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  • Day13


    November 1, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    We went to the capital and largest city in Paros, Parikia. City may be a bit of a stretch, though, more like a large town. We walked around the water front, admiring some large sailboats and catamarans and then went up the street to the Church With a Hundred Doors. It is a complex of chapels and a large church. The most impressive part was a chapel built in the 4th century with a Baptistery, a stone immersion tub in the shape of a cross. There was a Byzantine museum as well, with works of art from the 15th century onward. The large church had a women's gallery where you could look down into the main worshipping area. Like other Greek Orthodox churches we have peeked into ( they are usually locked), it had a huge brass chandelier, about 10 feet across, with candles on several levels.
    Just down the street was the Archeological Museum, with statues and artifacts found all over the island.
    We also visited the remains of a Venetian Fort. The Venetians ruled here from the 1300's to the 1500's. All the towns here have narrow alleys to walk through the old town, and Parikia was no different. Some shops were open, but because by this time it was after lunch, most were closed for siesta which generally goes from 1:00 til 5:30. It is also the end of the season, so some are closed until next spring. Parikia is on the opposite side of the island from Drios where we are, so we went there in one direction and returned in the other, completing a circumnavigation of the island.
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  • Day14

    Winery and marble

    November 2, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    On our last day on Paros, there were a few things we wanted to see. One was a winery at Naoussa. Some of the others from here had gone the other day and said it was worthwhile. It was!! The winery has been owned by the same family since the early 1900's and they have on display many presses, and equipment used over the years, as well as pictures taken over some time. You can stroll down the room used for barrel storage and look into the bottle storage areas. We were the only people there, so took our time looking around and then tasted six wines. The fellow working was very well versed on the wines and gave us a rundown on each one answering questions as we went. Their grapes are grown in their own vineyards and across the island. One type of grape is grown only up in the mountainous areas and is still brought down by donkeys as there are no roads to use. It was a very interesting visit.
    We went to the waterfront in Naoussa for lunch at an outdoor cafe and took a stroll down the dock area after, spotting an octopus on a rail, drying in the sun. Calamari for supper?
    Another place we had heard about, in the centre of the island, was the ancient marble quarry. The marble from here was highly prized for its colour and purity. The big claim to fame for it was the marble for the Venus de Milo came from here. It was used, of course, for many temples and important buildings over 3000 years ago. There is not much left to identify the old quarries, except pieces of rough marble lying about. It has all grown up with bushes. There did seem to be active quarry a small distance away, but we were not allowed in there.
    One thing I had been trying to get a picture of, was the terracing up in the mountains. Rock walls were built on the side hills to make small patches of farmland. Stamos told us that some of these walls are 1000 years old. These terraces go up from steep, twisting roads where it is difficult to stop and take a picture. This was the best I could do, but doesn't do it justice. I have picked a few stones in my day, and would not want to be building these walls!
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  • Day10

    Paros (we made it)

    October 1, 2017 in Greece ⋅

    With the winds still howling and choppy seas we made it to Paros at close to 11pm. After spending a huge portion of the day waiting around we were utterly exhausted. Thankfully we had prearranged transport to the hotel because this island is far more difficult to navigate than Mykonos or Santorini.

    A short 20 minute drive and we arrived at our hotel in the town of Naousa, check in was fast and we were in bed quickly. That's when we my stomach started to churn. It felt like I was back on the ferry as my stomach rolled again and again. I really want to sleep instead I am seasick on land. Bugger, not fair.

    Hopefully this passes soon.
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  • Day11


    October 2, 2017 in Greece ⋅

    Today started with a rather expensive cab ride to Pounta as we missed the morning bus and did not wish to wait two hours for the next. Our cab driver, George took advantage of the road (or maybe just ignored the speed limit). Regardless we were flying along at speeds of about 140km/h which paid off when we made the ferry with seconds to spare. My Greek is poor, but I have a suspicion that good old George called the ferry operator and told him we are on route. Either way making the ferry saved us an hour of waiting.

