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  • Day21

    Mainland, Sihanoukville

    March 26, 2017 in Cambodia

    Having a reflective moment as I head back from Koh Rong Samleom on the boat while the sun sets around me. Despite having one of the best weeks in my life and meeting some wonderful people it's undeniable I'm feeling very homesick and quite emotional.

    I almost feel guilty wanting to be back in my own bed or having Sunday dinner with my family or just being able to see my friends when I've been given the experience of a life time. It makes me realise the wonderful people I have at home and although it's been refreshing meeting so many people I connect with on such a good level it's also made me acknowledge the amazing relationships I have at home and how special each and everyone of them are.

    Travelling on my own is a unique experience. Its tiring constantly making friends and taking matters into your own hands, being the only one responsible for you. Anyone who I speak to in groups, when I say I'm travelling on my own say how brave I am. In all honesty, I didn't even think about how brave what it is I am doing. I just knew I wanted to travel and live a different lifestyle to what I was comfortable with and that was it. Despite occasionally wanting to have a friend there to just not have to try to hard with or know they will always be there if something goes wrong, I wouldn't change travelling alone. It's pushed me to do little things here and there that I would never have done having been in a group or with someone else. But I guess you could call this character building?

    My perspective is another thing that's changed. Previously, whenever I saw someone eating or doing something on their own I would think how lonely that must be. However, now I have a completely different view and I'm grateful for alone time, just getting to be at one with my thoughts, something I probably wouldn't have done as in depth if I was in the comfort of people I already knew.

    Taking things for granted is another thing I certainly did and still do. Clean sheets for one is something I dearly miss, especially having observed bed bugs for the first time in my most recent hostel. However, being here has made me realise how much I do take life for granted and spectating so many different lives (most less fortunate than me) and meeting other travellers with their own individual stories made me realise the bubble I live in and that now I'm out of it, the world is really quite big.
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  • Day72

    Sihanoukville Ferry

    April 16 in Cambodia

    We checked out of the Eolia Beach Bungalows on Sunday morning for the white sand beaches of Koh Rong. Otres Beach is really pretty, and there are lots of places to stay and eat, but as far as resort type beaches go this one doesn’t rate high. It’s slightly overpriced and very dirty, but we are glad we saw it. Our impression is that its all about to change, with lots of new investment and plans for swanky resorts.
    We took a tuktuk into Sihanoukville to catch the speed boat to the islands. The pier is chaotic to say the least, and thankfully everyone was just as confused as us. And it was hot.
    Amber made friends with a local monk and exchanged names and numbers. More to come on that.
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  • Day72

    Longset Beach

    April 16 in Cambodia

    On the island of Koh Rong, Longset Beach is about three kilometres up the beach from all the thumping bars and nightclubs of Saracen Bay. Well not all. There is one nightclub that is a little ways down the beach but it may as well be in front of our cabana. We think it closed down around four in the morning. Thank goodness for earplugs. The beach here is very different from where we just were. There is little to no garbage, the beaches are clean, white and soft like talcum.
    The bungalows, while absolutely beautiful, aren’t exactly “critter” proof. The floors are loose fitting wood plank, the walls, loose fitting mahogany siding, the roof, loose fitting thatch. So there’s bugs. And lord knows what else. But there is mosquito netting over the bed. That is small consolation for Jackie and Amber who aren’t a fan of sharing their rooms with anything from the insect kingdom.
    But the people are nice, actually the owner lived in Ottawa for thirty years and came back here ten years ago and built this resort as her retirement. The place is a hubbub of activity, raking, sweeping, I am sure its a full time job holding back the jungle.
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  • Day72

    Jungle Hike

    April 16 in Cambodia

    We had a decent breakfast in the restaurant and had a really good conversation with the owner and her daughter. Her daughter is visiting from Ottawa, born and raised in Ontario but pretty well connected here in Cambodia. Her mom owns this place, Pura Vita, and her dad owns a business in Siem Reap. She shared her story which is fascinating and her daughter gave us some ideas for the rest of our trip, for which we were thankful.
    There’s lots to see on the “4km beach” as its called, and they recommended a walk to the old pier; the place where the mother used to land in a boat and walk through the jungle, to the location of this resort. By herself. Through a mangrove lagoon, chest high. In the dark. Ten years ago to build this joint. She has guts like no other.
    So we walked along the beach, checked out whatever place we came across, got to the pier and turned around and came back. Pretty amazing countryside.
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  • Day74

