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  • Day23

    Fall frenzy.

    August 18, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Filled up on all the remaining food. Tidied and dumped the keys in the lock-box. Off to the airport for the final time to pick up our final car. That is if we could negotiate yet another rental procedure. That said the queue looked like being the major obstacle - that and a Hungarian couple insistent on being as long winded as possible. Eventually made it to the front just as a second server came along. Paperwork done & eclipse warnings given - apparently half the world's population were going to be in Oregon - bollocks - something around 2 billion then. We then had to get the car except we had to get a bus there. Our friendly driver Lawerence had a patter which we didn't fit into - first time in Portland, good flight? Etc. On arrival it looked like another queue but thankfully we were shepherded elsewhere. Picked a silver Dodge with cruise control - useful for the long drives. It was only when we got in that it dawned that there was no USB to charge stuff. Oh well - off to the Columbia gorge. First stop Vista House - named because unsurprisingly it had a good view, well to be fair a great view. Onwards & in to the waterfall belt - apparently the highest concentration of waterfalls in North America. First stop was Bridal Falls - nice walk but concerningly busy for an offbeat location. Next stop was Multnomah Falls - normally very busy & if our previous location was to go by it was going to be bad. Little did we know... The approaching road was solid for quarter of a mile (maybe the eclipse gridlock had already started.) Parking was a no go. Pushed on to the next car park, found a space & opted to take a walk - a couple of guys confirmed it to be possible. Turned out to be 2 miles of up & down - hard work. Got there and to be fair the falls were very striking. The crowds of fatties less so. And as for the fudge salesperson... In a country where the customer is king offering a plastic knife when being asked to chop up the fudge doesn't cut it. Back to the car and off to the Bridge of Gods - somewhat oversold & a toll bridge. Not going over the border then. Checked in, washed sandals and then headed out for a Hawaiian BBQ. Nice.Read more

  • Day6

    Hot drive to Cascade Locks

    August 15 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

    Mostly a drive day, with a quick trip to an RV parts store outside of Redmond. Easy replacement of a leaky shower hose, and headed north up through Madras and ultimately Cascade Locks. Last time we were here (with Cindy) it was 2017 and we couldn't stay because of the huge Eagle Creek fire in the gorge. We drove through some awfully dry country Warm Springs) but had views of Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Hood, both with snow on them still. Checked into KOA RV park, got RV AC running, and then drove up highway in jeep to see Multnomah Falls. Due to Covid restrictions all amenities closed in park, but not many in masks since they are all in separate units. Discovering that our little shower is not so bad after all!! And so thankful for AC, and traveling, personal fans....Read more

