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Arthur's Pass

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  • Day17

    From West to East

    April 22, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Spent some beautiful moments early in the morning at the beach with a fantastic view to Mt. Cook (highest mountain in NZL).
    Afterwards we hit the road to visit a Kiwi center in Hokitika which is a little town just south of Greymouth. At noon long discussions about where to go. My favorite to take a 5 hours drive down south to Wanaka did not meet thumb-up level with the others. So we drove over Arthur‘s pass to Waipara just north of Christchurch on the east cost. In the end we spent even a bit more than 5 hours in the car by that option... Spent the night in a small camp out in the „pampa“. The owner must be a railway fan. He has setup the whole camp with some railway relicts. Met a German singer and songwriter at BBQ and an English couple who shared some wine with us.Read more

  • Day81

    Arthurs Pass

    January 19, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Heute Morgen schauten alle ganz gespannt aus der Hütte, aber natürlich war kein Kiwi zu sehen. Nachts hatte ich aber zumindest den Ruf eines Weibchens gehört. Der Mensch in der i-sight am Arthurs Pass bestätigte, dass dort mehrere Kiwis leben...

    Heute waren alle gegen 7h fertig und Michael, Ralph und ich liefen gleichzeitig los. Ich hatte heute Nacht meinen Plan geändert und wollte nach 15km nach Arthurs Pass trampen (20km}. Eigentlich geht der Weg zu Fuss über den Goat Pass, aber meine Schuhe haben überhaupt keinen Grip und Halt mehr und die beschriebene Kletterpartie erschien mir doch zu riskant...

    Der Weg folgte weiter dem Fluss, war aber nicht oder nur sehr minimalistisch markiert. Wir waren nur am Suchen und Flussqueren. Bei den Aussentemperaturen war es aber eher angenehm, wenn Füsse und Beine nass wurden. Zweimal ging mir das Wasser bis zu den Shorts...

    Als ich die Straße erreichte, hielt erstmal wieder keiner an. Gegenüber war ein Parkplatz, von dem ein junger Mann Richtung Brücke lief. Er fragte, wo ich hinwollte und brachte mich dann zu seiner Frau (mit 3 Kindern), die das gleiche Ziel hatte. Perfekt! Zwischendurch hielten wir an 2 Aussichtspunkten, an einem sogar mit einem Kea. (Keas sind grüne, freche Papageien, die Gummi mögen.
    Leider sind sie vom Aussterben bedroht).

    Um 12.30h war ich am Sanctuary, wo Bill mein Päckchen mit neuen Schuhen und ein paar Backcountry Meals für mich gelagert hatte. Ich bezog ein lustiges kleines Haus in der Tonne mit einem Bett und super Ausblick 😂

    Ralph und Clara sind auch hier, wir gehen gleich zusammen Abendbrot essen.
    Morgen geht's weiter...
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  • Day122

    Arthur‘s Pass

    February 23, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Die Anfahrt zum Arthur’s Pass war regnerisch und kalt. Der Arthur‘s Pass ist mit seinen 920 Metern der höchste der Südinsel Neuseelands. Vom Parkplatz führte uns ein kurzer Spaziergang zur Aussichtsplattform der Devil‘s Punchbowl Waterfalls. Da das Wetter in den Bergen wieder kälter ist, waren wir sehr froh um unser Heizöfeli.
    Sonntag, 04:15 Uhr, Zeit zum aufstehen und raus in die Kälte. Da der Leer-/Neumond bevorsteht und die Milchstrasse hervorkam, sind die Sterne besonders gut sichtbar. Nachdem Marco sehr coole Aufnahmen gemacht hatte, schlüpften wir nochmals unter die warme Decke und schliefen wieder ein. Der blaue Himmel rief nach einer Wanderung und so machten wir uns auf zum Scott’s Track, welcher zum Avalanche Peak führt. Für uns gings jedoch nur bis zur Baumgrenze. Der Weg war steinig und oftmals auch sehr steil. Über der Baumgrenze konnten wir die Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfalls, welche sich auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite befinden, betrachten.
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  • Day16

    Arthurs Pass

    February 23, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Die Umleitung und das schöne Wetter hat uns auf den Arthurs Pass verschlagen. Bevor wir wieder ganz an die Küste fahren haben wir noch einmal im Hochgebirge eingechecked. Dort haben wir dann auch endlich die ersten Bergpapageien gesehen. Ein Anblick wie bei Hitchkoks "Die Vögel", wenn diese Tiere sich an einem Auto vergnügen. Morgen geht's weiter nach Westport2😎😉Read more

  • Day11

    The Beginning of The End

    July 11, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 4 °C

    Today we woke with our cosy van situated on beautiful Lake Mapourika, 10 minutes north of Franz Josef Glacier township. We ate our Nutri Grain, drank coffee and mosied on down to the waters edge in the drizzling rain. We said good morning to some other campers who’d been fishing with what seemed like no luck, packed up our van and hit the road with James, Jess and Hudsy on our tail. We cruised the 10 minutes back into town for a nice coffee and a bit of wifi so we could upload our blog posts from the last couple of days.