    We went left

    April 18 in Cambodia

    There’s not a lot of activity on this beach. And that’s just fine with us. Yesterday we walked to the right, to see what we could see. Today we went left. To the end of the beach. And had a few drinks and lunch and walked back. And that’s a day... well throw in a fire show, and a massage lady beating the living piss out of a gecko, and thats a day.Read more

  • Day15

    Koh Rong

    March 20, 2017 in Cambodia

    My first island stop was Koh Rong, a beautiful island off coast of Cambodia. After hearing over 80% of people get sick going there, it made me slightly apprehensive and I hoped my immune system would hold up for the duration of my stay.

    Being known for its nightlife, it certainly lived up to expectations, despite being low season. This was made very clear when I first entered Bong's, the hostel I was to stay at. The first girl I met, who I later learned was called Jazz, hadn't yet been asleep and it was 11am, (might I add she didn't sleep until after going out that night). Then I met Ella, both of them are travelling together. Little did I know at this point they were the biggest nutters I have ever met and were about to show me one of the best times.

    On Koh Rong activities varied between soaking up the sun on the white sandy beaches, basking in the bath like water which was so clear I could still see my feet waist deep and then LOTS of drinking. On the 2nd day however we did do the zip line on the island which was an assault course in the trees, giving us the highest viewpoint of the island. It was breathtaking and I've mentally stored this picture deep within my memory so I never forget it. We also happened to wake up at 6am and managed to catch the end of the sunrise, another image stored permanently in my memory.

    Having only planned to stay for 1 night, after my 3rd I decided it was probably time to move on. My next stop was to be the neighbouring island, Koh Rong Salmoem. With a sore head I boarded to ferry to take me there.

    It was a sad depart nevertheless, having met some amazing people. These included this lovely couple from Los Angeles who had fallen in love with the island and decided to stay there. Everyone who worked at Bong's, always showing everyone who entered the place a good time. A gay couple, George and Hocin who had dance moves that could win Britain's Got Talent. Another lovely girl called Sadie who is from Canada and is the sweetest person you could meet. And of course, Jarzz and Ella, however it's probably a blessing for my liver that I departed from them... I still hope to see them in future (they live in Surrey)!
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  • Day19

    Mad Monkey, Koh Rong Samleom

    March 24, 2017 in Cambodia

    Mad monkeys was the name of the hostel where I stayed in Koh Rong Samleom. It's got its own little cove on the island and is completely on its own in the trees. It's all wooden based ensuring the keep the area looking authentic and relatively natural. It's also one of the most beautiful places I have been to, all 24 hours of the day.

    Entering the hostel the first thing you see is the bar, above it a sign saying 'no wifi - make friends' and no lie, this is the most sociable hostel I have stayed in up to date, I wonder why? It's a very strange and surreal experience being on the island without any technology, you feel as though you have stopped in time having no clue what the date, day or time is.

    Most my time on the island was spent with two German girls, Alina and Pia who were great company and a lot of fun. We made promises to each other that they would come visit me in London and I would go to Oktoberfest in Germany with them. Whether this trip would be in my budget or not is another matter. The 4 days spent on this island consisted of plenty card games, watching the plankton at night and chilling in the hammocks out at sea. I can honestly say I felt as though I was in my own little paradise.

    However, after having had enough of being unable to escape the sand, it was time to head back to the mainland.
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  • Day10

    Koh Rong und seine Fähren

    February 22 in Cambodia

    Gestern ging es nach Koh Rong. Wir haben uns von Sihanoukville aus einen Coolen Bungalow direkt am Strand gebucht.
    Deutsch, wie wir nunmal sind haben wir auch direkt die Fähren Tickets geholt, damit unser kurzer Insel Urlaub reibungslos verläuft (Haben wir gedacht...)

    Auf der Schönen Insel Koh Rong angekommen, meinte der Bootsfahrer "Last Stop"
    Wir hätten keinen dümmeren Lande Pier erwischen können (Denn zu unserem Bungalow waren es noch 13km)
    Die Wassertaxis waren uns für 40$ zu teuer, und so beschlossen wir mit Sack und Pack zu laufen - Dumme Idee!

