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  • Day16


    June 27, 2018 in Canada

    Nach einem ausgiebigen Pancake-Frühstück mit Ahornsirup stürzen wir uns ins Getümmel der einwwohnerreichsten Stadt Kanadas, Toronto. Da wir hinterher direkt weiterfahren möchten, nehmen wir das Auto und parken in unserem ersten Stopp, dem Eaton Center, in Downtown Toronto. Um es vorwegzunehmen: Das ist keine clevere Idee, wenn man die Stadt im Feierabendverkehr wieder verlassen möchte...

    Die Innenstadt wirkt noch einmal deutlich größer und geschäftiger als Ottawa und ist in Bezug auf die Menschen, die uns begegnen, noch internationaler und diverser. Auch wenn sich zwischen den Wolkenkratzern immer wieder alte Backsteinbauten finden, fehlt ihr der historische und gemütliche Aspekt von Ottawa oder Québec, zumindest für die Stadtteile die wir gesehen haben. Wer gerne shoppt, kommt hier aber voll auf seine Kosten.

    Wie bereits erwähnt ist der anschließende Weg aus der Stadt sehr mühsam und verlängert unsere Weiterfahrt um ca. eine Stunde. Als wir uns kurz vor Niagara Falls ein ausnahmsweise nicht selbstgemachtes Dinner gönnen, scheint das Glück zu uns zurückgekehrt zu sein. Da die erste Pizza nicht so gut gelungen ist, bekommen wir eine Zweite davon kostenlos serviert. Das tröstet auch über die hier etwas höheren Trinkgelder von 15%-20% hinweg. Zum Ende des Tages ist es ausgerechnet unser kleiner Keji, der wieder für einen Stimmungswechsel sorgt, da seine Seitentür sich von innen nicht mehr öffnen lässt.
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  • Day24

    Towers of Toronto

    September 21, 2017 in Canada

    At 6.30am we were kindly greeted by Sharlene and Eric from the station and given a dawn tour of the city. Eric drove us past Casa Loma, a turreted castle overlooking the suburbs. Back at their place we took a nap until midday and then continued the tour of Toronto by zipping along the highways to get our bearings. Eric was just the man to show us the sights - being an architect he informed us of the history of the buildings. We stopped for a browse of the shops and a drink in the distillery district, a trendy red brick ex-industrial area. Next stop was the waterfront looking out over the Toronto skyline - there appeared to be a booze cruise setting off from the bay! We passed the HTO artificial beach and the ferry harbour. Back at the house Sharlene cooked up a delicious ragu - so nice to have proper home cooked food!  Homemade margaritas in hand we sat out on the porch in our muskoka chairs like true Canadians.

    Next morning Eric gave us a lift to the ferry terminal where we cruised across to the Toronto islands. Lots of nice open park areas and family activities for the Summer. After a quick walk around we took the ferry back over and went to purchase our baseball tickets for the following evening. We strolled along the boardwalk path and after yummy lunch at the pet cafe (minus any pets) we decided to explore the PATH, the underground walkway that connects most buildings in downtown. Easier said than done - the place is a bit of a maze and after about an hour of walking we surfaced to realise we were only a few streets from where we had started! We succumbed to take the streetcar (tram) back to the house. With the ticket machine not working we boarded and pulled in to the subway before asking a local how we needed to go about purchasing our subway ticket. Looking slightly bemused she said to go up the stairs which we did and through the barrier. We purchased two tokens and then went back through the same barrier, realising our unnecessary transaction - at least we were honest! We alighted on the outskirts of Chinatown and went in search of 'graffiti alley'. There were a few young people taking photos in the sunlit alley against some colourful artwork. With aching legs we went back to the house and tucked in to homemade Chinese chicken.

    A spontaneous decision was made to go in search of the planes landing at Toronto international airport, an activity that many Canadians enjoy doing according to Sharlene and Eric. What an evening adventure! Eric drove round the roads surrounding the airport under instruction from Sharlene to locate the ILS (instrument landing system) - total madness ensued! After about 2 hours of racing around, asking a random guy at a gas station where was the best viewing spot (and he knew!), and sweet talking a security guy at the Toyota showroom to allow us down the path so that we would be directly under the planes as they passed overhead, we pulled over and sneakily consumed a beer and g&t from a drinks bottle. Not quite satisfied that we were seeing the largest planes we double backed and went back to the spot we had initially tried. Success! Now that is not an experience you would get if on an organised tour!  

