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  • Day35

    Cần Thơ, Vietnam

    March 13, 2017 in Vietnam

    Vom 09.03. - 13.03. konnten wir also das Leben im Mekongdelta auf uns wirken lassen. Can Tho ist eine sehr fortschrittliche und angenehme Stadt. Sobald die Sonne untergegangen ist, spielt sich das Leben auf der Straße ab. Jung und Alt kommt zum Flanieren an die Promenade, trifft sich zum Essen im Park oder am Imbiss, den es an jeder Straßenecke gibt. Die Straßen sind von der Reklame und der Beleuchtung des Neujahrsfestes, welches in Vietnam erst im Februar gefeiert wird, hell erleuchtet. Wir haben die Tage hier sehr genossen, waren unter anderem frische Sommerrollen essen, die man sich aus verschiedenen Zutaten selbst zubereiten konnte, haben einen Ausflug mit dem Roller nach Vinh Long gemacht und sind von da aus mit der Fähre nach An Binh, einer Insel zwischen den Flussarmen des Mekong und unser persönliches Highlight - die Mekongdelta-Tour mit Linh!
    Linh ist die Tochter der Inhaber des zweiten Guesthouse, in dem wir in Can Tho untergekommen sind. Am 12.03. ging es morgens 05:45h auf den Roller, 40 Minuten über Land zur Anlegestelle unseres Bootes, welches uns, gemeinsam mit einem anderen deutschen Pärchen, über einen der schwimmenden Märkte brachte. Danach gab es Frühstück - Pho, vietnamesische Suppe, typisches vietnamesisches Frühstück. Nachdem wir uns gestärkt hatten, führte uns Linh über den Markt auf dem Festland, vorbei an allen Tieren, die bei den Vietnamesen gern auf dem Teller landen, hier auf dem Markt aber lebend verkauft werden. Von Hühner, Schlangen, Fischen und Fröschen alles dabei. Linh gewährte uns mit ihrer unkomplizierten und witzigen Art einen Einblick in das Leben im Mekongdelta, wie er hätte nicht authentischer sein können. Wie eine Tour mit einer Freundin, die den Tag mit uns verbrachte, war sie für jede Frage offen und ebenso interessiert an unsere Kultur und unserem Leben. Nach unserem Marktbesuch, einem Zwischenstopp in einer Pagoda, in der uns Linh die Hintergründe der verschiedenen Glaubensrichtungen erklärte, ging es wieder zurück auf unser Boot über die größeren und kleineren Flussarme des Mekong. Wir stiegen zwischendurch in einem Dörfchen aus, wo uns Linh einen Einblick in das Leben der Dorfbewohner und deren Häuser gab. Ganze 6,5 Stunden ging unsere Tour durch das Mekongdelta, man kann all die Eindrücke gar nicht so wiedergeben! Besser hätte der Tag mit Linh jedenfalls nicht sein können und wird uns, Dank Linh, noch sehr lang in Erinnerung bleiben!
    Am 13.03. hieß es dann auch schon wieder Rucksack packen und auf nach Ho Chi Minh City. 🙌
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  • Day97

    Mekong Delta, Vietnam

    June 28, 2015 in Vietnam

    De Mekong is een rivier die begint in de bergen van Tibet en via China, Myanmar, Laos en Cambodja de zee instroomt van Vietnam, De rivier is inmens groot en rondom de rivier heeft het leven zich ernaar aangepast. We gaan naar de plaatselijke markt en die is ook op de rivier. We bezoeken fruit tuinen, gaan met een klein bootje door de smallere riviertjes, we doen mee aan een rijst noodle workshop. Het is indrukwekkend om te zien hoe de mensen hun leven aanpassen aan de rivier. Inmiddels zijn we bijna een half jaar verder nadat wij op het vliegtuig stapte richting Guatemala. Wij kunnen niet geloven dat de tijd zo snel gaat. Dit zorgt er ook voor dat we ook maar eens moeten gaan bedenken hoe wij weer wat geld binnen krijgen ipv alleen maar uit te geven. We gaan nog naar Cambodja en Vir gaat nog naar Bangkok, daarna gaan we naar Indo om even te chillen met de fam van Sab ( de Pa van Sab is daar natuurlijk met de fam, maar Pris en haar fam komt gezellig ook ) en daarna gaan we werk zoeken.Read more

  • Day46

    Cần thơ

    November 7, 2014 in Vietnam

    After eating a good Phở (beef noodle soup) for breakfast we directly went to the bus station (yes... we finally didn't go to the war museum...). We decided to go directly to Cần thơ, the major city in the Mekong delta instead of starting by a Mekong delta tour from Saigon which were either private tours and thus too expensive or with a group of 25 people and full of tourist traps. Neither was too appealing.