    Ca. 5,5h sind wir in der prallen Sonne erst durch einen Wald, mit kleinen steilen Wegen - über den Long Beach, durch weißen feinen Sand & am Ende noch über Schotterpisten gewandert

    Leicht erschöpft, von der Sonne verbrannt & mit Hunger sind wir dann an unserer Bungalow Anlage angekommen - Cheers!
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  • Day66

    Koh Rong -> Koh Rong Samloen

    January 24 in Cambodia

    We trekken richting het zuiden naar Sihanoukville en nemen daar de ferry naar het grootste eiland van Cambodja, Koh Rong genaamd. Het is een zeer groot eiland, met dezelfde oppervlakte als Hong Kong. Er zijn vele mooie verlaten stranden te ontdekken op dit eiland. Zo zijn 4K beach en Long beach echte aanraders voor een fijne strandwandeling. Het hoofdstrand is minder idyllisch, maar er zijn wel tientallen bars en restaurants te vinden. Voor een leuk feestje moet je hier dus zijn of op Police beach waar de openluchtfeestjes elke week het eiland op stelten zetten. Op het hele eiland zijn er geen aangelegde wegen enkel smalle wandelpaadjes. Om rond het eiland te geraken wordt gebruikt gemaakt van taxiboten.
    We worden overtuigd om deel te nemen aan een boottocht van 7 uur lang rond het eiland. We gaan snorkelen en vissen, maar op enkele kleine visjes na, wordt er niets gevangen. Terwijl we aan land gaan op Long beach maakt de crew eten voor ons. Het is barbecue met een stuk brood, een kippensaté en een groentensaté. Het is niet veel, maar we kunnen niet klagen, het kostte tenslotte ook maar 10 USD per persoon. Bovendien krijgen we het water, bier en fruit er gratis bovenop. De zon zakt langzaam weg in de zee en een eenzame vissersboot passeert langs de horizon. Wanneer de zon volledig onder is, gaan we weer het water in. Er leeft een speciaal soort lichtgevend plankton in deze zee. Ze reageren op snelle bewegingen door een fluorescerend licht uit te stralen. Eerst zien we niet veel. We zijn niet zeker of er ons iets is wijsgemaakt. Maar na een tijdje zagen we hoe honderden minuscule kleine lichtjes het water oplichtten als reactie op onze spartelende bewegingen onder water.
    Na twee dagen vertrekken we naar Koh Rong Samloen. Het kleinere eiland leeft een beetje in de schaduw van de grote broer Koh Rong en is daardoor veel minder toeristisch uitgegroeid. Dit is heel snel duidelijk van zodra we van de pier stappen. Het is zo mooi hier! Nog nooit eerder zag ik zo’n prachtige, witte, praktisch verlaten stranden. Waren we maar eerder naar hier gekomen! Het eiland is properder, minder druk en simpelweg een waar paradijs. Tijd om een boek boven te halen en echt helemaal niets te doen!
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  • Day168

    Eat, Read, Sleep - Repeat.

    So herrlich aufgabenlos verbringe ich die Tage am Strand von Koh Rong Samloem.

    Nach einer Yogasession zum Sonnenaufgang und einem reichhaltigen Frühstück, ist ein kleines Schläfchen in der Hängematte nicht zu toppen.

    Belohnt werde ich dafür jeden Abend noch mit einem glitzernden Bad im Meer. Der Plankton sprüht bei jeder meiner Bewegungen Funken und umrandet meine Arme wie ein Diamantenpullover. Jeder Schritt im Sand hinterlässt gold, silber und neonblauleuchtende Fußabdrücke, die mir das Gefühl geben ein Fabelwesen zu sein. Überdacht von einem grandiosen Sternenhimmel ist es einfach unglaublich und eines der spektakulärsten Naturschauspiele, die ich je gesehen habe!

    Und dann steigt der Mond über dem Meer empor. Leuchtend orange und voll in seiner Pracht wirft er einen langen, goldenen Schein auf das Meer.

    Leider lässt sich das alles nicht in Fotos einfangen. Besser hinfahren. Kambodscha, Koh Rong Samloem Driftwood Hostel (Dormbed 5 Dollar) 😉
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