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  • Day12


    April 14, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    We picked the perfect time to leave Ilha Grande as it was torrential rain all day! We jumped back on the boat and caught a minibus to Paraty. Unfortunately Simons travel towel didn't make it with us as he left it in the previous hostel!

    Paraty is a historic town with cobbled streets and lots of donkeys! You have to concentrate when you walk around as the cobbles are ridiculously large and very uneven!

    We are staying at Leo's Clan Beach Hostel which is amazing! Leo has been looking after us and took us to a hostel party on our first night for a couple of caipirinhas which was fun!

    Yesterday it rained all day so we had a very lazy day as there isn't much in the way of rainy day activities in Paraty! Leo put on a movie and popcorn in the morning so we did that before venturing out for lunch. For lunch we had delicious dostadas which are like toasted flatbreads. We then went for dinner in the evening with a couple of people we met in the hostel (Ciaran from Ireland and Lisa from Germany) before coming back and having a huge game of Phase 10!
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  • Day16

    Day 4 & 5 - Paraty

    April 18, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We spent our Easter Sunday visiting Toboga Falls, a waterfall with a natural slide! It was so much fun to slide down!

    We followed this by a trip to the Cachaca distillery. Cachaca is a drink made from palm sugar and famous in Paraty. For R$5 (around £1.30) we had a tour around the distillery where they showed us how they made the different types of cachaca. We then got to taste them all and after about 8 shots we headed back to our hostel.

    On Monday we jumped on the bus to Trinidade which has some gorgeous beaches. Unfortunately we didn't get to witness any of these as the moment we stepped off the bus there was a torrential downpour. After hiding under a shop canopy for an hour and the rain showing no signs of stopping, we hopped back on the bus back to Paraty. All in all a very unsuccessful day! On the plus side though, we got some laundry done and now smell fresh and clean again.

    That concludes our time here in Paraty! It's been a lot of fun! Now to pack our bags again and start our 18 hours of coach journeys (overnight) to Florianopolis via São Paulo.
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  • Day79

    Much Rest Needed

    February 15, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌬 23 °C

    So after a rest day yetserday even from blogging (well i did have a rucksack to pack and a bus and hostel to book) we are now on our way to Paraty. The plan was to do Ilha Grande first, but there are literally no hostels left there as its one of the favourite places to head to after carnival, so weve moved onto the next best thing. The bus journey is at 11 and we leave the hostel at 9 to catch a local bus to Rio's main bus terminal we wait 20 mins for a bus and eventually get to the station. I leave Mark with the bags and head over to find the ticket office that goes to Paraty. As i scour the upstairs I eventually ask a security guard .. he doesnt have a clue . He parades the bus terminal all day with a gun strapped to him and i dont know what hes looking at but he certainly isn't paying attention. I eventually find the ticket office ...DOWNSTAIRS !!! Mark must have me on the missing list by now (maybe not) and when i go to pay for the tickets the internet has gone down so i can't buy my ticket ... I run across to the other side of the station and join the orderly (sort of ) queue to withdraw cash to pay for them. The time is now 10.50 and our bus is at 11 oclock and Mark is over the other side of the station, this should be fun lol . I run as fast as i can across the station fly over grab my bag and tell Mark to follow . We arrive at the terminal just in time and as we join the queue (yess another one) we wait to board .. haha its 11.05 and our bus is still to arrive which is a good thing as we have ttime to get some water. The bus takes about 4 hrs the journey is not to bad as the scenery is beuatiful along the coastal route and i have a book to finish. The bus station is not in a nice area when we arrive and because the hostel is only 5 mins walk away we opt out of a taxi. We find the hostel relatatively easily and after dropping our bags in our lockers we head out to familiarize ourselves with the local area. We find all our local conveniences before heading back and grabbing a shower to explore the historic area tonight. After a quick shower and change we head out and were more than pleasantly surprised by the old town. It really is a beautiful place with street entertainers littering the streets , sing dancing and making things disappear and i dont mean the same way as in Rio (pickpockets) Its valentines day so i see a lady selling baloons with spongebob (Marks favourite ) and sneakily buy one , then make him walk round with it until we arrrive in a square where he passes it on to a to a little girl whos also delighted with it. Cant wait to explore more of this picturesque town?Read more

