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  • Day12

    Punta del Este, Uruguay

    December 21, 2018 in Uruguay ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    This is a beautiful seaside city. On a peninsula much like Mt Maunganui with ocean and estuary/harbour beaches. Lots of floating real estate and hi rise living. The fingers sticking out of the sand are a cool visit! We stayed on board due to morning rain so only had a small look at this really lovely place. Next time!Read more

  • Day36

    Punta del Este

    February 8, 2018 in Uruguay

    Today was an easy day at the resort town of Punta del Este in Uruguay. We had a private guide for the 4 of us and Santiago gave us a good overview of the area. There is a wide range of housing (mostly high end) and lots of beach activities. There is a local person who built a very nice museum in a residential neighborhood that has an extensive group of work by Salvador Dali.Read more

  • Day62

    Punta del Este

    November 22, 2016 in Uruguay

    Anderhalve week verder en we hebben ons laatste dag je in Punta del Este!
    Afgelopen week hebben we Spaanse les gehad, want het Spaans dat we in Nederland hebben gehad was alweer weggezakt.. Volgende week gaan we nog een week les nemen in Montevideo en dan moeten we echt de wijde wereld in met ons handen en voeten Spaans.

    Het was wel weer even wennen hoor om dagelijks op het fietsje naar school te gaan en huiswerk te moeten maken, maar gelukkig hadden we een enorm lieve Spaanse lerares, Irene, en volgden we de les samen met nog een Zwitsers meisje; Aki. Samen met Aki en haar host, Karin, zijn we ook meerdere avonden samen op pad geweest.
    Zo zijn we op een dart avond met wat gepensioneerde expats in Punta del Este beland, hebben we de vader van een vriend van Aki ontmoet die met 2 andere heren naar Antarctica gaan zeilen. Tot slot zijn we ook met hen, Aki, Karin en Irene uit eten geweest zaterdag als afscheidsdiner van deze week Spaanse les.

    We hadden dus eindelijk weer een "vrij" weekend na een week in de schoolbanken. Karin heeft ons meerdere tips gegeven over waar we heen moeten en deze hebben we ook trouw gevolgd. Op zaterdag hadden we nog de fiets en zijn we een stuk langs de kustlijn gaan fietsen. De dag daarna was het ouderwets roadtrippen en hebben we een auto gehuurd. Eerste bestemming: Gauchos! Niet voor van ons vandaan was er een event met lasso werpen, rodeo en een hoop stoere guachos. De rodeo hebben we helaas niet gezien, maar het lassowerpen of beter koe vangen met je lasso was super leuk om mee te maken. Daarna zijn we verder het binnenland in gereden en super mooie natuur valleien gezien. Het landschap is hier heel erg groen en enorm uitgestrekt. Een beetje à la Ierland maar dan iets ruiger.

    Het was nog even spannend of we ook daadwerkelijk een auto konden huren. Men is hier namelijk 2 dagen aan het staken bij de tankstations en ook de tankwagens rijden niet. Hierdoor stonden er vrijdag avond al rijen om benzine te taken en dus zaten alle tankstations zaterdag al zonder benzine.
    Wij hebben de auto dan ook weer leeg ingeleverd en moeten nu morgen ochtend in de (waarschijnlijk intens lange) rij gaan staan om te gaan tanken. Maar, nu hebben we wel een deel van het mooie Uruguay mogen zien!

    Morgen vervolgen we onze reis eerst naar Cabo Polonio. Een hippie dorp in de duinen waar ook geen elektriciteit is... Dat wordt (hopelijk) sterren kijken!
    Vanuit hier gaan we door naar Atlántida om een Nederlands stel op te zoeken op hun boerderij. Zaterdag zijn we dan in Montevideo om hier een weekje te blijven voor onze Spaanse les.

    De foto's volgen nog, want we rennen eerst even naar het strand voor de zonsondergang!
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  • Day22

    Punta del Este

    January 27, 2017 in Uruguay

    Willkommen in Uruguay!

    Nach einem kurzen Aufenthalt auf See haben wir heute Punta del Ester erreicht.

    Um 07:30 sind wir bereits von Bord gegangen und haben zum ersten Mal mittels Tenderbooten die Küste erreicht.

    Mittels Bus fahren wir zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten von Punta del Este.

  • Day126

    Punta del Este: The Uruguayan Riviera

    December 2, 2017 in Uruguay

    Two hours by bus, along the eastern coast of Uruguay, is the seaside town of Punta del Este. Our bus driver was obviously keen to get us to our destination quickly as he tailgated the cars the entire way; that is, until the air-conditioning broke down. This small hiccup delayed our arrival by about half an hour but got us to Punta del Este in time to explore the town before sunset.