  • Day12

    Mt. St. Helens - Ape Caves

    June 30, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Heute sind wir zu den Ape Caves gefahren. Das sind unterirdische Lavahöhlen, die 1951 entdeckt wurden und total ursprünglich gelassen wurden. Der Mt. St. Helen ist ein aktiver Vulkanberg, der 1980 das letzte Mal ausgebrochen ist.
    Und jetzt zu unserem Abenteuer:
    Es gibt dort eine lower und eine Upper Tour. Wir entschieden uns für die schwerere Upper Tour. D.h. in totaler Finsternis kletterten wir über Stock und Stein, nein, es waren eigentlich nur Steine. Ärgerlich war, als wir am Ende ankamen, wir bemerkten, dass wir die falsche Tour, also die leichtere, gegangen sind.
    Wir hatten ganz am Anfang den falschen Gang erwischt. Tja, war halt sehr dunkel da!😊
    Elliott und ich wollten aber gerne noch mal die Upper gehen. Da wir für die lower schon eine Stunde brauchten, haben wir uns kurz aufgewärmt, denn die Höhle ist ziemlich kalt, und uns noch gestärkt, so dass wir dann mit neuem Tatendrang die Upper Tour angetreten sind. Jörg wurde überstimmt.
    Ein Ranger hatte mir seine Kopflampe geliehen, weil die im Laden ausverkauft waren und zum Kraxeln war das echt praktisch und ich bin ihm sehr dankbar dafür, denn dieser 1,4 Meilen Tunnel hatte es wirklich in sich. Wir mussten teilweise auf allen Vieren kriechen, weil der Tunnel an der Stelle nur ca. 50cm an Höhe hatte und ehrlich gesagt auch nicht viel breiter war. Der Weg selbst war immer entweder total holperig oder mit riesigen Felsbrocken bestückt, wo wir rüberklettern mussten. Das war für Elliott großartig. Er hatte natürlich auch die beste Kondition von uns allen.
    An einer Stelle ging es aber an einer Wand so steil hoch, wo ich dachte, dass ich das gar nicht schaffe und wie kriegen wir Elliott da hoch? Da Jörg ja der größte ist, konnte er sich relativ hoch festhalten. Elliott habe ich dann von unten hochgehoben und Jörg hat ihn dann von oben hoch gezogen. Die beiden waren so glücklich, dass sie es geschafft haben, dass sie mich irgendwie vergessen haben. D.h. Ich hing dann an der Wand, fand aber dann kein Stück Felsen, an dem ich mich hochziehen konnte und rutschte dann bei dem nassen Stein mit einer Hand ab. Gleichzeitig konnte ich mich bei der anderen Hand nicht mehr lange halten. Da kam wie aus dem Nichts hinter mir eine helfende Hand. Wir hatten vorher keinen gehört geschweige denn gesehen hinter uns. Auf jeden Fall war dieser Ami mein Held des Tages.

    Meine Jungs hatten dann auch ein ziemlich schlechtes Gewissen, aber ist ja noch mal alles gut gegangen. Bei uns weiß man das ja nie so genau!

    Es war ein super tolles Erlebnis für uns alle. Nach dem wir dann 3,5 Stunden geklettert und gewandert sind, hatten wir uns ne Pause verdient.
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  • Day115

    Ring of Fire

    September 8, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    From Rainier we drove south to Mt St Helens. For those of you with short memories this volcano blew catastrophically in 1980 and covered the area with ash and lahars (hot mud slides). Although from the side we were on you couldn't go up the remaining mountain, we got some great views of the missing chunk and the surface of the lake below is still covered in dead tree trunks.

    As I refused to pay the outrageous Washington petrol prices were running on fumes, having already put in the emergency tank, so we freewheeled down to Cougar and lucked out by finding the cheapest petrol for weeks. We then felt confident to tackle the small drive up to Ape Cave, which is actually a lava tube and has nothing to do with monkeys (other than it was the name of the boys club that found them). We've seen lava tunnels in several places around the world but nothing quite like this; 1.5 miles completely underground and in pitch blackness. There was no path or lighting and in several places the roof had caved in, but it was a fun scramble and quite a relief when you saw daylight at the other end. We camped up in a lovely camp site and watched a colourful sunset over the lake.

    The next day we drove over The Bridge Of The Gods and camped next to the river (and the brewery). We even tackled our massive pile of laundry, although technically we spent the afternoon in the pub next door. The lovely little camp site in the middle of town wasn't quite as enjoyable as we had hoped due to the huge freight trains that ran alongside all night.
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  • Day8

    Mt. St. Helens

    June 1, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Vi kørte østpå ind i staten Washington igen for at se vulkanen Mt. St. Helens, som havde sit seneste udbrud i 2008. Den sprang i luften i 1980 og dræbte 57 mennesker. Den lagde et stort område omkring sig øde og ændrede sit udseende markant. Det var meget fascinerende at se vulkanen og høre historien. Jesper købte sin tredje souvenir-pin til sin nye fine rygsæk.
    Vi kørte uden forhåndsbooking til et Motel 6 ved et stort hovedvejskryds. Det var en af de billigste overnatninger, men standarden var også lidt lavere end hvad vi er vandt til, men det var ok. Det var en lang dag og vi skulle bare sove.
    Anden del af dagen får 4 dejlige stjerner.
    Roadtrip: I dag: 284 km - i alt: 1.151 km
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  • Day105

