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  • Day2

    It's Business Time

    September 22 in Australia

    We were the first in the queue for our China Airlines flight from Sydney to Taipei, and because we were flying business class we were invited to the lounge and even given an express pass through customs and security. This all went smooth as butter, as we got through the line and full body scanner in no time and had almost made it to the promised land of the departure lounge. But then I must have emitted another Pablo Escobar vibe, because the guy with the magic wand zeroed in on me like I a fat girl at a buffet spotting free shrimp. A quick swipey swipey, rubby rubby later and the machine flashed up green, of course! Finally free of Australia's wily border force we sauntered down to the business class lounge, where I proceeded to eat one of everything. Not because I'm greedy, but because I felt I was representing New Zealand and it was my patriotic duty to join cultures through food. Three house later I waddled out and made the taxing 100 metre walk to our gate, where we were waved past the plebs and wafted into the sanctuary of the business class section of our A350-900. Time to stress test my lie flat bed. Taipei is 9 hours and 7000km's away, what a hardship.Read more

  • Day4

    Bye bye Sydney

    September 1, 2017 in Australia

    Jetzt sitze ich hier in der Lounge am Flughafen und warte auf meinen Flug nach Melbourne. Nur noch ein paar Stunden und dann bin ich schon bei meiner Gastfamilie. Gestern Abend waren wir noch alle zusammen beim Opera House und der Harbour Bridge. Davor hatten wir Seminar, bei dem wir beispielsweise einen Kids First Aid gemacht haben. Alle Leute, die ich bis jetzt kennen gelernt habe waren super nett und es ist total schade, dass sich jetzt unsere Wege trennen. But we will meet us soon and Sydney I will come back for sure!!Read more

  • Day3

    Endlich in Australien

    August 16 in Australia

    Nach einem weiteren 8h Flug sind wir endlich in Australien angekommen. Allerdings haben wir noch 7 Stunden vor uns, bevor wir in Cairns landen.🙈❣️

  • Day15

    David's Sydney six

    October 19, 2017 in Australia

    Here's a rundown of my top (and bottom) six for the Sydney area.

    Let's go with good stuff first :-)

    #1 - Just being on the trip to begin with!!!

    With all the flight issues and such that we had at the start, I feel very fortunate that Brenda and I actually got to be on the same plane, in the seat class we were supposed to have, and actually sit together. Made for a much better delayed start to our trip than flying on two different planes or two different groups (first and coach) or waiting until Saturday to fly out.

    #2 - Opal Sunday

    Getting the Opal card for using the public transit was great. Having the entire day of Sunday to travel for no more than $2.60 for the day, even better!! We made great use of that day by taking multiple train rides and ferry rides too. Nice way to travel and got some great pictures that day too.

    #3 - Wildlife

    Overall, the critters are so different than what we are used to. Haven't seen a bird that I have seen back home. Plus the zoos / wildlife parks give you a nice chance to get up close to them. Feeding a Roo was fun and giving him a few pets in between was nice too. Beats the petting zoos we have back here :-)

    #4 - Pie Face.

    The savory pies really are super yummy.

    Haven't had a bad one yet.

    Steak with bacon and cheese, fantastic
    Butter Chicken and Veggies, scrummy
    Ground beef with gravy and onions, yes please!

    #5 - The Bondi Beach walk

    Such a scenic route. Plus, it was super cool that the art exhibits were going in, so we got to see some unique sculptures to go with the views. Lots of super tan people soaking up the rays too.

    #6 - Blue Mountain Tour guide. Robert made the day lots of fun and had so many excellent suggestions. Plus, with his experience we were able to do things that others might not normally be able to do.

    A great example was at the Wildlife park. We saw the Kookaburra birds. Honestly, they are cute, but nothing all that special. Well, Robert pulled out an app, and said, "Let's see if we can get them to laugh."

    He pushed a button and bird sounds came out of his phone. It wasn't long until the other birds responded. Their's "laugh" call is super impressive. especially being that close to them.

    So, overall, some really amazing and wonderful exeriences and I could not have picked a better travelling companion than Brenda! Love you Honey!!!

    Gotta go board a plane, so I'll do the bottom 6 while in transit. :-)
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  • Day15

    Brenda's Sydney 6

    October 19, 2017 in Australia

    As I am about to leave Sydney, I get to look back on some moments of this part of our trip that made me very happy, and also those that did not.

    Starting w/ LOWLIGHTS:
    1. Our flight delays causing us to miss our Sydney connection on original departure day—consequently missing a full day of our trip, and some money at lodging.