    From there we once again hit the road going north, continuing up the west coast. We drove for a good hour before turning off down a little side road that supposedly led to some natural hot springs. But as the the road turned to dirt, then loose gravel, then simply just large pot holes filled with water, our hope of relaxing in some delightful hot pools quickly diminished. Soon the road came to a complete dead end save for a small walking trail teat led on. I jumped out of the van and went to investigate, only to be greeted by large rocks and a rushing river instead of the supposed soft sand and warm gentle stream. Clearly the last few days of rain have had a huge impact on New Zealand’s rivers. So with the hot springs crossed off our list but not achieved, we tracked back along the goat trail and back onto the main road. We pointed our noses at the small gold mining town of Ross.

    Ross was supposedly the largest gold mining town on the West Coast. We spent a little bit of time here, admiring the very well kept miners cottage and tiny old gaol. Something they do very well over he is maintain so much of their history. There were hundreds of old photographs, instruments and things of just day to day living from back then. It really takes you back to that time when you can walk into an entire cottage fitted out as it would have been back then Complete with an old stove, a dining room and even annelid piano. Quite amazing. We explored the history of the town a little before pressing on the a much larger town, Hokitika.

    Hokitika is one of the larger towns on the west coast. We stopped here for lunch and explored the many different shops on offer. IN particular they had a fantastic glass blowing shop where you could watch the glass benders creating their world of art. It was so mesmerising to watch the piping hot, glowing glass turn into something incredible in their hands. Jo confessed to frequently watching youtube clips on glass blowing, turns out she's got a hidden admiration for the art. We could have stood there and watched them all day, but we had to keep moving. We stopped in at a large jade shop where once again you could watch the masons carve the beautiful green stones into incredible works of art. We admired an incredible 1.5 tonne, $200,000 jade lounge before heading out of town, stopping to pump and dump as we went.

    From there we continue our journey north and then west toward Arthurs Pass. With Jo at the helm I was completely free to admire the amazing scenery as we started heading up into Arthur's Pass. As we drove the mountains seemed to close in on us as the valley got tighter. The road got steeper and the temperature got lower as we climbed ever higher up into the snow capped mountains. We drove along sheer cliffs with waterfalls going over our heads. The gorge below us roared with the recent rainfall converging as it found it's way down he mountain.

    We pulled into a small lookout that looked back down the gorge we'd just climbed. It was beautiful but here we also found the infamous Kea birds, the parrots of the mountain. These birds were pretty large parrot looking birds with sharp curved beaks. They are renowned for nibbling on the rubber tires of cars and sure enough as soon as we pulled up they were looking for their next fix of rubber. Our tires thankfully were not on the menu as one bird instead opted for the rubber seal on our van door before being chases away. We chatted to a friendly local for a while before heading on through Arthur's Pass. We arrived at our final freedom campsite 15 minutes later and set up camp as the rain set in. The weather forecast says fresh snow through the night so we're hoping we'll be waking to a winter wonderland tomorrow but we'll see what happens.

    It was burritos for our final dinner in the vans tonight followed by a quick trip back into reception to upload our blogs and catch up on the daily instagram feed ☺️

    We're sad to be saying goodbye to our Wilderness motorhomes tomorrow afternoon. It's been an incredible experience and the best way to see as much of the sights as possible. We highly recommend Wilderness to anyone planning a road trip around New Zealand, they've been a treat! We just wish we had longer! 😩

    Looking forward to catching up with Luke & Nay for the coming weekend though. I'm sure they've got lots more to show us.
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  • Day25

