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  • Day12

    Mount Phou Si

    May 14, 2017 in Laos

    For our last day in Luang Prabang we woke up in good time and enjoyed the last free breakfast.

    Due to the heat of the day approaching we decided to head out asap so we wouldn't melt away in the sun.

    We set off to Mount Phou Si which was only a 10 minute walk from our hostel and climbed the 400 steps up. Having experienced such a trek up on our last viewpoint escapade this one was significantly easier and quicker. After 10 minutes we were up the top and soaking in the beautiful views around us. With a nice breeze it made being up top bearable and worth the walk.

    Having been in Laos almost 2 weeks I'm certain many people underrate it and will skip it out if they are short of time. Visiting the country I think this is so wrong and Laos is one of the most beautiful places I've been to on my travels and being so underdeveloped everything is still very natural and undisturbed. I couldn't recommend Laos more and I can certainly say it's exceeded expectations.

    The evening was also a very sad one as it was mine and Simona's last night with each other before we went our separate ways after the best two weeks together. We both couldn't have loved Laos more nor had more of a laugh together and the weeks have flown by. We both agreed though that Vang Vieng was our favourite place (hence the long stay) and felt we could of stayed longer. However we promised each other we would both return another time and relive our week there.

    For our last meal we had the vegetarian buffet again, being so cheap and delicious it couldn't go a miss and seemed very suited to finish on a good food.
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  • Day44

    Luang Prabang, Laos

    February 5, 2017 in Laos

    Luang Prabang is a small quaint town in Laos known to backpackers for years however we didn't know very much about it and wanted to check it out for ourselves.

    Laos was occupied by the French for 50 years up until 1949, which is evident in Luang Prabang through the architecture and modern day relaxed culture. While there were nice restaurants, wine bars and riverside cafes all around town, it didn't quite feel like the authentic Laos we saw traveling, more of a western resort town.

    Although it was nice to have this small town feel we wanted to see a more local side of Laos so we rented a scooter to drive around the outskirts. This is where we saw the true beauty of this country that has rolling mountains and greenery all around. We drove an hour to the Kuang Si waterfall which was even more amazing in person than the pictures we'd seen. It was fun to hike up to the top of the fall where we could walk around in the water and Mitch could show off on the tree swing before accidentally falling in to the watering hole! Thank god it was really really hot so drying off wasn't a problem.

    On the way back from the waterfall we made a few pit stops to enjoy the scenery and to even do some local people watching while taking a break at a roadside eatery where I had to take a picture with the cutest little Laos girl dressed in her traditional clothing. Once we got back to Luang Prabang we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the river and decided it was time that we take a chance to eat some street food while in Southeast Asia. We scoped out the most popular BBQ stand and enjoyed some pork, chicken and sticky rice. And lucky to say our stomachs were just fine the next day!
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  • Day89

    Kuang Si Waterfall

    February 1 in Laos

    Heute sind wir zu den Kuang Si Wasserfällen gefahren - sind die nicht traumhaft schön? 😍

    Wir waren sofort hin und weg! 💗

    An einigen Stellen konnte man auch baden gehen - Cemil ist sofort ins Wasser gesprungen. 😁

    Da wir bereits gegen 09.30Uhr angekommen sind, waren nur wenige Leute vor Ort - also früh kommen lohnt sich! 😊Read more

