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  • Day8

    Aqaba - Jordanien

    December 12, 2017 in Jordan

    Guten Morgen aus Aqaba!

    Wir haben bereits früh am Morgen in Jordanien angelegt. Vom Schiff können wir hier vier Länder sehen: Die Hafenstädte Aqaba in Jordanien und Ilat in Israel. Zusätzlich die unbesiedelten Küsten von Ägypten und Saudi-Arabien.

  • Day3

    Aqaba, Jordanien

    October 24 in Jordan

    ...ein langer Tag, der mit einem leckeren Fischessen im Hafen von Aqaba endet....

    Akaba (auch Aqaba, arabisch العقبة, DMG al-ʿAqaba ‚steiler Anstieg‘, lokale Aussprache el-ʿAgabe) ist eine Stadt in Jordanien mit 80.059 Einwohnern (Volkszählung 2004). Sie ist ein Seehafen am Golf von Akaba (auch Golf von Eilat), einem Seitenarm des Roten Meeres.
    Akaba ist der einzige Seehafen Jordaniens. Haupteinnahmequellen sind der Tourismus und der Export von Phosphatdünger. Akaba ist auch der einzige jordanische Tauchort am Roten Meer. Bereits unter König Hussein I.wurde in den 1990er Jahren ein Teil der Korallenriffe unter Naturschutz gestellt und weitere künstliche Riffe geschaffen. Trotzdem sind die Korallenriffe weiter in Gefahr.
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  • Day29

    Warm welcome in Jordan

    December 11, 2016 in Jordan

    Entirelly different - and really nice! When was the last time a stranger welcomed you to his country on the street?
    That happened to me twice, within 2 hours!

    Another interesting an great thing is the coffee: Brewed in a small pot in the middle of a bowl with hot sand - and very tasty!

  • Day124

    Aqaba, Jordan

    April 17 in Jordan

    We spent the day docked at the Southern Jordanian port of Aqaba. The Old Testament refers to this place as the land of Midian. Among its claims to fame are the tombs of Moses, on Mount Nebo, and that of his brother Aaron. We also got to see the Wadi al Run (Valley of the Moon). It was here that Lawrence of Arabia mounted his successful capture of Aqaba in World War I.

    The high point of our trip today, however, was the ancient Nabatean city of Petra (meaning “rock”), the name the Romans gave it when they discovered that it was a city carved out of very living rock. This Nabataean city reached its zenith in the third century BC., with about 35,000 inhabitants. Like the temple we visited in India, nothing in Petra is brought into a structure or assembled within it. Everything is carved out of a sandstone cliff side.

    As we were driving back to the ship this afternoon, the sun was about to set on the western face of these Jordanian mountains. The long, red, afternoon rays of the setting sun warmed these jagged sandstone hills to a rich, rose color. I believe I have never seen a sight any more beautiful. I think it is safe to say that as far as natural beauty is concerned, Jordan may be the most beautiful country in the world.

    On the way back to the ship the Viking crew was kind enough to arrange a little Bedouin party for us. We stopped at an overlook from which we could see the entire Jordan River Valley. General Manager Sujith Mohan, and Restaurant Manager Dejan Gami entertained us in their best Bedouin garb, complete with kaffiyeh.
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  • Day60

    ein Abend in Akaba-Jordanien

    April 1, 2017 in Jordan

    Unser letzter Hafen vor Mallorca.. nach 5 Seetagen heißt das nochmal fester Boden unter den Füßen und genießen. Da ich am nächsten Tag IPM hatte ( darf nicht vom Schiff ) und nicht mit zum Crew Ausflug nach Petra (gehört zu den 7Weltwundern ) konnte :(
    Erst recht!! Wir hatten so einen tollen Abend.. tolle Sachen gekauft und typisches Jordanisches essen und Gebäck gegessen - haben Land und Leute kennen gelernt so wie ich das liebe :) ich kann nur sagen - so nette und hilfsbereite Menschen habe ich selten kennen gelernt :)
    auch krass war dass man von Akaba aus nach Israel schauen kann - garnicht weit entfernt.. tolle Erfahrung toller Tag...auf viele weitere und bis bald .. denk viel an Zuhause und meine Lieben :)
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  • Day13