    Hiking in the rain, train in the sun

    February 21, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Another day waking up early (6:45 am)... At 8:30 am I took a shuttle van to Arthur's Pass, a place in the mountain - a National Park in fact - supposed to have beautiful hiking trails as well as a good likelihood to see keas. Well, to be honest, the keas were the main reason why I wanted to go there. Unfortunately, I had chosen the most rainy day of the week. The closer the van got to the mountains the worse got the weather. Just before Arthur's Pass the rain started. Well, I was prepared for that, but, obviously, it was not very nice either. It really rained cats and dogs. Anyway, I wanted to go at least for some shorter hike and decided to take the trail up to the Devils Punchbowl Waterfall. In the beginning, I had to pass some kind of little stream, what normally should not be a problem at all, but it was filling up because of the rain. The way up to the waterfall is nice, but steep though. The forest was very different to those I had been to the last weeks, more similar to Europe, almost no ferns, way more mosses instead. Honestly, due to the rain it was not so much fun as it could be in better weather, however, I kind of enjoyed it. Because of the rain I could not take many photos either. Anyway, I went up to the waterfall and down again. Since the trail was a bit steep at some places the rain was already about turning the trail into small streams. It was definetely time to go down again. The stream from the beginning had filled up, almost no chance to get back with dry feet. Back in the village, I spent some two hours in a café. It just did not make sense to get more wet. At about 3 pm the rain stopped and the beautiful mountains got visible. I had about one hour to stroll a bit around the village and to enjoy the landscape. Well, wasn't their another reason, I wanted to go Arthur's Pass? Do you remember? Of course, the keas. In terms of this, I was not lucky🙁I did not spot any; only the bronze one at the kea kiosk🙃 I hope, to get at least one more chance to see keas. Just after 4 pm the Tranz Alpine train arrived to Arthur's Pass. I went back to Christchurch on that train. It is a pure tourist train, but it was quite something. In the good weather now, the views from the train were gorgeous and by the provided headphones you could get a lot of interesting information about the areas we passed through. Even though much rain and no keas another nice day in New Zealand😀Read more

  • Day74

    Arthurs Pass

    December 29, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    In der Früh sind wir gleich zu unserer Wanderung aufgebrochen. Wir haben den Baeleys Spur Track gemacht, der uns über Stock und Stein zu einem wunderschönen Aussichtspunkt geführt hat. Von dort hatten wir einen 360 Grad Blick über den Arthurs Pass. Danach haben wir einen Kaffee getrunken und hatten Besuch von einem Kea, einem Alpenpapagei, der anderen Gästen ein ganzes Sandwich geklaut hat!
    Dann ging es weiter nach Osten durch die tolle Berglandschaft. Die Beine haben wir uns an den faszinierenden Steinformationen von Castle Hill vertreten.
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  • Day137

    Arthur's Pass, Neuseeland

    January 11, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Die Straße führt uns durch die steile Berglandschaft bis zu einem Informationscenter. Von dort aus fahren wir auf einen Parkplatz um uns unseren Weg zum Devils Punchbowl Waterfall zu bahnen. Stufen werden erklommen und wieder hinab gelaufen. Der erste Wasserfall den ich in Neuseeland zu Gesicht bekomme.
    Wir beschließen einen steilen Abhang zu erklimmen, der nur für erfahrene Wanderer ausgewiesen ist. Obwohl es anstrengend ist, lohnt sich die Aussicht, die sich uns dann bietet. Nur Lotte kann diese nicht genießen. Wir mussten sie auf halber Strecke wieder nach unten geleiten, da die Höhenangst doch gesiegt hat.
    Noch weiter oben entdecken wir eine kleine Höhle, die ins Nirgendwo fühlt. Der Abstieg wird mit Fragen über Weltreligionen und Ethik spannender gestaltet.
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  • Feb26

    Devils Punchbowl Falls

    February 26 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Close to Arthur's Pass Village are the Devils Punchbowl Waterfalls. It was an easy hike to see these amazing falls.

  • Day29

    Arthur's Pass

    February 13, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Heute habe ich die neuen Wanderschuhe gleich ausprobiert und für gut befunden! Wir haben am Arthur's Pass zwei Wanderungen gemacht. Die erste ging zum Devils Punchbowl Waterfall. Der Aussichtspunkt war ganz cool, reichte uns aber nicht. Also sind wir noch etwas weiter hoch geklettert. Hier war die Aussicht genial und keine weitere Menschenseele. Die zweite Wanderung verlief am Berg entlang, wo wir noch weitere kleine Wasserfälle entdeckten. Im Anschluss fuhren wir an die Westküste zu unserem Campingplatz bei den Pancake Rocks, welche wir uns morgen anschauen werden. Der Campingplatz Punakaiki Beach Camp liegt direkt am Strand und hier ist wohl eine Veranstaltung mit super vielen Cross Motorrädern. Daher wurde gerade am Strand Musik gespielt und hier ist richtig was los. Mal sehen, was der Abend noch so bringt. Wir genießen unser Leben jetzt mit einem Somersby beim Sonnenuntergang direkt am Strand.Read more

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