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    • Day21

      Auf Reede vor Houston

      June 10 ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Bevor es in den Ersten Hafen in den USA ging, mussten wir 3 Tage vor Anker warten.
      Nach Feierabend ging es zum Fischen auf die achterne Manöverstation. Neben ein paar kleinen Thunfischen, die sehr lecker waren, hat auch ein Hai gebissen.
      Haken, Gewichte und Stahlvorfächer mussten wir uns vorher selber bauen.
      Delfine haben auch mal vorbeigeschaut.
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    • Day70

      Happy Birthday to me!

      March 24 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      I had such a great birthday! 🎂🎉Fun surprises from the crew, both outside and inside my room. And a fantastic dinner with 7 friends.🤗
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      Now when you say surprises outside AND inside your room, what are you exactly trying to tell us or are we to guess? [TOB]


      Ha ha. Not sure what you are thinking! 😂I mean the balloons and happy birthday sign, along with a glass of champagne delivered to my door.


      lol lol lol, I figured that was what you meant [TOB]



    • Day64

      Day 63 - Please Take A Seat

      June 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      It was a struggle to get up this morning, Jackie forced me out into of bed at 9.30am, just so we could get a MaccyD breakfast.

      Shortly after 10am we were on the road, heading east on Texas 21 towards Bastrop, we found a McDonald’s 15 minutes before the breakfast deadline. We had our usual, then followed 21 through Bastrop, Paige, Lincoln, Caldwell, Bryan & the Texas 30 to Huntsville.

      About 1.30pm we arrived at our intended destination, the Texas Prison Museum. We paid our $7 admission, then entered the museum. The highlight was ‘Old Sparky’, the actual electric chair that has terminated the life of 361 prisoners between 1924 & 1964. Texas still has the death penalty, but now they use lethal injection. Incidentally, prior to 1924, they hung their prisoners.

      Today, Death Row for Texas prisoners sentenced to death are currently held held at the TDCJ Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas. On the eve of their execution, the condemned prisoners are transferred to ‘The Wall’ at The Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, where they have their ‘Last Meal’ before being executed.

      The Texas Prison system has had numerous famous & infamous prisoners including John Wesley Hardin, a notorious gunfighter; Huddie Ledbetter, better known as musician Leadbelly, Juanita Phillips aka Candy Barr, an infamous Showgirl & Clyde Chestnut Barrow, one half of the notorious Bonnie & Clyde.

      Clyde had been incarcerated in Eastham State Farm, but hated it so much that he returned with Bonnie & attacked the Prison to release some of his acquaintances. In this escape attempt, a warden was killed. This effectively signed Bonnie & Clyde death warrant, because the Texas Prison System General Manager hired former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer & a crack team of Lawmen to find & dispose of Bonnie & Clyde. They did on the 23rd March 1934 during an ambush near Gibsland, Louisiana in a hail of bullets. Memorabilia, including a gun owned by Bonnie Parker, were on display.

      It was a fascinating & interesting museum, with lots of other information, particularly about the lives & woes of those who were executed at the Prison. The Texas State Penitentiary also used to host it’s own Rodeo. A video showed some film footage, which revealed it to be more like a chaotic bullfight with prisoners trying to grab bags of money from between the bulls horns.

      As we left the museum, the sky blackened. We drove in to Huntsville & to the ‘The Wall’ Penitentiary to witness exactly where Texas prisoners were executed. As we pulled up the heavens opened, was this a sign? We discreetly took a couple of photos despite signs warning against it.

      We were planning on staying at Huntsville for the night, but the motels just weren’t doing it for us, Instead we made the executive decision to drive to Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico, which was less than 2 hours away.

      After driving in & out of Houston on it’s ring road, we arrived in Galveston around 6.00pm. Jackie had identified a potential motel, the Beachcomber Inn. We drove into the car park & decided that it was acceptable & good value!! We booked it on Booking.com,

      We decided to have a cruise along the Seawall Boulevard, as always with our hood down. It was pleasant until some tw*t of a boy-racer sped past us & shouted “Go back to California”. Singlehandly, he made our mind up for us, we wouldn’t be staying more than a night here in Galveston. Anyway, the beach was not our cup of tea, it is too big, too brown, full of squawking seagulls & pelicans & full of Americans. Jackie also thinks she got shat on by a seagull!

      We cruised back to our motel, checked-in, then went out. We strolled to the end of Galveston’s 61st Street Fishing Pier where we bought a beer & sat & looked back to the shore. We could have been in Blackpool, except the temperature was still in the high 90s even at 8.00pm.

      After we visited Tortuga Mexican Kitchen for a decent dinner & a couple of beers, before calling it a day.

