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  • Day73

    Two down, ten to go

    December 3, 2016 in Uruguay

    Gedurende deze tweede maand hebben we heel veel op het strand gelegen en lekker aan ons kleurtje 'gewerkt'. Daarnaast natuurlijk ook heel hard moeten studeren om het strandluieren een beetje te compenseren.

    Nog steeds hebben we het samen erg leuk en de verveling is nog niet toegeslagen. Daar wanneer nodig gaan we af en toe onze eigen weg, maar dit is eigenlijk alleen nog maar met sporten voorgekomen en toen Robert ziek op bed lag. Ellen blijft nog wel een beetje hangen in haar 'security' rol en dat kwam vooral tijdens het voetbal tot uiting;-). Je merkt al wel dat we elkaar meer en meer begrijpen en vooral aan de houding of gezichtsuitdrukking al wel kunnen raden wat er speelt. Er wordt ook nog steeds hard gelachen om elkaars (Ellens) stommiteiten.

    Het is raar om te merken dat iedereen om ons heen bezig is met de 'feestmaand' december. Het gevoel om lekker met familie en vrienden samen te zijn ontbreekt echt volledig en we worden vooral aan de versieringen in de winkels herinnert dat kerst al in aantocht is. Tot nu toe is het voor ons vooral lastig gebleken om leuke slaapplekken te zoeken in Buenos Aires, omdat op 15 december hier de vakantieperiode ook gaat beginnen. Misschien dat dit gevoel nog gaat komen naar mate we dichter bij kerst komen.

    Daar waar in Brazilië de taal vooral een belemmering was, is gelukkig al wel gebleken dat het in Uruguay een stukje makkelijker was. Nog steeds begrijpen niet alles wat er tegen ons gezegd wordt, maar we kunnen in ieder geval communiceren en dat maakt alles al een stuk leuker. Zo praatte Maria, onze gast-oma, vooral heel veel over actualiteiten in Uruguay en daar steek je al veel van op. Dat we nog veel te leren hebben, is in de les wel gebleken. Robert ging met een rietje naar het strand in plaats van met een parasol en Ellen gaf een antwoord op een vraag dat helemaal niets met de hele vraag te maken had. Het blijft vooral belangrijk om de komende maanden te blijven spreken in het Spaans en niet terug te vallen naar het Engels. De fouten die we maken, daar moeten we alleen maar hard om lachen.

    Qua budget zijn Paraguay en Uruguay best wel goed voor het budget gebleken. Vooral Paraguay is spot-goedkoop en in Uruguay konden we ook goed rondkomen voor het dagbudget. Het leuke in Uruguay is ook dat, wanneer je met een buitenlandse creditcard betaald, je in restaurants (plus hotels en autohuur) je geen BTW hoeft te betalen. De grootste kostenpost zijn vooral de bustickets. We zijn benieuwd wat Argentinië ons gaat brengen hierin....
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  • Day38

    It's All Quiet in Colonia

    June 4 in Uruguay

    It is already starting to seem a very long time since we all gathered at Tullamarine Airport on that very wet Friday afternoon. Over the past 26 days we have all shared so much together, that I am sure it will take a long time to organise the images and memories into some sort of consistent order.

    After our fun time in Buenos Aires I thought that the group might appreciate something entirely different. Uruguay is a tiny nation situated in between the much larger nations of Brazil and Argentina. There are a series of ferries which regularly carry passengers across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires to Colonia Del Sacramento.

    Although it looks like a sea, the mighty Rio de la Plata is actually a huge freshwater river, over 50 km across. We began our day with a ride on the huge Buquebus high speed ferry. The journey took just over an hour with the ferry cruising at between 65 to 70 kph most of the time.

    As we left the ferry, complete with some extra stamps in our passports, we were met in the terminal building by an eager young guide with an unpronounceable name and halting English. She ushered us to a large comfortable bus and then proceeded to take us on a tour of the small city of Colonia.

    This place certainly is a complete contrast to Buenos Aires. The traffic is almost non existent, the pavements are old and crumbling and the streets are all lined with majestic plane trees. Over the centuries this tiny town has regularly changed hands between Spain and Portugal (and even Brazil) before getting its independence in 1828.

