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  • Day36


    July 23, 2017 in Germany

    Had a wonderful stay in Dresden. Dresden was bombed many times by the allied forces during the war and destroyed - it burnt for 5 days. Most of the old building were destroyed or just left with part of the shell. Dresden was then part of Eastern Germany under communism. Since then amazingly Dresden has now been restored and a large percentage of the old building have now been rebuilt - as they originally were. it's quite extraordinary but amazing. Our internet is very patchy for the next week or so, so post are sporadic.Read more

  • Day47


    July 23, 2017 in Germany

    Dresden is a beautiful city with magnificent buildings. It is hard to believe that it has all been rebuilt after being bombed at the end of WWII.  For decades, the communist regime of East Germany refused to rebuild the most historic and well-known landmark of Dresden -- the Frauenkirche church. Its ruins remained untouched as a symbol against war and as a memorial for those who were killed. It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall that restoration and rebuilding began.The rebuilding of the church and other sights and monuments was mainly due to the financial support coming from western German states and according to a volunteer at the church from a lot of rich people. Some buildings were constructed in a modern way, others were totally rebuilt, based on old photos and the use of original stones found in the rubble. The restoration of the city has not been completed yet. There are construction sites throughout the city. We did a great Hop on Hop off bus tour which took us over the Elbe River with great views of the Upper Elbe Valley and its trio of castles - Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingner Castle (aka Villa Stockhausen) and Eckberg Castle - located adjacent to one another. Lots of restaurants to choose from and good food. We want Al to order a pork knuckle (huge) but so far he has resisted. We head to Prague tomorrow for six days and then back to Germany so it's not too late for that pork knuckle Al 😆Read more

  • Day37

    Dresden.....2 days

    August 19, 2016 in Germany

    I decided to stay in Dresden for two nights for a couple of reasons. 1 - it's quite a nice hotel and I felt like a rest. 2 - a full day gives you more time to explore. Dresden, although dating back to the 12th century, is quite a modern city mixing old and new. It came under sustained bombing during WW2 (damn mentioned it again) and so lost a lot of heritage. Amazingly there are some beautiful old cathedrals and other buildings remaining intact. My photos don't do them justice.

    I spent a lot of time walking (did 18 kms today) and getting lost - a lot of fun.

    Had a traditional German dinner of cold pork, pickles, egg (and other stuff) on a dark, very dark, bread followed by desert made of potatoes and curd rolled in sugar and fried. It tasted ok. Potatoes for desert, who would have thought.

    Found a bike shop I hope will be able to supply me with replacement speakers/audio for my helmet comms. Will try and pick up in the morning before I head into the Czech Republic.

    Talk soon....cheers
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  • Day36

    Road signs (2) & driving (so far).

    August 18, 2016 in Germany

    Okay..I did say there would be a follow-up to my road signs entry...

    General isn't hard but it us a bit different to Australia, (and not just riding on the other side of the road). And you do have to get right, well, right enough to make it home.

    Driving in Europe is based on "priority" which I guess is a little bit like "right-of-way" back home. And I do mean a "little" bit. Basically on an unregulated intersection anyone coming from your right has "priority" to continue. It doesn't matter if you are on a major road, if not regulated by signs they have priority. Priority on your road is shown by a yellow diamond, end of priority is shown by the same diamond with a black diagonal line crossing through it. Now what does this mean. It means be careful and don't take anything for granted because whilst you might be on a priority road there maybe:

    1. An "older" European (insert French, German, Italian) driver who has always had priority and doesn't give a damn about these new (after WW2) road rules and people always stop for me any way; or
    2. A tourist from (insert Australia, New Zealand, UK etc.) has just arrived and it can't be that different from home.

    Speed limits - if I make it home without a fine, well it will be pure luck. As you approach a village/town it will have its name on a yellow rectangular sign. Miss this and you've missed the 50kmh speed limit sign...yep that's all you get. There's lots of fixed cameras and hopefully they are all forward facing (for those that don't ride a front number plate! ☺). Same when your leaving town, same town sign but with a diagonal black line through it. Now this might mean it's 70kmh, 90kmh or 100kmh but never mind as the helpful truck driver behind you will let you know if you are going too slow. He'll use the international signal (flashing his lights) to signify "your going too slow you tourist knobhead". He will actually be the same truck driver that used the international signal (gesticulating by slapping his left hand against his right bicep whilst honking his horn - see the pic) for "your going to fast you tourist knobhead" when you passed him on the way into town. Note: that pic is not the actual truck driver but probably his better looking cousin. Ohh, if your not sure what the guesture means GOOGLE " BRAS D'HONNEUR.

    Other things that make driving interesting. Tram tracks....sometimes the tack gap is just big enough to fit a front tyre into. This is great because you now have an automomous motorbike that self-steers. Cobblestones, just the thing to massage your sore ass after a few hours in the saddle, and to helpfully deodorise your clothes because the shampoo bottle leaked all over them - ust add water when you get to the motel.

    City streets (including roundabouts) that have no lane markings but manage to fit 2 cars, a bus, a motorbike and a pushbike in a space that really isn't quite big enough.But where there is a will, well you'll probably find a French man or woman.

    Oh yes, in farming areas tractors, harvesters and people walking cows apparently have automatic priority, even in the town itself - I've seen it!!!