      Song of the Day - ‘97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem.

      Bonus Song of the Day :-

      Death Penalty by Domestic Dominion
      Sit Down by James
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      Susannah Reid just did a 2 part documentary on Huntsville - fascinating in a morbid kind of way!! xx

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Angela, if it’s possible, would you please be kind enough to record it. Thank you xxx

    • Day64

      Day 64 - Houston, We Have A Problem.....

      June 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

      Before anyone says anything, I know that that is not the correct phrase uttered. The actual words were “Hey Houston, we’ve had a problem here”, which was said by James A. Lovell, Jr aboard Apollo 13 after an explosion in an oxygen tank disabled the spacecraft.

      My title refers to the fact that it is our 24th Wedding Anniversary today & I didn’t have a card or present, luckily nor did Jackie!

      The weather was appalling, which lent itself to the perfect Song of the Day - Island in the Rain by The Men They Couldn’t Hang, which was one of our wedding songs. But it is not.

      Lastly I looked at the local news & discovered that over the weekend, 2 children had died in Galveston in separate incidents, but both died as a result of being left in cars in the blistering heat. Nice place!!

      We got saturated loading up the car & then headed back towards Houston & to the Space Center (Even NASA can’t spell Centre properly!). Upon arrival at the Space Center it was still pouring down & we got soaked again running to the entrance. Inside I enquired about the NASA App that you could download & ended up speaking to an employee with a strong Scottish accent, who emigrated from Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Another employee also approached us & tipped us off to take the 2 tours as soon as possible, because they got busier & busier.

      We took her advice & walked straight on to the tram for the Mission Control Center & Rocket Park. The tram took us around the NASA complex, pointing out what each of the buildings specialised in. We stopped at the Mission Control Center Building & were taken to a viewing gallery of an actual Mission Control Center. It is one of just five MCCs used by NASA & this one was actually being used by students in their 5th year of training, being put through their paces. When they successfully complete the course, they will be flying the International Space Station.

      We had a NASA employee provide us with an overview of the different roles within the MCC & he explained that we were looking at the ‘gold standard’ MCC. It would soon actually be used for Project Orion, the Space Mission to Mars.

      The tram then continued around the NASA complex, stopping at Memorial Grove for a moments silence for the astronauts killed in service. A tree had been planted for each one of them.

      We were then dropped off at Rocket Park, which had a couple of rockets outside, but the highlight was in a massive building. It was an actual Saturn V Rocket, it was due to go into Space, but didn’t due to funding being rescinded in 1973. Saturn V was the biggest Rocket ever made & was the Rocket that took man to the moon. It was enormous, 363ft long & weighed 310,000 lb.

      We took the tram back then queued for the next tour, the Astronaut Training Center. We got lucky & didn’t have to wait too long for the next tour. This tour took us into a huge building where there were mock ups of all transportation & capsules that an astronaut might have to work in. It had weightless frames, robots & all sorts of other things that astronauts had to train with.

      After this tour, we went through an exhibition all about the Space Shuttle, then we went into the interiors of the NASA Boeing 747 & the Space Shuttle, which sits on top. It was fascinating & there were films explaining how they managed complete this incredible engineering feat.

      We watched several other films, including the moment & reaction when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after take of & looked at numerous other displays. Unfortunately Jackie’s attention span lasts only about 4 hours, so after 5 & a half hours we called it a day. The Space Center was much better than we had expected & the what seemed quite hefty admission fee of $29.50, turned out to be good value. It was a very enjoyable visit & another highlight of our trip.

      The plan was to drive east for a couple of hours & find somewhere to stay for the night. We had provisionally identified the town of Orange as a place to stay. However when we got to Orange, we discovered it to be a Port town & a bit scruffy. We looked at the Motels & they were full of road workers with pickup trucks. We didn’t stop.

      We continued east into Louisiana & to the small town of Vinton. It had a Motel that seemed ok, but the few restaurants only sold burgers or Mexican, neither of which we could stomach again just yet.

      So on we went to the dubiously named town of Sulphur. It is still a town full of road workers, but we checked in to the Baymont Inn, paying $11 less than the receptionist quoted us. After a paper cup of wine in our room, we walked along the grass verge of the main road to the Hong Kong Chinese Buffet. We had the $13 eat all you can buffet with a vat of Coke, they didn’t sell alcohol. We know how to celebrate!!

      It was interesting to now hear a distinctly different American accent, before it was the Texan Twang, now we are hearing the Louisiana Drawl. In the restaurant, we overheard a white man, or ‘cracker’ as they are derogatorily known, on the phone negotiating to sell his freezer full of meat including a whole ‘Gator. It feels like we are in a different country & not one that is often visited by English people, particularly in Sulphur!