    We arrived on the afternoon and booked a street food tour on the evening. We were with an Indian family and our guide brought us to different places in the city and explained us typical dishes for real Vietnamese people. In the programme: pork barbecue (that is just the name, no barbecue involved here), special muffins with green beans, pork and shrimps made only in one place (deep fried twice, it can on be excellent ;), eggplant stew, mouse, sticky rice (sweet colored rice in a waffle with coconut and sugar) and... duck embryo (Claire was the only brave one but all wanted to see ;) a very good experience overall! And yes, you also read mouse in that list. A typical dish for the Mekong Delta but less common nowadays because of the pesticides used on rice fields which are the major source of food for mice.
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  • Day47

    Cần thơ

    November 8, 2014 in Vietnam

    Our friend Dunja was leaving in Cần thơ for some months so we had the opportunity to meet her friend Linh, who showed us around. We started with a Dunja pilgrimage: we ate in her usual lunch place, trying her favourite dish and drink ;) then we walked around the city for 4 or 5h, it was quite calm since it was afternoon and no one wants to go on in the sun (not because of the heat - it is the coldest season here, only 30° - but because no one wants to get tanned).

    Linh left after the walk and after some rest we went to a restaurant where Karsten had a claypot dish and Claire tried a vietnameses pancake. The idea is to roll the pancake in mustard leaf (which tastes like wasabi) with some raw vegetable and dip it in a fish sauce.
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  • Day60

    A trip to Can Tho

    November 11, 2016 in Vietnam

    Today was another travel day, though a relatively short one. The journey from Ho Chi Minh CIty to Can Tho, only took about four hours or so. But to get on the bus, we had to go for a bit of a mission through HCMC to find the bus company's ticket office, to get a ticket, and then get to the bus station.

    After being misdirected to the wrong ticket office by the reception at the hotel, and spending about 30 mins trying to find it, we headed back to the hotel, jumped in a taxi with our bags, and headed to the proper ticket office. On arrival, we had our tickets in two minutes, and were bundled onto a shuttle bus that would take us to the bus station.

    On the shuttle bus, we met a German couple, Alex and Annie, who were heading to the same place as us. As luck would have it, they were sitting next to us on the bus proper, once we got on it, It is always nice to have different people to talk to.

    The bus took four hours or so to get to Can Tho, including a stop at halfway, at a very well serviced roadside stop. It included a wee fruit market, dry foods market, and even electronic sales. There were also plenty of street food vendors too.

    Getting off at our bus stop in Can Tho, we discovered that we were about 3km away from our hotel, so jumped in a taxi and made our way there. Our hotel had been built in a seemingly odd area. It was boxed in by an all day street market on one side, and by a car mechanic on the other. We couldn't fault the quality of the hotel, as our room was enormous, and coated in marble. And being on the street market meant it was always in the middle of the action.

    Dumping our bags, we headed out to get some food, and quickly discovered that the area is very touristy. Can Tho has a lot of tourism that revolves around the Cai Rang floating market, and we think that many people like us, show up for a day, visit the market, and then move on. Unfortunately for us, this made finding a reasonably priced meal a bit hard. And by reasonably priced, I mean by Vietnamese standards. The food was also pretty westernised.

    Having refueled with some food, we headed back to the hotel so that Courtney could could go for a quick run on the gym treadmill, and so we could make arrangements to get a bus the next day to Chau Doc and arrange a tour of the floating market. On the way to the room, we visited the roof of the hotel to get a good view of the city. It was slightly scary because it wasn't so much the roof we ended up on, but a platform built on top of the roof using little more that scaffolding and concrete. It didn't feel secure, so we headed back down once the photos had been quickly taken.

    Back in the room we got everything sorted for the next day, and then headed back out for some dinner at what appeared to be a pretty authentic restaurant. It wasn't. It was yet another restaurant that served extremely westernised versions of Vietnamese classics. It was not pleasant, and that was a real shame.

    On the way back from our dinner, we perused the local night market, which seemed to be where all the locals in the town were. It was mobbed.

    And that was the end of the day.
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  • Day17

    Can Tho

    February 4, 2016 in Vietnam

    On the sleeping bus, which has reclining seats :)! They feel like space pods or something.
    Oh there's one thing I wanted to mention about the Vietnamese that I find funny. As far as I know they're the only people who wear winter clothes in 30C temperatures 😄. Doesn't matter how hot it is you will see people wearing sweaters, face masks, long sleeved shirts jeans and sometimes scarves to keep the sun off of them. You can always tell that someone is a foreigner by their lack of clothing xDRead more

  • Day16

    Day 7 Can Tho, Vietnam

    October 29, 2015 in Vietnam

    8am car/van ride 1.5hr
    My Tho province - rice field thru Trung Luong express highway
    Boat ride - Tortoise islet for stilt houses, fruit plantation, fishing village
    Handrowed sampan - Ben Tre for water coconut trees, seasonal fruit & honey tea, Southern Vietnamese folk music
    Hand drawn carriage
    Can thu city - Change clothes for visiting Vinh Trang Pagoda
    Check in TTC hotel
    Free & easy dinner - Ninh Kieu famous boat pierRead more

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