    As the bus cruised the deserted streets I could not help but think that this driver had a much easier lot than the ones who had transported us in places like Lima, Cusco and Arequipa. To my surprise I did find one traffic light but I suspected that it was entirely unnecessary.

    After taking us to the enormous abandoned bull ring that looked a bit like the Colosseum, our guide explained that it was only functional between 1910 and 1912. It has been a ruin ever since. Although she was stumbling over most of her words, the young guide really trying to do her best to educate us. I don't think she understood the Australian sense of humour.

    We finished our bus trip at the famous Historico Barrio (the old city centre). This place was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its beautiful old cobblestoned streets and original Portuguese buildings.

    I thought it was time to represent the group in asking a question. "What does the name Colonia del Sacramento" mean ?, I asked. The young girl smiled excitedly and answered "Exactly". I tried to figure out this answer,but somewhere the truth was lost in translation.

    After about an hour of trying to understand the commentary, we were finally led back to the waiting bus (and its sleeping driver) and driven a few hundred metres to our hotel. When I walked to the counter of the hotel the young concierge greeted me in a distinctly Australian accent. I certainly was not expecting that. He explained that his parents were Spanish but that he was born in Australia.

    After checking into my room I then spent the next few hours wandering this sleepy and very appealing little town. One feature of the place is the numerous old cars that you see here. While some are still being driven, many others have just been abandoned in the streets and allowed to become a permanent ruin in the street.

    It was only after I was safely back at the hotel at around 4.30 pm that the rain finally started to fall. The timing could not have been more perfect. This is the final full day most of our group will have in South America and this is the first rain we have seen since we arrived in Lima. The weather could not possibly have been more perfect.

    By this time tomorrow our group will have split into several small fragments. While most will be on their way back to Australia, Paul and I will be preparing for a whole new adventure in the north of Argentina. But that will be a whole new story.
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  • Day105

    On the road in Uruguay

    December 17, 2016 in Uruguay

    During the past week we were exploring the coast of this small country by car. We started off in Colonia, a very cute town with beautiful avenues. After a short stop in the capital where we spent a freezing night in our mini van at the beach, we decided to sleep in hostels with warm blankets instead. We drove further East to Punto del Este which is supposed to be one of South America's most glamorous resorts. However, right before the holiday season starts, it seemed still very sleepy and it was hard to imagine that a big crowd will arrive so soon. In Cabo Polonia we had to leave our car at the park entry and continue our trip with a 4x4 truck on sandy roads. This rustic village at the coast is not connected to electricity yet and the people there are even more laid-back than the rest of the Uruguayanos :) Our last stop was Punto del Diablo, another cute beach town with plenty of small and colourful houses.
    Although we had bad luck with the unusual chilly temperature, driving on these big empty roads, seeing plenty of lighthouses and eating high quality food gave us a good glimpse of their lifestyle.
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  • Day10

    Colonia del Sacramento tem a Cidade Velha classificada como património na UNESCO. É como um museu a céu aberto de história do Uruguai, com portugueses e espanhóis à mistura. Há construções de 1700 e, em algumas partes consegue ver-se uma casa de estilo beirão ou peças de mobília portuguesas. Mas também se vê o ancoradouro com estilo americanizado ou a igreja mais ao estilo do Sul de Espanha - simples e desprovidas de grandes sumptuosidades. O tempo aqui passa lento. É época baixa e podem-se percorrer as casas dos artesãos sem grandes multidões. As galerias são pequenas, localizadas nos espaços meticulosamente recuperados e podem aí comprar-se peças de autor. Coisas maravilhosas de cores deste mundo. O nosso modo de viajar não permite excessos. Viajamos leves e com o mínimo de peso. Isso é bom. Aguçamos a memória para os detalhes verdadeiramente importantes e mantemos o foco na viagem.
    Ao fim do dia, aquele por do sol vermelho por entre as nuvens e a desaparecer no mar na baía de Colonia ficará para sempre. A nossa Posada de la Flor com o quarto Magnólia também, e o estômago ficou feliz com um Chivito uruguaio - versão de uma francesinha sem molho que consegue ter ainda mais ingredientes...
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  • Day82


    March 26 in Uruguay

    Spent one night in Colonia Del Sacramento in Uruguay. Me and my friend, Jonatan arrived yesterday by boat from Buenos Aires. The boat takes one hour across the river.

