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  • Day1

    We survived the Maid of the Mist

    August 17, 2017 in Canada

    Welcome to the best friend road trip of Rachel and Amanda! Unfortunately Nick had to stay home on this trip, but Rachel is excited to show you the highlights of our drive through Ontario.

    On our way from Buffalo to Toronto, we stopped at Niagara Falls and had our first experience on the Maid of the Mist. So fun, and totally worth it!

    We are so excited to see some friends in Toronto and then embark on our road trip to Montreal. Stay tuned!Read more

  • Day30

    Day 30 - Buffalo Falls & Wings

    October 7, 2016 in Canada

    Today involved an amazing spectacle and an unexpected disappointment.

    We drove to Buffalo from Cleveland in a journey that saw us hit the 5 000 mile mark and pass through another two states. The weather was hot and it felt like a mid-summer's day. Just outside Buffalo is today's main attraction, Niagara Falls. I had actually seen them before from the Canadian side and it was interesting to see them from the other side. Once we parked up we struggled to find the pathway to the falls, nearly walking up the path to the Canadian border. We decided to go on the Maid of the Mist. We paid for our tickets and then took the elevator down to the docking point. We had just missed the last boat and that meant a wait of about thirty minutes. The person by the entrance assured us we would be the first on and that led to us having a prime spot at the front of the lower deck of the following boat. We were all given bright pink ponchos and as it turned out, we were going to need them where we were standing! As the boat moved off, the American Falls sprayed the left-side of the boat in a fine to heavy mist and a rainbow suddenly appeared sprouting from the pooled water. I looked up to my right at the boundary with Toronto and by the time I looked back to my left another rainbow had appeared above the first one. We were now heading straight into the heart of the semi-circle where the other falls surrounded us. The sound of water crashing increased the further we entered and by now vision was difficult as heavy sprays had turned into a drenching and at eye-level there was a shroud of mist. I managed to look over the front of the boat and noticed numerous waves moving in all directions with nowhere to break. The boat began to pivot and lurch around before leaving the vortex. The thundering sound lessened as we slowly made our way back to the docking point. Alice and I were both soaked and laughing hard. It was an exhilerating experience and the closest you would ever want to comfortably get to these beasts of the natural world.

    We made our way back to the car drying off quickly in the sun and then we headed to our hotel for the night which was in Buffalo. We dropped all our things off and headed straight out to dinner. Yes, it was to have buffalo wings and it was where it all started back in 1964 at The Anchor Bar. The legend says that these tasty morsels came into existence when the the owner of the restaurant russled up a quick snack for her daughter and friends one night with random ingredients to hand. Thereby creating the first batch of buffalo wings. If this place is where it started, all I can say is, others took this idea and improved on it vastly. The medium wings I ordered barely had any sauce on them and the sauce itself was dripping in oil. Alice had the mild and they were worse. We were both certain that they had absolutely no sauce on them whatsoever, they were just chicken wings cooked without seasoning. Poor. On top of that our soft drinks were both flat when they arrived. I never understand why restaurants cheap out on the soft drinks, come on, even putting a can in front of me is better than getting the most out of a two litre bottle. The bar is also one of those places that have the shutters closed leading to the impression of a shifty establishment and where we were seated was opposite a stage with a large bowl on it with piles of dirty plates and dishes. No surprise that this has been our worst eating experience of the trip so far. I'm sticking to random reviews online for future buffalo wings establishments. We will give them a break for now though.

    We went to a local Tim Horton's as we walked back to the hotel so we could at least enjoy a sickly sweet dessert and hot drink. We talked about the amazing sight of the falls and the unpleasant taste of those wings. Highs and lows indeed.

    Song of the Day:
    T.L.C. - Waterfalls
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  • Day12

    Niagara Falls - wirklich ein Highlight!

