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  • Day61

    Heute verlasse ich mein vertrautes "Zuhause" Cusco - weiter geht es nach Lima.
    Nach einem mühsamen Transfer vom Flughafen zum Hotel in Miraflores war es schon nach 16:00 Uhr. Für heute habe ich nur noch ein Ziel: Es soll endlich ein Bikini her! Naja, dachte es wäre einfacher und im grossen Shoppingcenter Lancomar gab es genau 4 Badeanzüge zu kaufen. Der Beste ists dann geworden und ich belohnte mich mit dem leckersten Znacht seit vielen, vielen Tagen, Wochen, vielleicht sogar seit Patagonien 😍.
    Zum Abschluss gab es noch einen Pisco Sour an der Hotelbar und ein paar Kapitel Harry Potter - Gute Nacht.
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  • Day62

    Lima - Tag 2

    May 10 in Peru

    Nach grossartigem Ausschlafen und einem leckeren Frühstück machte ich mich auf, dass Viertel Miraflores zu Fuss zu erkunden. Wichtiger Programmpunkt heute - eine neue Sonnenbrille musste her...
    Normalerweise nerven all die Verkäufer auf den Strassen und Plätzen ja ordentlich, und wenn man sie mal braucht, scheint keiner mehr da zu sein! So ging ich zum Parque del Amor und Parque J. F. Kennedy und schlenderte durch die Strassen. Sonnenbrille "RayBan" gekauft und zurück zum Pool. Die Sonne wollte nicht so recht und so nutzte ich den Fitnessraum und gönnte mir danach das Bad in der Wanne statt im Pool.Read more

  • Day63

    Lima - Tag 3

    May 11 in Peru

    Das Centro Historico gefällt mir definitiv viel besser als das "möchtegern-moderne" Miraflores. Schnell wird aber auch deutlich, dass es hier ein Sicherheitsproblem gibt, so steht alle 5 Meter ein bewaffneter Polizist und das ist eher unter- als übertrieben!
    Jedenfalls ist hier Sightseeing angesagt wie in den europäischen Städten: schöne, alte Gebäude, Markt, Kirchen mit Katakomben und Fussgängerzonen zum flanieren.
    Auch der ältesten Bar von Lima und Chinatown statteten wir einen Besuch ab. Mit einem riesigen Teller Ceviche beendete ich die Tour und kam sogar noch für wenige Minuten in den Genuss von Sonne.
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  • Day84

    Day 2 - Lima

    June 25, 2017 in Peru

    We had a lazy morning before venturing to the supermarket (they have real ones in Lima!) to grab some bits for breakfast. The plan was to do a walking tour of Downtown Lima in the morning however it wasn't until we got to the meeting place that we (ok maybe that was my fault) realised they don't go on Sundays - school boy!

    We were right by Kennedy Park which is the famous cat park so we had a mooch around there. The cats are street cats however they are fed and watered and even have there own vet. They are also meant to be incredibly friendly so for those blessed without allergies they are up for cuddles.

    We then headed off in the direction of Huaca Pucllana, some pre Inca ruins. It's very bizarre to find some ruins smack bang in the middle of the city. Before they realised that perhaps they should protect their heritage, the ruins were covered in mud and locals clambered all over them. The city has therefore literally been built up around them. Huaca Pucllana is a pyramid made of adobe but not a pyramid in the Egyptian sense as Huaca Pucllana is not hollow. It served as a ceremonial and administrative centre between the years of 200 and 700 AD. They know it was a ceremonial centre as they found considerable numbers of women's bodies as they were the lucky ones to be sacrificed. They also found a few tombs in which they found mummified remains.

    For lunch we headed to La Lucha, a sandwich place recommended by Sally and Corin. I have never seen Simon Thatcher as happy as when he was tucking into his delicious sandwich. I'd like to say we have a photo but there wasn't any time for that as we devoured it so quickly.

    In the afternoon we went to Museo Larco, a pre Columbia art museum. It was really interesting and it's absolutely amazing how well preserved all of the ceramics are. In the museum there is also a storage room where they keep everything that isn't on display and there are just cabinets on cabinets of the various pottery.

