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  • Day8

    To Sydney we go!

    November 21, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    So after 3 great days exploring Melbourne, it was time to bid our farewells, head to the airport and take a short flight north to our next stop - Sydney. We arrived at our hotel around 3pm and headed across the street to the grocery store to stock up on a few provisions - yoghurt and bagels for breakfast, some fruit, water and snacks, and maybe a bottle or two of Australian wine! We then set off on foot to walk through the beautiful botanical gardens with a goal of reaching the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. We headed to a place called Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, which is out on a point in the harbour and gives a spectacular view across to the bridge and opera house. Along the way we saw some interesting birds - cockatiels roaming free, and a very bold long beaked one which I’m going to have to ask Mr. Google about! Also some lovely trees and plants along the way. From the point, we saw there was a sea wall around the harbour that would take us right to the opera house, so off we went. What a spectacular sight to see these beautiful landmarks up close! The weather was very warm, but overcast, so not the best for photos, but we have lots of time to take more.

    The opera house is a lovely structure, and I didn’t realize till I got up close that thousands of tiles make up the white “sails” of the building. We also watched “bridge walkers” as they slowly traversed the Sydney Harbour Bridge - not for the faint of heart!! We continued walking around the harbour to find there are many outside restaurants and cafes along the waterfront, so we decided to have our dinner there before heading back to our hotel. Now, I’m getting a complex about storms following us, cos as we were sitting at our outdoor table, a big black cloud came overhead, then we felt a couple of raindrops, and then - yes, another torrential downpour! We couldn’t even see the bridge for the heavy cloud cover and rain, and I couldn’t help feeling really sorry for those poor bridge walkers! People sitting at the outside restaurants ran for cover - including us - and then within 10 minutes, it was all over and the sun started to shine - there was even a rainbow over the opera house when we walked back.

    After our lovely “dinner and a storm”, we decided to head back to the hotel - busy day exploring tomorrow and we both have sore feet and legs from all this walking! So far, I’m very impressed with this beautiful city and cant wait to see more!
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  • Day9

    A Busy Sydney Day

    November 22, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 22 °C

    Up and out early this morning - the sun was shining and we walked from our place back over to the Opera House area and had a coffee at one of the outdoor restaurants while waiting for the hop on/hop off bus to come by. (Oh, and another 10 minute rainstorm just as we left the cafe!!). Got on the bus around 9:30 and began the hour and a half tour around the city. We drove by the beautiful Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park which are two lovely green spaces in the downtown area of Sydney. Lots of old buildings (well, old for Sydney) and points of interest, with an excellent commentary along the way. We stayed on the bus for the whole tour, and picked out the places we wanted to “hop off” on the next tour around! We got off near our hotel to grab our rain jackets - just in case - then got back on the next bus. We stopped at the Sydney Fish Market - huge place selling every kind of fish imaginable, and lots of places to eat lunch - which we did! There was also a great view of the Anzac Bridge from there, so photo opps! From there we walked across the Pyrmont pedestrian bridge into Darling Harbour, a lovely area with lots of boats, shopping and tourist attractions. I’ve always wanted to cuddle a Koala Bear, so we were going to go into the Wild Life zoo, until we found out you’re not allowed to touch or hold these cute critters ☹️. We then walked up the street a ways to the Sydney Tower Eye and rode the elevator up 250 metres to enjoy a stunning 360 degree view of the city.

    Leaving the tower, we walked to Hyde Park to see the Anzac memorial and reflection pool, and St. Mary’s Cathedral across the street, then hopped back on the bus and back to our hotel. Busy day with lots of walking (over 14km), so we had a rest before heading out for a nice dinner in our neighbourhood, then back to get a well deserved nights sleep before another busy day tomorrow!
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  • Day10

    Cruisin' the harbour and the beach!

    November 23, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 22 °C

    Up early again this morning, and headed down to Darling Harbour for a harbour cruise on the Captain Cook tour boat! Started out around 9:15, cruised past all the old warehouses and under the Harbour bridge - huge cruise ship in dock this morning - sign of a busy day around town! We went by Fort Denison, which is basically a sandstone island built in the middle of the harbour, in the old days, convicts who had not obeyed orders were banished in leg irons to the fort as an example to other convicts not to misbehave! We stopped at the Toronga zoo, then continued on to Manly Bay, passing the “gap” on the way, which is the opening out of the harbour to the Pacific Ocean. We also cruised by some lovely homes, as well as a quarantine station at North Head, set up for anyone who may have been deemed to have infectious diseases, it operated from 1832 to 1984! On the way back to Darling Harbour, we went past the home of the Governor General, and also a house used by the Prime Minister when he visits Sydney.

