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  • Day100

    Route 66: Eine gemütliche Fahrt

    September 19, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute geht es von Gallup nach Santa Fe, wo wir einen Pausentag einlegen. Wir starten zu einer recht humanen Zeit bei eher etwas kälterem Wetter mit bewölktem Himmel, etwas ganz neues für uns. Im Laufe der Fahrt klart der Himmel dann aber recht schnell auf und es geht wieder an die gewohnten 30°, sodass ich mich bei unserer Pause in Albuquerque dazu entscheid mal wieder ohne Jacke weiter zu fahren.
    Keine gute Idee. Ca. 20 Minuten nachdem wir weiter gefahren sind, türmen sich die Wolken auf und der Himmel wird schwarz. Plötzlich fängt das erste Gewitter seit dem Start unserer Reise vor 3 Monaten an. Es ist sogar unser erster Regen in den USA. Und das auf dem Motorrad, herrlich... Im Auto lässt es sich zwar aushalten, aber selbst hier sieht man wegen des Regens so gut wie nichts. Schnell fahren wir die nächste Abfahrt runter und suchen einen Unterschlupf. Leider ist weit und breit nichts zu finden. Wir stellen uns in eine Sackgasse neben dem Highway. Mal wieder haben wir Glück im Unglück und eine ältere Dame hält mit ihrem Camper an derselben Stelle. Sie bittet uns zu sich in den Camper, wo wir vor dem Regen geschützt sind und bietet uns Getränke an. Nach ca. 10 Minuten klart der Himmel wieder auf, wir verabschieden uns von der netten Dame, lassen ihr noch Bier als Dankeschön da und schwingen uns wieder auf die Bikes. Nach 20 Minuten kommen wir durchgefroren und nass bis auf die Knochen am Hotel in Santa Fe an und gönnen uns eine heiße Dusche und ein leckeres Essen beim Mexikaner.
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  • Day16

    Relaxing & Exploring Santa Fe

    November 3, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    After our super long day yesterday we didn't feel like doing much. So we mostly hung around the hotel room and worked, though we did have a couple of hours out to look around Santa Fe. It's got some really interesting frontier-style architecture, a mix of adobe and native styles. Quite cool! Also the highest state capital in the USA.Read more

  • Day7

    Inn on the Alameda

    March 30, 2015 in the United States ⋅

    Three nights booked in a huge room here in Santa Fe- plenty of room to spread out and relax for a few days and even a real fire to light with a supply of logs outside the room. Was pleased to find the birthday fizz and card as requested for Charlies birthday were there waiting for him .

  • Day9

    Santa Fe

    April 1, 2015 in the United States ⋅

    Its Charlie's birthday ! He starts the day with a pretty horrid breakfast , we then go to an art gallery that has the oddest art (why is there a painting of a monkey on a donkey?) We get dressed up for the evening and have cocktails followed by posh burgers:)

  • Day73

    Day 73 - Winter Is Here

    November 19, 2016 in the United States ⋅

    What felt chilly last night was positively cold this morning. With a fresh start to the day we ensured we didn't miss a hot breakfast at the hotel.

    We layered up on clothing and made our way to downtown. We crossed railway tracks on the way in and came across an art market. It was a Saturday and the small market was bustling with what looked like a mix of locals and tourists. Further down the track there was another small market, this time selling local food produce. We grabbed a coffee to stay warm and continued to walk.

    Downtown has the familiar Spanish feel of a town plaza and roads spiralling out from there. The unique adobe architecture, that is a building requirement in Santa Fe, is warm in colour and smooth in nature. Without a right angle in sight, I was reminded of the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. We snaked in and out of the shops in the area and decided on getting lunch at a cafe. Alice had mac n cheese and I had a chicken burger, both were warmly received. Now that we were full, we embarked on discovering a bit of history.

    The New Mexico History Museum has a few floors covering the history of the state as well as temporary exhibitions on varied topics such as cigar boxes. We were interested in the region and we were both impressed with the displays and information covered throughout. The Native American History of the region is covered with artefacts and personal accounts and the Spanish involvement in the area began around 1610, just three years after the Jamestown settlement began and ten before the Mayflower landed. The most important Spanish building in Santa Fe was the Palace of the Governors which was constructed in 1610. The building is still there and is the oldest continuously occupied public building in the United States. As part of the admission to the museum we were also able to walk around the Palace which also had a number of displays and information boards. Back in the museum, other aspects of New Mexico's history were covered including information on the Manhattan Project and the numerous atomic tests that were carried out in the state. It is a revealing and proud museum that is highly recommended. We browsed the gift shops for both the museum and the Palace and then headed home.

    For dinner we went to a local Modern Japanese Restaurant. We both ordered the Teriyaki Chicken that was beautifully presented, although it was basically a grilled chicken breast on top of vegetables with the teriyaki sauce in a small cup next to the plate. That must be the modern twist. It was tasty nonetheless and also a generous serving. We then polished off the jasmine tea and headed home for the evening.

    Song of the Day:
    Beirut - Santa Fe
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  • Day74

    Day 74 - Canyon Road

    November 20, 2016 in the United States ⋅

    Time to go highbrow and enjoy the finer things in Santa Fe.

    Art is available to view everywhere here and the city's reputation is well earnt. There is one road that typifies this tradition and that is Canyon Road. It was a quiet Sunday as we headed to this road, a short walk from our hotel. For art lovers and in particular those who appreciate statues of every style, this road is teeming with walk-in studios and you could spend hours just visiting a fraction of those. The weather was warmer than forecast although just right for strolling and taking photos. We soon came across a handy cafe called the Tea House where we had sandwiches and drinks. They had an impressive list of teas and lived up to their moniker. I was pleased to see flat white on the coffee list and went with that whereas Alice had the mint green tea.