    We spent yesterday and today to walk around the beautiful streets and enjoy the chilled out vibe in town. Tranquilo is the word for this place. It is very touristy, but still relaxing. I love the brick streets and houses in pastel colours with flowerbushes on the outside. Yesterday we watched the sunset from the lighthouse, and you could see all the way to Buenos Aires skyskrapers.

    Every local here walk around with a thermos under their arm and a cup of mate in their hand. Jonatan is fanatic about it, so I guess I will have mate in the park every day when traveling with him.
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  • Day99

    Colonio Sacremento

    March 6, 2016 in Uruguay

    We arrive at 0700 in the morning, and grab a quick coffee and croissant at the station. Then straight for the ferry that will take us to Colonio Sacremento, the taxi driver is an absolute sweetheart and drops us off in the safe port.My misunderstanding of the language causes problems as I think the guy says that the slow ferry leaves at 3pm so I pay double for the fast one , to later find out that the other ferry took 3hours and left at 930, ah well lesson learnt. The ferry is very similar to the Isle of Wight ferry, and its strange how we have little reminders of home as we travel. We pass through immigration where our fingerprints are taken (big brother is definately watching now), and board the ferry. The crossing takes just over an hour and we arrive in Colonia Sacremento. The hostel is literally 10 minutes walk and very easy to find so we drop our rucksacks and take a walk to explore the town. We only have one day here as we need to get a move on towards Torres del Paine before the winter really sets in as we will be camping for 5 days in the wind rain and snow. I am shocked at how small the town is, although very beautiful, with lots of history, but within 3 hours we have pretty much done the old town. We return to the hostel and find our beds for the night , unpack a few essentials and then head out to find something to eat. The other end of town has beaches for 10km so we walk along the beach front aiming to find a bar that serves food and were met with the sunsetting over the River de la plata. The bars are pretty much closed as we are coming to the end of the season and we agree to watch the sunset and head back to the old town to eat . we find a little pasta house and order a couple of dishes and a salad. I have to say it was the best meal i have had since being here , so delicious, little bowls of various pastas served with various sauces , another idea i will be bringing home. An early night is in order as we will be leaving at 6 in the morning.When we arrived yesterday I realised our android devices were an hour ahead of my watch. When I asked about this the Uruguayan governement have this year decide not to adhere to the hour change for summer, beacause the restaurants had complained they were losing business , so for the first time in centuries the clocks havent changed. The government have also agrred that if you pay for anything with Visa they will give you a 15% discount so whilewe are here we will make the most of it.Read more

  • Day58

    Herdentrieb ;)

    January 1, 2017 in Uruguay

    Sehr lustig. Beim Einchecken in die Fähre stehen einige auf und beginnen als Erstes in der Reihe. Danach bildet sich flink eine Reihe. Alles höflich aber jetzt stehen alle in der Schlange obwohl noch nichts los geht😀

    Das hier erlebte Anstehen kenne ich nur aus Ostdeutschland. Höflich aber erforderlich 😉

  • Day58

    Uruguay: Guter Start ins neue Jahr

    January 1, 2017 in Uruguay

    An einem Sonntag und dann noch der 1.1. ist es selbst in Colonia Del Sacramento ruhig und beschaulich. Hier haben sich Spanier und Portugiesen Jahrhundertelang um die strategische Stadt am Rio Plate geprügelt. Ein sehr schöner Ort, zum Teil verfallen ...

  • Day215

    Kurztrip nach Uruguay

    April 5, 2017 in Uruguay

    Nur durch den Rio de la plata (Fluss) getrennt liegt Uruguay, genauer Colonia del Sacramento, gegenüber von Buenos Aires. Da ist nur der Haken, dass der Rio de la plata de breiteste Fluss der Welt ist und mit 50 km Abstand zwischen den beiden Orten, noch nicht mal die maximale Ausdehnung erreicht ist. Also Fähre nehmen und rüber.
    Colonia del Sacramento ist ein recht verschlafener kleiner Ort mit einem alten Stadtkern, der UNESCO Weltkukturerbe ist. Daneben bietet der Ort noch einen Strand, der nicht wirklich dazu einlädt in der braunen Brühe des Rio de la plata zu schwimmen.
    Zurück ging es dann auch wieder via Fähre.
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