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  • Day4


    April 8 in France ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Die zweite Etappe verläuft entlang der Route Napoleon über Grenoble und Gap nach Sisteron.
    In den höheren Lagen liegt noch ziemlich Schnee und an unserem Camper hat es danach Salzspuren.

    In Sisteron beeindrucken die Felsen links und rechts neben dem engen Durchgang der Durance.
    Auf dem Felsen rechts befindet sich die Festung, die wir natürlich besichtigen müssen.
    Am nächsten Tag erkunden wir die Gegend per Mountainbike.
    Der Lavendel blüht zwar noch lange nicht, aber man kann sich gut vorstellen, wie es aussieht, wenn es dann soweit ist.
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  • Day5

    Digne les Bains - Castellane

    April 9 in France ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Die nächste Etappe geht von Sisteron über Digne les Bains nach Castellane.
    Das ist eigentlich nicht so eine grosse Distanz, aber die Strasse ist teilweise eng und führt durchs Gebirge.
    In Digne les Bains machen wir einen kleinen Stadtbummel.
    So viel zu sehen gibt es zwar nicht, aber das Portal der Kirche ist schon sehr fotogen.

    In Castellan sind die meisten Campings (es hat tatsächlich sehr viele) noch geschlossen. Wir finden einen ganz günstigen nahe dem Dorfkern. Als wir zum Dorfspaziergang aufbrechen, beginnt es gleich zu regnen.
    Das kann uns aber nicht davon abhalten, die Kapelle auf dem riesigen Felsen zu besuchen (im Hintergrund auf demletzten Bild).
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  • Day31

    Day 31 - Apt to Manosque, 27 miles

    May 16, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    With another bank holiday in France (they have 4 or 5 just in May) most places were closed including all the Chateauxs for wine tasting that I was thinking of visiting today. So instead I would treat the short ride to Manosque as a semi-rest day and take my time. With flip flops on whilst riding, to try and even up the tan as it currently looks like I'm permanently wearing ankle socks, I set off under another blue sky day.

    Picking up the old railway line then the back roads I weaved along the valley through the vineyards and soon to be fields of lavender (slightly too early for these but wow will it look even more stunning in a few weeks) it was another tough Monday morning ;-)

    The highlight of the ride was the climb to Col du Montfuron before descending down to Manosque. From the windmill at the top you can see for miles. From Mont Ventoux behind me (completely clear again to rub it in), to the Alps to the north, to Gorge du Verdon to the east (destination for the next 4 days) and the French Riviera to the south. Simply stunning and a real moment to take it all in and think how far I've already travelled.

    Going to be a tough day tomorrow to Aiguines with 40+ miles and over 1000 meters of climbing all with fully loaded panniers to cover and with another blue sky day predicted it's going to be a hot one. Early start tomorrow I think!
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  • Day34

    Day 34 - Castellane

    May 19, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 61 °F

    Swapped the road for the river today with a 'rest day' white water rafting along the Verdon River and through the canyon.

    Great to see the canyon from the ground up and great to get a different adrenaline rush off the bike. The Verdon is not the biggest of rapids but does have its moments and Karl our guide gave us a great day adding in some mini canyoning as well as covering nearly 25km along the river.

    Chilled evening tonight in Castellane under the rock then long ride to the coast tomorrow.
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  • Day33

    Day 33-Aiguines to Castellane, 35 miles

    May 18, 2016 in France ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Wow what a day! If you have not been here you have to add Gorge du Verdon to your list. Only 55 miles from Nice and it is one of the most stunning places I have ever been and to ride it on the trusty Condor made it even more special. MJ big thanks for the recommendation!

    Unless you have been here the scale does not come across in the photos. It's called the Gran Canyon of Europe and for a good reason. The ride as a result was not easy with over 500 meters of climbing in the first 6km out off Aiguines alone. With sections over 10% and with fully loaded panniers it certainly gets the blood pumping.

    From here it is one stunning view point after another as the road follows the gorge/canyon about half way up. About half way the south side that I rode dives in land then picks the caynon back up at river level giving stunning views looking up. You eventually reach Castellane which is dominated by a huge rock with a chapel at the top.

