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  • Day170

    Finally back home!! :)

    March 14, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Nach einem 3-stündigem Flug sind wir endlich in Neuseeland angekommen! Nachdem unser Gepäck abgeholt hatten und gut durch die Kontrolle gekommen sind, gings dann direkt zu jucy rentals, um unser Auto für die 5 Wochen hier abzuholen. Dann fuhren wir, nach einem kurzen Stop bei einem Supermarkt, direkt zu meiner Gastfamilie nach Ruakaka.
    Ca. um halb 9 kamen wir dann dort an und wurden super herzlich begrüßt. Es war so schön wieder hier zu sein und di alle wieder zu sehen! Ich hab mich gleich wieder wie zu Hause gefühlt!!
    Aufgrund des Wetters konnten wir die ersten Tage leider nicht so viel machen....
    Am Freitagabend gingen wir dann mit allen Essen und trafen dort auch Granny und Papa(Ginas (meine Gastmutter) Eltern). War super schön die beiden wieder zu sehen!!!
    Den nächsten Tag gingen wir dann Papas Einladung nach, ihm bei der Arbeit zu besuchen und eine kleine Spritztour  im Ford Mustang mit ihm zu machen. Danach gings dann weiter nach Whangarei, wo wir dann am Hafen entlang bummelten und ein wenig shoppen gingen.
    Am Sonntag wollten wir dann eigentlich mit Papa und Gina angeln gehen, was allerdings wiedermal aufgrund des Wetters ausfallen musste...also gingen wir dann mit Annaree ( eine sehr gute Schulfreundin von mir aus Neuseeland) und ihrem Freund Rikkie Bowlen und chillten danach noch in einem Café.
    Montag machten wir einen kleinen Ausflug zur Waipu Cove und planten den restlichen Tag unsere weitere Reise.
    Heute gings dann mit ausgeliehenem Zelt, Schlafsäcken, Campingstühlen und einer neu gekauften isomatte los nach Paihia.
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  • Day36

    First day exploring in our Camper

    October 21, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    We woke up in the morning and had our Pb&J sandwiches (we also tried tea but our water carrier seems to just taint everything with a plastic taste :( safe to say we will be gettinf rid of that!) before heading to the beach for a stroll. The beach is lively and long and at the moment practically untouched. The long sand dune with lovely green grasses and bright purple flowers was a beautiful border to the sandy beach and the very small waves. We had a little paddle and discovered it was freezing before seeing some rain heading our way and hurrying back to the camper.

    We soon set off for the days adventure after reorganising our storage for easier access come evening! We went to the Waipu museum first and learnt about how some Scots settled in the town of Waipu and colonised it to the point that they hold Highland games here every new years day. It was quite interesting to hear how they struggled from Scotland to Nova Scotia and from here to New Zealand after years of famine, all led by one Pastor, Norman Mcleod. The museum was a little repetitive in its tale of the colonisation and it was a shame that they had such a large collection of items and not enough to be said about them. Still... We learnt something new!

    After the museum we decided to hi and have an adventure in the Waipu Caves. My navigating skills are somewhat shoddy so we ended up driving the wrong way at first but we got there eventually. The views in the way were once again amazing, they reminded us of English countryside but with the odd tropical tree or plant thrown in there.
    The Caves are open to the public with no office, fee or guide which meant you could explore as much as you wanted 😁 We had our torches ready and I was glad to have a head torch to light the way....until the flies attacked my face again 😑 they even live in the caves!
    The cave itself was huge and had lots of stalactites and a small stream running through. We had heard there were glow worms here too so we were eager to clamber through the caves to the deeper and darker chambers to see them. We had to walk through the stream and over a rock fall which was my unsturdy legs didn't enjoy the whole time. The view was so worth it though, with the lights on a beautiful chamber of smooth rock, worn by the water over the years. The ceiling was so high and still full of stalactites and the size of the chamber was huge. We climbed up a few more rocks and then turned off the lights. Now we got to look up at what might as well have been a night sky. It was full of green glow worms and they shone like little stars, scattered and grouped so they looked a little like constellations in the ceiling. It was so beautiful and I didn't really want to turn the touch back on. We couldn't stand there all day though so after a fee more minutes of gazing at the glowing green dots we headed back out again. At the exit we could see swifts taking advantage of the insects in the cave and across the fields just outside, speedy little arrows darting past us.

