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  • Day233


    May 10, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Samen met een groep fijne mensen gingen we al kajakkend zoetwaterdolfijnen spotten in de Mekong. Heel leuke ervaring, die we helaas niet op beeld konden vastleggen (snelle dolfijnen!). De tocht erheen was ook supermooi, hier hebben we gelukkig wel wat fotootjes van :).

  • Day71


    January 12, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Krattie pronounced Kra-cheh or as like to call it La Shithole.

    The hostel we were staying in was AWFUL, but cheap and we made some new friends... Cockroaches. I woke up with one on my arm, grab it and through it against the wall and want back to sleep. That's what you get for £2 a night. Ha!

    The town itself is a mish mash of smells (good and bad), people and Lorries passing through to Laos. The island opposite on the other hand was absolutely stunning. Sitting in the middle of the Mekong like a emerald dam was Koh trong. We took the boat across, hired us some bikes and explored the island.

    So much lush vegetation, birds and local people, just getting on with their daily life.
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  • Day73


    December 4, 2014 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Our last day in Siem Reap was spent with looking at cute shops, eating, waiting for the rain to be over etc. In fact we were just killing time as we were waiting for the night bus to leave at 11 PM which we had decided to take to go back to Phnom Penh and then up the Mekong to Kratie. We also went to the "cinema" in Siem Reap and saw the second part of the Hobbits in preparation for the upcoming finale. In this place you can rent a room for 2 to 10 people and watch a movie you choose from a big folder. In your room there are big couches and a large screen. Fun!

    The nightbus had 2 storey of beds being a bit inclined as hospital beds and with security belt at the waist. Good that Karsten made a extended read about it so we were prepared against the cold air-con! The travel could have been comfortable if most of the drive haven't been on a bumpy dust road. Nevertheless, we managed to sleep and, for its purpose, it is definitely better than seats!

    Arriving in the early morning in Phnom Penh, we found a bus to Kratie 2h later. We were not sure how long it would take but hoped for 4h. We had just enough space for legs, which is already great but the air-con was quite weak (always complaining huh ;) So when the bus arrived in Kratie 8h later... we were quite happy to get out of it!

    We are now in a veeery nice hostel organising eco-tourism and being a training center for the local youth (when we can comfortably support good causes, we are always in ;). The shower is amazing, didn't had one like that in months!
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  • Day75


    December 6, 2014 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Yesterday and today we basically spent on bikes. Yes bikes again! I'm telling you, Claire will be a Villo regular when we're back in Brussels!

    Yesterday we took the local ferry for 25 cents to cross the Mekong to the island of Koh Trong. Upon arrival we rented 2 bikes which were barely able to hold up on our trip all around the island. The trip is only 9 km but the bikes, the road and the cows standing on the latter turned it into somewhat of a challenge. The cows here were well fed, in comparison for example to those in Chi Phat. That is what the Mekong does, we guess. Cycling through the island village was nice and from one spot we could see a floating village on the Mekong.

    Today we rented better bikes as we had a trip of roughly 30 km ahead of us. We went up the river to a pool in the Mekong where about 40 Irrawadi dolphins are still living. This highly endangered species can only be found in certain spots in Cambodia and Lao. We rented a small boat and spent an hour watching a group of 3-6 dolphins play in the river. You might wanna do a Google image search on those as they look very peculiar. On the way back we treated ourselves to a coke and some sticky rice and spent the rest of the day planning our trip ahead and napping.

    We're now heading out to our last Cambodian sunset over the Mekong with a couple of Angkor beers. They are really worth it...the sunsets we mean of course.

    After that we'll go to sleep for a last time in Cambodia for as long as the roosters next door let us. They clearly have no clue whatsoever when sunrise is.
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  • Day77

    Cambodia wrap-up

    December 8, 2014 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    - when using transport in Cambodia steer clear of the minibuses. In a car with 10 seats at least 15 people "have space". But this sounds easier than it actually is. When travelling from Koh Kong we asked like 7 times if it we will get a big bus...aaaaaand we got a minibus. And there is just nothing you can do ;)

    - they theoretically drive on the right side but that is even more just a guideline than in the countries we visited before. Wanna turn left and you can't find a whole in the traffic to get to the right side of through road? No worries, just drive on the left side for a while until a hole opens up. Also, the rules for the right of way we technically the same as in non-UK Europe. But de facto it is the right of the stronger vehicle...or whoever makes it into the junction first.

    - wearing a full pyjama on the street for women in the morning and evening is something usual

    - karaoke-style videos in the bus is a thing. But nobody sings...

    - there is landscape to be seen on bus rides between cities! Whereas in other countries along the roads it looks like the whole country is "urban" sprawl, there are green areas with nothing else to be watched from the bus which makes the rides somewhat more enjoyable if it weren't for the stuff described above

    - having a wedding? Just put up a big tent on the street where you can seat your guests

    - grilled spiders and snakes are not so common, opposite to white larvae sold as peanuts

    - the whole covering up on motorbikes for women is not happening here

    - this is dragonfly country!!