      Song of the Day - Astronaut by Professor Green.

      Bonus Songs of the Day :-

      Island in the Rain by The Men They Couldn’t Hang
      Space Oddity by David Bowie
      Life on Mars? by David Bowie
      Space by New Model Army
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      Happy Anniversary. Px

      Simon and Jackie Annals

      Thanks Pam xx

    • Day78


      November 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      We stayed for 3 glorious days in Wimberly, in the Texas Hill country, with kind friends. We ate Real Texas Barbecue, visited an olive orchard, swam in the Blanco River, and had a tour of President Lyndon Johnson’s ranch (known as the “Texas White House” because he spent a lot of time working there.) I never realized how much Lyndon Johnson and his wife “Lady Bird” did for social policy in the US — pro-education, anti poverty, pro-environment, implementing desegregation. It was fascinating.

      We then made a last stop in Austin for an electric bike tour around Lady Bird Lake. I really liked having that extra battery power to zip me up the hills when needed. It was almost like having Jabba or Boots attached by a harness — when they see a rabbit — super-charged.

      Then we drove south to the Gulf of Mexico, to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This whole Gulf Shore was clobbered by Hurricane Harvey in August, and has not completely recovered. But the migrating birds from the north have returned as usual, including the Whooping Cranes. They were magnificent. Unfortunately our binoculars were lost earlier on this trip, so we had to make do with our own eagle-vision, but there are high platforms with good views of the habitat — coastal plains where there were 20 - 30 of the tall gawky white birds staring in the water in groups, fishing, occasionally lazily taking off and gliding around. In the background, pelicans circled and dove for fish in the shallow ocean beyond the swamps. We saw many other birds including vultures, gulls, hawks, herons, and egrets.

      After Aransas, we carried on to Galveston Texas on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a beautiful long white sand beach protected by a sea wall built after a hurricane in 1900 wiped out the city entirely. It is also a site with lots of oil tankers and rigs off shore. The Gulf water is and clear and clean, and about as warm in November as Malagash water in August. I swam for a short while but was a bit cautious of the strong surf with no life guards — I have great respect for the power of the ocean.

      Today we drove East to Louisiana, and are staying in Lafayette which apparently has great Cajun food and music. We are heading out for the evening to find out for sure.
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      Gorgeous photograph of the Blanco River! I am really enjoying following your travels, and reading your descriptive narratives. Thank you for taking us with you, Caty!! XO


      Remember, you can always tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile based on whether they will see you later or in a while.


      Me too Caty is a brilliant writer!


      True, but you have to be careful. "See you later, alligator" is actually being spoken by the cocodile, and "In a while, corocodile" is being spoken by the alligator. So it is the alligator that will see you in a while, and the cocodile that will see you later. The rhymes don't match the animal, as one might assume.

    • Day26


      April 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Ostern einmal anders. Leider gibt es hier keine Feiertage, wie wir es aus Deutschland kennen. D.h., am Karfreitag (Good Friday) und Ostermontag ist ein "normaler" Arbeitstag. Daher blieb nur das super sonnige Wochenende. Am Samstag ging es zum Terrain Race, aber nur zum Zuschauen. Unglaublich wie viel Spaß & Freude die Leute beim Rennen durch den Schlamm ausstrahlen. Im 30-Minuten-Takt durften die vielen - sehr vielen - Läufer starten; hat leicht etwas mit Massenabfertigung zu tun. ^^ Anschließend wurde am eigenen Pool gechillt (Wasser war leider noch zu kalt) und der erste Sonnenbrändi war da. Zur Feier des Tages (Ostersonntag) gönnten wir uns ein Frühstück bei "Toasted Yolk Café" - Pancakes mit Blaubeeren. Danach ging es Richtung Galveston Island. Dort schauten wir uns die verschiedenen Badespots an und schlenderten an der Strand- Promenade entlang.Read more


      Definitiv nur Urlaub 😅🎊


      Tzzz! Unter der Woche hart arbeitende Praktikantin 😜 Wochenende = Super-Touri 🤓

      Raphael Wildegger

      Hat sicher ned geschmeckt oder?


      In der Not und so.. Aber ja, mit nem Büble nicht zu vergleichen.

    • Day35


      December 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

      Huui, Autofahren in Texas ist wie an einer Gratiswurstverteilung: es wird gestresst, gedrängelt und keiner hat Geduld. Vorallem bei Houston wars anstrengend. Stau hatten wir auch, vermutlich aufgrund des Transportes von 2 Mobile-Häusern auf der Strasse. Jedenfalls bin ich 6 Stunden gefahren mit einer Pause und 1x tanken:-). Dafür mit toller Cajun- und New Orleansmusik in den Ohren und ab und zu Radiostimmen zum Thema: "Jesus loves you" & "Danksagungen an die Soldaten for keeping America safe und ein Rabattangebot auf ein Auto". Und es ist wärmer hier als noch in Natchez. Hier sind wir nur kurz, am 15.12 gehts weiter nach San Antonio...Read more


      Sind die süss!