    The following day we walked through Kensington market, admiring the varieties of kettle crisps for sale (maple bacon etc), and stopping in a cafe for a well-overdue first maple pancake. We then walked through china town, chuckling at the bad English translations on some of the knock-off printed kids' clothing. Then for the aquarium and CN tower. Construction of the impressive landmark began in 1973 and was completed in 1976. It remained the tallest freestanding structure for over three decades. As we ascended the tower in the lift, rising 346m in 58 seconds, my stomach was left behind and palms and feet started to clam up! After posing for pictures next to the panoramic window we went down a level to the glass floor. Hugo bravely stepped on to it and I admired from a distance. The floor can hold the weight of 3 orcas apparently - one guy sure did test it by jumping about! With some time to kill before the baseball we headed to the Eaton centre in hope of getting Hugo some new jeans (remind me never to shop with him again).

    After an unsuccessful mission we walked over to the Rogers Centre to see the Blue Jays. As we neared the stadium an ocean of blue shirts appeared. We met with Sharlene and Eric and found our seats in the top tier. Sharlene had made burgers for tea and the boys purchased a beer for $11 each!! Before we knew it we were on our feet as the national anthem rang out. Eric gave us a quick explanation of the game (basically rounders but more dramatic) and the game began. We quickly became accustomed to the very short jingles played between each innings. It was difficult to focus on the baseball as there was so much entertainment on the jumbotron. Prizes were given for designated driver, row of seats, getting your hand in the glove on the screen, identifying a player from a photo etc - hilarious! We even had a few seconds of fame appearing on the screen. One group even lit a birthday cake to get an appearance. After a slow start we finally got a home run, signalled by a huge fog horn and cheers from the crowd. End result 5-2 and some entertained Brits! As we left the stadium we entered the CBC (equivalent of BBC) studio - surprisingly no security - even saw someone sleeping on one of the benches facing the studio set. We also passed a memorial to workers who had died from occupational hazards - some unfortunate endings!

    Our final day in Toronto was of course a visit to Niagara Falls. Eric gave us the full tour, first to see the escarpment, then to the whirlpool, Niagara on the Lake and the falls. Niagara on the Lake was very quaint with beautiful flower beds. At the falls we walked through the spray of the horseshoe (Canadian) falls and looked across to the American falls. We sat across from the falls and devoured a yummy picnic before taking photos. There is a constant mist that hides part of the falls, with a rainbow spreading from one side of the chasm to the other. A great finale to an enjoyable few days with the very generous and hospitable Sharlene and Eric. They kindly dropped us at our airbnb in Hamilton, ready for our flight the next morning, although the initial postcode took us to a cemetery - hopefully not an omen! Luckily we arrived at the real destination just as the host pulled in to the drive. I had received a message earlier that day saying where the keys would be kept, however the message had cut off after 'I left the key to the front door inside...'! Gabriella kindly invited us to join her for burgers on the bbq! Hugo successfully managed to sign up to uber to organise a lift to the airport for 5am,  and with it being our first ride it was only $3 -woo!  

    Unfortunately the airport only had two security lanes, meaning we had to queue for 50 minutes whilst letting all passengers with an urgent flight go ahead of us - very frustrating. Once on the plane we unexpectedly received complimentary drinks and snacks - cheesy sticks for breakfast! Destination - Edmonton, the start of our Canadian Rockies experience...
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  • Day43

    Roots in Canada

    August 10, 2017 in Canada

    It seems either I'm still suffering minor jetlag or perhaps all this travelling is simply making me very drowsy but after another relatively lazy start Monica and I ventured downtown. We started in Yorkville which was a lovely quirky little shopping district with nice eateries and leafyness! Monica took me to a particular gift shop full of wierd and wonderful things. It was a struggle not to come put with too much! Who doesn't need a squirrel USB splitter or a cloud shaped container for keeping cotton buds?

