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Mohave County

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  • Day21

    Apologies for the late 'footprint'. We camped in Lake Havasu last night very much in the wilderness on the Colorado River. It was magical. We swam in the river which was heavenly in the 40° heat! I've never experienced heat like this before. It's so hot and dry it's like standing in an all over body dryer. It's bizarrely not that unpleasant. I struggled more with the heat in the cities.

    The views along our tour guided road trip through California and into Arizona were stunning with the biggest and best views to come today as we arrive at the Grand Canyon.

    The group we're with is small and friendly although Kate and I are the oldest (including the leader!). We decided between us we were going to try as many different oreo flavours as we could. This can only end badly. The adventure got off to an interesting start when we attempted to take an alternative route to a rest stop and found ourselves stuck in the dust. It took the entire group to push the mini bus out. We still think it was probably a thinly disguised bonding exercise!

    I look forward to sharing more photos with you soon.
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  • Day35

    Day 34: I spent my day on the historic Route 66 today.
    First I visited the Grand Canyon Caverns (okay, yesterday wasn't the last part of canyons). Once they found bones of dinosaurs there. The cavern may be the oldest, deepest, darkest, largest and quietest.
    The next stop was Kingman. I'm happy that I spent my night in Seligman. That town is definitely more historical. Kingman is more commercially than historical.
    Afterwards I stayed on the Route 66 and reached Oatman. That town was such amazing! Oatman is an old gold mining town which is crossed by the Route 66. An old town with old shops, saloons, restaurants, ..., that is still alive! One cool thing is that there are wild mules which cross the street and live in the town.
    Then I continued and the ride was just epic! The Route 66 crossed the desert. I had just me, my car, an incredible wideness and country music of course! Just thru the middle of nowhere how they used to say! #lifeisgood #travelingisgood
    After all I got to Lake Havasu and had a look at the Old London Bridge.
    Tonight I decided to book for this and the upcoming night in El Centro a lodge room which is quiet the same price like a campground.

    Grand Canyon Caverns ✔
    Kingman ✔
    Historic Route 66 II ✔
    Oatman ✔
    Lake Havasu ✔
    Old London Bridge ✔
    Illinois ✅
    Wisconsin ✅
    Minnesota ✅
    South Dekota ✅
    Wyoming ✅
    Idaho ✅
    Utah ✅
    Nevada ✅
    California ✅
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  • Day2

    We advanced further into the flight and came upon the Grand Canyon. We had prevaricated on whether to book a plane or helicopter flight before we left the UK, and read reviews of both...I think the reviews were accurate in their view - that it doesn't matter - but wrong in their argument - that either way, the canyon is amazing. What is more true is that no matter which we would have picked, neither does justice to the scale of the canyon...it is simply incomprehensible. The top of the canyon is almost entirely flat and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the land just falls away. The small, winding Colorado river in the canyon base looks so benign from the air and is dwarfed by the canyon it has created. The rock formations and colours were fabulously picked out in beiges, reds, greens and greys and well-lit in the early morning sunshine...albeit causing horrible shadows that made photographing the canyon annoyingly difficult. We followed the path of the Colorado river for much of our flight and get barely made any inroads at all into the vastness of the GCNP. The odd car or helicopter in the landscape helped to add a sense of scale but only fleetingly. We headed back to base with our pilot, Steve, before getting a transfer back to Vegas, achieving all of this before 10am! Time for a nap.Read more

  • Day14

    Departing both Death Valley, and California, we headed for our final destination - a return to Las Vegas. Before we handed back our rental car, after nearly 3000 miles, we had one last stop for a tour of Hoover Dam.

    Due to traffic, we headed down the Lake Mead road instead of the freeway and were treated to wonderful views over this NPS-managed, man-made lake that was a result of the construction of the Hoover Dam.

    The Dam itself, whilst appearing miniscule from the air, is of huge proportions, over 700ft tall and needing more than 3 million tonnes of concrete to create. We toured some of the pipes which carry up to 96,000 gallons of water per second, and the turbines. Outside, walking over the Dam, the intense heat meant touching railings or even stone walls was a game of chicken!
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  • Day12

    Had a super early run to Yavapai Point to watch the sun rise. Back for brekkiie. Then off to say a final farewell to the Canyon from the appropriately named Grand View Point. Probably the best view of the Colorado we've seen. Enjoyed the peace & solitude until a noisy Japanese family appeared. Time to make a sharp exit. The small matter of 250 odd miles to Boulder City & the Hoover Dam. Decided to fill up (the car & us) at Williams - should be cheaper. The freeway junction was before town so we had to make something of a detour. By chance that meant we drove a little of Route 66. Williams was the last town to be bypassed. It was full of Americana looking shops & a Safeway. Stocked up for the journey ahead. Unfortunately the phone satnav wasn't playing ball so distances & arrival times were the old fashioned guestimate. What didn't help was the appalling standard of the motorway surface - pot holes on a motorway is just not safe. This is what you get in a low tax, small state, low investment society. Cruised along, searching for cacti and listening to a popular beat combo from Liverpool. Bizarre world. Made it to the Dam, allbeit with a couple of detours - one scenic outlook and one to try to approach over the dam - don't let you. Did as we were told & faced security, queues for parking & then more security to get in the visitor centre. And the heat!!! Some respite in the centre & jumped the queue with having booked online. Watched a video preaching how heroic it all was & then queued for a lift down to the powerplant. The scale was massive & all the while the subtle vibration of flowing water being channelled beneath. Battled the heat to get some photos outside - both on the dam and from the nearby bridge. The cooling stations dotted around the area helped ensure Liz didn't pass out. Once done - onwards to Boulder City. Hotel had a pool which was good. Did a little washing & it was dry in next to no time. Tea was at a diner that served drinks in the biggest jam jars that existed. Superb food as well.Read more

