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  • Day5


    August 10, 2017 in the United States

    We just had breakfast at the buffet and are now righting our blog for yesterday at the Houston science museum and I had the best time of my life petting stingrays and seeing dinosaurs skeletons and going in a Chevy suburban and it was massive my family and I are so happy still and I had no sleep at all I just want to get to the hotel and go to sleep with no one else except me on the couch aka my bed (i sleep ed on the couch as my bed)okay I'm tired of tapping the screen so much so I'm just going to end this here I hope you guys enjoyed my longest blog ever on this and I hope this intertans you and I'll see you in the next blog byeRead more

  • Day5


    August 10, 2017 in the United States

    We went to the mall and it was huge you could fit 3 or 4 bayfiars I KNOW RIGHT but the one thing that caught my eye is the best thing ever I could even emagian it's called splatter balls stupid but awesome at the same time I know I know I'm crazy but there fun to play with what's in side them? Water that's the answer to the question and the right way and how to pop it is by screeching it or twisting it too much I got to go see you especially you jimmy and I have something for you at the end of the blogs ok bye DAY 5Read more

  • Day1

    Our Houston Home

    August 13, 2016 in the United States

    After living in Texas for 7 years, it was sad to leave so many great friends and memories, but exciting to start something new! How better to start our new adventure than a quality road trip together with all of our junk packed in the back of a 26 foot diesel Penske truck. Thank you Shell for our first jobs, our first time meeting each other, and the sweet trucker gear!

    Fun Facts:
    The Penske horn is almost as intimidating as a Honda Civic.

    The truck is governed at 71mph. Averaged 9mpg over the trip.
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  • Day6


    August 11, 2017 in the United States

    Today we have nothing planned today so I guess it's gonna be like being at home but a little better here. We were going to pick up the camper but it's not ready yet. When Jared and I woke up we started to watch tv and that's all we are doing right now (9 am) so I'll see you later today. Wow it was not what I thought we did some stuff not that interesting but still. We went to Walmart and got Aaron some clothes and I got a fidget spinner. The camper wasn't ready so after a bit we went to the camper people and got a hotel for us that's all I remember so I'll see you laterRead more

  • Day0


    May 7 in the United States

    I am so in love with this life!
    Looking back what I experienced for the past 10 months leaves me speechless!

    While writing this I am in the airplane flying back home to NYC after having spent 4 lovely days in Houston. My energy level is back to 100%! The first breath I took in Houston made me feel like I am on holidays since a week or so.
    Houston belongs to the State of Texas. It really is close to Mexico and one can certainly feel it. There is mexican food or as they call it "texmex" everywhere. The weather was just perfect, people are so happy and friendly and there is latino music everywhere. Where in other parts of the US they say you guys or you all, in Texas you just say y'all! Very funny to hear it that often and not in a hilarious but serious way!
    The reason why I went to Houston was because Annamarie got married. They organized an amazing wedding which lastet almost 18 hours. Even tough I was alone and basically only knew 5 people of more than 200 invitees, I felt like I knew these people all my life. The so called "Swissies" fraction was so nice and welcomed me with open arms as a new member of their group. All the mexicans and americans were really nice too and so much fun!
    Annamarie looked so beautiful in her wedding dress that when she appeared in the church I could not help it but shed a few tears. The ceremony was not like something I have ever seen before, (despite maybe the Mexican wedding of Elio and Patricia, when a phone was ringing and after like 2 minutes, the priest figured out it was his own) the priest made one joke after the other; his best one was probably that he would like to meet all the single ladies after the ceremony because he is (obviously) still single himself.
    His three advices to Annamarie and Chuy were the three following:
    1. Communication
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Make babies

    Even in his three recommendations for the marriage he could not stop being funny, he insisted that the newly weds start making babies as soon as possible. The whole crowd was laughing.
    This funny start of the wedding guided us through the whole day.
    The next part was: saddle up on your bikes and start pushing the pedals. Almost 70 bikers in total made a 30 minutes drive through the streets of Houston to A&C's home to the Apéro. The whole bike parade was accompanied by music, cars and lots of laughter.

    At the Apéro they served Tacos and I finally learned the real difference between a taco and a burrito. It is just a size difference. If you can hold it in one hand it is a taco and if you need both hands it is a burrito. Voilà, now we know it!

    After the Apéro was Siesta time, some of us were taking it literally and took a nap, others like me went for coffee.
    At 6pm it was again time to go on our bikes. This time though it was a much longer ride than expected, the crowd sized down to about 30 people. We paddled along the "river" Bayou and embraced a beautiful scenery of Houston.
    Arriving at Annamarie's aunts house, the party started. Lots of eating, dancing, drinking, talking, playing games etc. I felt so comfortable that I even showed my DJ skills that I practiced in a few bars in Florence back in the days and played some real Swiss German music. We had a blast until the police came to tell us to shut the music. But as Annamarie said: it ain't no good party without the police coming!
    The party was still going on and a few of us even jumped in the pool. Guess who joined the group? ;-)

    On Sunday I was the honoured one who was invited for Sunday Funday with only the close ones of Annamarie and Chuy. We reflected the whole wedding and laughed all over again. We ate craw fish which was originally eaten in Houston went over to Vietnam, where the spicy sauce was added and is now back in Houston where it is a traditional dish - still with all the spicy sauce added in Vietnam. It is super delicious but a ton of work until you opened it and can actually eat it.