    After a spot of lunch we progressed towards Chinatown meeting Steve at Toronto's answer to Times Square (Yonge-Dundas) en route. Chinatown was very typical of most cities and harboured lots of very cheap souvenir shops and food outlets. I had my first Tim Horton's iced hot chocolate and found it a strong competitor to the one Id grown to love at Dunkin Donuts. It was not far from here that we discovered the wonder of Graffiti Alley. We spent quite some time wandering down this brightly coloured alleyway where it seemed many photographers were using it as a location for the perfect shoot. One photographer was shooting pictures of her dog who seemed adept at modelling in different poses for her on command albeit with the help of some treats!

    From there we went on to Kensington Market which was a wonderfully bohemian part of town where it transpired Monica and Steve first met. We even tracked down the house Monica was living in at the time which was a lovely little piece of family history. Even they hadn't been back there in nearly 30 years. I was particularly charmed by a corner film cafe which was showing Charlie Chaplin's 'City Lights' on the back wall.

    With many steps on the clock we walked back to get Steve's car by the University and travelled home via the local Greek Restaurant. Greek food isn't something I've had much but I definitely enjoyed it. I had BBQ'd marinated pork with mediterranean vegetables and rice. It was delicious. For dessert, Steve took us to the mouth watering Serano Bakery which had glass cabinet upon glass cabinet of amazing looking treats.

    We enjoyed our pudding sat out on the decking at home whilst I willed the raccoons to show their cute little bandit faces. It seems I did not will hard enough nor was I willing to share my pudding with them! Raccoons or no raccoons, I was very much enjoying my family time and felt very at home here.
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  • Day6

    Dundas Square und Flat Iron Building

    August 3, 2018 in Canada

    Am nächsten Morgen machen wir uns auf den Weg zum St. Lawrence Market und passieren unterwegs unter anderem den Dundas Square, einen Platz an dem viele Wertetafeln leuchten. (Ähnlich dem Piccadilly Circus in London oder dem Time Square in New York)

    Kurz darauf kommen wir auch noch am
    Flat Iron Building vorbei.Read more

  • Day1

    CN tower

    May 12, 2016 in Canada

    A szikár tények: azért már nem egy mai csirke😊. Canadian Railway Networkről kapta a nevét, 1976-ban épült, 553.33 m magas és nagyon büszkék rá.A modern világ 7 csodája közé is besorolták 20 éve- nem tudom hogy fenntartják-e még ezt. Híres a 360 fokban körbeforgó étterme és az "edge walk" - a külső 1.5 méteres rámán kikötve körbesétálhatnak a kalandkeresők és csak a rettenetes mélység van alattuk.Ezt azért kihagytuk, viszont az üvegpadlót kipróbáltam-ettől is félnek sokan- persze ilyet már láttunk az amerikai kalandozások során a Grand Canyonban- ebben profi vagyok😀. Felmentünk a második lifttel egészen a tetejére, legalább felülről láttuk egész Torontot az innen törpe felhőkarcolókkal, a hatalmas Ontarioval- és ezzel el is ment a délelőtt.Read more

  • Day1

    A tegnapi konszenzus értelmében 9 tagú társaságunk úgy döntött hogy akkor mi Niagara Fallsra helyezzük át a megnyitót, az első napot és a fogadást. Kicsit meg kellett erőszakolnom busybody énemet, de aztán engedtem az erőszaknak 😉 és a kíváncsiságomnak. A hajnali -még mindig jetlages naplózás után- könnyű léptekkel 8-kor irány a jogosan kiadós reggeli, mert ki tudja, hátha éhenhalunk útközben... Kíváncsi vagyok, mit tud ez az agyonlihegett Niagara, bár úgy látom hogy itt nagyon sok egyéb attrakció is van a borkóstolástól a hajózásig és a Niagara múzeumig,stb.Read more

