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  • Day86

    16.-18.11.2016 - Kampong Cham

    November 17, 2016 in Cambodia

    En Ort ohnii gross touristische Infrastruktur, genau das woni na ha welle gseh bevorii zum Land usreise - Iiladig ane kambodschanischii Hochzyt -Fäschte ufne anderii Art😄🙈 - und wiidr unterwegs mitm Roller, de beschti Weg zum is wahre Kambodscha iztauche..

  • Day117

    Kampong Cham, Kambodscha

    January 8, 2017 in Cambodia

    Unser zweiter Stopp führte uns nach Kampong Cham, einer Stadt mit Dorfflair. Die Leute sind hier sehr entspannt und leben einfach gemütlich vor sich ersten Abend hat uns ein heftiger Sturm überrascht und wir haben den Abend auf dem Balkon verbracht. Am zweiten Tag hat uns Mr. Chay mit seinem Tuktuk durch die Stadt ging zu einem Tempel aus dem 10. Jahrhundert, zum Man and Woman Mountain und danach noch zur längsten bambusbrücke! Das geile daran ist, dass die Brücke jedes Jahr von der Flut weggespült und wieder neu aufgebaut wird...täglich grüßt das Murmeltier!Read more

  • Day59

    Prasat Preah Vihear naar Kampong Cham

    January 27, 2017 in Cambodia

    Wanneer je reist, zijn er drie dingen waarmee je rekening houdt in verband met vervoer: is it fast, cheap or comfortable? Jammer genoeg voldoet je vervoer meestal slechts aan twee van de drie. Ben je er snel en comfortabel, dan is het vast niet goedkoop. Is het is het comfortabel en goedkoop, dan is het niet snel. Zoek je iets snel en goedkoop, dan kan je geen comfort verwachten.

    Van Prasat Preah Vihear namen we een privé taxi naar Preah Vihear. Dit was de eerste keer dat we in een echte auto zaten sinds twee maanden (comfortabel en snel, aka niet goedkoop). Na ongeveer twee uur rijden kwamen we aan in Preah Vihear.

    Daar namen we een local transport busje naar Kampong Thom (snel en goedkoop, niet echt comfortabel). We zaten in een busje waar maximum een vijftiental personen in konden, we zaten er uiteindelijk met minstens twintig man in. Twee uurtjes lekker knus en gezellig dicht bij elkaar.

    In Kampong Thom moesten we overstappen naar een andere local bus. Onze eerste taak was de mensen hier ervan overtuigen dat wij echt geen veertig dollar aan een taxi gaan geven. Gewoon "no money!" blijven zeggen en voet bij stuk houden, na een tijdje houden ze toch een local minibus tegen met de simpele vraag die geroepen wordt "kampong cham?". Hop, binnen de vijf minuten zaten we op een ander busje en twee en half uur later waren we op onze eindbestemming.

    (Foto' van een busstop, de markt in Sra'aem en gezelligheid in de bus.)
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  • Day60

    Kampong Cham (Cambodja)

    January 28, 2017 in Cambodia

    Kampong Cham, vroeger de derde grootste stad van Cambodja, is een erg rustige, relaxte plek. Zoals in de rest van dit land, straalt deze stad ontspannen uit. Beetje fietsen, kokosnootje drinken, terrasje doen, het komt hier neer op dik chillen. En dat is dan ook wat wij hebben gedaan.

    In de voormiddag heeft Jona wat gewerkt voor Cyclant, dus ging ik even op m'n eentje op stap. Het was Chinees Nieuwjaar, dus er was veel lawaai in dit anders slaperig stadje. Op het geluid van luide trommels, dansten de draken van huis tot huis om het gezin te zegenen voor het nieuwe jaar.

    In de namiddag fietsten we over de befaamde langste bamboe brug (ter wereld?). Elk jaar wordt deze brug weggespoeld tijdens het regenseizoen, en elk jaar wordt ze terug opgebouwd. Deze bamboe constructie is erg stevig, er rijden auto's, trucks, fietsen en brommers over. We stonden op de terugweg zelfs in de file omdat de eerste auto in de rij in panne was gevallen (erg handig op een enkel richting brug).

    's Avonds deden we een terrasje en aten we fried rice (of zoals ze het hier zeggen "fraai raai") op de markt.
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  • Day10

    Wat Nokor

    January 14, 2017 in Cambodia

    Das zweite Ziel, Wat Nokor, ist da schon lohnenswerter. Der Tempel stammt aus dem 11. Jhd. und wird heute noch genutzt. Leider ist es aufgrund des Regens und des schlechten Zeitmanagements schon fast dunkel, in Kambodscha geht die Sonne schnell unter.