    2. When I found out my 350,000 point frequent flyer business class seat to Sydney was broken and wouldn’t recline to a bed. 😖

    3. Forgetting the Sydney map 🗺 on our first trip into city. We got a bit off course and frustrated.

    4. Not keeping up with drinking enough water. 💧Sometimes it is because I can’t take enough with me on our daily trips. Other times it’s because I don’t want to have to pee at inopportune times of the trip.

    5. Schnitzel is huge here so had to try it. Hugely disappointing.

    6. Not eating great or getting regular workouts. Despite us getting well over 10,000 steps each day, I still feel like I could sometimes do better to eat better.

    Ending on HIGHLIGHTS:
    1. Just being able to be privileged enough to come on this trip at all, and to come with my best friend (David 💑...not Beber). So many people never get such an opportunity!

    2. Jacques, United flight rep who worked with us on Wed to get us BOTH on same flight to Sydney the next day, rather than separately or on Sat.

    3. Our tour to Blue Mountains ⛰. I really enjoyed our tour guide, Robert. He remembered everyone’s name, and was very funny and knowledgeable. I Loved ❤️ the animals at Featherdale Wildlife Park. The baby koala 🐨 on mom’s back was the highlight. I could have stayed there another hour or two.

    4. The birds. 🐦 The sounds of the different birds just out and about are cool. You definitely feel like you are in a different country. Didn’t get any pics of the huge cockatoos flying freely. They sound so loud and massive, like pterodactyls. This is their magpie, which are everywhere and very striking, also they have some interesting calls.

    5. The Taronga Zoo. 🐅🦍 🐊🐘Had a great time here seeing a live platypus for the first time. They are smaller than I thought. The best of the zoo was the Bird Show 🦉 and the surreal view of the city from the seating area. Rather cool to have birds flying through the audience— really got a good look at them. The whole experience rather moved me and got me a little teary-eyed.

    6. Just soaking up the culture. Been enjoying people watching and looking at stores and tv. Interesting to me is that I think I see more smokers here; many people jay walk; and there are of course great local terms for things like ‘Brekkie’ for breakfast and ‘Dunny’ for toilet. My fav bit of Aussie culture by far is Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, if you haven’t yet...go to that specific day when we blogged about him and watch the You Tube link.
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  • Day31

    What a pleasure, dear Sydney ✈

    February 2 in Australia

    Und schon bricht mein letzter Tag in meiner Herzensstadt Sydney an, der Rucksack ist gepackt, noch vier Stunden Zeit bis ich mich auf den Weg zum Flughafen machen musste, um meine Weiterreise nach Tasmanien anzutreten.
    Somit hieß es Goodbye zu allen meinen favourite Spots zu sagen..ich begann also meinen Tag mit einem leckeren Cappuccino am Darling Harbour, ging über dessen Brücke hinweg in den ältesten Stadtteil Sydney's “The Rocks“, von dem aus durch enge Gassen führend der Aufstieg zur Harbour Bridge zu finden ist. Dort befindet sich auch der Zugang zum Pyrmont Lookout, über dessen 200 Stufen man für den kleinen Preis den Lookout über den Harbour auf etwa halber Bridge Climb Höhe geboten bekommt..Selfie Time, Baby 😎😉!
    Zum Abschluss gab es meinen Hummus-Karotten-Mittagssnack mit Blick auf die Oper, bevor ich mein Backpack im Hostel aufschalte und mit dem Airportlink in Kürze den domestic Airport erreichte.
    Es war so schön nochmal hierzu sein und das schon zwei Jahre später.. Diesmal sag ich nicht tschüß, sondern Aufwiedersehen beloved Sydney, denn wer weiß, wann mich mein Weg das nächste mal zu dir hinab führt ❤!
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  • Day2

    Up early at the Pullman Hotel. Nice $1 breaky before being picked up by the shuttle bus. Our flight was delayed but we finally boarded with a 4 hr flight with Fiji Airways. Mum was very satisfied and relieved that she received a gluten free onboard meal.Phew!!
    It’s all about keeping Millie safely fed and watered!
    Kath went back for a red wine at lunch even after waking with a slight headache. Not letting the team down on this trip. After our safe arrival at the Sofitel, the first job of the day was to fill the ice bucket and have a welcome drink with our duty free. We ordered room service and the gluten free pizza was disgusting but the chicken paté passed the test. We have filled the drawers with our snacks that we bought from home. Brenda will be very proud of us! It’s too dark to explore so we are saving that for tomorrow. So tonight we are making do with our new in room bar and watching TV.Read more

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