    Mt. St. Helens, Washington

    September 8, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    Mt. St. Helens is so much bigger than I thought it would be! I mean, I understand that it's a huge volcano, but guys... it's a HUGE VOLCANO. We got to see it from the side/profile view, as well as an angle straight into the mouth of the crater. At one of the overlooks, we stopped the car and watched a 20 minute YouTube video about the eruption. It was great being able to look out over the places that they talked about, and really have an understanding of what happened. It was a bit out of our way, but we were so glad we were able to go see it!Read more

  • Day31

    Columbia River Gorge

    October 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We spent the last week wandering around and exploring both sides of the gorge area and nearby Portland. What an amazing area, the views from both sides of the river are stunning. The Oregon side was always a little hazier due to the wildfire that is still actively burning. We didn't see any fire but we did see smoke coming from several areas still. We explored the Guler Ice Caves (caves are the coolest), Mt. Adams and the Conboy national wildlife refuge in Washington. In Oregon we drove around Mt. Hood, hiked LakeTrillium and Mirror Lake and spent a day in Portland visiting Powell's books and Washington Park. Portland was.... interesting. Definitely some unique fashion choices. In this area I preferred the Washington side. Just a little slower and more laid back vibe. Although if you need to do any shopping, most of that is on the Oregon side and you have to travel over one of two toll bridges to get across the river. $1 or $2 depending on which bridge you choose. The Bridge of the Gods is part of the Pacific Crest Trail, very beautiful and convenient and probably the more poplar of the two however it was much more narrow. I think I made an eeek face all the way across.

    Mood Music:
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  • Day2

    Multnomuth falls

    September 13, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    A bad picture from a moving car, but this is Multnomuth falls. We did hike up to the top of it in 2016 spring time. Lovely view, and nice clear pool at the top, but you can't swim in it. Danger of going over the falls.

    They are doing a lot of repair work to the old highway around here and there looked like there had been a forrest fire recently through the area. On the way back home I did goggle that and sure enough there was a fire sept 2017 that didn't get put out till nov 2017. The Eagle Creek Fire. It was started by some young kids letting off fireworks on the labour day long weekend. A15 year old was charged and is to make 35 million dollars repayment......a bit much for a stupid thing that a 15 year old did. ( see here for article ( https://www.cbsnews.com/news/teen-who-started-eagle-creek-fire-oregon-ordered-to-pay-36-million-2018-05-21/ )

    Forests around here, as everywhere along the west coast, have been allowed to over grow and have way too much fuel in the undergrowth. Prior to soooo many people living in the region there would be periodic fires go through. Mostly caused by lightening. But for the past 100 years, any fires would be suppressed by the forrest service. We have the same issues in Canada in BC, Alberta, Northern BC, Saskatchewan etc. When the forests get such a big fuel load, and these days, with climate change and changes in the jet stream leading to longer and drier summers; it doesn't take much for forrest fires to get really big really quick. The gorge is known for its winds and any fire in this area just spreads very quickly. Luckily no one was killed in the 2017 fire, but there was one structure lost. Remarkable for such a densely populated area and such a wind.

    The forrest is regrowing this year and highways is repairing the old highway. The parking lot at Multnomuth was super busy so it hasn't stopped the tourists from visiting!
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  • Day12

    Eagle Creek Campground

    August 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Sweet! This campground turned out to be great! Yes, it's tucked up in the hills next to I-84, but the trees block the highway and it's more just white noise. Great sleeping conditions. ⛺️ 👍🏻

    Patrick headed straight for the dirt!

    Taco Tuesday! 🌮 Life is good!
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Skamania County, مقاطعة سكامانيا, Скамания, স্কামানিয়া কাউন্টি, Kantono Skamania, Condado de Skamania, Skamania konderria, شهرستان اسکمنیا، واشینگتن, Comté de Skamania, Skamania megye, Contea di Skamania, スカマニア郡, Skamania Kūn, Hrabstwo Skamania, سکامانیا کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Skamania, Скамейния, Округ Скамејнија, Скамейнія, سکامینیا کاؤنٹی، واشنگٹن, Quận Skamania, Condado han Skamania, 斯卡梅尼亚县

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