  • Day7

    Luang Prabang

    March 13, 2015 in Laos

    Arrival at Singharat Guesthouse and now Dinner at Lao Lao Garden Restaurant

  • Day15

    Zwei Tage sind wir auf einem mit Backpackern überfüllten Kahn unterwegs auf dem Mekong von huay Xai nach Luang Prabang. Hinten im „Motorenraum“ haben es sich auch ein paar Menschen auf dem Boden „gemütlich“ gemacht, aber es ist unfassbar laut. Die Fahrt ist zwar anstrengend, aber warum der Mekong die Lebensader Südostasiens genannt wird, versteht man wahrscheinlich nur, wenn man eine Weile auf ihm verbracht hat und seine Ufer beobachtet hat. Und dafür hatten wir ja genug Zeit... Lange passiert am Ufer des Mekongs nicht viel außer grüner Dschungel, vereinzelt grasende Kühe und hier und da ein Mensch mit einer Angel. Ab und an kommen wir an kleinen „Häfen“, die nur aus einer Sandbank bestehen vorbei und an manchen halten wir und lassen Einheimische aus- und zusteigen. Es werden Waren wie Eier etc über den Mekong in die entlegenen Bergdörfer transportiert und dient ihnen als Nahrungsquelle (fischreichster Fluss der Erde). Wie wichtiger der Fluss für die Dorfbewohner ist, spüren wir allerdings erst als eine junge Familie mit einem Säugling zusteigt, der an eine riesige alte Sauerstoffflasche angeschlossen ist, die von mehreren Leuten getragen werden muss. Die Anzeige oben zeigt auf low Level. In solchen Momenten wird uns klar, wie gut es uns selber eigentlich geht und, dass wir Vieles für selbstverständlich halten. Umso mehr wissen wir in Luang Prabang unsere wunderschöne Unterkunft zu schätzen und können getrost über die Ameisen hinwegsehen.Read more

  • Day16


    October 25 in Laos

    Wir erkunden die schöne Stadt Luang Prabang mit ihren Nachtmärkten, dem Königspalast und natürlich mit seinen Tempeln. Aber irgendwas geht hier vor sich... Die werden hier ja nicht jeden Tag Laternen aus Pergamentpapier basteln🤔 Bei den Tempeln ist alles hell erleuchtet durch zig hundert kleine und große Laternen. Wunderschön! Bei einem Tempel ist ein Fest und wir staunen nicht schlecht als wir eine Mischung aus Tennis und Fußball beobachten. Die fliegen in der Gegend rum und spielen Tennis mit den Füßen und das auf Asphalt 😳🙏🏻 dann beginnt ein riesengroßer Umzug durch die Stadt und aufwändige mit Kerzen beleuchtete Pergament-Kunstwerke werden durch Stadt geschoben. Wir werden zufällig Zuschauer des alljährlichen Lichterfestes in Laos, wo zu Ehren des Mekongs und zu Ehren Buddahs tausende von Lichtern auf den Mekong geschickt werden. Auch wir lassen ein „Blume-Kerzen-Buddah-Ding“ auf den Mekong.Read more

  • Day9

    Journey to Luang Prabang

    February 9 in Laos

    Generally the rule in Laos is to buy tickets directly at the bus otherwise you get over charged. Knowing this we decided to try and get a tuk tuk ourselves and then buy the ticket ourselves... Long story short we tried and got ripped off but ah well. We quickly bought a croissant and a coconut muffin each and jumped into the tuk tuk. In the usual Laoish time it set off to the train station. Will was chatting to some of the guys and showing off saying he could cycle without hands whilst gesturing at the same time and he let go of our muffins which flew out the back of the tuk tuk. Disaster! The journey to Luang Prabang was 7 hours (ish) and after our last journey we weren't really looking forward to it but we were more prepared and sat in the seats near the driver to get as far away from others as possible. No one was sick this time but the driver was crazy and my seat was the most uncomfortable seat ever. I got off the bus with whiplash in my neck.

    When we arrived at our airbnb I was so happy, we could do laundry, have a hot shower, the bed was comfy and most of all it had a kitchen so we could finally cook ourselves!! We were both pretty worn out so we decided to cheer ourselves up with a date night 😊 Let's just say we were missing our beloved Theos Pizza and wine, so decided to have a taste of home 😍

    On Saturday we wandered to the market to get fresh fruit for breakfast and ingredients for Laotian dinners. Mushroom laap, fish and watercress salad, I was so excited to make our own dinner! The fish was so fresh it was still alive when we picked it out the bucket. We then wandered to the town, saw more temples, walked along the Mekong River and saw sunset on top of hill in the centre of town before heading back to settle in for our tasty dinner and beer Lao.
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  • Day12

    Final days in Luang Prabang

    February 12 in Laos

    The morning started with a whole fresh pineapple and papaya to make the most of having our own kitchen. Then we packed our stuff ready to check out.