    In the evening the plan was to go and see the nearby fountains which have a light show in the evening which is apparently very impressive however we got chatting to Corin and lost track of the time.
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  • Day85

    Day 3 - Lima

    June 26, 2017 in Peru

    Sally is Peruvian and runs tours to the local market. We love a market so headed there in the morning. In the market you can get fruits from the 3 main areas of Peru, the mountains, the jungle and the coast. We got to try heaps of different types of fruits which were nice (for me, maybe not so much Simon). They have so many different types of banana here so we got to try the apple banana and a really tiny sweet banana. There was also another fruit which looked like an enormous green bean but inside there was this cotton candy type fruit, delicious. We also visited a herbalist which was quite interesting. In Peru, they use a lot of natural remedies for all of their ailments. You just go to the market, tell them what the problem is and then they give you a bunch of herbs which you take home and make a tea with. Sally and Corin swear by them. We also got to try some local snack of two different corn and a jungle snack made from yukka.

    After our tour we headed back to La Lucha for round two. I seriously need to start eating better when we get to New Zealand (there is no way that will happen in LA). After lunch we did a walking tour of the Barranco district. It's around 15 minutes drive from Miraflores so the tour guide met us in Miraflores and then we had to get a collectivo (mini bus) to Barranco. What an experience that was! The traffic in Lima is bananas! You have 2 lanes but the cars are 4 deep! Fortunately we made it to Barranco without a serious accident and set off on our tour.

    Barranco is the bohemian district of Lima so there is loads of graffiti which is cool. There were great views out over the ocean and lots of pretty buildings. We walked over the bridge of sights on which apparently you have to hold your breath the first time you ever walk over it and make a wish. That's all well and good but the bridge is quite long so I had to do a little jog past some other people towards the end!

    After the tour we braved the bus back to Miraflores. There were no free seats this time so we had to stand which is a challenge in itself. For dinner Sally cooked us some traditional Peruvian food, ... It was similar to a chicken korma but served over potatoes with rice on the side. It was delicious! It was also great to have real home cooked Peruvian food. The recipe was apparently her grandmothers.

    Very full from dinner we selt about packing our bags as our flight to LA is early in the morning.
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  • Day668

    The Waiting Game

    March 15 in Peru

    Driving through a capital city is never fun, but Lima wasn't as bad as most. There's a lot of money knocking around here and my tactic of pulling out in front of expensive cars worked a treat.

    New tyres were high on our list, as we'd been waiting for cheaper Peru then we delayed until we'd got past all the dirt roads, so we went straight to tyre street. After a couple of hours we managed to get some new rubber for Elvis. We drove to Miraflores, which is one of the wealthiest districts and the sort of place we normally avoid, but there was a hostel there which provided the only non-parking lot option in the city and bizarrely it wasn't much different in price. It was a really nice place, with space for 4 rigs and it was full after we arrived.

    Despite not having a flat for 30,000 miles we had one the next morning, so it was back through the traffic to get it sorted. They ended up changing the tyre for a new one, and then the valve after that. Nothing is ever easy on the road! But it was all done in good humor and no extra charges.

    The following day I headed to a nearby street full or car part stores looking for replacements for our noisy ball joints that had given up the ghost after all the rough roads. I came close (but no cigar), although they did recommend another area full of part stores that would 'definitely' have it. The next day, after 3 hours and more than 40 stores I gave up and ordered them from the states. They promised 6 business days, but we know that doesn't mean much when you are relying on foreign postal services.

    We spent the next week enjoying being in a modern, clean and safe city. We found the nearby 'strip' and enjoyed watching the football, rugby (although obviously this actually wasn't very enjoyable) and eating proper fish & chips (twice). Unfortunately the all-you-can-eat curry house was a bit disappointing, but I still got my money's worth (I didn't eat again for nearly 24 hours!).