    We took the ferry across to nearby Antiparos. On arrival we attempted to hire a quad bike. No success, unfortunately they would not rent us a quad bike as we had no experience and it was very dangerous. I think this wouldn't of been an issue if we weren't female. A male hired one shortly after us and it was pretty obvious he did not know how to drive a quad. With no other bike hire shops open we were stuck with a bus to the Grotte.

    The Grotte or Cave of Antiparos is located on the south eastern side of the island, roughly 110 metres above sea level. This cave is believed to be one of the oldest caves in Greece. The entrance to cave is an arch, whch at a guess is about 10 metres high and 20 metres wide. The arch is framed by a small church aptly named St John of the Cave. Slightly inside the mouth for the arch you find a mammoth stalagmite, which is believed approximately 45 million years old and the oldest in Europe.

    We then descended into the cave, 411 steps to be exact. The cavern revealed was large and deep, in excess of 100 metres. The cavern had been vandalised with many stalactites being removed and names engraved in the limestone. Overall, despite the damage it was worth a visit just to see the sheer grandness of the cave.

    Next, we headed back into town and treated ourselves to some relax time. The local spa, Flora offered some great spa packages. Nicole went for chocolate and I algae/seaweed. We were lathered in our chosen product and them wrapped in a electronic blanket. Eventually, once we were good and sweaty it was rinse time. The package finished with a full body massage. We left smelling delicious (Nic more so than me), feeling refreshed and with soft supple skin.
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  • Day11


    October 2, 2017 in Greece ⋅

    After catching the local bus back to Naousa (a much cheaper option than the morning's cab), we set off in search of a seafood restaurant in the town square. We never found it. Instead we found Yenleni, an amazing wine bar.

    The food was fabulous. We started with delicious bread and dips. Both were clearly made on site. The olive dip in particular was fabulous. Next was entré, we shared a slow cooked chickpea dish. The highlight of the night; the flavours and textures just perfect. Our waiter later told us the chickpeas are slow cooked overnight which is why they are so flavoursome. We had veal pasta for main and the meat was tender and juicy.

    As it was a wine bar it would be lapse of me not to talk about the wine. Their wine list by both the bottle and glass was extensive (and I don't think I saw the entire list). It mostly focused on Greek wines and had wines to suit most budgets. Nicole chose a light refreshing white. I settled on a red from the north which had a similar palate to a Cab Sav after trying a number of Merlots that weren't quite to my liking.

    The service in general was great, but the sommelier's attentiveness was a cut above the rest. He successfully combined our preferences and his knowledge to find us the best matched wine for our food.

    Feeling sated, we were just about to request the bill when our waiter brought us a small slice of chocolate cake. It was so moist. The flavours Delicious. All ready full we made room for it. The sommelier brought us a digestive, which I pretty confident was home brewed port, made by his mother in law. It was delicious and sweet and the perfect way to finish the night.

    If you ever visit Paros this place is a must.
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  • Day511

    Paros south Aliki

    September 8, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We were just looking for somewhere to go for a night before returning North to the Marina at Naxos town, to secure boat in Marina, as we had booked a ferry to Santorini for Monday, like I mentioned the next Meltemi is due beginning of the week and is forecast for gusts 35+ and as the forecast has until now been approx 10 knots less than our wind speed indicator has shown we decided not to risk heading south ourselves as the return North would have been horrendous. Aliki was surprisingly pleasant and sheltered from the afternoon breeze, in the evening we took dinghy to tiny harbour when we went ashore. This is first place we have seen octopi 🐙 hung up outside restaurants and also large cray fish in tanks.Read more