    We set off now for a free nights stay we had found online that was right at the end of a peninsula. It was just a car park with toilets but it was free and that is all we need! 🤗

    The drive to this site was amazing!! It was like Jurassic Park meets rolling English Farmland. Ridges and small mountains of thick green tropical forest were seen right next to grassy rolling fields with sheep and cattle grazing. It is so bizarre! The fields here also seem to be more for grazing rather than crop and so the green is overwhelming. There is also very little traffic and the roads are mostly gravelly and winding which is pretty fun 🤗
    We saw so many birds of prey too and one we even scared off the road with its catch! It flew right alongside us just behind the trees that came up on our left from the steep drop beside us. It was awesome to watch until it eventually disappeared. We also almost killed hundreds of birds when we came across a whole swarm of them on the road. They were very small and flew up all at once on a big cloud right I front of us. Fortunately Rob slowed quickly enough and we were jot responsible for any small bird deaths today.

    One of the most stunning parts of the drive was along the peninsula. The road took us right beside the high tide line and although the tide was not fully in, the view was amazing and the sea looked turquoise! There were areas of wetland type ground and then all you could see was the meandering coast, lots of sandy bays and little islands out to sea. So picturesque!

    Eventually we arrived at Uruqharts Bay car park at Bream Head and we parked up ready for the evening. We had made sure to get there for around 5 this time so we could cook before the sunset and the bugs! There was another huge RV there too and then a couple more like us with little family car Camper conversions. In fact the people next to us just had a big car and we saw them start to set up for cooking we realised they may actually be sleeping in it. They just slept on their seats which I can't understand as it just cannot be all that comfy 🤔 their sinner smelt good though, Asian cooks with lovely Asian smelling food! We were a little bit jealous after our rice and chicken soup. It was a bit liquidy and was more like rice ramen in that sense. It tasted good though and the beans filled it out, plus we got to eat it at a picnic bench on the beach with a pretty stunning view and the sound of the waves.
    After searching for pretty shells and tidying away we then watched our neighbours cook in the fading light whilst eating pineapple and feeling quite smug from inside our Camper...this was why we arrived early!
    The rain set in shortly after and we decided to call it a night. We settled in to bed and after a few minutes of worry that someone was going to tell us to move on, we fell asleep.
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  • Day35

    First night in the Camper

    October 20, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The first journey in our camper! We set-off later than planned, a lot later... But hey ho! We managed to get almost everything we needed from the warehouse and cleaned the car too. It started out for photos but then we realised how filthy it was, inside and out, so we gave it a good clean all over! Looked so much better for it too 😀

    So we now have nice new bedding, fairy lights, pots and pans and a few other bits and bobs, not forgetting food supplies!
    We drove straight to our intended campsite up the coast at Uretiti and found ourselves a spot to park up for the night. Ut was a lively campsite run by the department of conservation and just over a dune there was the beach. It was starting to get towards evening though so we had to get cooking! On the menu tonight, pasta with vegetables in a tomato sauce. Beyond chopping and frying the veg the cooking was a bit of an issue due to lighting. We had a head torch but it did way too good a job of simply enticing bugs into my face 😶 Eventually though dinner was ready and it tasted pretty good too! We ate in the front seats to avoid the flies and allow for some much needed light.

    Up next.... Bedtime! The camping life always lends to early nights dictated by the sunset so we found ourselves heading to bed earlier than normal. It was then that we realised we weren't very organised and had left the bed made up but without taking any clothes or toiletries out from underneath. Night one meant no showers and no change of clothes 😥 oops! We made a plan to sort this issue in the morning!

    One of the more exciting parts of the night followed shortly... The famous New Zealand long drop loo! I really wish I didn't have a head torch on when lifting the lid lol. They were nice though to be honest. Not smelly like I had imagined and aside from a flush it wasn't much different to normal.
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  • Day30

    Letzte Nacht im Camper - Freedom Camping

    January 25, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Die letzte Nacht im Camper verbringen wir in Ruakaka bei herrlichem Sonnenschein. Direkt nach Ankunft ging es erstmal zum Strand bevor wir dann bis 1:30 Uhr Nachts die Koffer gepackt haben.