    The coast was gorgeous, with parks lining the cliff edges, and we made more use of the bikes than we'd ever done before. Maya got a lot of funny looks when she got tired of running alongside and we put her in the basket on the back of my bike. There was a dog park 3 minutes walk away, and she loved haring around with new friends. One day we were there and there was a huge dog fight (planes, not dogs!) in the bay, with ultra modern jets booming past only a few hundred feet away and dropping decoy flares against imaginary misses. I've never seen, or heard, anything quite like it.

    Beyond just general exploring we didn't do an awful lot, but we did visit Museo del Larco, which was an incredible collection of pottery from all the pre-hispanic cultures in Peru and beyond. It was really well arranged and helped you place all the different cultures, geographies and chronology. I find it particularly interesting when you realise a lot of it is pre-Roman. The explicit pottery section was particularly eye opening! Jo also visited the Mario Testino gallery, a famous Peruvian photographer most known for his portraits of Diana, her last official photographs.

    The one thing that made the biggest difference to our stay was the INCREDIBLE supermarkets. We could get a mirad of different types of fresh breads, European cheeses, pate and all sorts of good stuff. Granted it wasn't cheap, but after so long on the road you willingly pay decent coin for treats like this. On the last day we hunted down the famous beef heart skewers, that I thought were delicious but Jo needed some convincing!

    We got a bit excited when we knew our parts had made it to Lima, but we didn't expect customs to take 5 days to clear them, but eventually (after 2 weeks) we got our hands on them and high-tailed it out of the city.
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  • Day3

    Lima, Peru

    September 28, 2017 in Peru

    Nach der langen Anreise haben wir uns auf unser Bett gefreut!
    Am nächsten Morgen begrüßte uns eine kalte Dusche und ein sehr übersichtliches Frühstück.
    Auf ging's Richtung Altstadt mit einem sehr netten Guide (Tours4tips) und die Sonne hat uns auch nicht im Stich gelassen. Am Ende der Tour noch ein Pisco Sour, sehr lecker :-)

  • Day4

    Lima, Miraflores+Barranco

    September 29, 2017 in Peru

    Am zweiten Tag in Lima ging's an die Küste. Frische Luft schnappen...
    Von Miraflores sind wir nach Barranco gelaufen. Barranco ist ein sehr schönes Viertel, eher alternativ...
    In eine Cafe haben wir , im Gegensatz zu allen anderen, gute 45 Minuten auf unseren Crepes gewartet, evtl. könnte es auch an unseren Spanischkenntnissen gelegen haben ;-) Aber so lernt man bestimmt am besten!

  • Day3

    Lima the grey

    July 7, 2016 in Peru

    Så i går gik med at slappe af på værelset og snuppe et måltid på Chili's og så sove kl 19, hvilket endte i at vi stod op omkring 3-5 tiden i morges. Næsten styr på det jetlag. Heldigvis var der god morgenmad på hotellet og så så vi de første inka ruiner på Huaca Pucllana. Lima virker meget fattigt og ret uinteressant, så vi er hurtigt videre.
    Vi går mod bussen nu her, som kører os til Paracas, hvor vi skal sove i nat :-))Read more

  • Day43

    Lima, Peru

    January 7, 2017 in Peru

    After searching for waves and not really finding amazing swell we decided to finish with a week in the mountains around Cusco which is where Machu picchu is. However a couple of days in Lima seemed appropriate as its on the way (also has surf).
    After a bus ride through the night we found a nice hostel near the beach in trendy Mira flores droped off the laundry and i had a surf which wasn't all that bad.
    Later that night we went out to a salsa club and finally saw a salsa band and danced the night away.
    In the morning we set off on a free walking tour of Lima. The tour was a nice change and we saw the changing of the guard (which is a weird ridiculous event that happens daily) along with cathedrals, chocolate tasting, coffee tasting and pisco sours tasting (the local coctail).
    It is the rain season but in lima it has only rained twice since records have been kept. 1979 and 2001.
    Tomorrow we fly to Cusco (buses take 22hrs!) Its rain season there but it's January average is 60ml.
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