    We then headed back down the street and to the local Wholefoods Store to get food for dinner. Our hotel had a cooker and we were determined to cook and not eat out again. Whilst walking back we passed a milkshake shack, Shake Foundation, and the much under-represented aspect of this blog, the shake bit, needed to be addressed. Alice ordered the chocolate mud shake and she says it was delicious and very thick. The straw however was barely up to the task. We're gonna need a wider straw!

    Dinner was a fish, chorizo and chickpea combo that was expertly cooked of course. We thought about going to the cinema but decided on a quiet night instead.

    Song of the Day:
    The Commodores - Easy (Like Sunday Morning)
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  • Day54

    Breaking Good

    July 9, 2016 in the United States ⋅

    We started the day with an early morning run around the lava field, as you do! Then we cruised on up to Albuquerque and finally started getting out of the
    Chihuahuan desert and into the hills. After the amazing petroglyphs in Texas we had high hopes for Petroglyph National Monument, but were pretty underwhelmed by the 400-700 year old graffiti (we are now petroglyph snobs!) - if you see the photos you will understand...

    The CRAZY driving and Friday night traffic put us off a quick stop off in Albuquerque and we overnight in another really nice public campground in the edge of town which even had its own casita. In the morning we decide to drive the looooong way round to Santa Fe but 15 minutes into the drive up into the massive mountains it said the pavement (aka the road to any 'normal' people) stopped, so we thought Elvis wouldn't thank us for that we bailed and ended up on the Interstate (which we have mostly avoided up to now).

    As we were in the middle of the Texan desert for our anniversary we decided to splash out in Santa Fe and have booked into a hotel (to be honest it cost us $30 as I cashed in loyalty points, but don't tell Jo)! We spent the day meandering through the beautiful old city of Santa Fe, with its amazing adobe buildings, buying lots of native Indian jewellery, and enjoying a few cold ones on a terrace overlooking the main square. Tonight we are having a posh meal out and a night on the town.
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  • Day40

    Santa Fe Baldy

    May 11, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    À Santa Fe je me suis retrouvé au REI, l'équivalent de MEC aux États Unis, pour avoir plus de renseignements sur cette montagne. "C'est une randonnée très difficile", "Il y a beaucoup de neige" M'ont ils disent.

    Ils m'ont vraiment fait peur et mis dans le doute; est-ce que je devrais y aller? Est-ce que ça dépasse mes compétences? Est-ce que je serais me rendre au sommet? Est-ce que je vais mourir?!?!

    C'est grâce au message de Martin (merci Martin!!!) que je suis allé! "Au pire tu retournes de bord!" C'est si simple et il a tellement raison. Il faut essayer et au pire je ne me rend pas, je n'ai rien à prouver à personne.

    Le paysage était magnifique, mais la monté assez ardue. Je me suis rendu jusqu'à la crête, juste avant le sommet. Je m'étais mis une heure limite, si je n'étais pas rendu à 12:30, je tournerais de bord. Ils annonçaient de la neige en après-midi.

    En fin du compte il n'a pas neigé. Mais je ne suis pas du tout déçu de ma journée, même si je ne me suis pas rendu au sommet. Je suis ici pour voir des magnifiques paysages, pas pour prendre des risques, ou pour prouver quoi qu'il soit.
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  • Day39

    Santa Fe

    May 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    C'est en route pour Santa Fe, tout près du village de Las Vegas, que je me suis enlisée dans la boue. Je venais tout juste de décidé que ça ne valait pas la peine de payer pour le camping parce qu'il pleuvait à boire debout et qu'il n'y avait ni eau, ni douche. Tant qu'à rester au Wal-Mart! Mais bon, la vie a décidé autrement.

    En fin du compte les orages on cessé et la boue ses égoutté et le lendemain j'ai pu m'en sortir juste en donnant beaucoup, beaucoup de gaz sans arrêter jusqu'à la sortie. Je suis partie sans payer, shhhh!!! Les rangers n'avaient qu'à venir me voir dans mon champs!!!!

    Je me suis gâté un gros déjeuner à Santa Fe à la place, pour l'inconvénient et le stress ;) Santa Fe est vraiment une ville pas comme les autres. C'est un mélange de cultures; Amérindien, Espagnol, et Américain. Tous les édifices doivent être construit dans un des styles permis (ils se ressemblent tous pas mal). Il y a plein de boutiques de bijoux en turquoise, d'artisans et de galeries d'arts.

    Jusqu'à présent j'adore le Nouveau Mexique, les paysages passe d'un extrême à l'autre en peu de temps!
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Santa Fe County, مقاطعة سانتا فيه, Санта Фе, সান্তা ফে কাউন্টি, Condado de Santa Fe, Santa Fe maakond, Santa Fe konderria, شهرستان سنتافه، نیومکزیکو, Comté de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, okrug, Santa Fe megye, Սանտա Ֆե շրջան, Contea di Santa Fe, サンタフェ郡, 샌타페이 군, Santa Fe Kūn, Hrabstwo Santa Fe, سانٹا فے کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Santa Fe, Санта-Фе, Округ Санта Фе, سانتا فے کاؤنٹی، نیو میکسیکو, Quận Santa Fe, Condado han Santa Fe, 圣菲县

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