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  • Day13

    Basel (CH)

    July 20, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    The start of today's route followed a wooded canal cycle path almost dead straight for 50 km (144 km in total today). Somewhere on route I crossed another border, now in Switzerland.

    Basel - a drop of Germany, a pinch of France and a splash of Switzerland !

    Two new learnings today. Fun pastime is to take your kit, stuff it into a drybag, and then drift downstream using the bag for buoyancy for as far as want.

    The other, a non-motorised passenger ferry. The bow of the boat is attached to an aerial cable across the river. Pointing upstream steer across the river using the current as propulsion.
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  • Day56

    Day 56 - Schaffhausen to Basel, 71 miles

    June 10, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    After a mixed nights sleep last night, turned out my hotels bar was a rock bar which you could hear throughtout the hotel until the early hours, I was up early to crack on to Basel in the sunshine.

    Following VeloRoute 15 along the Rhine it was an easy navigational day as the route is well signposted and uses a mix of roads and bike paths. Not the most interesting ride, few nice villages but majority of time was spent away from the river avoiding the heavy industry along the Rhine with not much to see. Good ride though and good few miles done.

    First night of the Euros this evening and headed to a local Swiss bar called 'Flanagans' to watch the opening game. Not surprisingly got chatting to a Irish guy called John O'Shea who was visiting his daughter in Basel. Without doubt one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. An ex sport journalist turned humanitarian who'd raised nearly a billion euros for the third world though his charity and shortlisted in Irelands top 40 greatest ever person list. A great guy with great stories but also very interested in my trip we agreed to meet for the Ireland rugby match tomorrow.

    After a long day on the bike and a big day in the pub planned tomorrow to watch the football and rugby it was time to get some rest.
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  • Day57

    Day 57 - Basel

    June 11, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 63 °F

    3 rugby matches including England vs Australia, 3 football matches including Switzerland and Englands opening Euros games and sport on in the pub from 12 to 12 there was only one plan today.

    Great start watching England smash the Aussies in their own back yard with few other English guys and and aussies for good measure. Then straight into Switzerland vs Albania where it appears there are more Albanians in Basel then Swiss which led to a great atmosphere in the streets (no violence here!). Was then time to meet up with a very happy John to watch Ireland beat South Africa in their own back yard for the first time. What could possibly gone wrong with just England to play...

    Luckily Russia scoring their injury time equaliser and the trouble in the crowd that came with it is a bit of a blur for me. Hopefully better against Wales on Thursday.

    Great day, wallet is a fair bit lighter with Swiss beer prices but well worth it. Going to be interesting in the bike tomorrow.
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  • Day8

    Sep 07 Bazel Switzerland

    September 7, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Got up early to get suitcases out by 8am. Had breakfast with Kevin and LeAnna. Went for a walk for about 90 minutes. Came back for lunch then a walking tour of the old town for 2 hours. Checked in to hotel at 4.30. Walked a nit to check restaurants. Decided the grocery store was better than $100+ at a Swiss restaurant. BTW lily pads are about 30 inches wide in the university botanical garden.Read more

  • Day54

    Es ist geschafft.

    July 23, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Über 1600 km auf dem Longboard. Von Berlin nach Westen bis Arnheim. Quer durch Deutschland. Dann nach Süden bis Basel. Rheinradweg und Schwarzwald. Eine anstrengende aber zugleich fantastische und erfahrungsreiche Tour geht zu Ende. Heute hat der Wind nochmal sein bestes gegeben uns aufzuhalten, aber es war mal wieder vergeblich. Es war ein tolles Gefühl über die Schweizer Grenze zu fahren und zu wissen "Du hast es geschafft. Du hast durchgehalten. Du hast es überlebt. Du bist am Ziel." Meine Skate Klamotten habe ich gleich in Basel entsorgt, weil sowieso alles hinüber war und nach einem frischen Frühlingsmorgen in der Kanalisation roch. Morgen wird noch Basel erkundet und dann geht es zurück nach Berlin.Read more

  • Day739

    Radtour "Basel nach Rotterdam"

    August 10, 2013 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Rhein-Radweg Teil 2: Basel bis Mainz 380 Kilometer.
    Rhein-Radweg Teil 3: Mainz nach Duisburg 300 Kilometer.
    Rhein-Radweg Teil 4: Köln nach Hoek van Holland 442 Kilometer (ich bin aber nur bis Rotterdam geradelt).

    An den Ufern von „Vater Rhein“ liegen sechs Länder und drei Landeshauptstädte, ermitteln vier Tatort-Teams, sind zwei Bundeskanzler aufgewachsen. Von Basel nach Mainz finden man eine reizvolle Natur- und Kulturlandschaft Mitteleuropas. Zudem ideale Verhältnisse zum Radfahren bietet: ebenes Gelände, beinahe mediterranes Klima, geringe Niederschläge und günstige Windverhältnisse. Zu verdanken sind diese Verhältnisse dem oberrheinischen Grabenbruch, der das Gewässersystem des Rheins, eben die oberrheinische Tiefebene, auf einer Länge von rund 300 Kilometern und einer Breite von bis zu 60 Kilometern entstehen ließ. Die begleitenden Mittelgebirge, im Osten der Schwarzwald, Kraichgau und Odenwald und im Westen die Vogesen, der Pfälzerwald und das rheinhessische Hügelland, rahmen das Rheintal ein. Der Radweg führt außerdem durch reizvolle Städte, Dörfer und Weinanbaugebiete, welche mit einem reichhaltigen touristischen, kulturellen und kulinarischen Angebot aufwarten.

