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  • Day6

    First Official Sightseeing in London

    December 19, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    I started the day at the Household Cavalry Museum. Amongst the displays were various, original uniforms which not only told the story of the garments but also the actual soldier to whom they had belonged.

    From a viewing area I was able to watch these very special squaddies prepare their extraordinary mounts for the morning's interchange.

    The cavalry horses, usually Warmbloods, are huge and I would not have been able to reach their wither.

    There is a ceremonial change over in the courtyard behind the stables before they head off at a fast trot to the Palace.

    A short walk past the heavily secured back entrance to No.10 and onto the Churchill War Rooms. The series of underground bunkers was left virtually intact when abandonded as soon as the war ended.
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  • Day10

    From West, to South, and North to London

    October 14, 2012 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 43 °F

    We've had a long day of travel, interspersed with prehistory and food. We got out of Glastonbury a little late, which meant we were behind schedule before we even started. Tossing care aside, we drove to Stonehenge to take in the prehistoric site. Although Avebury, where we visited a few days ago, is 16 times larger, Stonehenge is more imposing because of its size and remains. It is the only rock circle that still has "lintels" or horizontal stones spanning the tops of the rocks standing vertically. The stones used here are also larger than the remaining ones at Avebury. Of course no one really knows what Stonehenge was for, but it is a perfect calendar, keeping track of the days and months of the year with great accuracy.

    In a race to get the car rental returned on time, we hit the gas and pointed the car to the east. We quickly popped into Lewes to grab our bags from Amy's house, as well as the two dogs. Actually the dogs invited themselves, getting into the car while the doors were open. They are so sweet, we couldn't ask them to stay home. The five of us drove south to Brighton, did a few circles (and that's WITH the GPS), finally arriving at our destination. We were a little late but they were gracious and didn't charge us another day's fee.

    We had a wonder lunch at a local French place, before departing from the train station. We hugged, kissed, and bid farewell to Amy and the dogs, whose bus was leaving shortly. It was wonderful to spend time with her, so we were sad to be leaving. I think we could have easily spent a month in Lewes, entertained every day by the simplest things. However, it was not to be on this trip. Instead, Kim and I boarded the train north to Victoria Station, where we will be spending a day in London tomorrow. It's a short visit to a huge city. We'll see the requisite sites and travel up to Manchester for the next, and final, chapter of our trip: the Lake District.
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  • Day2

    Horse Guards Parade

    June 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Am Ende der Straßensperren sind wir an einem großen Platz angekommen auf dem einige Pferde standen. Da wir nicht sicher waren, was das alles ist und ob bereits alles vorbei war, hatten wir einige Zeit gewartet. Im Internet haben wir dann herausgefunden, dass diese Parade die Ablösung der Soldaten des Buckingham Palace darstellt. Die Wachen die ihre Schicht bereits hinter sich hatten, stellen sich den Wachen gegenüber, die ihre Schicht antreten. Nach ca. 20 Minuten, reiten die einen dann Richtung Palast und die anderen Richtung Ställe, wo sie dann ihre wohl verdiente Pause antreten können. Als die ‘‘frischen‘‘ Soldaten Richtung Buckingham Palace geritten sind, sind wir diesen Richtung St. James‘s Park nachgegangen. Am Eingang sind wir auf das Guards Memorial gestoßen, ein Denkmal für die gefallenen Wachen und Offiziere des Königshauses zwischen 1914 und 1918.Read more

  • Day3

    Around London

    September 17, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Day 3. Started the day with a nice breakky. Today is Monday so we left at 9:30 to avoid London's rush hour. We caught the bus to Picadilly Circus, our first stop. Somehow I have to agree that travelling by bus is much better as we got to see the city, this especially true in London's double deckers. Ok now at Picadilly, not that many people around but nice to walk along, it is some sort of mini Times Square in NYC.

    From here another quick bus trip to Green Park and then to Buckingham palace, just on time for the change of guards. Although from the distance as the place was really crowded.

    We didn't get into the palace (we are not into royalty stuff) and the walk along the "Mall" to Trafalgar Square where we had lunch. We spent part of the afternoon here and then went back to the hotel for a quick

    In the evening we took a bus tour to see the city at night. Quite entertaining but the jet lag was still playing with our heads...
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  • Day11

    A quick tour of London

    October 15, 2012 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 52 °F

    We decided that a hop on, hop off bus tour of London would be the most efficient way to see the important sites. We started at Victoria Station and discovered that the hotel we stayed in last night was in a very posh district. We weren't terribly surprised, as we had noticed an inordinate number of BMWs, Jaguars, Mercedes, and even a Bentley. We also found out that we stayed on the same street, a block down from 180 Ebury, the location where a little 8 year old boy wrote his first symphony-Mozart. Apparently the rock opera, Tommy, was also penned in this neighborhood.

    Our first hop off was at Buckingham Palace, where I was surprised to learn that the coat of arms included a unicorn. The palace is enormous, probably to accommodate all the tourists. This was definitely the busiest place we've been on our whole vacation. There was no queen, and we missed the changing of the guards, as that happens on the even days of October. Rats!

    We swung by Westminster Abbey, which is an impressive structure. We didn't pay the $20+ to go into the Abbey but opted for the free church of St Margaret next door. We enjoyed reading the crypt markers, and we're pretty sure we stepped on Thomas Payne. Our paths continue to cross. Big Ben and Parliament are right next door and preceded our drive by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Tower Bridge.

    We hopped off again at St Paul's Cathedral where we ate at a nearby shop. St Paul's is where Charles and Lady Di were married, which surprised me, since I thought that was at Westminster Abbey. Personally, I would have chosen the Abbey, and I would have chosen someone other than Charles. Winston Churchill was also married here, as well as mourned here during his funeral service.

    Trafalgar Square did not disappoint for souvenirs. You can purchase anything with the Union Jack at the surrounding stores. For example, you could get a coffee mug, boxers, pencils, ties, lunch boxes, tea tins, and condoms all proudly displaying British pride. We gathered a handful of items, plus a couple of Olympic 2012 tees, then hopped back on. We finished out the tour passing by several monuments and memorials. My two favorite were the Women in War memorial. It was a large block of stone with coat hangers all around the top, with women's working gear hanging from the pegs. My other favorite was the Animals of War memorial. A variety of animals are seen chipped into the front of this stone monument, wearing their implements of war. For example, the beasts of burden are pulling carts, while dogs are sniffing out trouble. On the other side of the wall are free standing, stone-carved animals that are free from the shackles of war duty. Full sized statues of a horse and a dog prance peacefully away from the memorial.

    The bus dropped us off at Victoria Station again, where we returned to the hotel to collect our bags. We rode the tube to the train station, where we travelled a couple hours to Manchester. We are settled in for the evening and will pick up Anhgus from the airport before 0800 tomorrow. The three of us will drive together to the Lake District, where we will meet up with Nick and Barbara. Ciao for now!
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