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  • Day5

    War Museum, Ho Chi Minh

    April 6, 2017 in Vietnam

    After a busy few days I decided today was going to be slower paced. Having a relaxing morning catching up with friends and sorting out my next steps.

    Due to it being sunny outside, I made use of the rooftop garden above my hostel and sat up there reading my book and soaking up some sun. However, the heat began to get too much and I decided I would take myself to the War Museum.

    Having been so interested in the war I thoroughly enjoyed this museum, despite the atrocities of the war. I was speechless at some of the activities that went on and thought to myself how man kind could think it's alright to do such terrible things to another human being. The affects of the agent orange and chemicals used by the Americans on the Vietnamese are still causing defects over 40 years later and its likely these defects will continue to be passed down. After finishing at the museum it's safe to say I felt quite emotional and sad having gained such an insight to what the people of Vietnam went through, especially having done nothing to the Americans.

    I got back to the hostel just in time to watch the sunset on the rooftop garden which was beautiful. Then, just as I was heading out for food I met a Canadian girl called Lauren, she invited me out for a beer so said why not. We ended up meeting others and all went out and had a very fun evening. I even met people who I had been with in Cambodia which was a crazy sight! Having had low expectations for a quiet night it became quite the opposite.
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  • Day31

    Sai Gon Sneak peak

    September 12 in Vietnam

    Früh den Bus nach Sai Gon / Ho Chi Minh Stadt genommen. Der war so leer das man sich auf der letzten Bank so riiichtig schön ausbreiten konnte!

    Morgen geht mein Flug nach Phu Quoc daher erstmal nur eine Nacht hier. Da (wie solls auch anders sein) ein paar der Berliner auch hier sind gabs heute ein regelrechtes Cafe hopping. Erstmal Mittagessen an der Street Food Corner danach Ca Phè trinken im Cafe danach in ein Spielekaffee wo einige Stunden Cluedo und Scrabble auf dem Programm standen. Als wir dann daraus gekommen sind war es schon dunkel und Sai Gon leuchtete in aller Pracht. Laute und sehr quirlige Stadt. Fotos mach ich dann wenn ich dann von Phu Quoc wiederkomme und hier länger bleibe. Nach dem Spielecafe nochmal Streetfood gegessen, das war aber leider zu wenig also ging es in einen Food Market. "Asiana".
    Stand neben Stand hat sich da angereit und wir haben uns dann für Octopus Hot Pot entschieden. Sehr Lecker.
    Jetzt aber Schlafen...morgen früh aufstehen.

    Mit dabei: Dani und Marlon
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  • Day62

    Today I'm walking HCMC to see the sites. One of them is supposedly a former CIA location from which people were evacuated out of Saigon via helicopter. It's not the ones in the pics of the big helicopters (dual rotors); that was on top of the US Embassy that no longer exists. However, the current Consulate now stands where the old Embassy used to be. I swung by there earlier. It's always heartlifting to see Old Glory flying, even when your as disappointed in the federal government as I am right now.

    I also went to the War Remnants Museum, which is yet another display of how terrible the US was during the "American War." They have several aircraft, tanks, and pieces of artillery in the outdoor display. For those of you familiar with aircraft markings--or English spelling--you can tell the markings are fake. Here are two examples from the F-5:



    Ha ha ha! I've taken close-ups of all the tail numbers, including from the C-130 at Khe Sanh. I'm interested to see if any of them are accurate.

    I have about a 30-minute walk to the next place, a Pagoda, then back towards the Eastern side of town and my hostel.

    Oh yeah, I got a hair cut yesterday. It's super short now. I'm working towards a mohawk. Even with it so short, a little paste makes the top spike up nicely. Mom, please don't cry again. It will grow out. At least it's not blue. Yet. 😉

    Out for now. ✌️

    P.S.: I saw the US diplomat car followed by the British and Australian cars parked behind the Opera House last night. Guess they had a thing.
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  • Day136

    Visiting Ho Chi Minh City

    October 2 in Vietnam

    We finish up our time in Vietnam with 2 days in the biggest city Ho Chi Minh (also known as Saigon). We passed some lovely moments in this city which include playing at the local playground. We treated ourselves to some great food a nice restaurants, including a fancy French restaurant and a galette restaurant. As well as the fancy stuff we also loved finding amazing Che at a roadside stall one evening. We visited the beautiful old central post office building and sent some postcards from there. There is a Notre Dame cathedral next door, however it was getting refurbished when we were there.Read more

  • Day13

    Pho Bo im modernen Saigon

    January 14 in Vietnam

    Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt ist wieder mal ganz anders. Laut, hell, bunt beleuchtet (allerdings nicht mit Laternen), echt groß und endlich warm (T-Shirt-Wetter). Kein Grund am eigenen Verhalten im Straßenverkehr oder beim Essen etwas Wesentliches zu ändern. Überall werden uns „Massa“ angeboten - 💆‍♀️ Massagen, wie weit das Angebot geht (Happy End?) ist unklar.

  • Day36

    It's Helen back again. From today we lose Matt to Cheltenham AKA 'Matt's Christmas'. I made the grave error of not negotiating exactly what I'd need to give him in return for the cooking classing and now I have my answer - being home for 8pm every night so he can watch it.

    We started the day skipping the hotel breakfast and heading out for a Banh Mi at a place nearby that we'd heard was good. On the way we saw a group of men knocking down a building with sledgehammers and by the time we came back later in the morning it was completely gone. I imagine the building partly melting as I certainly was. The Banh Mi place was a typical small seats on the street experience and had 2 options on the menu. An already constructed sandwich or a baguette which came with the contents plus a couple of eggs and some strange fish cake things in a bowl. Matt had the former and I the latter. It was pretty decent, I reckon it ranks at number 3 in my Banh Mi league so far. And all in all cost less than £4 for the two of us with drinks.

