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  • Day264

    Bagnara Calabra, Goodbye Sicily!

    March 17, 2017 in Italy

    We set off at 10am, picked up some replacement parts for our ageing tandem, some groceries and drove for several hours to get to Porto di Tremestieri, from where we would catch the ferry back to the Italian mainland.

    Arriving at the port we were separated from the lorries and told to wait in a corner with some other smaller vehicles. Three ferries departed, but we were still told to wait. We sat there frustrated while others that had been told to stay back sneeked on against the remonstrations of the official. Vicky eventually asked when we'd go on the ship and was told there were different companies operating. The fourth (Blu Line) ferry was ours, but when asked for our ticket we were told we should have had it stamped. Almost before we had time to think 'oh no', the officer whistled another employee over and instructed him to 'take this lady's ticket to the office and get it stamped!'. The employee zipped off on hos moped, beeping his horn to cries of 'veloce, veloce!' (fast, fast!). Sure enough, they got it sorted and we were juddering accross the Straits of Messina within 10 minutes, the boat hull flexing with the strain.

    Church bells rang out a tune as the sun set over the Sicilian mountains, including the still smouldering Mount Etna. We felt sad to be leaving this amazing island. It isn't perfect by a long way, but we'd been lucky enough to see so many amazing natural sights and meet some wonderfully warm and generous people, that it will be remembered fondly!

    As a final farewell, Sicily delivered a sensational treat, Will spotted some water exploding in the distance. We knew it was a tumultuous stretch of sea, so we thought it was waves crashing together until we looked closer and saw dolphins leaping high out of the sea before smashing back in with a splash! They played for a good ten minutes and may have continued for longer, but the ferry put distance between the group and us until we lost sight of them.

    There was still an hour's difficult drive to do when we got off the ferry and we were both tired when we pulled up at the Bagnara Calabra free stopover, a car park beside a seafront artifical football field. We were beginning to relax after tea when there was a knock on the door. The person knocking asked if we were planning to stay the night, then told us it would be €15! We showed him the book that said it was a free stopover, but he insisted it was €15. There was water and an emptying point that the book hadn't mentioned so we suppose the charge may have come about when they installed these facilities. We handed over the money and he promised that the boat currently blocking access to the emptying point would be moved by the morning, but surprise surprise it wasn't.

    Driving out of town the following morning, the route took us up the hill into a narrow grid of streets. A car was parked very awkwardly at the entrance to the crossroads at the end of one street. Vicky was able to squeeze past it, but the road ahead was a 'no entry' and when she started to turn, she caught the front wing of the car with the side of the van! Will managed to get the van out of the street by doing a three point turn while Vicky passed her details to some residents who had seen it happen and were sympathetic. Suffice to say we were happy to get out of this particular town and on the road!
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  • Day10


    September 17 in Italy

    Sind heute zu unserem nächsten Ziel unterwegs, nach Marina di Giosa Lonicera. Dazwischen am südlichsten Punkt vom Stiefel Italia am Meer gerastet. Für mich richtig heiß, für Bene zum wohlfühlen. Am Hotel angekommen, direkt am Wasser jedoch merkt man dass die Hauptsaison vorbei ist. Trotzdem alle Menschen die wir kennen lernen sind super nett

  • Day51

    Reggio Di Calabrio

    October 19 in Italy

    Wow, what a long day already and we have only completed the first step of our travel day. We left Maratea at 9am for what should have been a three and a half hour drive that turned into a four and a half hour drive.

    We saw a few accidents today, not surprising because Italians all drive like they have a death wish, lots of police doing radar, first time we had seen that, and ridiculous speed limits in odd places. And some of the roads we drive on were very scary, so high up and sticking out the side of mountains. It was a very stressful drive.

    We then arrived at the car hire place to drop the car off and have never seen traffic like it. We could not find a park so I jumped out to find out where to go. The lady came out, just stuck her hand up to cross the busy road, (and the cars just stopped for her), and thankfully she then took over the driving. She did a u-turn in the middle of all the traffic and parked the car outside her office across the driveway. She then told us it was school pick up time which was why it was so hectic. Ten minutes later and it was as quiet as anything.

    It amazes me how the Italians just drive wherever they want, park any which way and everyone seems quite calm about it. We have heard very few horns blasting (except the odd one at us for obeying the speed limit) and haven’t witnessed any road rage. Us Aussie drivers need to learn a thing or two about patience when driving.

    I think Brad was extremely relieved to be able to hand over the keys and call it a day. Due to the stress of driving today, we changed our future travel plans to exclude anymore driving adventures. Brad breathes a big sigh of relief. He has done an amazing job driving and we have seen so many more places because he was brave enough to give it a go. ❤️
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  • Day18

    On the train - ferry to Sicilia!

    September 12, 2014 in Italy

    There was all this racket on the train and we were stopped for a while my assumption being changing out cars or some kind of delay /mechanical problems. I have learned to accept that in Italy you will be late and they won't tell you what is going on so I just places when I get there. Then all the sudden someone in my cabin was like hey let's go upstairs for food and drinks. I had no idea what they were talking about assuming we were at a train stop. I didn't realize they pulled the entire train in to the bottom of a ferry to get us to Sicily. They had over 20 train cars on the ferry and room for many more. Simply amazing. See pics for details. Have to say it's the first time I have been on a train and a boat at the same time.Read more

  • Day105

    20.4. alle Wege führen nach rom

    April 20, 2017 in Italy

    nach stürmischer nacht heute nur bewegte see und steife brise. seit dem späten vormittag auf steuerbord entlang
    der ital. stiefelsohle und jetzt in der Strasse von Messina bei strahlendem Sonnenschein. vom z.z. aktiven Aethna noch nichts zu sehen. abschiedsstimmung macht sich überall bemerkbar, ibs. nach der info-veranstaltung über den Ablauf der ausschiffung mit 3 costa-cruisern übermorgen gleichzeitig in savona.
    aber morgen ganztägig rom mit papstbesuch für die vip-gäste. freitags papstmesse in Rom, am Sonntag hochamt hl. Kommunion mit Dekan schlick in sinzheim - die Hierarchie muss auch in der Kirche eingehalten werden.
    lt. Bordstatistik Verbrauch auf der reise: ca. 45.000 l Bier, 100.000 fl. schaumweine, 63 to. fleisch, pasta 10 to.,
    frischobst 180 to., fisch/meeresfrüchte 113 to., reis 26 to., gemüse 150 to., mineralwasser 200.000 fl., weine fast 500.000 fl., alles entsorgt mit 80.000 rollen toilettenpapier!

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