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    • Day 366

      Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

      May 6, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Cairns was the end of our 7 weeks road trip. We drove more than 7.800 km from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide and all the way up the Australian east coast. What an adventure.
      But Cairns was also the place where we have been when we celebrated our anniversary of being on travels for one year. Due to that special occasion we booked a diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef to celebrate ourselves. What a year full of experiences and adventures.
      Cairns itself isn’t that special but still quiet nice.

      365 Days around the world.
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    • Day 142


      July 13, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Wow cairns is amazing it really isn't a city well doesn't feel like it.
      I spent a good couple of days looking round and spending too much money.
      Then today we went on a rainforest and waterfall tour. It was amazing we saw two different water falls a huge like the biggest tree I have ever seen which was a fig tree and a tiny platypus oh I ever saw three wild pelicans.Read more

    • Day 64

      Cairns and surroundings (Jour 35)

      November 7, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      La journée commence en douceur; séance de yoga pour moi, planification voyage pour Laurent, puis petit-déjeuner au soleil.

      Nous partons ensuite pour 'Kuranda', un village perdu dans la forêt tropicale (aka 'Rainforest'), où nous faisons une balade très agréable de 1h.

      Pour déjeuner, nous profitons des planchas misent à disposition au bord de la plage de 'Yorkeys Knob', avant de revenir sur 'Cairns' pour nous prélasser au soleil à l''Esplanade' - un super endroit décontracté au bord du lagon, avec une piscine de sable (l'équivalent du bain des Pâquis). Les gens bronzent, lisent, se baignent, font des grillades - étant le seul endroit pour se baigner à 'Cairns' l'endroit est très dynamique.

      A 17h, l'heure de l'apero (et de l'Happy hour) a sonné. Nous nous dirigeons donc vers le 'Pier Bar' pour boire un verre.

      Après une halte au supermarché, nous rejoignons notre campement pour la nuit, dînons et allons nous coucher.
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    • Day 33

      Letzter Tag- Cairns-Green Island

      January 12, 2023 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

      Die letzten Tage waren wunderschön mit unseren zwei lieben Freundinnen. Das Treffen hat mich echt davon abgelenkt, dass alles schon bald vorbei sein wird. Wir hatten eine wundervolle Zeit und irgendwann kommt halt immer dieser letzte Tag…

      Wir sind ein letztes Mal auf Green Island schnorcheln gegangen. Hier im Norden muss man so Schutzanzüge anziehen zum Schnorcheln, da es giftige Quallen im Meer hat. Da sind ein paar lustige Fotos entstanden😅…Nach 10 Minuten im Wasser schauten wir uns an und sagten zu uns: „da gits aber de nid würklech viu ds gseh“. Klar, wir sind mittlerweile auch etwas anderes gewohnt. Wir sahen immer wieder paar Fische, aber v.a ein totes Riff. Als wir auf dem Rückweg waren, tauchte Pädi auf und schrie: „da, da es het e Hey Fisch“. Wenn man Pädi kennt, denkt man eigentlich: „nei eh nid, de verarscht üs nur“.Er schrie dann noch einmal und wir drehten uns um. Und dann wow! Direkt neben uns schwamm er zufrieden. Echt mega eindrücklich! Das Schnorcheln hat sich eindeutig gelohnt!😍 An Land angekommen gab es dann für uns eine super coole Pool-Session mit einer Rutschbahn Challenge.😅 Ach war das witzig! Abschliessend spielten wir Basketball und Minigolf. Zum Abendessen gab es dann leckerer Burger.🥰
      Ein echt gelungener, wunderschöner Tag!
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    • Day 16

      Cairns, QLD

      December 27, 2023 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

      While there are other towns and cities from which one can get out to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Cairns is generally accepted as “the place” to do so. In fact, the city’s economy is heavily dependent on GBR-based activities.

      When Insignia stopped here in 2017, we flew out to the GBR in a helicopter, landed on a pontoon, and after the snorkeling activities were completed, we returned to Cairns by boat. This gave me a chance to see the reef from the air since I am not a snorkeler. Mui enjoyed his time in the water.

      Today, he snorkeled the GBR again. This time on a ship’s tour that went out to the Marine World Pontoon. Two hours to get out there … four hours at the pontoon where he spent much of his time in the water … two hours to get back. He said that the coral was hit and miss … 45% living. Colorful fish were plentiful. No stingers to worry about. No images from his experience, I’m afraid, since he can’t process his GoPro footage until we get home.

      (Link to our photo gallery from 2017 if you wish to see photos of the GBR from the air … just scroll past all the animal/bird photos from the Dome in Cairns … now closed —….)

      My plan, while Mui was out on the GBR, was to take the Kuranda Rail up into the rainforest. A solo outing that I was looking forward to. Alas, Tropical Cyclone Jasper, which hit northern Queensland with all its ferocity earlier in December, put paid to those plans. A few days ago, I received notification that due to storm damage to the range, the train service was canceled.

      So, I went for a wander around Cairns instead.

      To get some respite from the humid heat, my meanderings were centered around indoor venues … with good A/C. The Art Gallery of Cairns and the Courthouse Art Gallery are both small venues and didn’t take up too much of my time. The Cairns Gallery, unfortunately, was closed.