      Auf dem Weg in die Schule?


      Danke für die - meist - lustigen Reiseberichte wie eben dem Gratiswurstessen in Texas. Momentan seid Ihr wohl unterwegs nach San Antonio. Händs warm det und mitenand! Liebe Grüsse (es hat soeben gehagelt) aus Zürich.

    • Day18

      Lafayette - Galveston Island

      May 14, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Bei bestem Wetter fuhren wir heute zu unserem letzten Hotel auf der Reise.
      Die nächsten zwei Tage sind wir direkt am Golf von Mexiko auf Galveston Island.
      Deshalb ging es auch sofort nach unserer Ankunft ins Meer 😀 und dann ab auf die Sonnenliege.
      Morgen haben wir dann auch noch den ganzen Tag zum entspannen bevor wir Donnerstag Nachmittag zurück nach Deutschland fliegen.
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      Genießt die letzten Tag bei endlich schönen Wetter und habt einen guten Heimflug <3


      geil *g* von Tom Hanks persönlich eingeschenkt :)


      So ungefähr! Und man kann den Boden des Bechers anmachen, dann hast du Discolicht unter dem Ding 😀😀


      Disco Disco...hast den Becher mitgenommen?

    • Day19


      May 15, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Nach einem kurzen Bummel und Frühstück in der historischen Altstadt von Galveston haben wir den Rest des Tages am Strand und Pool verbracht.
      Zum Abendessen ging es zu Killians BBQ in der Nähe von Houston.
      Angeblich gibt es dort das beste BBQ von Texas und einige sagen sogar der USA.
      Für uns war es jedenfalls das perfekte und verdammt leckerste letzte Abendessen in unserem USA Urlaub 😀

      Morgen Mittag geht es dann zum Flughafen in Houston und zurück mit dem A380 nach Deutschland.
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      Guten Heimflug und sehr schade, dass es schon vorbei ist... hab gern eure Reise lesend begleitet


      Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen... Ihr solltet öfter Urlaub machen, haben wir alle was von ;)


      was für ein Smoker eh, geil


      Danke 😀 Vielen Dank für die Treue Leserschaft 😉

    • Day145

      Galveston & NFL kamp

      October 16, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      I dag skulle vi pakke sammen og forlade luksus-skibet Liberty of the Seas. Vi var ca. 4 timer senere i havn end planlagt, fordi vi måtte sejle retur til Cozumel og sætte en syg passager af efter vi ellers havde forladt øen. Men det betød kun at vi havde lidt mere tid til en lækker morgenmad og til at pakke og så kunne vi endda sove længe. Lige som med indtjekning tog det også en rum tid med udtjekning og immigrationen i USA. Vi fandt vores bil og havde besluttet at tage ned og se lidt af Galveston inden vi forlod øen for at tage til Houston.
      Vi kørte ned til en af de længste havnepromenader i verden og her så vi Pleasure Pier, vi gik en tur langs promenaden og fik en dejlig frokost på Bubba Gump.
      Vi tog på sightseeing med Duck Tours som er kombineret køretur og sejltur - altså et køretøj der kan begge dele. På denne tur så vi lidt mere af promenaden mod den Mexicanske Golf, sejlede en tur i bugten og så lidt af den historiske del af Galveston samt downtown. En fin tur. Vi havde overvejet en delfintur, men vi havde allerede set nogle stykker fra krydstogtskibet, så vi sparede denne.
      Vi fortsatte mod vores motel i Houston, tjekkede ind og fortsatte til Amerikansk fodboldkamp på det kæmpe NRG Stadium med plads til ca. 80.000 tilskuere. Houston Texans spillede mod Indianapolis Colts. Der var meget forskellig underholdning og det var en fed kamp. Texas så ud til at tabe så folk begyndte at gå inden kampen var færdig. De trofaste tilskuere blev belønnet for deres tålmodighed, for Texas kom stærkt igen i sidste minut og vandt kampen i overtiden. Fantastik stemning, desværre med et halvtomt stadium, men så var det selvfølgelig lidt lettere for os at komme ud af stadium igen, så det var ikke så ringe.
      Dagen var super god, meget varm og der var en del højdepunkter, men også en del ventetid. Dagen får 4 stjerner.
      Roadtrip: I dag: 55 miles - i alt: 775 miles
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