  • Day6

    This world belongs to kids

    June 4, 2016 in Cambodia

    (And food. And smiles). I just realised that in each country I've been there is something magical about the kids. Their genuine interest in you, their shy approach, quick attachment, naturalness, and pure happiness not hidden under this stupid sell-buy business. They might be poor in India, naughty in Philippines, beautiful in Vietnam, suspicious in Thailand, curious in Cambodia, but they all have something in common - in each country I've been they somehow became an important part of my story. And today I had a chance to be an english Teacher. 7min of excitement, 7min of trying to explain the lesson, 7min of panicking that they don't listen to me, 7min of understanding that I'm talking to myself, 7min of getting the class in order and 3 seconds of shouting for their real teacher to come back. It was a short but interesting day I should say..:)Read more

  • Day270

    Kompong Cham, Cambodia

    November 11, 2006 in Cambodia

    After a long .. long (12 hrs) bumpy ride from Pakse we are in Kompong Cham. Four buses and one ferry later ... and probably our worst roads to date. This is the cambodian boder with laos ... walk up to one hut to get stamped out .... then walk 200m to this checkpoint to get your visa , a little scary

  • Day38

    Koh Paen

    March 1, 2016 in Cambodia

    Hab mich mit Kambotscha wieder versöhnt

  • Day46

    the wheels on the bus....

    November 18, 2016 in Cambodia

    Dear travel journal,
    Starting to feel like 4-5 hrs on a bus a day is the norm...
    We got up early this morning and headed out for breaky thinking an hour would be plenty of time. Nope. At 8.30am (when we were suppost to be getting on the bus) our breaky came out. Woops lol. Once i was done i ran back to the hotel and finished packing for dana anď got a porter to take the bags down whilw she was at the cafe having breaky and then jumped on the minibus. Todays first stop - spiders. Scoon village is known for its taranchella and insects. Limney got off the bus and came back on with a bucket full of taranchellas. He handed everyone one or two or ten, depending on the person. I eventually let him put a placid one on my hand and but some people had them crawling everywhere, in their hair, chest, shoulders... once we were done playing the spiders went back in the bucket and we got out to have a walk around in the markets and we got a chance to try fresh fried tarantulla. I tried to try some but the leg was hard and furry all at the same time and i just couldnt do it. But some people where munchin away. After buying somd dried fruits and using the bathroom it was back on the bus to krong kampong cham. Once at the hotel we checked in and headed down to the local ngo restaraunt 'smile' for lunch which was quite tasty. Then back to the hotel and bianca had a sleep and i read for a couple of hours and then it was time for the bike tour. We all jumped onto push bikes and headed down the road to the local ferry. Which was just an open barge that everyone loaded onto and squished as many people as possible. With no sides so making sure you didnt fall in. We fit sooo many people, bikes, scooters, a car and even a horse and cart on a floating wooden platform that had to be maybe 6m by 15m. Lol. Each year in the dry season they build a bamboo bridge that runs between the mainland and the island. Kohpen the island was awesome. We got off the barge and up the bamboo bridge to the dirt roads and rode around the little town. Past houses with people washing and cooking and gardening and farming and kids playing everywhere. The kids where so cute they would all run out and say hello and wave, some would hold their hands out for hi-fives as we rode past and others would run behind us for a bit. I took my time at the back of the group just enjoying it and taking it all in. Then we stopped at a temple that looked across soo many fields and rice paddies with people working and a horse drawn cart. The temple however was used as a prison during some of the time of the komarus and there is a small killing field behind it. Its such a peaceful, isolated place, the locals really where not safe anywhere. Then we continued on and stopped at a locals house. Honestly i didnt listen to anything limney was talking about. I tried some of the pink and yellow pomegranit which was tasty - pinks better. But the rest of the time i was playing soccer with a couple of the local boys. We were playing with a small ball then one of the boys ran up the road and came back with a normal he was pretty good. After a while felix joined in and felix and the older boy showed off their skills. It was awesome. Then back on the bikes and the next stop was another home where they make sticky rice cakes with sweet peas and coconut milk. They were sweet but quite nice. Then we headed back to the barge, we didnt want to miss last one back or we would be staying there the night. There was one section of the trail that was totally different from the rest. It was bumpy and overgrown and opened into peoples yards the whole way. Then all of sudden it was bush on one side, opens to the river on the other, the ground was really smooth and the massive tree in the middle of the path had the smoothest bark ever. It was very cool. Then it went back to normal. After we crossed on the last barge and got back to the hotel we cleaned up and met in the lobby for dinner. Dinner tonight is with a local family. We all climbed into tuk tuks and headed to the families home and sat on the floor in their main room. The main room is just a big open space. They put matts out along the sides of the walls to sleep on at night and other matts down the length of the middle to sit on to eat meals. And thats what we did. Sat down the middle of the room in two rows and they brought heaps of food out and spread it acrosd the middle of the table and we all just helped ourselfs to what we wanted and chatted. They passed around tarantulla wine at one point for people to try. After dinner the tuk tuk took us back to the hotel and the kiwi boys, girls and i went with limney to a 'local bar' which is just chairs on the side walk and a little food cart. Limney got some dried squid and crab salad (shelled crabs and sauce) and was munching while drinking his spiced spider wine and the boys had a couple of beers each. Then we said goodnight to limney and we all went for a walk down along the river and then went to look at a local wedding that was happening that you could hear a few streets away. The dresses where amazing. The live band singing achey breaky heart in cambodian was interesting. But we still danced to the music on the way back to the hotel. Once back everyone went to bed and i sat down stairs using the net for a bit. Having brief convos with people was they walked past - tom, limney, lisa and nicola and then i headed up to bed.Read more

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