    After breakfast we went to the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine. As you do. We went round with a guide called Ho and a small group which included a Western doctor taking notes in a small note pad. We learnt about the history of traditional medicine, the key pioneers and the tools and ingredients. I liked seeing all the ingredients and what they supposedly helped with, including some scary looking ones I'm pretty sure in my chemistry learnings we were told were very toxic. Apparently in many hospitals in Vietnam you can still chose whether you want to be treated by traditional or Western medicine. Plus as a treat we watched a hilarious propaganda video which randomly had an instrumental of the Christmas song Up On The Housetop (made famous by the Jackson 5) as the intro. Ho tried to guess Matt's job - no idea why - and started at soldier then engineer then clearly wanting to hedge his bets (no pun intended) went for businessman. There's been several times here that men have taken an interest in Matt's size (plus a woman in a coffee shop who told him he had a nice smile and asked if he was married, I should have left him with her).

    We had some meatball/meat noodle soup for lunch. Here in HCMC they provide wet wipes at the start of a meal but if you open them they charge you. (There's no warning of this in the restaurant) and as I'm affectionately known as 'Cut Price Coxy' I refuse to succumb despite having half a bowl of noodles on my face. Luckily we were near the hotel so I went there to wash my face - 10p well saved!

    In the afternoon we took an Uber to the Bitexco Tower. I LOVE that they have Uber here. It's very very cheap and no getting scammed on price or the driver taking a long route (I've been watching on google maps and seen them do it then they argue a street is one way when you pull them up on it - lies!). CPC strikes again and I refused to pay 200K each (about £8) to just go to the viewing platform on the 68th floor when you can just buy an overpriced jug of draft beer for 200K and get a free cheapy garlic bread on the 51st. Once you get past the 20th floor surely it doesn't make much difference to the view anyway? The views were pretty good, fun to see where we've been but there's not a lot of distinguishable landmarks here that you can see. Though maybe you could from 68.

    There's a cinema in the tower so we went there to watch Logan in the air con - much better than John Wick 2. A quick dinner at the sanitised hipster street food area and we Uber'd back with seconds to spare for Cheltenham. I read my Lonely Planet and Emma - cinema and Austen is what being in a different city is all about eh?
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  • Day3

    Several stops - tuctuc through traffic was a fun experience. Driver waiting on us finishing our sightseeing. That dude was for sure very seasoned to get us through the traffic ... the smile unbelievable as I tipped his extraordinary and extra miles .

    We did see the church, the postal office, a mall, and now are at the war museum.

  • Day4

    Backstage fusion

    January 16, 2017 in Vietnam

    Happiness is...having a noodle free night. After 4 days of Vietnamese food I was desperate for something a bit familiar. I never appreciated a glass of wine so much. I really craved meat as I have pretty much been on a vegetarian diet the past few days...due to a lack of trust in the local meat concoctions in the countryside.

    Our airbnb host, Chris, manages backstage fusion so we went there as he recommended it. The food was delicious. We ended up having a few drinks with them later the evening which was really fun, they have been in the city for about a month, I think they appreciated the English company just as much as we did.

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  • Day2

    Ho Chi Minh home

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam

    The uber dropped us off in a very small alleyway, and in the middle of the old, rugged looking street is a brand new modern apartment building. The security guard wants to take our passports which neither of us are entirely comfortable with but luckily our host warned us beforehand , it general practice in Vietnam to register guests (hotel and any other) at the police office. Roedolf gave his expired passport and I handed my almost full Gouws passport. No one can tell what they actually do with the info, I doubt they reconcile to the border entries . Noone blinked over R'a expired passport.... this still baffles me.

    Anyways our host is an American teacher who recently moved to Vietnam, we are the first people in his brand new modern apartment. It was comforting to be welcomed by a English host after very limited English in Vietnam so far, at least we know we have some sort of a lifeline. What a great feeling to know we are the first to use everything, shower, ac (a powerful heavenly one ), hairdryer etc. (makes me consider building a house from scratch)The cleaniness is quite a contrast to the filthy city.

    Other that the wifi that wasn't working (we were not really surprised) and the shower that is leaking a bit everything was perfect. There were two bottles of water and local beers in the fridge to make us feel at home.
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  • Day1

    Ho Chi Minh City hustle and bustle

    January 13, 2017 in Vietnam

    Everyone tried to prepare us that Ho Chi Minh City (Saignon City is the old name)will be overwhelming because there are so many people.

    Nothing could have prepared us for what actually awaited us here.

    Traffic rules, driving side of the road, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings are all mere suggestions it seems, its an absolute free for all with the majority of the traffic caused by scooters and bikes.

    Crossing the roads is basically two things. Commitment and faith. You just need to choose a time and place to cross and the commit to get across without stopping in the middle of the road and the have faith that you would not get hit by a car or bike. Some how the traffic just keeps going around you.

    Don't be fooled that the sidewalks are much safer as some scooter drivers revert to driving on the sidewalks when the roads are jam packed. Thus you should be ready to dodge scooters everywhere.

    People truly live their life's on the streets, as each little shop owner will have a little table and chair outside the shop where they will sit and eat noodles while people watching and in between they try call people into their shops. There are even the odd bike repair on the side of the road.

    I think the biggest tourist attractions here is just walking down the street to experience the chaos.

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