  • Day14

    Heute stand eigentlich nur fahren auf dem Programm. Wir wollten nach Pahrump Kilometer runterreißen und über die Route 66 und den Hoover Staudamm fahren (und natürlich runterspucken). Im Motel in Flagstaff haben wir ein richtig geiles Frühstück bekommen und das nicht für teures Geld. Also die Nacht am Grand Canyon war die teuerste und sicher nicht die Beste. Keine Frühstück, scheiß Wlan und Fernsehen. Für das Geld eigentlich ne schlechte Leistung. Bestens gestärkt und guter Dinge sind wir dann aus Flagstaff gestartet. Wir sind super durchgekommen und es war nix los auf der Straße. Und wenn wir die Strecke nochmal fahren sollten lieber über den Highway als die Route 66. Das war aus meinen Augen völlig fürn Arsch und ich habe es mir deutlich spannender vorgestellt. Naja abhaken und nicht mehr machen... So gegen 14 Uhr waren wir am Hoover Staudamm und das war der heißeste Ort auf dieser Reise an dem wir je waren. 44 Grad und null Wind oder Schatten oder sonst irgendwas das es erträglicher gemacht hätte. Selbst das Wasser aus den Trinkspendern war warm... Dort habe ich es noch geschafft zu spucken Pauline hätte am liebsten nur geweint aber selbst dafür war es zu heiß. Wir haben dann schnell paar Bilder geschossen und flott wieder zum klimatisierten Auto mit dem wir noch eine gute Stunde weiter Richtung Westen nach Pahrump gefahren. Las Vegas war wieder die Hölle los und es war echt nervig zu fahren. Dann lieber alleine hunderte Kilometer durch die Ödnis. Angekommen sind wir dann nach 320 Meilen in Pahrump bei unserem billigsten Hotel. Das Saddle West Hotel and Casino war unsere Unterkunft. Wir mussten also wieder durch ein Casino zur Rezeption aber was wir auf diesen 20 Metern gesehen haben war der Hammer. Das Durchschnittsalter war gefühlt 93 und ich habe verstanden warum die Sauerstoff in die Casinos Pumpen, nämlich damit die ganzen Rentner ihr Sauerstoffgerät auf dem Zimmer lassen können:D So viele Rollatoren und Rollstühle auf einem Haufen habe ich noch nie gesehen und ihr wisst ich habe mit dieser Materie eigentlich zu tun... Das Zimmer ist auch so groß, dass man mit dem Auto (oder eben dem Rollstohl) drin wenden könnte. Also alles bestens und das sehr billig und als Zwischenstop super geeignet. Vielleicht gehen wir ja später noch zum Bingo um das Klischee von diesem Hotel komplett zu bedienen... Jetzt liegen wir aber erst mal am Pool und entspannen bei ca 38 Grad und ich schreibe dieses Zeilen. Wir werden aber bald wieder ins Zimmer flüchten oder zumindest in einen klimatisierten Bereich da dieses Heiß/Kalt Gewechsel uns beiden nicht so gut tut. Aber nach dem Death Valley durch das wir morgen fahren sind wir ja wieder in Gefilden die Pauline vom Klima her besser gefallen. Und ich freue mich noch Mega auf den Yosemite Nationalpark. Wird bestimmt geil!Read more

  • Day7

    Tatsächlich haben wirs rechtzeitig um 5.50am nach Arizona (wieder in eine andere Zeitzone) zum Treffpunkt für die Tour durch den lower Antelope Canyon geschafft und es hat sich gelohnt. Nach Nevada und Utah haben wir mit Arizona nun auch schon unseren dritten Bundesstaat bereist.
    Die Tour durch den Antelope Canyon war einfach unvergleichlich und wahnsinnig beeindruckend. Nach einer Stunde und vielen krassen Fotos war die Tour dann vorbei und wir sind erstmal frühstücken gefahren und dann direkt weiter zum Grand Canyon. Roadtrip-Feeling ohne Ende sag ich nur 🏜🙌🏼
    - M
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  • Day8

    Auf unserem Weg nach Tusayan (Grand Canyon) fuhren wir direkt am Hoover Dam vorbei, der den Colorado River zum Lake Mead staut und damit die gesamte Wasserversorgung für Las Vegas sichert. Das riesige Wasserkraftwerk ist imposant und einige Fotos wert :) Bei rund 45 Grad schwitzten wir aber gewaltig und flüchteten schnell wieder in unseren mit Sitzkühlung ausgestatteten Fullsize SUV ;-)

You might also know this place by the following names:

Mohave County, ሞሃቬ ካውንቲ፥ አሪዞና, مقاطعة موهاف, Мохаве, মোহাবে কাউন্টি, Comtat de Mohave, Condado de Mohave, Mohave maakond, Mohave konderria, شهرستان موهاوی، آریزونا, Mohaven piirikunta, Comté de Mohave, מוהאבי, Mohave, okrug, Mohave megye, Մոհավե շրջան, Contea di Mohave, モハーヴェ郡, 모하비 군, Mohave Kūn, Hrabstwo Mohave, موہاووے کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Mohave, Округ Мохаве, Mohave Kontluğu, Могаве, موہیو کاؤنٹی، ایریزونا, Quận Mohave, Condado han Mohave, 莫哈維縣

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