      Next, I headed to the Cairns Aquarium where I saw the denizens of the oceans, reefs, and rivers. I guess you could say that I went snorkeling, too … I just didn’t get wet!
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    • Day 29–31

      Tauchsafari in Cairns

      January 10 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      Ein Tag nach unserer Ankunft in Cairns begab ich mich auf ein Soloabenteuer mit einer 3-tägigen Tauchsafari. Drei Tage auf dem Great Barrier Reef, mit insgesamt 11 Tauchgängen und zwei Nachttauchgängen. Es war der absolute Hammer! 🤩🤿🛥️Read more

    • Day 22

      Visiting the Koalas

      March 19 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 79 °F

      We took a walk along the Cairns Esplanade at the waterfront this morning on our way to visit the koalas. Stacy was able to hold a young female briefly while we got a picture. Now we're headed to the airport for our flight to Sydney.Read more

    • Day 79

      Chillout in Cairns

      November 22, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Wir starteten gemütlich in den Tag bevor es über ein kurzen Abstecher im Outletcenter in Richtung Innenstadt ging. Nachdem wir uns Cairns angeschaut hatten ging es in die Lagoon baden. Gegen Nachmittag machten wir uns im Bomber startklar für den Abend und zogen durch Cairns. Dabei besuchten wir zuerst den Night Markt, aßen Chinesich zu Abend, schauten uns eine Feuershow am Hafen an und besuchten eine Kneipe mit Livemusik. Ein entspannter und amüsanter Tag den wir ausgiebig genossen bevor es morgen weiter in Richtung Norden geht.Read more

    • Day 3

      Singapore to Cairns

      January 23, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      The next leg of our journey from Singapore to Cairns in Queensland, Australia was provided by SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines. We were surprised to find that only a soft drink and a small packet of peanuts was offered by way of sustenance on this 7 hour flight, until breakfast just before arrival. This was compounded by the fact that, due to an emergency involving the evacuation of the control tower at Singapore, we sat on the plane for two hours before takeoff. After a bit of pleading with the steward, however, we were given an extra early breakfast. The entertainment too was not as good - there were no back-of-the-seat TV screens, and we were told you had to download their app before accessing movies on your own device (provided you had one). Unfortunately, this was difficult to do with no WiFi on board, and it would have been better if we had known to do this in the airport with its free WiFi before boarding. However, Campbell managed to sort us out with his Hot Spot (don’t ask!). On the plus side, we were assigned extra legroom seats above the wing, which facilitated my frequent nocturnal visits to the loo, thus saving the use of my emergency Tena Man supply (thanks, Rab!).

      Eventually almost 40 hours after we left Glasgow, we arrived in Cairns. Although we were pretty exhausted, we decided to keep going and get into the Aussie time frame. We were booked into the comfortable Mantra Esplanade Hotel, right in the centre of town. After a very welcome shower and change of clothes, we set off to have a look round. Cairns is an attractive holiday town, with numerous travel companies vying for your business to visit the Great Barrier Reef. There was no sign of any fire damage here, and the town was lush with vegetation everywhere. Although the town doesn’t have a beach, there is a beautiful man-made lagoon, complete with sand, right at the sea front just opposite our hotel. I opted however for a swim in the hotel pool in an attempt to cool down - only to find it was like stepping into a warm bath! For dinner, we opted for a Japanese ramen dish in a basic but highly recommended tiny restaurant. By 8pm we are ready for bed - Campbell is already out for the count!
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    • Day 38

      Letzter Stopp Cairns

      February 3, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

      ...mer mälded eus doch no chorz medemene letschte Footprint us Cairns bevor, mer denn ändgöltig is Outback verschwindet - so au chle als schöne Abschloss vode Ostköste.

      Noch dem mer de Wäg usem Jungle gfonde hend, hemmer euse Camper ohni Problem in Cairns chönne bide Mietstation abgäh - okey bis ufd Parkbuesse, die wärded eus öppe eifach vode Kreditkarte belastet.

      Komisch noch so vellne Täg im Camper oder im Schiff weder imene Hotel izchecke. Do mer no so vell wie möglech vom Tag hend welle ha in Cairns, semmer denn au scho rechtig Zentrum inegloffe. S Wätter esch för einisch mol weder bombastico gseh ond mer hend eus nochere schnelle Abschüehlig gsehnt. Dos in Cairns leider kei rechtige Beach zom bade ged, bietets ade Strandpromenade en super Pool als Alternative wo deno GRATIS esch!

      Mer hend eus gfreut, weder mol so rechtig Sonne ztanke ond send doch einigi Stond verwiiled. Nochhäne semmer denn no chle dör d Strosse go schlendere ond hend s einte oder andere no gshopped. Am Obe hemmer bem Nightmarket en riese Uswahl a Ässensständ gha, de Fabio hed sech osserdem no en Fuessmassage gönnt ond onder de Argusauge vode Yasmin en neue Hoorschnitt verpasst becho. Bem heilaufe is Hotel hemmer denn no ordentlech Onderhaltig vode X Tuusige Floghönd ide Bäum bote becho.

      Wör säge mer hend i dem halbe Tag Cairns trotz chorzer Ziit en guete Öberblick becho. En cooli, peppigi Stadt wo veles zbiete hed. Mer send definitiv froh hemmer eus das no chle chönne inezieh.

      Etzt gets en chorzi Nacht ond scho bald gots los im Outback! Bis gli!
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