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    • Day11

      Tag 10

      May 19 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

      Heute ging es von Caldas de Reis nachPadron. Der Weg war einfach schön. Schöne Gegend ein paar kleine Berge aber nicht so schlimm. Die knapp 20km in knapp 3 1/2 Stunden gelaufen. Hat einfach Spaß gemacht. Viele Pilger aus Deutschland getroffen etwas unterhalten und dann wieder Gas gegeben. Das Wetter hat gepasst und trotz Blase Spaß gemacht. Padron ist einer Herr bekanntesten Orte aus der Reise nach Santiago. Es ist so wie der Schlossallee im Monopoli. So sind auch die Preise hier.Read more

    • Day9

      Day 9 - Caldas De Reis to Iria Flavia

      July 5 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

      Incredibly faithful day!

      After the wonderful dinner last night, but before bed last night we received some more foot help from some angels who are Scouts from Portugal. This thread and the thankfulness continues.

      We managed to get up at 5:00 am so we could leave by 6:00 am, which we did. We had about 20 km to go today and we wanted to be finished early. Mission accomplished! And that includes spending some extra time with our Pilgrim Scouts and our friends from Ireland.

      Funny side note, his wife was having trouble with blisters and had been wearing a hiking shoe or tennis shoe. He has worn sandals the whole Camino. After hearing about my successful (ongoing) recovery, she ditched the shoes and got a pair of sandals. She said she never felt better. I told her she did not have to admit her husband was right. Instead of not completing the Camino, we are all four well on our way to finishing today or tomorrow - 3 with sandals.

      Also, the insurance purchased, GeoBlue, through BCBS has come in very handy and well worth the price. I’ve called their Telemed three times and spoke to one doctor in Singapore and two in the UK. The third was able to prescribe antibiotics and email it to me. I took it to the farmacia and they filled it immediately. No three hour wait. Kathleen says I’ve spent more money at the farmacia than anywhere else.

      All in all it was another wonderful day on the Camino walking briskly, but sometimes very quietly. I took a lot of time to empty my mind and just enjoy the moment. It was wonderful.

      We had no real plans once we got to the Albergue Cruces de Iria. After a high carb Pilgrim lunch and beer we came back to the Albergue for the hostelria’s discussion about Iria Flavia and it’s place in Christianity’s history. Even with the heavy Castilian Spanish accent we learned a lot about St. James and Christianity. After listening, rather than eat dinner and go to bed, we decided to go to the places he talked about and experience them ourselves.

      The first place was on the Iglasia de Santa Maria a Major de Iria Flavia where the legend is that is where the bones of St. James were found after he was beheaded and brought to Iria Flavia. He was brought to Iria Flavia because this is where he did his evangelism. He was brought here in the first century on a boat. The church was built in the 8th Century. There are also a number of PRE- Roman sarcophagi located there. Very interesting and moving experience.

      Next we went to an area called Santiaguino do Monte. We decided to take a taxi. It was all uphill including the 130 steps (The way of the Cross). This is the site of an early Christian church dating to the 3rd Century, and the location where St. James preached. On our way down the hill, walking, we stopped and received a Certificate that we had visited the location where St. James’ bones were brought from the Albergue Municipal. You only get the Certificate if you have your stamp on your Pilgrim’s Passport that you had been to the Iglasia mentioned above. We also stopped for a beer and called it dinner.

      Finally, we visited the Church of Santiago do Padron. There is a stone behind the alter which is considered to be where the Apostle’s boat was moored when it was returned to Iria Flavia.
      The church was originally built in the 10th Century and remodeled, thankfully, in the 12th and 15th Centuries. Incredibly while we were looking at a glass coffin, a woman walked up to me and in Spanish told me several times that Christ had been in that coffin. She said it like she believed it with her whole heart. She also told me Christ’s body was in another glass coffin on another wall. I questioned her to make sure I had heard her correctly and she confirmed it every time.

      So, what started out as just another day of walking ended up preparing us for completing our Camino. It was amazing and all part of God’s plan, not mine.