  • Day554

    Trip to Paros

    October 21, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We haven’t been in touch as data credit low so only posting when in cafes! Well the forecast for leaving Patmos was good and so was the trip initially but once we left the extensive shelter of the island it was yet again very folly. The wind should have been behind us but the waves were beam on, not great. We arrived in Levitha early afternoon, this is the same island we used on our way East but we arrived in the dark and had to leave early the next day to avoid a storm. We were the first yacht to arrive and chose our bobber, later on there were 10 other yachts on moorings, as per pilot book, local guy came out to collect mooring fees and ask if we would be eating at his taverna. We weren’t sure there had been was very good and very bad reports on captains mate forum. We took a walk on the island and ended up at the ‘taverna’ the guys house. He farms goats and sheep and makes associated products as well as a market garden for taverna and growing crop for sheep to eat, it all looked really nice so after a chat about life on the island, while we waited for other yachties to arrive, we stopped for Greek salad and lamb stew it was delicious. The island has been in his family for 8 generations and although a hard life he enjoys it only issue is that now kids are school age they and mother live off island during term time, but on the island are the guys parents and his brother as well as randomly 2 Pakistani workers (well that’s where they said they were from!).
    From Levitha to a bay on the North coast of Amorgos in the lea of a large uninhabited island, and yes it was very sheltered, crossing better as I could see our goal so could steer for a lot of journey. The channel between the islands southern tip and the mainland was a bit shallow 8foot at one point. It was a shame it was overcast here, it looked like it might rain, as I think in the sunshine it would be stunning turquoise water golden sand going to sleep to the gentle sound of goats bells.
    Next day we moved on again this time we headed back towards Schinoussa we were going to go to Iraklia but pilot book said not very sheltered in forecast wind direction. Schinoussa was a lot quieter than last time as lots of cafes and restaurants were closed but still a lovely place. We took a longish walk and acquired a dog, we tried to visit the southern most headland on foot but it appears private. While at the restaurant a pickup truck party arrived, like a bus party only more suited to island roads. While eating John counted 11 cats, they were being occasionally moved on by a very ugly bull dog but the cats were winning.
    Onwards again still west this time towards the south coast of Paros, once in the lea it was a nice trip we went all the way across the south coast and headed up the West passing between Paros and Antiparos depth not a lot, in places less than 15foot with rocks wrecks and sailing dinghies to avoid and it was misty so we couldn’t make out the far transit mark but we got through and are now in the capital of Paros anchored up as no room in small marina.
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  • Day554


    October 21, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We are here for two nights as again forecast not great and then we plan on heading towards Sifnos then Serifos as we head back towards the mainland. I took a gentle jog this morning and we are now wandering the streets of the old town or ‘ancient settlement’ as it is labelled on the street signs. It is picturesque as is usual for Greece there are a lot of churches winding alleys white buildings and bougainvillea, though not many flowers left on some of it. Will post this for now but may add to it later.Read more

  • Day9

    Ah, Greece!

    October 28, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We had along day of travel on Friday. First the 2 1/2 hour drive to Bordeaux, then a train to Paris, but there weren't any in our time frame going to the airport, so we took the Metro to another station, then a train to the airport. Then we flew to Athens, getting into our hotel at about 1 am.
    The next day was relaxing, with just a flight over to Paros to the smallest airport ever, where we had a car rented to drive to our timeshare at the village of Drios. It will be very comfortable for the next week. Breakfast out on the patio of our unit this morning was great, Bougainvillea blooming over our heads. We went to the town of Lefkes, looking for a larger grocery store, and came upon a small parade celebrating the liberation of the island in WWII. It is a gorgeous old town, but we did not have cameras with us, so will have to go back. Nice Greek lunch there and back for a walk around our own village and down to the beach. Tonight... A Greek cooking lesson!!Read more

  • Day10

    Cooking class and Naoussa

    October 29, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Cooking class last night was a blast. The group helped with some of it and watched Maria do the rest. We had Scampi with tomatoes and feta, Pumpkin soup, Vegetable towers with tzatziki sauce, Moussaka, and Baclava. Everyone did some of the Baclava, and some other things. It was a fun group of Americans, Germans and us. The food was wonderful and the wine flowed freely. Maria has the perfect personality for being a teaching chef.
    Today we went to the town of Naoussa which has a port with lots of fishing boats, an old town and a ramshackle Venetian fortress. The island was under Venetian rule from 1204-1537. We had lunch down by the harbour, but noticed that many restaurants and businesses were closed for the season. With this wonderful weather, they may be wishing they had stayed open a little longer.
    We ran into two other couples from cooking night during the day. I guess it is a small island! Tonight we are going to a Greek dinner at the resort with music and dance. I hope Dave doesn't get into plate smashing. Our damage deposit could be eaten up quickly.
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