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  • Day3

    Wielczka Salt Mine Tour

    October 13 in Poland

    After spending 4 hours at the 2 concentration and death camps. We boarded our mini bus for a 1 hour 25 minute ride to the Unesco World Heritage site . This mine has been around since 1200 AD.
    We descended 840 steps to start our tour.
    We walked over 2 km and we only saw 1% of the mine. We got down to level 3 which is 135 meters deep.
    Throughout the mine are all these areas where the miners have done carvings. They were amazing. At one spot there is a huge cavern where they had a big underground chapel.
    The mine is still active but not as much as their main source of revenue is tourism as they get over 1. 2 million visitors a year.
    It was very interesting to see and learn about the mine as see the wonderful carvings.
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  • Day9

    Rysy (2500m) und der Abstieg

    October 15 in Poland

    Die letzten Meter zum Gipfel ging es dann noch etwas steiler nach oben. Dafür wurden wir dann mit einem traumhaftem Panorama belohnt. Auch der "Menschenauflauf" hielt sich heute in Grenzen. Über den Gipfel des Rysy verläuft schließlich die Grenze zu Polen und ist Polens höchster Berg.
    Der Weg nach unten war angenehm zu laufen, wenn auch die Strecke zurück sich dann doch etwas in die Länge zog. Am Nachmittag erreichten wir dann wieder das Berghotel am Popradske Pleso.Read more

  • Day34

    Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory

    October 6, 2016 in Poland

    While in Krakow we knew we had to take some time to reflect on the history of the Holocaust which has deep roots in Poland. Krakow is home to the infamous Schindler's Factory which is also now a museum dedicated to the history of the Third Reich invading Krakow during WWI in 1939 until 1945. The Germans wanted to make Krakow a German city so they displaced the Polish people and particularly Jewish people into the ghetto where conditions were barely livable.

    The following day we took a trip to Auschwitz which is about an hour drive from Krakow. You can visit the grounds of the concentration camp with a guided tour. Walking through the camp and hearing the stories of what the prisoners went through was sombering but definitely worth the visit to reflect upon this dark time in history when over 1 million people were killed at this one camp alone.

    We highly recommend visiting both places -- very impactful. It's hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to each other, and this is certainly a reminder of what we don't want to ever relive as the human race...although there are still crimes against humanity in our world today.
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  • Day55


    September 24 in Poland

    Lovely city. Old capital of Poland. Unusual for Poland wasn’t destroyed during the war so has quite a different feel. Four hour walking tour and then a couple of hours wandering, church, market, cemetery. The usual.
    Biggest market square east of the Pennines and a few of the biggest buskers.
    Why aren’t we losing weight?
    The answer, Polish cuisine.

  • Day56

    Wyjscie Salt Mine.

    September 25 in Poland

    They have been mining salt here since the 12th century and it is enormous.
    The source of one third of mediaeval Poland's total revenue it still produces 8,000 kilos a year but that's just to sell to the tourists.
    Only 2 of the 20kms of tunnels are a open to tourists. That’s the 2 million that visit each year.
    To get to the first level at 64 metres you walk down 380 stairs. There are 800 by the time it’s all over.
    Absolutely amazing. Chapels, reception rooms, stairs and stairs. One room is over 35 metres high, they used to do bungie jumping a few years ago.
    In the middle ages there were 60 horses stabled underground and hundreds of workers.
    Condition have improved since the. Now there are just 400 guides.
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  • Day55


    September 24 in Poland

    What do you do in a mountain resort in the rain and sleet.
    Look in H&M where it’s dry.
    Zakapone is about a hundred kms from Krakow and is the “Winter Capital “ of Poland.
    It’s in a valley with sky resorts around and the usual sort of mountain things. Funicular, mountain lookout, rain, sleet, sun, repeat.
    Has a great wooden church and an excellent cemetery . Also had market that sold cheap gloves As it was about 6 degrees these were the best investment of the trip.
    Out travelling companions took it in their stride. In Vermont and Michigan this is spring weather.
    Lovely place.

    Dinner in restaurant with traditional music and dancing, yes we were both forced to participate with varying degrees of reluctance.
    Night time drive home to hotel, bus very quite.
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  • Day24


    August 19 in Poland

    I left with mixed feelings about Krakow. On one hand it is an undeniably beautiful city, but on the other, like so many beautiful cities further west it has been long discovered and thus overrun by hordes of tourists. This was only made worse by the fact that half of Poland was on holidays this week due to the Wednesday public holiday. If I thought the crowds in Warsaw were too much, Krakow was something else, which severely tested both my patience and reinforced my unabiding hatred hatred of organised tour groups.

    This hatred came back to bite me on my second day in Krakow as I tried to get to Auschwitz. Every second person in town was selling package tours to Auschwitz, offering the same generic overpriced package. I’ve never been a fan of tours, but especially for visiting somewhere like Auschwitz, which for me would be a deeply personal and confronting experience, being stuck with a large number of mindless drones and passionless tour guide sounded like my idea of personal hell. Instead I took the independent option and grabbed a 2 hour local bus from Krakow to Auschwitz, arriving with a sinking heart to find a huge car park full of coaches and tour groups being corralled. Things only got worse as I ventured further in and saw the line to get individual tickets. It was 10am and the line must have stretched over 500 metres and showed little sign of movement, as tour group after tour group wandered straight to the front and through the gates. A couple of enquiries later confirmed that the wait was close to 4 hours for individuals, but that if I was happy to sign up then and there for a guided tour with any one of the many touts I’d be able to skip the queue. Faced with the prospect of selling out on my principles and seeing the place I had come so far to see I chose instead to shoot myself in the foot and headed back to Krakow. To be honest, despite wasting my day, I’m happy with my choice. I’ve been to concentration camps at various locations in Europe in the past and so I knew what to expect, and the prospect of going through that experience while being jostled by crowds and rushed by guides is not how I wish to pay my respects and reflect on one of the worlds darkest periods.