    Punta del Este is considered by some as the riviera of Uruguay. Maybe if you squint really hard. The town felt more like the Sunshine Coast circa 1980s or 1990s, before full-on development took over. No doubt in the eighties Punta del Este would have been the place to be. It was once the playground of the rich and famous from Argentina, Brazil and the USA. But since the Argentinian and Brazilian recessions in the early 2000s, there has been a bit of a downturn for the town and many buildings have become vacant. However, there has been a change in the tide in more recent times with investment and development returning in the form of a Trump Tower.

    Prices in the town haven't matched the downturn and remain the most expensive in the country. Fast-food prices exceed those of even Australia, with a Whooper with Cheese from Burger King costing about AU$12. That's without the combo deal or an upsize! At those prices, a liquid diet for us two! It's probably for the best anyway, as our food intake needed to be curbed. We both feel as fat as a townhouse. But Jason is still living in denial, blaming the weight gain on the full moon. “I think it's the full moon. That's why I'm retaining fluids”, says Jason. Ricky replies: “has it been the full moon for the past three months”. It's those damn alfajores. They're so irresistible with their dulce de leche filling. And the beer, cocktails and the list goes on ...

    When we arrived in Punta del Este, the wind from Montevideo had also followed us. It didn't let up for three days, except for a few short moments, which was enough time for us to get a few snap shots. The sun was out in full force but was countered by the chilly Antarctic winds. It was like a kids' pool in winter – there were some really cold spots and some really warm spots in the shallow end.

    We had counted on bright, sunny weather and thought much of our time would be spent at the beach. With that in mind, we went for a budget hotel and, by the looks of it, it hadn't been renovated since before the last military dictatorship in Uruguay. On the positive side, it was located close to both sides of the peninsula, the main beaches and the bus terminal. The bus terminal was close but fortunately it didn't seem to be frequented by many buses. In fact, most of the buses didn’t stop at the terminal at all. Instead, most buses stopped outside of the terminal, with passengers quickly running after them to catch their ride out of the town.

    The most “famous” attraction in the town, apart from the many casinos and beaches, is a sculpture of a hand protruding from the sand, La Mano de Punta del Este. The statue is suppose to mark the point between two sections of the beach: on one side the waters are calm and on the other side rough. The harbour is also an attraction, but unlike on the French Riviera, the boats weren't so affluent. The boats were more Bribie Island than St Tropez. Maybe we were too early for the high season but the sleepy seaside town, with its mate tea drinking residents, was an opportunity to relax and to plan the next part of our adventure.

    Next stop: back to Buenos Aires

    For video footage, see:
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  • Day22

    Punta del Este - Hotel Conrad

    January 27, 2017 in Uruguay

    Was für ein Hotel! 😱

    Restaurant, riiiesiges Casino, diverse Bars, Nachtclubs usw.

    Wahnsinn, hier will man echt nicht weg 😁

  • Day89

    Punta del Este

    April 2, 2018 in Uruguay

    I arrived here late last night and just checked into my hostel and went to bed. I am staying in Tas D Viaje hostel, and it is great! Really good common areas and 2 minutes from the beach. The breakfast is great as well!

    This morning I walked along the costanera here. There is some nice beaches, but the place suits it's reputation about being a fancy place that are expensive. There is a lot of super nice summerhouses and yachts here. I finished my walking around right before the rain started, and have just chilled out in the hostel the rest of the day. Went for a run on the beach and had salad for lunch - I think my body was grateful for that after three weeks in big cities and a lot of unhealthy food. Hopefully this week can be a bit better when it comes to that.

    I will leave for La Poloma tomorrow morning. If I hadn't booked two nights in Punta del Este I would probably move on today. I think I will like the small beach towns more.
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  • Day8

    Punta Del Este

    May 19, 2017 in Uruguay

    Today was a miserable weather day so thankfully it was spend in a warm bus to tour Punta Del Esta, a tourist town on Uruguay's coast.
    We were the only ones on the bus who spoke English but had a very impressive tour guide who said everything in 3 languages (Spanish, Portuguese & English) for the whole day.Read more

  • Day41

    Sea Wolves Island, P.del Este, Uruguay

    February 22, 2017 in Uruguay

    Mit einem Katamaran werden wir aus dem Hafen (Rio del la Plata) auf das offene Meer zu der Insel "Sea Wolves Island" gefahren. Wir schaukeln ganz schön hin und her, erfahren aber, dass wir heute einen wirklich ruhigen Tag auf dem Meer erleben, da es kaum Wind gibt. Dann möchten wir es lieber nicht bei rauer See erleben...Dort angekommen sehen wir von Bord des Katamaran aus tausende Seehunde, Seelöwen. Wir lernen, dass sie sich unterschiedlich ernähren: Seelöwen fressen Fisch, Seehunde Krabben und Krebse. Später sehen wir im Hafen eine Seelöwenfamilie, die von den Fischern mit Fisch versorgt eine Touristenattraktion darstellen.Read more

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