      One more “just another day of walking” and then our final entry into Santiago the next day, Thursday, where I feel more ready than ever to accept what has unfolded the past two weeks on this Camino.


      12.9 miles/ 37,000 steps
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      Beautiful entry, Charles.


      What an amazing day, Charlie and Claudia!


      Cool stuff!

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    • Day13

      Last Day to Santiago de Compostella

      January 24, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

      Had an enjoyable day yesterday. Lots of forest to walk through. Met a young Brazilian but no one else. When I finally got to my hotel the receptionist told me that I walk too fast...she had passed me in her car on the way to start her shift and was surprised I turned up so quickly..the other funny incident; I finally arrived in Padron, my destination and I was clapped (like in marathons) buen camino he says and he pointed me to the church. I said no not going there and showed him my voucher for the hotel. He pointed down the road and said 2 kms. I gave a little groan and he grabbed my head and kissed my forehead and pushed me on my way. All in good jest. I got given the local liquor to try last night....bit like lenocello. Could not be rude and decline! It was a day of forests and cemeteries.Read more


      Looks beautiful

      Avon Zwarts

      You drink the bottle?


      Yeah nah. One only

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    • Day10


      October 21 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

      Today's the first day my body felt used to the walking, like it was something I did every day for my whole life.
      I sang and danced through the last 6-7km today, it was bliss!

      It threatened to rain all day but I wasn't soaked today so yayyy.

      I'm staying at the most beautiful albergue ever tonight and they're putting on an amazing dinner with great vegan options, bring on the energy food!!

      See you tomorrow, Santiago ❤️
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      Your smashing it……. I’ll take a breath for you tomorrow in our under water world….. stay safe almost done

      Lynette Buley

      Well done Kate so proud of you xx


      Goed bezig meid!

      Eva Bobbaers

      So proud of you woman!! Ge doet da echt zo goed

    • Day25

      Camino Portuguese Day 15

      October 6 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      For our last night on the Camino we had a true pilgrim experience. There was a shared guest meal, which was fabulous! This included a three course meal, vino and bread, and liqueur following. There was a traditional Galician drink, home brewed by a neighbour, and a coffee and a cream liqueur, which made a tasty café con leche. Yes, I was a bit tipsy.

      This wonderful meal was paired with amazing conversation of the Canadians, the Germans, the Kiwi, and the South Africans; as well as our host - a Mexican who has lived in Canada and Europe before settling in Spain with his Spanish wife.

      To complete the pilgrim experience, the large Portuguese man in the bunk above me snored like a freight train. Even with my ear plugs it was very loud. Somehow I did get enough sleep. 😴

      Many people do this Camino in 12
      days, but I had a couple of short days, a
      rest day, and the Spiritual Variant. So
      on my 15th day, I walk into Santiago.
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    • Day24

      Padrón to Escravitude

      October 5 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      We arrived in Padrón at about 10:00, had some café, took care of some business at an ATM and a Farmacia.

      We visited the church there, dedicated to Santiago. It houses the Roman ‘pedron’ stone, which is said to have moored the stone boat which carried St James to Spain. Also a statue of St James the Moor Killer. As well as the pilgrim history, James was said to appear during a battle to help the Christians overcome the Moors.

      We walked on out of Padrón, along the highway, then turned in past farms and villages. Then found our albergue, which is a beautiful renovated building.
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    • Day15

      A Little Bit of Heaven

      September 13 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

      This place is amazing they have thought of just about everything that a Pilgrim could need. Everything that other have including WiFi, free Tea Coffee,Hot Showers and comfy beds with curtains, power points and fresh linen and towel add on to that lockers which are big enough for your backpack with a power socket to charge things , They give you a tub to put your dirty laundry including what you were wearing and got soaked through today and they wash , dry and fold and leave on your bunk. And a new one they have a boot drying machine on the go mine are next ! Guys they charge 19€ a night !!!!! Oh and my two fellow Lady Pilgrims from Vegas in the next bunk. I have happy memories of this town and albergue and after a challenging day I'm feeling good ,!!!!Read more