    Aqaba Jordan

    May 2 in Jordan

    Today we docked at Aqaba in Jordan, this must be my fifth visit to the port and I've still not done the trip to Petra. Two main reasons are firstly the price its so bloody expensive from the ship. And secondly if you do it privately it's a 2.5 hour drive each way, so if you have any delays then you could miss the ship. 20 years ago that wouldn't have bothered me, but nowadays I'm a bit more cautious, lol. OK, OK, it's mainly the price.
    Anyway I had a walk around the town, with Nic, Joe, and John & Mable. And as none of them had ever been inside a mosque, we decided to have a around the nearest mosque to the bus station, which is the Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque.
    As we entered the grounds of the mosque, there where a couple of guys, who were sort of security, they were very polite and helpful, they gave the women some cover up garments. It is quite a nice mosque, and the locals were friendly, when we got in side the building our Joe ran about a bit and I was trying to stop him, when a guy doing some repairs to the mosque smiled and signaled to me that Joe was fine and doing no harm.
    After we came out of the mosque John & Mable went back to the ship as the heat was a bit to much for them. Nic Joe and I set off to find the ruins of the old town which are quite interesting.
    That was after a quick stop at Macdonalds to get a cold drink and to feed Joe. We were lucky in Mackie Ds, as we only had English money 💷 which they didn't take. But a very nice Scottish bloke standing at the counter said to order what we wanted and he'd lend us the money, till we got back to the ship.
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  • Day9

    Aquaba Jordan

    May 15, 2013 in Jordan

    Well I didn't do Petra again.
    This is my third visit to Aqaba to Jordan and I would like to see Petra, but I refuse to pay the exorbitant entrance fees.
    According to the Jordan website it used to be about £5 to get in to the site, now they are charging over £50 which in my opinion is a rip off.
    Plus it's a two hour taxi ride to get there, so it's going to be one of the things that stays on my bucket list lol.
    Instead I took the shuttle bus to the town with Ken, Denise & Nigel and Freda.
    We went to Macdonalds for a coffee and some free wifi.
    We then had a walk around a small archaeological site which is the site of the original town of Aqaba and dates back to 630 ad.
    We made our way back to the shuttle, except for Nigel and Freda who went to find a taxi to see some of the town.
    When we got back to the ship we headed for the solarium and a well deserved rest on the sun beds lol.
    Later on Karl from the Beatles Celebration came past and we had a chat, well I say a chat it was more of a listen as he can talk for England lol.
    He's a great guy and the Beatles show be puts on is superb.
    Later on he once again blagged his way into the diamond lounge for a free drinks evening with us, lol.
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  • Day70


    May 8, 2012 in Jordan

    I got on the shuttle to Aqaba with Jean (Sheila stayed on board as usual) we were planning to have a look around the town.
    We'd decided against going to Petra as the price was over the top and it was a long trip.
    So a visit to see Aqaba was what we had decided on, anyway as soon as we got off the shuttle I realised I'd been here before.
    All these places we visit seem to merge in to
    Aqaba was a big contrast to Alexandria, it was very clean with lots of shops, cafes and hotels, some of which were beautiful and expensive looking, with guards on the entrance gates etc.
    We only stopped in town for about an hour as the heat was amazing it was in the high 90s farenheight.

    Last night in the diamond lounge was good, the company must number over twenty people and no one sits in the same place each night so you get to speak to different people each night.
    Last night Egbert the German pilot and Mazen my Jordanian friend, sorted out the Middle East problem and the world economy....
    We've decided that if all the governments of the world meet in the diamond lounge on any RCCL ship and have a few free drinks, all the worlds problems could be sorted thats the theory anyway.
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