    A real thought provoking day and a ride I won't forget in a hurry. After a few incredible days on the bike it's a day off tomorrow. So what better way to spend it than go white water rafting through the canyon I've just riden along.
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  • Day17

    High plains drifter

    June 5, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Early start in order to tackle the hilliest stage so far. 1300 metres of ascent with no access to water along the Gorge du Verdon. Looking up at the road twisting above me and the gorge made me feel ill!

    Passed an English cyclist on the same route who said he never wanted to cycle another gorge - however he still had a long way to go.

    Camping in Castellane - hit lucky in choice of site.
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  • Day10


    April 23, 2016 in France ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    We sadly bid our alps home goodbye this morning. It has been the most rejuvenating and incredible stay and we are already wishing we could return at the end of our Europe trip. We head off to our next accommodation, this time in the French Provence to sample some of the local wine. Unfortunately, Flora has taken ill. She spent most of the night awake. She would spend the entire drive asleep (nothing new really).

    Along the way, we stopped by at Sisteron on Trevor's advice. You know what they say - locals know best. We only had a short time here so we went straight for the top of the hill where La Citadelle de Sisteron sits.

    Today is a history day. Today, we used our selfie stick for the first time. Aaron was hooked. That selfie stick would be an extension of his arm for the next hour. The citadel had been used as a fortress for centuries, a jail for a time and even held a Polish prince prisoner at the top of the tower. His cell was closed off with perspex but they had furnished it with a small bed, a study table and a (very princely) mannequin.

    After some selfie-stick time, we headed back to the car and continued on to Aix-en-Provence where we would stay for the next 2 nights.
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  • Day16

    The world is lavender

    June 4, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Blue skies after last night's thunderstorms. A couple on the campsite are travelling in miniature vintage cars made from wood. But they are pedal powered - amazing handiwork and dedication.

    All quiet until arriving in Banon for petit dejeuner (pretty centre with fountain ). Baguette and miel de lavendre.

    Descent into Forcalquier, busy with flea market.

    Undulating across the Valensole plateau.

    Fields of lavender all day. The lavender at altitude is still green, turning purple lower down.
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  • Day37

    Sentier blanc-martel

    October 3, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    An excursion that we'd heard described as the best hike in France, through the biggest gorge in Europe that itself is part of a wildlife sanctuary seemed like it could offer some sensual treats of the visual variety. Unfortunately the night before we discovered the shuttle bus was not running and the taxi chap was on holiday so instead we decided to fall back on our greatest natural skill... Getting drunk in a carpark.
    A 7am wakeup sees a hungover jess giving the taxi one last try, fortunately we discover he's back to work today and the fare is Half what we were expecting and a with a little research I discover the tap by the carpark is 100% legitimate bona-fide drinking water. So in a hurried state we load our bags with pasta, several liters of spring water and enough chocolate to besiege a small town. We make our way to the pickup point and are soon on our way in a taxi packed with other hikers zooming along a winding road that at times seems to be hanging off cliffs that are atleast too big, possibly bigger. As we make our way down into the gorge to the river bed it's as if we've been dropped into jurassic Park on steroids. Sheer cliff faces, some reaching up over 500 meters are speckled with a diverse range of vines, trees, shrubs and other as yet unidentified flora. The crystal clear waters of the river at times seeming so tranquil with azure blue pools yet there are signs off its power everywhere though most of them involve looking up the cliff at the time line of erosion dating back tens of millions of years. Snakes, vultures and some sort of praying mantis all show up just to add to the confusion as to where in the world we might be. We covered the 12.7km trail in a little under 5 hours excluding a serious pasta session, the chocolate turned out to be surplus to requirements but thanked us for taking it on the journey. A 700m long dark tunnel, 253 stairs steeper than a telephone pole sticking out hundreds of meters up the face of the cliff were some of the adrenaline highlights but overall the winner has to be the detour down to mescla point where the Verdon river meets up with its pal the L'artuby. Hopes were pretty high but were met and exceeded approximately every 4-5 seconds.
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  • Day9

    Die Schlucht von Verdon

    October 10, 2017 in France ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Unsere erste Wanderung führte uns in eine traumhafte Landschaft, die früher zur Trinkwassergewinnung genutzt wurde. Der Aufstieg war relativ entspannt und der Ausblick grandios. Wir freuen uns schon auf die weiteren Touren.

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