    Today I drove down south to the Galveston beach. I really enjoyed it and could reflect all the memories from the past 5 intense weeks.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  • Day65

    Day 65 - Houston, We're Absolutely Fine

    November 11, 2016 in the United States

    It was time to say goodbye to New Orleans. It started with a shock election win, followed by a pre-birthday night involving copious amounts of alcohol, followed by a day of nausea. A regular three day period by anyone's standard.

    We had planned it well as the alcohol had left our system just in time to drive all the way to Houston. A mega six hour drive away. The drive was fine and before we knew it we were tackling six lane roads on the outskirts of the city with merging and exiting lanes joining and leaving the interstate from all sides and angles. We were glad to have reached our hotel for the night. We popped out to a local mall, got a healthy chicken dinner from Chilli's and strolled around for a while. Just the one night here in Houston as tomorrow we were heading to San Antonio.

    Song of the Day:
    Nelly - Ride Wit Me (a Texan and a driving song. Perfect!)
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  • Day16

    Auf dem Meer ...

    February 16 in the United States

    Nun sind wir also auf unserer ersten Kreuzfahrt. Die „Voyager of the Seas“ ist ein Riesenschiff mit unheimlich vielen Passagieren. Vor allem Australier, die hier die Gelegenheit wahrnehmen, mit einer entsprechenden Pauschale beinahe unbeschränkt Alkohol drinken zu können.
    An Bord gibt es praktisch alles: Spielkasino, Wellnessbereich, Fitnessstudio, Minigolf, Kletterwand, Wellenbad, Spielsalon, Hochzeitskapelle, Juwelier, zwei Schwimmbecken, vier Sprudelbäder, Jogging-Track, Unmengen von verschiedensten Restaurants und Bars, ein Theater ...
    Wir haben eine schöne Kabine mir eigenem Aussenbalkon (siehe unten).
    So, und jetzt schauen wir uns noch einen Netflix-Film an.
    Bis bald.
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  • Day23

    Auf dem Rückweg ...

    February 23 in the United States

    Nach unseren Ausflügen auf die Inseln der Südsee sind wir nun wieder auf hoher See auf der zweitägigen Rückreise nach Sydney.
    Das Wetter ist nicht mehr so schön. Es windet stark und der Himmel ist bewölkt. Entsprechend schaukelt auch das Schiff etwas mehr als auch schon.
    Der Witterung entsprechend haben sich die Aktivitäten auf dem Schiff vom Pool-Deck nach innen verlagert: Bingo, Casino, Spielsalon, Tanzstunde, Papierfliegerwettbewerb etc.
    Wir waren wieder einmal im Fitness-Studio, aber lagen vorwiegend auf der faulen Haut.
    Meine Fotoauswahl heute:
    Die Brücke. Vergebens sucht man dort das grosse, traditionelle Steuerrad. Das Schiff wird, wenn nicht auf Autopilot, mit einem Joystick gesteuert. Die Voyager hat sechs elektrische Maschinen, die von einem Dieselgenerator gespiesen werden. Im Normalfall sind aber nur drei Maschinen in Betrieb.
    Das Pool-Deck von oben.
    Die Kapelle, in der bereits zwei Hochzeiten auf dieser Reise stattgefunden haben.
    Und: Frotteetier Nr. 7: ein Affe.
    Bis bald,
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  • Day16

    Wasser, nichts als Wasser ...

    February 16 in the United States

    Unser zweiter Tag auf dem offenen Meer.
    Langweilig wird es uns deshalb nicht.
    Heute Morgen waren wir im Fitness-Zentrum, und dann sahen wir in der Eisarena (!) eine Art Holiday on Ice Show. Hoch professionell.
    Heute Abend ist stilvolle Kleidung im Esssaal angesagt. Wir werden uns die grösste Mühe geben.
    Zu den Bildern. Das erste spricht für sich. Die anderen beiden sind nicht etwa Aufnahmen aus einer Shopping Mall in Sydney. Es ist die Royal Promenade auf unserem Schiff.
    Bis bald,
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  • Day17

    Unser 3. Tag auf dem offenen Meer

    February 17 in the United States

    Wir sind noch immer ein bisschen daran, das Schiff kennenzulernen.
    Heute habe ich eine Tour hinter die Kulissen der Voyager gemacht. Kurz: ein Riiiiiesenbetrieb. 1‘213 Crew-Mitglieder kümmern sich um 3‘514 Passagiere.
    Die Voyager of the Sea wurde 1999 in Dienst gestellt und war damals mit seinen 311 m das grösste Kreuzfahrtschiff der Welt. Diesen Rekord hat es schon lange verloren. Die Harmony of the Seas, das neuste, 25. Schiff der Royal Caribbean, ist 363 m lang und kann 6‘780 Passagiere aufnehmen.
    Für uns ist das Schiff gross genug (!). Ich habe auf jeden Fall noch nie in meinem Leben ein so grosses Restaurant wie den Sapphire Dining Room hier an Bord gesehen.
    Das zweite Bild zeigt eine kleine Überraschung unseres Room Service. Jeweils Abends werden die Betten für das Zubettgehen bereit gemacht. Als wir gestern vom Essen zurück kamen, begrüsste uns dieser Eisbär auf dem Bett. Wohlverstanden mit durch den Room Service aufgesetzter Brille von Beatrice.
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