    - overall impression: we really, really enjoyed our time here!
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  • Day316


    February 9, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 36 °F

    Next stop was Krattie. The reason we came here was to see one of the worlds only fresh water dolphins. We went out to the river on a boat to see them. It was very good but I'm afraid trying to photograph them proved difficult, but you can just about see them in the picture so you get the idea.
    In the afternoon we went across to a little island 5 minutes away called Koh Trong and rented bikes so we could cycle around. We really enjoyed being away from the town and the tuk tuks and scooters. It was great to see some countryside again!Read more

  • Day10

    Quick Stop in Kratie

    October 8, 2017 in Cambodia

    We were up at just gone 5am this morning to finish packing up in time for a tuk tuk ride to our "VIP" bus. We waited 45 minutes for an array of packages and people to board and re-board the minibus. This included the attempted tetris game with a full sized cooked pig which they luckily gave up on as the bus was already full. Just after 7am we left for Kratie (Krong Kracheh).
    The bus driver seemed to be paid by the maximum speed he could reach on each road which led to some near misses with oncoming scooters and trucks. Our first stop was to allow the older men of the bus to relieve themselves on the roadside, the second was to drop off some seafood to a shop-owner and then the third was at a "service station"; a busy restaurant with drop toilets and home-cooked food of some sort. We somehow ordered some rice and chicken "bits" and some vegetable crisps for the journey. Soon we were back on the bus, picking and dropping off locals until we finally got to Kratie about 12:30. We refused the moto (motorbike taxi) offers and stretched our legs by walking to our next guesthouse.
    We are staying at Le Tonlé, a NGO tourism training centre, as well as guesthouse and restaurant, which provides vocational training to disadvantaged young people in the north-east of Cambodia. Our room is a cute wooden-cladded sauna, with a mosquito net and fan. There are two shared bathrooms just opposite, which are surprisingly clean (minus the mosquitos).
    We had a wander around this small, riverfront town and through the local market where we came across some of the local delicacies such as Balut (a fertilised duck egg with a partially grown fetus). We decided against trying these and instead we had lunch at a corner-side restaurant finally trying the Cambodian 'Amok' (curry) which was delicious. We met a man who was originally from England but now lives here, working with local NGOs (and we think also with the place we are staying) for the past 30 years.
    This evening we are sat during happy hour tasting what the students can make with alcohol... and about to order dinner before an another early night as we move again tomorrow.
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  • Day152

    Koh Trong

    July 5, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Auf der kleinen Mekong-Insel Koh Trong ist die Welt noch in Ordnung:
    Da kehren die Hausfrauen am frühen Morgen schon vom täglichen Marktbesuch auf die Insel zurück.
    Da ist Feldarbeit noch Handarbeit.
    Da gibt es keine Autos, da fährt man(n) sogar mal Fahrrad.
    Da hat das Wort Seekuh eine ganz andere Bedeutung (und diese Kühe sind wirklich seetauglich).
    Da schwimmen die Häuschen friedlich auf dem Mekong.
    Da hängt für das allgemeine Wohl inselweit immer eine Hängematte "griffbereit".
    Ja, auf der kleinen Mekong-Insel Koh Trong ist die Welt noch in Ordnung.
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  • Day22

    Irrawaddy Fluß - Delphine

    October 28, 2018 in Cambodia

    Heute morgen sind wir früh los, um die Fluss-Delphine im Mekong zu besuchen (früh für unsere Verhältnisse).Die Fahrt ging 15km mit dem Tuk-Tuk zum Dorf Kampi, hier ist eine Mekong-Stromschnelle. Ich glaube, daß der Fischreichtum der Grund für die relativ große Delphin-Population ist. Die Delphine sind mittlerweile geschützt, man zahlt 9$/Person Gebühr und wird ca. 1h im Boot auf dem Fluß herumgefahren, immer den Delphinen nach. Sie tauchen nur kurz auf und schwimmen schnell, Fotos sind leider Glücksache, oder wie hier vom Plakat geklaut. Laut Reiseführer leben sie in Gruppen von ca. 6 Tieren, wir haben sicher verschiedene Gruppen gesehen.Read more

  • Day22

    Kratie (Kratschee)

    October 28, 2018 in Cambodia

    Nach der Delphintour hat uns das Tuk-Tuk wieder zurück zur Stadt gebracht. Abends war es sehr ruhig und um 21 h war mehr oder weniger alles geschlossen. Keine Kinder die etwas verkaufen wollten, keine Händler.
    Mittags war Markt, die grosse Markthalle geöffnet und viele Leute unterwegs. Angesprochen wurde man gar nicht, höchstens sehr neugierig beäugt, der Tourismus ist hier noch ganz am Anfang.
    Die Mekong Promenade ist schön und leer, ein toller Wat in der Stadtmitte und ein paar alte Kolonialhäuser geben einen Eindruck auf die 1920-1930er Zeiten, als hier die französische Kolonialverwaltung ansässig war.
    Am Ufer lag ein Flussdampfer, auf dem man für viel Geld luxuriös bis Laos fahren kann, der Wasserstand war aber schon recht niedrig,die Sandbänke sichtbar.
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