    September 15, 2017 in Canada

    Die Niagara Fälle liegen auf der Grenze zwischen den USA (Bundesstaat New York) und Kanada (Bundesstaat Ontario). Der Niagara River verbindet die beiden Großen Seen Ontario und Erie Lake miteinander und stürzt hier 57 m in die Tiefe. Der Wasserfall spaltet sich eigentlich in drei Wasserfälle auf, wobei die Horseshoe Falls sicherlich die beeindruckendsten sind. Bedauerlicherweise ist die Gischt hier so heftig, dass der Blick auf den Wasserfall immer ein wenig "misty" ist. Bei sommerlichen Temperaturen von 28 Grad war der Sprühregen allerdings sehr erfrischend!
    Den besten Blick auf die Fälle genießt man übrigens von der kanadischen Seite aus!
    Es sei unbedingt noch erwähnt, dass wir dieses ganz besondere Highlight unserer Weltreise unter sehr günstigen Konditionen erleben durften: Nicht nur, dass hier Mitte September immer noch Sommer ist, nein, unser Besuch hat uns ganze 4 Dollar gekostet und unsere tolle Unterkunft bei Steve in Niagara Foalls war wegen des Kontakts über Ninas Kollegin auch noch sehr günstig und vor allem sehr nett.
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  • Day8

    The Falls (Getting Wet!) & Butterflies?

    September 21, 2017 in Canada

    Jean booked a bus tour that includes the major view points of the Falls. We started with "Journey behind the Falls" which takes one down over 150 feet below the top of the Falls to observation points. The roar of the water as it hits bottom drowns out all conversation. Next stop was down from the Falls to observe "Class 6 rapids". Then a stop in an enclosed tropical environment to view over 2000 butterflies. What a butterfly exhibit has to do with a tour of the Falls, I don't know but it was interesting. Last, was a boat ride to the base of the Falls to get a close (wet) view. Jean was able to get a couple great video clips from the boat. We finished day by walking down to a good viewing point of the Falls when they were illuminated with colored lights.Read more

  • Day7

    Niagara Falls

    June 30, 2016 in Canada

    Kommen wir zum Highlight der bisherigen Reise: die Niagara Falls! Heute begaben wir uns wieder an die kanadische Grenze und die Verbindungsstelle von Ontariosee und Eriesee. Der Höhenunterschied beider Gewässer beträgt ca. 100 Meter = die Niagara Fälle. Der erste Stop war eine wohl sehr berühmte Blumenuhr... naja für uns unspektakulär, wir liefen ein wenig weiter zu einem Kraftwerk und schauten die Schlucht hinunter. Dort hatten wir schon einen ersten, wunderbaren Blick auf das hell-türkise Wasser des Niagara River.

    Nochmal kurz warten mussten wir an einem Hubschrauber Landeplatz, hier buchten einige unserer Mitreisenden einen Rundflug, der aber schon nach 10 Minuten Geschichte war. Am sogenannten "Whirlpool", wie es Tom betitelte hielten wir dann auch nochmal kurz an. Dort ist die Strömung so groß, dass hier Motorboote in mega Geschwindigkeit durchrasen und Touristen belustigen. Auf der Terrasse dort haben wir auch echte Amish gesehen, dazu später mehr :-)

    Und dann endlich: der erste Blick auf die Fälle! Auf kanadischer Seite (die schönere und beeindruckenstere von beiden) heißen die Fälle Horseshoe (Hufeisen). Auf amerikanischer Seite werden sie, welch Wunder, American Falls genannt.

    Bevor wir ins Boot stiegen, das uns ganz nah an die Fälle bringen sollte, fuhren wir zum Mittagessen erstmal auf den Skylon Tower mit mega Blick über die Falls. Noch schnell eine Etage höher auf die Aussichtsplattform und dann ab an den Bootsanleger. Vor unserem Boot "Hornblower" wurden uns dann die typischen knallroten Regencapes verpasst.

    Dann ging es direkt ab in die Gischt, wir wurden gut nass, einen Zweck müssen die Ponchos ja haben. Es war wirklich spektakulär! Einige Mutige begaben sich sogar auf einem klitschigen Wanderweg direkt hinter die Falls.

    Am Abend gingen wir in ein Beer-House, das uns Tom empfohlen hatte. Dort gab es Bier, ja klar, aber welches nehmen? Wir konnten uns nicht entscheiden also nahmen wir 8 Sorten zum durchprobieren. Wir befanden uns jetzt im Ort Niagara Falls, das nachts mit den vielen Lichtern und dem Trubel fast wie ein kleines Las Vegas schien. Später gingen wir nochmal zu den Fällen hinunter, die bunt angestrahlt waren. Ein wunderschönes, 20-minütiges Feuerwerk komplettierte unseren Tag.
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