  • Day0

    Precongress nap

    May 11, 2016 in Canada

    Röviden az útról- Amszterdamon át- jövő hónaptól már tudtunk volna direktben is, de egye fene! Minden ok volt a süvítő jeges légkondiktól eltekintve, este 7-kor időre érkezés, majd 25 perc alatt a downtownba vonatoztunk (hipermodern, elegáns), és 10 perc sétával máris a Hiltonba gördültünk (mármint a bőröndök, amik szerencsésen megérkeztek😀).Flott becsekkolás, szokásos nagy halom pénz zárolása a kártyámról ( mire is? Szétzúzom a szobát???minibár üres, prepaid a szoba, reggeli és wifi, tehát max a telo, pornocsatorna és szobaszervíz jöhet szóba).A 15. emeleten lakom, kütyüim tölthetők a lámpákról, nem kell konnektort keresnem, nincs varrókészlet és cipőpucoló -ellentétben a vasalóval- gyönyörű kilátás a felhőkarcolós downtownra esti kivilágításban,minden ok, durmi reggel 5-ig (mini jetlag), folyt.köv.Read more

  • Day2

    Niagara trip

    May 13, 2016 in Canada

    Bár már megint elcsúsztam 1 nappal a riporttal, de a jó hír, hogy ma sikerült túltenni magam a jetlagen és otthoni idő szerint du 1-kor ébredtem! Hát akkor a tegnapról....Reggel dobtam egy hátast, mert amikor a reggelizőben intézkedtem, hogy 9-en vagyunk, tehát tüstént rendezzék át az éttermet, akkor a teremfőnöknő azzal fogadott nagyon kedvesen hogy You are Dr.Küstel, aren't you? Kérdeztem hogy honnan tudja, lehet hogy már Torontóban is ismernek, mint a rossz pénzt😀?igenigenigen bőséges reggeli -persze azért nem különleges- de megbocsátottam a tegnapi cikizés után és felszívtam az egész napos kirándulásra magam kajákkal.Harsogó napsütés, jó idő, 9-kor indulunk a szállodából nagyon közvetlen, DiCapriora hasonlító egyszemélyes sofőr-guide-ovóbácsinkkal, aki úgy végigdumálta az utat, hogy mi sehol se vagyunk hozzá Mackóval😏!Read more

  • Day2

    Niagara trip

    May 13, 2016 in Canada

    Kb másfél óra buszozás után végre meglátjuk a Nagy Ő-t 😎. Már csak azért sem voltak nagy elvárásaim, hogy ellenkezzem, de ez érthető elvileg az őserdő közepén levő Iguacu után. Hát ez valóban más....Első pillantásra csalódás, főleg mert rettenetes szórakoztatóipart telepítettek köré felhőkarcolókkal, óriáskerékkel, kaszinókkal, kilátótoronnyal, stb. Ugyanakkor a csodálatos virágözön, a gyönyörűen gondozott pázsit, bokrok, fák lenyűgözőek! Valóban a kanadai oldalról sokkal szebb és érdekesebb, mint a szemközti USA partról- mázlisták vagyunk! Persze a hab a tortán a hajózás a zuhatag alatt, ahol az ember bőrig ázik esőkabát ide vagy oda (azért az Iphone állta a sarat szerencsére), ilyenkor jön át igazán hogy miről is beszélünk....Read more

  • Day105


    July 18, 2016 in Canada

    Wat een fijne stad! Het deed me een beetje denken aan New York, maar dan met wat minder toeristische attracties. De gebouwen lijken net zo hoog en het is overal druk. Wat er zo leuk is, is gewoon rondlopen door de de verschillende wijken. Het is een heel multiculturele stad en dat merk je wel aan de diversiteit aan restaurantjes, bars en wijken. Wat ik vooral heb gedaan is samen met wat mensen uit het hostel slenteren door Chinatown en Koreatown, het alternatieve Kensington market en de oude distillery die is omgetoverd tot een soort hipsterwijk met cafetjes. En daarna chillen bij het water, waar zelfs een strandje is gemaakt. In het winkelcentrum en op het drukke plein dat een beetje lijkt op Times Square was het altijd levendig. De ene avond was er een gratis concert en de volgende dag was er een openluchtbioscoop. Overal werd je omver gelopen door mensen die Pokemon aan het vangen waren haha. Ook ben ik een dagje naar het eiland geweest, waar je heerlijk op het strand kunt liggen.Read more

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