    It was a similar experience back in Kraków as I was frustrated in my attempts to get into various attractions, such as Schindler’s factory and the very impressive Krakow castle. Not that all was lost though, there was a Pierogi festival on for the length of my stay, so I ate my body weight in dumplings and once I got outside of old town and the crowds started thinning I discovered another fantastically vibrant city full of parks, life, street food and the very characterful Jewish district, which has remained largely untouched.
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  • Day1

    Krakau & Auschwitz

    April 8, 2017 in Poland

    Krakau, wat ben je mooi en wat willen wij hier graag nog eens terugkomen als het ietsje warmer is! Iedereen die ons een beetje kent weet dat we eigenlijk op reis zijn gegaan vanwege al het lekkere eten overal en hier op het oude marktplein konden we ons hart ophalen op de Paasmarkt. Heerlijke deegpakketjes (Pierogi) gevuld met van alles, zuurkoolstoofpot, een soort grote braadworst (kielbasa) en later in het vega eettentje Momo nog overheerlijke springrolls.. Genoten!

    Vanochtend gingen we naar Auswitsch en Birkenau en we waren erg onder de indruk van al het vreselijke wat we daar zagen en lazen. Ik dacht meerdere malen: Het lijkt net een horrorfilm.. En dat was het natuurlijk ook. Birkenau is echt enorm groot en het was erg bijzonder om te lopen tussen de barakken, langs de lange treinbaan en de brokstukken van wat ooit de gaskamers waren. Gisteren waren we in Krakau zelf naar het Shindler museum geweest. Dit is net een attractie zo mooi hebben ze het aangekleed. Je waant je echt in het Polen tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog. Je kon door het ghetto heenlopen wat het enorm benauwde gevoel gaf van hoe het moet zijn geweest; ommuurd door een muur van hoge grafstenen. Sombere, maar mooie monumenten voor de gruwelen die hier hebben plaatsgevonden.
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  • Day72

    Wir sind entzückt

    September 10 in Poland

    Nach unserer längsten Etappe auf dieser Reise überhaupt (über 100 km!!) erreichten wir unerwartet ein Tal mit schönem Bach und tollen Felsen. Wir waren ganz entzückt, uns plötzlich in solchen Landschaften wiederzufinden. Voller Euphorie fuhren wir vier französischen Wohnmobilen den steilen Berg hoch hinterher zum Campingplatz, um dort festzustellen, dass er geschlossen hat. Also ließen wir uns zurück ins Tal rollen (ca. 1 km) und kamen total durchgefroren dort an, weshalb wir ganz froh über unsere warme Ferienwohnung waren, die wir dort direkt für zwei Nächte bezogen. Am nächsten Tag wanderten wir von Höhle zu Höhle, hatten tolle Ein- und Ausblicke, sahen Fledermäuse und waren weiterhin von diesem landschaftlichen Tapetenwechsel entzückt. Auch die Herkuleskeule und das Schloss nebenan beeindruckten uns sehr. Definitiv ein lohnenswerter Besuch.Read more

  • Day78

    Der Berg ruft...

    September 16 in Poland

    ...oder: Jetzt machen wir mal wirklich Sport.

    Nachdem wir ursprünglich mal vorhatten den Eurovelo 11 von Polen durch die Slovakai nach Ungarn zu nehmen, sind wir jetzt doch auf dem direkteren Weg durch die Karpaten nach Budapest. Der Weg nennt sich Amber Trail und wir sind im Internet darauf gestoßen. Über zwei Ecken haben wir von einem Menschen aus der Slovakei eine Google Map mit der eingezeichneten Route bekommen.
    Die Landschaft gefällt uns schon sehr gut, aber die letzten zwei Tage am Rand des Gebirges hatten es auch schon in sich. Nach ein paar Anstiegen mit 10, 12 und sogar 14% brannten die Oberschenkel. Dafür wurden wir mit wunderschönen Ausblicken auf Berge und Wälder (die langsam schon bunt werden) belohnt.
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Województwo Małopolskie, Wojewodztwo Malopolskie, Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Voivodat de Petita Polònia, Malopolské vojvodství, Małopòlsczé wòjewództwò, Województwo małopolskie, Voivodato de Pequeña Polonia, Väike-Poola vojevoodkond, Voïvodie de Petite-Pologne, Provinsi Polandia Kecil, Voivodato della Piccola Polonia, マウォポルスカ県, Mažosios Lenkijos vaivadija, Mazpolijas vojevodiste, Woiwodschap Klein-Polen, Pequena Polónia, Voievodatul Polonia Mică, Малопольское воеводство, Malopoľské vojvodstvo, Lillpolen, 小波兰省

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