  • Day6

    Campingplatz Ruakaka

    June 21, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Am Campingplatz angekommen, checken wir ein und suchen uns einen schönen Stellplatz mit Blick aufs Meer aus. Die Nacht kostet hier 25 NZD (16,30€). Das Wetter ist ziemlich unbeständig, doch die Dame am Check-In meint, dass es am späten Nachmittag noch aufklaren wird.

    Julia, die seit 2 Monaten in NZ unterwegs ist, davon 4 Wochen mit ihrem Freund und insgesamt 4 Monate bleiben möchte, muss Reste verarbeiten und erklärt sich deshalb dazu bereit das Abendbrot zuzubereiten. Es gibt Nudeln mit hauchdünnen Rinderscheiben und einer braunen Zwiebelsauce. Lecker und eine äußerst willkommene Abwechslung zu Spiegelei und Toasties. Gekocht und gegessen wird übrigens in einer Großraumküche mit mehren Kochstellen, Toastern, Mikrowellen und Kühlschränken. Einer der Vorteile von kostenpflichtigen Campingplätzen.

    Von einer Verbesserung des Wetters ist nichts zu sehen. Im Gegenteil, es stürmt wie Sau. So viel zum Thema das Wetter klart auf.

    Nach dem Duschen schauen wir noch einen Film in Julias Minibus (Toyota Hiace), bevor ich dann gegen 21:30 Uhr ins Bett gehe. In der Nacht wache ich ein paar Mal auf, weil zu dem heftigen Sturm auch noch heftige Regenfälle hinzukommen. Ich könnte die Frau vom Check-In zum Teufel jagen.

    Um 5:30 Uhr bin ich dann komplett wach und nutze die frühen Morgenstunden wieder um mein Tagebuch zu vervollständigen und um, Dank des WLAN auf dem Campingplatz, die ersten Teile online zu stellen.

    Um 9:30 Uhr gibt es Frühstück begleitet von heftigem Regen und immernoch anhaltendem Sturm.

    Nach dem Check-Out fahren wir nach Whangarei, der größten Stadt im Northland, um Lebensmittel zu kaufen und um irgendwie den verregneten Tag rum zu bekommen.
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  • Day239

    Uretiti beach camp site

    March 5, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Vandaag onze eerste grote rit richting het noorden van het noordereiland. Het verkeer rond Auckland is rustiger, maar de haperende navigatie zorgt ervoor dat we de 'deluxe sightseeing tour' van Auckland maken. Uiteindelijk zitten op de juiste weg (de '1') naar het noorden. Dit is een lange weg en geen probleem om te volgen. De wegen slingeren - soms vrij scherp - door het landschap en kennen een behoorlijk hoogteverschil. Je doet dus veel langer over relatief korte afstanden. Daarnaast blijft het bij de rotondes, spoorwegovergangen, kruisingen en dergelijke toch echt even goed opletten geblazen. Halverwege de middag komen we in de buurt van de oostkust en vinden we een fraai gelegen camping in de duinen. We kiezen een mooi plekje en komen even lekker bij op het strand. De eerste dag stonden we wat meer op een parkeerplaats, vandaag op een echte camping. Heerlijk kneuterig #campinglife ;)Read more

  • Day4

    Auf in den Norden!

    October 23, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Heute haben wir unseren Spaceship Xena bekommen und sind total zufrieden mit dem Auto!
    Bei einem 2-stündigen Rieseneinkauf beim Supermarkt Pak'n'Save haben wir uns "ein wenig" eingedeckt. Reni hätte sich für die nächsten Jahre eingedeckt bei zahlreichen "4 für 5€" - angeboten.
    Auf unserem Weg in den Norden haben wir einen Abstecher zu einer Honigfarm gemacht, wo man ewig viele Honigsorten probieren konnten und auch sonst konnten wir uns bei den vielen schönen Honigsachen gar nicht entscheiden.
    Abends sind wir an unseren ersten Campingplatz Uretiti hier in Neuseeland gefahren (14 NZD = 7,50€ pP). Dieser liegt direkt an einem ewig langen, tollen Strand! Trotz Plumpsklos kann man es hier also sehr gut aushalten :)
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  • Day178

    Uretiti Beach & Waipu Caves (2)

    March 27, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Bei dem schönem Wetter gings erstmal an den Uretiti Strand baden. 🏊
    Die Waipu Caves habe ich nochmal besucht, dieser Ort ist einfach zu schön um nicht die Chance nochmal zu nutzen und in den Höhlen die Glühwürmchen zu sehen.

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