• Day2

    Johannesburg > Graskop

    December 9, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    After 11 hours flight and a one night stay in Johannesburg, we made our 4h way up the mountains to Graskop, the starting point of the panorama route through the Blyde River Canyon.

    The weather here looked quite similar to Frankfurt when we left and dense fog made it harder to drive. That was when we apparently hit a rock and found one of our tires flat. Great start for our trip, we thougt! But the next day, in order to change the tire, we got to know many people in that small village and what we found was great hospitality and willingness to help. After 4 hours already, we were ready to go with a new tire and had quite some trust gained in the African people!Read more

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  • Day4

    Kruger National Park: Safari Day 1

    December 11, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    As we arrived late we spent our first night in the Kruger in the Letaba Camp closest to the gate and in the Northern part of the huge national park. During our self-driving and the sunset safari tour we already discovered many species we just had seen in the zoo before:

  • Day5

    Kruger National Park: Safari Day 2

    December 12, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    The second night we spent in the Olifants camp close to the Olifants river. We didnt‘t book a tour the second day, but were lucky to see some of the big 5 on our own while driving to the Southern parts of Lower Sabi and the Crocodile Gate Bridge where we left the park.

    We learned that the big 5 (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, rhino) are not that known because of their size, but because they are especially dangerous to their hunters. They would hide in the bush and wait for their predator to attack. What we missed to see out of them were just the leopard and the rhino (both very rare to see and due to poaching the rhino is not allowed to be tracked down on maps also).Read more

  • Day6

    Durban: a stop over

    December 13, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After one night in Barberton and 2 days of driving we arrived in Durban for another stopover on our way to Eastern Cape. When we arrived to our B&B we were stunned how beautiful it was - a beautiful house with a garden, a pool, fantastic interior design and a delicious breakfast the next morning.

    We knew we wouldn‘t have much time here to explore the city. However, we, at least, checked out UuMhlanga, a fancy, touristic and crowded (mostly by Whites) dining and nightlife neighborhood (where we found a Mexican diner and also a bachata dance class we could crash for some songs), the beachside and the pier.
    Read more

  • Day8

    The outskirts and the Wild Coast

    December 15, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Going south from Durban till Port Elizabeth is the region that is mostly skipped by tourists. One reason might be that South Africa is that large and going by car from North to South takes plenty of time. The other reason probably is that there are no special touristic sights on the way.

    For us, it was 2 long days of driving, mostly through rural regions and some busy midsize towns, and a stay over in a B&B in Kokstad. People there warned us to be careful in some of the towns and to not drive by night. We followed the recommendations and arrived safely to the next park and also to the especially touristic sunshine coast. What we saw on the way, though, seemed much more like daily South Africa and gave us a more authentic view on how the majority of African people lead their lifes.Read more

  • Day11

    Jeffrey's Bay: surfers town

    December 18, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ 🌬 24 °C

    3 beautiful days of evening beachruns, sunny beach days (3h = sunburn!, so actually one day was enough), shopping (in surf outlets and in one of the best cafés I‘ve been to) and of our first self made braai (= South African barbecue) in the perfectly located Island Vibe hostel at the beach.

  • Day14

    Tsitsikamma National Park

    December 21, 2018 in South Africa ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Sunset at Nature‘s Valley, the waterfall trail hike (3h roundtrip) and the kayaking tour at Storms River (kayak&lino by untouched adventures) the next day - I loved everything in the park of many waters (Tsitsikamma)!