    Now quickly.....signs.

    Ausfahrt..means ironically (see the reference to clothes peg for nose) an exit to nowhere, but usually a roadside parking spot with, maybe, a toilet. Two hints, bring your own paper/clothes peg to use on your nose, and when you see one stop. Europe is not big on public toilets - even the service stations charge you to use them!!!!

    The sign with the guy in the overcoat, no idea but I'm guessing there is a serial flasher near Hannover.

    Apparently you can go in any direction and still get where you want to go. Autres Directions means Other Directions and Toutes Directions means All Directions..buggered if I know.

    Ohh, not my pic, but looks like they knew I was heading their way!!!!

    It's actually not that hard and a lot of fun.

    Ahh well, am looking forward to the next ride.

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  • Day100

    Dresden, Deutschland

    May 17, 2017 in Germany

    Tadaaa... Da sind wir also - zurück in Good Old Germany!

    Nachdem wir unsere Familien heute erfolgreich mit unserer Rückkehr überrascht haben, können wir unsere Wiedersehensfreude auch mit euch allen teilen! 🤗
    Nachdem die Reise durch Indien noch einmal alles getoppt hatte, was wir zuvor auf unserer Asienreise gesehen hatten, waren wir ein wenig müde vom vielen organisieren, planen, erkunden, erleben und ein Stück weit der Anpassung an die Gebenheiten, so dass wir uns entschieden, die Heimreise anzutreten. Da es aber eine Überraschung werden sollte, mussten wir ja ein wenig die Spannung, bezüglich unserer weiteren Reisepläne, halten! 😉
    Mit wahnsinnig vielen Eindrücken und Erfahrungen im Gepäck und noch ein klein wenig gereifter, kamen wir gestern, am 16.05.2017 in Dresden am Flughafen an, wo wir von Scholle mit Kids abgeholt wurden, da diese die einzigen Eingeweihten in unserem Plan waren. Wir verbrachten einen tollen Abend und die Nacht bei Familie Wetzig/Scholze und starteten unseren heutigen Tag mit einem ausgiebigen Frühstück im "Sperling" in der Neustadt.

    Vor uns liegen nun 2,5 Wochen Heimaturlaub, bevor wir ab Juni unsere nächste Etappe der Reise antreten - Saisonarbeit in Österreich und der Schweiz! Wir haben tatsächlich jeder noch eine Stelle bekommen und so geht das Abenteuer unserer Reise - der Reise die sich "Leben" nennt weiter... to be continued! 👫
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  • Day9

    So we finally boarded the night train from Prague to Amsterdam... 13 hours with a stop in Dresden, Germany.

    I dont have much to report, thanks to last night (🍻) and the lack of sleep, we basically passed out the entire time. I have to say that the bus itself was actually quite comfortable and all in all, a rather uneventful (albeit long) time!

    Next stop: Amsterdam!!!

  • Day2

    Dresden :)

    June 20, 2017 in Germany

    Jetzt bin ich wieder da, nach 10 Monaten wieder zu Hause 😌😊 der Flug war so gut wie leer und ziemlich schnell vorbei. Ich habe die Bilder von Dresden für Mike gemacht, da er das bestimmt lesen wird 😉 ich wurde von meiner Familie, die aber ohne Jara gekommen ist, und von Hendrik und Devin abgeholt. Jara möchte ich dann im Kindergarten überraschen 😊😅 jetzt werde ich mich zu Hause erstmal ausruhen und dann die Jara abholen 😊Read more

  • Day153

    Dresden, Germany

    October 6, 2017 in Germany

    I flew from the summer temperatures of Majorca to the chilly winter of Leipzig and seriously wondered why I’d left the sunshine!! The best thing was Karina and Konrad were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived and it was so nice to see familiar faces, but crazy to think how quickly time has passed since we were making plans to meet in January! They’ve been amazing hosts treating my like royalty since I arrived while showing me everywhere and everything their city has to offer. One of my favourite things about Germany is the breakfasts they have here - seriously it’s the best breakfast spread with everything you can think of and of course Karina and Konrad have done this every morning for me. From Leipzig we’ve visited Jena, Erfurt, Weimar and Dresden, meeting Konrad’s sister in law and cousin along the way. The weather hasn’t been the best with temperatures sitting at 9 degrees and on and off rain however that hasn’t stopped us and I’ve seen some wonderful towns with something different to offer in each one.Read more

  • Day35

    Hofkirche Dresden

    March 31 in Germany

    Mein Rundgang führte mich weiter zur Hofkirche. Außen ist sie mit vielen Figuren geschmückt.
    Im Inneren ist alles weiß und mit gold verziert.
    Es handelt sich um eine katholische Kirche, die etwa zeitgleich zur Frauenkirche erbaut wurde.

  • Day36

    Semperoper und Zwinger

    April 1 in Germany

    Hier stehe ich auf dem Theaterplatz vor der Semperoper.
    Ich habe ein paar Fotos gemacht. Leider war ich noch nie in der Oper... Aber irgendwann werde ich auch mal eine Oper besuchen.
    Danach habe ich mir den Zwinger angeschaut. Ich bin über die Dachterrasse geschlendert. Von dort hat man einen guten Überblick über die Anlage.

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