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Pipe Creek

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  • Day22

    Apologies for these late posts. I hope no one off-facebook was worried! Thankfully, I did have the foresight to warn Mum and Dad that I'd be a little off radar whilst on my mini tour with Trek America. We are now cruising back along the interstate back to LA and I could not have had a more memorable 4 days.

    Following our night at Lake Havasu we set off for the Grand Canyon South Rim. Michael, our tour leader, presented us with bandanas with which we blind folded ourselves with on arrival at the park and he led us in a ' people train' to the edge of the Canyon - positioning each of us along the railing. I will post a separate footprint containing the video of this as I also want to share a whole host of jaw-dropping photographs with you. Needless to say the 'Grand reveal' was nothing short of breathtaking. The video thankfully doesn't pick up my foul language but I believe swear words were uttered.

    After spending some time taking all the obligatory selfies and photographs along the rim, we went to set up camp for the night. There were thunder storms in the area so we were keen to get the tents up before they hit.

    For those of you that are interested our tour guide taught us an interesting acronym for remembering and understanding how the Canyon was formed. This is DUDE which stands for Deposition, Uplifts, Downcutting and Erosion. I look forward to a more comprehensive discussion with Dad on this with his past geology studies!

    Thunder storms evaded and tents erected we returned to the Canyon rim for the most spectacular sunset I will probably ever see. Not only were we watching the sunset (whilst eating pizza I hasten to add - could it get better?) but we were watching the thunder storms across the other side of the Canyon all desperate to capture the spectacular lightning on camera. Thankfully I have a short video which I will also post separately if you'd like to see. It's quite small but you get the idea.

    Needless to say we were all very happy with our day's experience and there was so much more to come tomorrow!
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  • Day25

    Even though we knew it was going to be beautiful, we never expected this colossal show. We got there at sunset, and it was absolutely breathtaking. As we were leaving the park, 5 deer came up to the car and were so close we could have touched them.

  • Day3

    The altitude quickly rose as we weaved through the mountains on our way to one of the world’s Greatest Grand Wonders. Upon reaching the visitors center, we followed the crowd. Initially, you’re led to a fenced in overlook that truly is less dramatic than I would have liked. But down the hill was an opportunity, white rocks bulged out from the sides of the canyons. If you’re an adrenaline junky with no fear of heights, this is the place for you. If you have a fear of heights and want to grow, here’s your opportunity. Or go paragliding, whichever. A small path cut out for just 2 feet intertwined its way through rocks and trees out to the rock platform. Tempting to hold onto the small trees that can’t guarantee your weight jetting out from the rocks, some balance and planning is necessary. Standing out on this jetted rock looking over the edge to the canyon below is intense. I’m not sure if it’s just me but as I’m sitting there dangling my legs over the edge, trying to clear my mind, I kept thinking about how easy it would have been for someone to push me, accidentally or on purpose. The Grand Canyon is truly something to see. She’s beautifully Grand.
    Hippie Tip:
    There's 13 look offs at the Southern Rim. Venture out!
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  • Day5

    We are staying in a little town outside the Grand Canyon and on our way we decided to take in some Grand Canyon sites and a beautiful sunset at the watchtower lookout 🌄

  • Day1

    Daddy took us and our visitors, Auntie Arlene, Kheem and Grandma Aurea to the Grand Canyon. We parked at Grand Canyon West and took the park bus to several different sites - the Skywalk, old Native American sites, and a really fun old western town.

  • Day109

    Auf dem Weg von unserem "Campplatz" nach Las Vegas lag der Grand Canyon. Eigentlich hatten wir erwartet diesen anfahren zu können mussten aber bald feststellen dass wir mit dem Auto nicht weiter kamen und auch auf eigene Faust hier nichts zu sehen sei. Da wir diesen aber nicht auslassen wollten blieb und nichts anderes übrig als ein Ticket für den Bus zwischen den Stationen und somit auch dem Einlass zu erstehen.

    Stopp eins war ein Wildwestdorf, dass von einem Magier und einer "Gun Show" ohne jeglicher Tiefe, belebt wurde.

    Stopp zwei war der Grand Canyon genauer gesagt Eagle Point wo wir das erste Mal die faszinierende Szenerie bewundern durften.

    Auch beim letzten Halt hatten wir noch einmal die Sicht auf den Canyon diesmal von einer anderen Seite.
    Nach Rückkehr zum Parkplatz ging es weiter Richtung Vegas.

    Als wir ein wenig gefahren waren hielten wir noch beim Hoover Dam an, welcher in den Transformer Filmen vorkam.
    Danach ging es dann entgültig nach Vegas.
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Pipe Creek

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