    Back into Darling Harbour and then Walked up to St. Mary’s Cathedral to have a look inside before we went to pick up the bus to take us out to Bondi Beach! We arrived there around noon and had a walk around, taking a gazillion photos of this beautiful beach! The beach was not overly busy, but there were lots of surfers looking to catch that perfect wave! Stopped at a store to buy a beach towel, then went for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, before heading down to the famous beach to catch some rays. We had noticed a lot of sun worshippers laying on the grass just outside of the beach, and soon found out why. It was very windy today, and the sand on the beach is very fine, so within minutes of settling in our spot, we were covered in sand, as were all our clothes, hair, ears, eyes, etc! We moved back closer to the wall, hoping for some reprieve, then finally joined the others on the grass! 😂😂. It was still a lovely afternoon, soaking up the sunshine and people watching!

    We headed back into town around 5:30 - had to shower up to get rid of all that sand, then went out for a nice dinner in a place close to our hotel. Time for shut eye now to ready ourselves for another Sydney adventure tomorrow!
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  • Day11

    Opera Anyone?

    November 24, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    The only thing we had on the agenda today was a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House, so we slept in a little and had a slow morning. Left our place just after 9am to head to the Circular Quay area. We walked through beautiful Botanic Park again, stopping to look at statues, different plants and flowers, and saw the cockatiels again, as well as an interesting piece of art of a lady laying on a lounge chair?! In a previous post, there was a photo of a flower display that said Bite Me - this was to advertise a display they had in an area of the park named the Calyx, called Plants that Bite! There we saw a number of interesting plants - including of course, the Venus Flytrap - which catch and devour insects. We left there and headed over to the Conservatory of Music and had a look around there. Today, a number of the students were doing year end recitals, so we went into a couple of the recital rooms to watch. Walking through the park, we saw signs pointing to Government House so followed them to see this beautiful building with equally beautiful gardens - quite spectacular! We the headed to the Opera House for our 12 o’clock tour. The Opera house is an amazing structure which took 16 years to build at a cost of $120 million dollars - a little longer than the estimated 3 years, and a little more expensive than the projected $7 million 😳. It was officially opened by the Queen in 1973. We found out today that there are around a million tiles on the roofs that make up the sails, and the tiles are actually two different colours - white and cream. It was designed by a Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, whose original submission (number 218 of about 230 submissions for the design proposals) was actually tossed aside, until an American architect came on board as one of the judges and decided he liked this particular one. It would be interesting to see what might have ended up in its place had the panel of judges not reconsidered! There are two main theatres in the opera house, one for ballet and opera, the other for symphony and theatre, and both are beautiful with great attention paid to acoustics, both natural and amplified. All of the materials used in the building are from New South Wales, from the cement used in the beams, the granite in the outer floors, and the many kinds of timber used inside the theatres. Truly a beautiful place, and well worth the tour.

    We walked along the quay after the opera house and stopped for lunch at an outside cafe. Luckily today there was no storm so there was no requirement to (as the song says) “better run, better take cover”!! 😂😂. After lunch, we walked back to our place for a bit of a rest - all the walking over the past few days started getting to us I think!

    So after a good rest, we went back downtown to the Circular Quay and after seeing Santa and his Elves riding bikes and a sleigh, had a lovely dinner at the Searock Grill right beside the harbour. They had Kangaroo tenderloin steak on the menu, so I had to try it, and it was delicious - very lean and tasty! Dave was not quite as adventurous, but he did try a bite of mine! After dinner, we sat on the steps in front of the opera house to watch the Dance Rites Festival - a troupe of Aboriginal dancers performing their native dances. This area of Sydney is quite the happening place on a Saturday night with lots of people at the bars, heading to the opera or mulling around the Quay. We walked around a bit more, took lots of night time photos, then headed back to the hotel to finish packing for our destination tomorrow. Next stop - Alexander Headlands on the Sunshine Coast!
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  • Day122