    Fazit: Es war eine meiner besten Radtouren. Und damit bin ich jetzt alle großen deutschen Flüsse geradelt: Oder, Elbe, Weser und Rhein. Und natürlich als Zufluss zum Rhein noch den Main.


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  • Day55

    Basel. Wie die meisten Städte nur teurer

    July 24, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Nach einem Rundgang durch die Stadt muss ich sagen, ob Basler Münster, Spalentor oder Rheinpromenade. Irgendwo alles schonmal gesehen. Ein Lichtblick bietet das Rathaus welches durchaus kunstvoll gestaltet ist aber Besichtigungstermine rar sind.

  • Day3


    October 28, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Mit dem Zug von Bad Säckingen nach Basel. Dann zu Fuß weiter. Zufällig ist die 547. Baseler-Herbstmesse (Kirmes und Ausstellungen). Das Wetter spielt auch mit und so ist es kein Wunder, dass es überall rappelvoll ist. Wir schlendern durch die Altstadt von Basel.
    Gegen 16:00 Uhr treten wir die Rückfahrt an.Read more

  • Day13

    A day of ups and downs

    September 1, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    The boat had a long journey today and so we were all aiming to be up and off early. This was achieved with most Ghoastriders getting underway by 8.15. It was another cool day with the threat, but fortunately not the reality, of rain. The ride was meant to be a straight forward 60km straight along the Rhine to Kybeck where the boat was due to berth at about 5pm…. however once again things did not quite go to plan as there were several fairly poorly sign posted. I headed off at a steady pace along mostly fine gravelled paths (at times a little sticky so a good work out for the legs) but got totally lost at one of the detours and ended up taking the scenic route via a massive asparagus farm. By and large the Continuing along the path I stopped at the 40-odd km mark for an espresso and then continued on (riding on and off with Karen, David and Lionel) until the weir, just after which we found the boat club where we stopped for lunch and more coffee. Continuing on, the 4 of us finally found our way into Basel via a roundabout route. We rode around the town looking at the lovely old houses, churches and shops. We stopped in the square opposite the old town hall (Rathaus) and had more coffee and a bun. It was rather lovely as there was a produce market in progress. Following our break, we rode around some more before finally heading off towards the designated meeting point (sadly no boat yet!) – well over 7okm for the day
    Meanwhile Kirstin had stuck with the main group (but with the aid of her trusty e-bike had ridden like the wind – although she insists that she kept the settings on standard so she was actually doing a lot of the work herself and ended the day with 55km up her sleeve until some of the other e-bike riders who were almost on flat batteries! This group road until the sports club where I had had my first coffee and then had a lunch break and rest there for about 45 minutes before then heading on for another 15 or 20km to the boat club for a hot chocolate. Entertainingly David’s bike almost fell into the Rhine but was saved at the last minute which was good as he therefore did not have to walk the last 10 or km’s. Pressing on they made good time to the meeting point, but then had to wait for over an hour for the boat to turn up! Finally it showed – another “double parking” episode behind a more swanky boat…. Waiting, waiting waiting … until Bob did the aged, infirm, geriatric routine and we were allowed to board via their fancy lobby.
    Final briefing over and then the “Captain’s Dinner” which was about 5 courses and very filling. And then we had the Ghostriders final briefing – it was while Doug was having a very public and embarrassing “go” at Diane for not wearing a helmet that I realised that I had not seen my wallet for some time… I then proceeded to tear my bags and cabin apart looking for it – I recalled having it after I bought the bun in Basel, but not after that. Searching to no avail I came to the horrid realisation that I had either left it in the square or it had been pick pocketed. The upshot of this was a late-night visit to the police station and even later night calls to the card providers to block the cards – now I have Mastercard but no direct access to cash!! Fantastic!!
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  • Day67

    Basel/Zurich - Transit

    October 6, 2015 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Our train towards the exciting town of Thalwil (more on that later) took us through Basel and Zurich (with time at each thanks to frustrating train bookings). Unfortunately, the rain prevented much in the way of exploring, so we just saw this weird church with pyramids in Basel and whatever we could see from the train station in Zurich (this museum/castle and a river).Read more

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Basel, بازل, Basilea, Горад Базель, Базел, বাজেল, པ་སེལ།, Basilej, Базель, Βασιλεία, Bazelo, Bâle, Bâla, Bāsel, בזל, Bázel, Բազել, バーゼル, ბაზელი, 바젤, Basilia, Bazelis, Bāzele, बासेल, Bazel, Basilèa, Bazylea, Basileia, Bazilej, பேசெல், บาเซิล, بازیل, Baxiłea, 白才尔, באזעל, 巴塞尔

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