurz darauf stehen wir im Stau und bemerken, dass es noch viel mehr Bisons deutlich näher an der Straße oder sogar darauf zu sehen gibt. Wir fahren direkt an ihnen vorbei und parken an der Seite während zu allen Seiten Tiere grasen. Der Besuch des Tals hat sich gelohnt!Read more

  • Day61

    Colorful Yellowstone

    August 11, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nachdem wir heute bereits malerische Landschaften und Bisons entdeckt haben, widmen wir uns den Rest des Tages den Geysieren und heißen Quellen im Park. Sie schimmern in vielen interessanten Farben und blubbern zum Teil aufgrund des heißen Wassers aus der Tiefe. Zum Sonnenuntergang schauen wir uns den wohl bekanntesten Geysir des Parks an, den Old Faithful.Read more

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