  • Day80

    Stormy Weather

    February 16, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    First point of call this morning is the Fort and with this being such a beautiful place I expect it to be impressive, instead there are a few cannons strewn at the top of the hill . There is an option to walk down , with a warning sign "beware of the oyters" ? so we head down the hill and the views of the bay are really pretty , we cant walk around the bay so a small walk back to the top and we follow the road down to the beach. We have been told the beach isn't very nice so when we arrive we think we are in the wrong place . There are a few shells scattering the shore but there are no beach venders trying to out shout each other(one in Rio actually had a megaphone) and there are just a handful of people.
    We get chatting to a couple from Italy who got married at xmas after 20 years together and are here to renew there vows as they only had a 10 minute registry office wedding. The sad part is her mother of 90 has taken ill and it looks like they will have to head home before the ceremony on Sat .
    We spend quite a few hours on the beach, which i love , (they haven't been to Rhyl or Blackpool if they think this is a bad beach) and grabbing a bite to eat before taking a swim in the really warm water .
    Arriving back to the hostel we decide to try and plan our journey out of here. This is one of the main places people come affter carnival but now everyone is trying to get out of here at the same time . The buses are fully booked till Thurs (today is Monday ) so we book on the 23.30 bus and head back to the hostel as the sky has sussenly turned very grey.
    Keen to watch the storm we head to the upstairs balcony and watch as the thunder and lightning fill the sky. It starts to rain , and within minutes is terrential, the rain floods the street outside within minutes and before long is also pouring tthroug the roof of the hostel . We all take our place on the balcony watching the comical siights below us aa people attemptbto get through the "puddle" which is knee deep within half an hour . Flip flops and bumpers are now floating about and in the said puddle and this continues for nearly 2 hours, the fork lightning illuminating the sky purple. Nearly as soon as the rain has stopped the puddle disappears leaving the street as if nothing has happened, but its entertained us for a few hours at least.
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  • Day80

    Another Day in Paradise

    February 16, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    one of the girls in the hostel has advised us to take a 40 minute bus ride to Trinidade. They have a natural pool here and very beautiful beaches and we are keen to explore the local area. After a late breafast(Mark sleeps in for a change) we head to catch the 11 o'clock bus . We arrive at the station which is packed with people still trying to get out of here. The bus pulls in on time and the orderly queue turns to chaos. Even though we are well in time people push and shove and if you haven't got a seat the bus driver won't take you. So we return to the said queue (much closer to the front this time) and stay there for an hour awaiting the next bus. We are able to board this bus and make our way to Trinidade. There is a guy on a disability scooter who asks me to pull the cord to ask the driver to stop , we pull up on the side of the hill but the ramp has stopped working so they spend ages pushing butttons trying to get it to work, I honestly think at this rate it would be quicer to just lift him off, however noone in Brasil is in a rush and eventually the ramp comes to life . we eject the nice gentleman off the bus and we're on our way again.
    The bus drops us off and whne we arrive on the first beach its not as beautiful as I was expaecting,( I know I really need to be more grateful) but as we make our way around the coast of beaches , It becomes very apparent why people rave about it. It was so beautiful and really reminded me of Thailand 10 years ago we slowly head towards the Natural pool , dipping in and out of the sea as we dip in and out of the sea. We trek through the first part of the forest and once again take in the awe inspiring views. I really can't tell you how much you must come here to South America, the people the nature and the amazing views and beaches are all unspoilt and this is how it should be. The second part of the trek to the "piscina Natural" is a little heavier , climbing through the root straddled muddy paths that took a hammering from last nights storm, its very slippy but we push on and the practice is standing us in good stead for Macchu Pichu. We arrive and i honestly cant beleive the beauty, it really is breathtaking. I take a moment to breath it in and head straight for the pool in the midddle. We chiil here for about an hour then enquire about taking the boat. Its 15 reals each so we decide to hike back and pick up a Caiphirina on the beach on the way back. They are so expensive at the first bar so we opt for an ice cold beer and I pick up a pineapple caiprinha on the beach before we head for the bus. Yet again we miss the 5 oclock bus because of the amount of people but were in the front to catch the next one. We take it in turns to fetch the refreshments and cannot believe our eyes when a bus pulls up at !17:15 we jump aboard and within minutes the bus is full, What a stroke of luck (or so we think ) because as we drive out of the town locals are unable to get on. We have to stop to let a woman off and as we do so a whole group of locals storm the bus refusing to get off. The driver turns off the engine and says every one must get off and he's calling the Police !!!! Mark and I stay put as at least we have a seat, but I am very aware of the disgruntlement surrounding us. I can understand that if these people don't benefit from the tourism that floods Paraty then why should it affect their lives. Eventually another empty bus pulls up and the standing people all make a run for it. The driver starts the engine and within 20 minutes we are back in Paraty. We eat a quick kofte at a Turkish Restaurant(the first international restaurant we,ve found since being here) and head back to the hostel ....Another day in paradise xx
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  • Day286