    January 1, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Wir sind rechtzeitig vor Jahresbeginn in Deutschland wach und versuchen schnell übers Internet das Feuerwerk am Brandenburger Tor anzuschauen. Nach anfänglichen technischen Schwierigkeiten, kommt der Livestream doch noch aufs iPad und wir können mit unserem Sekt und unseren Familien - zumindest virtuell - ein zweites Mal das neue Jahr begrüßen. Wir chatten in die Welt, frühstücken irgendwann und der Rest des Tages geht mit Planung für unsere Asienetappe drauf. Unsere Jungs wollen uns im Februar/März für 2,5 Wochen besuchen und so überlegen wir auch eine grobe gemeinsame Route und wann, wo und wie sie zu uns stoßen können.Read more

  • Day29

    Blue Mountains

    February 11, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Heiss, heiss, heiss! Fasch 40 grad. Sogar i de blue mountains :) morn startet min Trip nach Cairns. Am mäntig machi es surfcamp für e paar täg und den folged mega cooli anderi Sache. Ich phalt eu uf em laufende 😊😍

  • Day1

    Erster Tag in Sydney

    March 1, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Nach unserem wunderschönen Urlaub in Hongkong und auf den traumhaften Philippinen und einem ganz schrecklich traurigem Abschied von John 😧 sind wir endlich in Sydney angekommen!
    Im Dury House Hostel haben wir ein Dreibettzimmer auf dem Rooftop mit kleiner Küche und eigenem Bad im Stadtteil Kings Cross, was erstmal für eine Woche unser Zuhause ist. Von unserem Fenster aus können wir die Zipfel von der Oper und ein Stück Harbourbridge sehen 😊 Kings Cross gefällt uns total gut, Caro muss das in einem anderen Footprint mal beschreiben (da fehlen mir die Szene-Vokabeln). Nach unserem Einzug ins Dury House haben wir noch eine große Runde durch Sydney gedreht. Anbei unsere ersten Eindrücke 😎 M.
    P.S. auf dem Rooftop sind riesige Kakerlaken. Da muss ich durch. Solange die nicht im Zimmer sind!
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  • Day23

    Kein Titel notwendig

    July 26, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Datum müsste jeden Tag sein .
    Ich glaube wir haben bisher mehr Mecces Einrichtungen gesehen als Orte und Dinge in Australien .
    WOW - das nenne ich auch mal nh Leistung ! @Vanessa. Einfach keine Chance 😂😂😂😂

  • Day1

    Getting out of Sydney

    October 24, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    So off to Russia we go and about 26 hours later we are there!
    Lots of last minute rushing around getting things organised for the trip. As is my usual style left the packing till the night before and was up all night. Then went to work followed by Dr, last minute shopping and finally home to finish the packing!
    Then off to collect Marge and my sister rings me telling me she isn't home from getting her hair nails and pedicure done! So sister in law is sent off to track her down and sister sorts out Marge's last minute packing. Margy meanwhile is found in the chemist. So more rushing around getting her ready. The 8 year packed the toiletries so will be interesting to see what we have. She seemed to be concentrating on lipsticks!

    Anyway first time flying with Qatar and the service was fantastic. Really above and beyond. The business check in even has a rug for the passengers to stand on as they check in. Nice!

    I am sitting in the upstairs part of the plane in this very small economy section just behind business. Very exclusive and bonus I am sitting in the bulkhead with a spare seat next to me.

    Stopover in Doha was good. We got driven around in a golf cart. So after setting up Mum in the business class lounge I check out the shopping. Its a good airport with lots of shops. Also there are lots of nice cosy places to sit. They have lots of small private tv lounge areas and quite areas with reclining lounges so a pretty good airport to hang out in.

    Next flight and we get onto the plane via a hoist into a metal room on top of a truck then another hoist to the plane! So they are certainly looking after their disabled passengers.

    Finally we get to St Petersburg and our beautiful hotel. I could just hang out here watching the canal view. The staff are fantastic and could not have been more helpful. Pushkin Hotel if you are ever in St Petersburg. It really was a highlight and the location is 5 minutes from the Hermitage which you see every time you leave the hotel. And its about a 7 minute walk from the main street Nevesky Prospect, it runs parallel to one of the main cafe/restaurant streets and its 15 minutes to the markets and the Church of the Spilled Blood.

    We have a nice meal in a very trendy cafe on Nevesky and collapse into bed!
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