    We went to the local Ock Pop Tock Living Craft Centre where they hand weave silk. It had a really lovely free tour showing us how they make the silk, dye it using various natural colourings and finally how they make it into garments.

    We then checked into our new hostel in the town centre and decided to celebrate our month anniversary travelling by going for lunch at the best place in Luang Prabang and by golly was it yummy! We ordered the Buffalo meat Fondue and Banana Daiquiri and we ate like Kings on the Riverside. It was such a lovely place to just sit and chill out so we did exactly that and ordered a Black Rice beer while finishing up my blog for the day.

    So being a month in I thought I'd take this opportunity to reflect a bit. Honestly, we've only been gone a month and I just can't imagine going back to the hustle and bustle and stress that people have in life. Life is simple here. For a month we've stayed in various hostels of various quality, we've had little hot water, solid as a rock beds, been living out of a small bag with barely any clothing, doing our clothes washing in a sink of cold water and honestly I've got the hairiest legs imaginable (yes and I'm still wearing shorts), yet no one judges, everyone's so happy and so friendly and content with the very little they have. When is the last time you were stressed out about something... Yesterday?... An hour ago when the man in front of you walked too slow on the pavement?... Will and I keep chatting every so often about the craziness of how we get or got stressed so easily. I'm not saying it doesn't happen all of a sudden, but it's very interesting to remind ourselves and reflect. Does it really matter if you're 5 mins late or wearing the same clothes, or even have hairy legs? The other day I was feeling snotty and ill with my hairy legs out walking around the grand Palace. A security man came up to me and told me how beautiful I looked and compared me to a chandelier from Czech Republic. He didn't mean it in a weird random man way we always assume in England if a stranger talks to you. He was just being nice and friendly with no strings attached. Imagine if you complimented one person everyday. What a friendly and happy world we would live in. But maybe people do try but our perception is that these people are clearly weirdos and you can't accept compliments from strangers. Maybe just spend 5 minutes everyday talking to someone about your day, list 3 things that made today a good one.

    Both myself and Will are feeling pretty ill today, so glad we've done most of the sites we've wanted to do. Both full of a cold with stomach cramps. Had a slow morning updating my blog and then we ventured out for breakfast. For those that don't know, Luang Prabang is a town in northern loas which combines classic Laos tradition with a dash of French colonialism. For the past few days Will has been eyeing up coffee and cakes, but has been quite restrained due to us going for fancy dinners. Today Will knew exactly what he wanted for breakfast, a chocolate and almond pastry twist and a creamy coconut cake. I think he's forgotten we are backpackers 😋 While having coffee we met 2 lovely ladies who had a daughter that came to Laos to work in a school, moved back home to Edinburgh after 2 years and fell very ill and unfortunately passed away at the age of 22. The mother and her friend now come once a year to help the local community bringing luggage full of stationary, clothing, shoes and money that has been raised for local schools and hospitals. I think my favourite part of this holiday is when we meet such incredible people.

    We then decided to try and get a boat down the Mekong River to the Pak Ou Caves. Unfortunately the public boat only leaves at 8:30am and after that you have to get a private boat which is a lot more money so we decided to just chill out and sit on the river reading for the rest of the day before watching the story of Chiang in a free outdoor cinema. The film was about filmed in 1927 and is about a family living in the jungle of Thailand. A short and pleasant film to round off the day.

    We've decided to stay one more day as not taking the boat along the Mekong River is probably a crime in this region, plus being full of a cold the thought of packing and moving is rather unappealing.
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