      That’s a nifty piece of kit


      Simple but effective think they're missing a trick I know I would have gladly paid to use it

    • Day15

      Went to mass in Padron today

      October 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

      I was wearing my sweaty walking clothes and I was embarrassed but it was lovely. I participated in mass and took communion but several pilgrims stood off to the side taking pictures and whispering. It must be so weird to be a local here and see that every week 😂 now I’m at a hotel because I did some math wrong yesterday and booked a room way too close to my starting point. Tomorrow I will walk either 16km or 25km, there is nothing in between.Read more




      Love this story

    • Day13


      May 25 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Der Stadtname rührt von pedrón her, einem römischen Meilenstein am Ufer der Ria, an dem gemäß der Legende das Schiff festmachte, das den Körper des Apostels Jakobus beförderte. Dieser pedrón befindet sich heute in der Kirche Padróns.

      Dort, in der Kirche Santiago Apóstol, lassen sich außerdem alte Steininschriften über die Heiligenlegende sowie die von Erzbischof Gelmirez veranlasste Rekonstruktion der Kirche besichtigen.

      Nachdem der Leichnam des Apostels nach Santiago de Compostela überführt worden war, wurde Padrón zum Ausgangspunkt der Pilger, die ihre Wallfahrt über See machten. Im 10. und 11. Jh. wurde es gleichzeitig ein Ziel für Überfälle durch Wikinger und Normannen. Deshalb ließ Alfons V. zu Beginn des 11. Jh. die Verteidigungsanlage Torres do Oeste, das alte römische Castellum honesti, rekonstruieren, was der Stadt zu Sicherheit und Prosperität während des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts verhalf.

      Erzbischof Gelmírez, der im Torres do Oeste zur Welt kam, förderte den Wohlstand. Er ließ am Ufer des Sar einen Kai errichten, so dass Padrón einen Hafen hatte, der aber im 17. Jahrhundert versandete. Wo heute die Santiagokirche steht, liefen einst die ersten Galeeren der spanischen Marine vom Stapel. Ein weiterer Erzbischof, Rodrígo de Luna, verbrachte im 15. Jahrhundert zwei Monate in Padrón, wo er sich mit dem gesamten Domkapitel von La Compostela verbarg, Schutz vor den Grafen von Altamira suchend

      Soviel zu einem kleinen Einblick in die Geschichte. Natürlich haben Moni & ich uns die Pimientos de Padrón nicht entgehen lassen 😋
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    • Day32

      Day29/18 Caldas de Reis to A Escravitude

      June 1 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

      Our walk today started at 7:30 a.m. with a very humid temperature of 18 degrees under cloudy skies with some clear blue breaks. We managed to avoid any rain until the skies opened at 8:45. However, even before I could get on my rain poncho, the rain stopped.

      It rained on and off all morning, but by the time we stopped for our first break at the 12 kms mark, the skies had cleared and we were treated to some warm sunshine the rest of the way into A Escravitude.

      The walk today was much more interesting than yesterday's and it took us along some Roman roads, through a well preserved ancient village and through lots of forested areas. There were many barnyard animals along the way, a house clad with scallop shells, the symbol of the Camino, and several magnificent churches.

      We stopped for lunch in Padron and had to order a dish of Pimientos Padron in the town where they originated. As expected, they were the best we've had so far.

      Six kilometers later we arrived at our accomodations and after showering, enjoyed a bottle of Rioja in the living room while we waited for a restaurant to open for dinner at 7:00 pm.

      As it turned out, when we arrived at the restaurant, we were told dinner wasn't until 8:00 pm! But the waiter called in the chef (his wife) and we enjoyed an excellent meal at 7:00 while watching an old Lee Van Cleef Western that was dubbed into Spanish.

      Overall a great day on the Camino with only one more to go before we're done.

      It's going to be an extra early start tomorrow, so it's time for me to say buenas noche.
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