    Paraty, Brazil

    February 23, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Paraty is a beautiful historic town situated on the Brazilian coast about half-way between Rio and Sao Paulo. Crazily, because the town is so low-lying and built next to the ocean, during the full moon and a high tide sections of it flood up to ten inches. As a result, the beautiful Portuguese buildings closest to the shore have about a foot of concrete foundation raising them off of the ground. The streets have the largest and most uneven cobble-stones Whit and I have ever seen. Driving over them shakes your bones!

    The region around Paraty produces high quality sugar cane. Consequently, it is renown throughout Brazil for its cachaça production - the key alcoholic ingredient in the delicious Brazilian caipirinha cocktail. Of course Whit and I spent some of our time in Paraty taste testing the various forms and qualities of cachaça. Through local recommendation, we even had the best regional caipirinha and it was delicious!
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  • Day19


    April 9, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Paraty is a small coastal town in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Especially now, considering that it's off season, there's not that much to do.
    My day consisted of a breakfast right at the beach, followed by a stroll through the historic center in town and some chilling at the beach. I didn't go into the water - it didn't look too inviting in terms of cleanliness - but there was a stone pier on which I went a little father out. In the evening, a band played pagode in the town square, and a lot of people started to dance Samba.Read more

  • Day99

    Paraty, Brazil

    March 1, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Small Town, about 4 hours drive down the coast from Rio. The old town is well preserved. The first pic is of the main street in the historic area decorated for Carnaval. The second and third are other looks at town. Much of the economy is based on tourism, especially in the surrounding rainforest and beaches. That is the other 3 pics.Read more

  • Day18

    Waterfalls, Pasta and SHOTTS!

    October 18, 2019 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    So today Lydia and I ventured out on our own and did a 4x4 Jeep tour with Paraty tours. We visited 5 waterfalls and was able to swim in at least three. We had to hike through the middle of the Atlantic forest, where we saw Pedra Branca waterfall. We also went to Vila de Penha where we saw the Tobogã waterfalls. We had the BEST homemade osso bouco and pasta in Villa Verde whilst watching Ru Paul. What could be better! We also went to two Caçhaca distilleries and got rather tipsy. Definitely one of my favourite days of this trip.Read more

  • Day13

    Arrivée a Paraty

    March 8, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Aujourd'hui nous avons quitté Ilha grande pour nous rendre à Paraty. Une petite ville brésilienne de l'État de Rio de Janeiro, située à l'extrême Sud de l'État, sur la "costa verde". Elle constitue un témoignage de l'architecture coloniale brésilienne. Les rues y sont nettoyées par la mer lors des marées. L'architecture y combine les influences d'Europe, d'Asie et d'Afrique.
    Le trafic automobile étant interdit dans le centre, il est très agréable de s’y promener le long des rues pavées rustiques. Nous n'avons pas encore eut la chance de découvrir cette ville sous le soleil mais le mix des couleurs étaient déjà somptueux et plein de charme. Nous avons terminé notre journée en écoutant un concert live de bossa nova dans un très bon restaurant de cuisine typique Brésilienne.
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