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  • Day207


    December 28, 2018 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Compared to the other capital cities we have visited in South East Asia Vientiane is just a village. Almost everything is in walking distance and it is much cleaner than the very dirty cities of Phnom Penh and Hanoi. We walked around and explored the city.

    Verglichen mit den anderen Hauptstädten in Südostasien ist Vientiane nur ein kleines Dorf. Es ist deutlich ruhiger und vor allem sauberer als das dreckige Phnom Penh oder Hanoi. Hier konnten wir heute alle Sehenswürdigkeiten zu Fuß erreichen.Read more

  • Day35


    December 18, 2018 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Unsere vorerst letzte Station in Laos ist die Hauptstadt Vientiane. Eine sehr positiv entspannte und gelassene Stadt macht uns den Abschied etwas schwer.
    Laos ist ein tolles Land mit unfassbar freundlichen Menschen, in dem wir sehr gern noch mehr Zeit verbracht hätten.

  • Day20

    Day 20 - Monster of Concrete

    February 27, 2017 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    A 5am wake up call to head to Luang Prabang airport. Matt began to get the stress shakes when he realised none of the coffee selling establishments were open at 5.50am when we arrived yet though his panic didn't last too long. Though the souvenir gift stands opened first. That's multiple stands, for a small airport where the man on security also directed us to our plane by vaguely pointing to 'the middle plane' before we wandered freely over the tarmac. I'm not sure his security skills were up to much either as I made the machine beep, took of my shoes, beeped again and he shrugged and let me go.

    A short flight mostly spent killed mosquitos with the in flight magazine and we landed in Vientiane. We've gone slightly more upmarket here and spent a whopping £35 on an actual hotel so we had a driver to pick us. Much appreciated to avoid the early morning tuk tuk bargaining and they let us check in early.

    We soon headed out though as what we've learnt about Laos is its unbearably hot after about 2pm. First stop was a cafe for a second breakfast (mmm croissants) then a general wander. Minor mishap in that someone tripped off a curb and hurt their ankle. And it wasn't me! It's not too bad he says, hobbling on. We went on regardless and walked through Chao Anouvong Park, named after the man of the same name in the statue that's there. We also saw a pick up truck drive past pumping out music with a big gold Buddha and a monk on the back - hastily taken picture in the photo section.

    We went round a couple of temples on the way back as it's been at least a week since we went in one. As they say frequently in Laos (it's even on t-shirts) 'Same Same but Different'. Though one temple was having the painted wall murals painstakingly restored which was interesting to watch. No photos allowed though to 'prevent thefts and schemes'.

    Next stop was lunch at a place called Noy's Fruit Heaven. We had lovely smoothies and pittas. There was however a very sad eyed dog watching us eat and breaking my heart. The guys who worked there obviously felt the same as they went and got him half a white baguette (that famous doggie treat). He turned his nose up at that but enjoyed a piece of mayonnaise covered chicken Matt dropped.

    Last stop before heading back to the hotel was the Patuxai which is a war memorial looking not unlike the Arc de Triomphe - ironic seeing as it's commemorate the war to get independence from French rule. The very honest signage calls it a 'monster of concrete'. I actually like the monster though and we climbed to the top for view over the city (after we passed the ton of souvenir stalls on the way up).

    Air con and pool time followed before heading out to dinner at 'Sticky Fingers'. Margaritas and surprisingly good bangers and mash were the order of the day. That and listening to the sound from across the street from a stall where you had to try and pop balloons with darts - tuneful. When the noise got too much we traipsed through the night market to look at all the knock off goods and found another bar which had reasonably priced red wine.
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  • Day56


    August 8, 2018 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    The bus ride from Vang Vieng to Vientiane was pleasant compared to previous tortures. So we were still pretty refreshed to go out and explore the vicinity of our hostel. It's a pretty small city for being a capital with just around 200.000 inhabitants. Consequently it has a really laid back and relaxed atmosphere making it perfect for a stroll. We visited the Victory arch in the middle of the center which is the major landmark. Afterwards we took a detour to a Wat which is named the "Black Stupa". Nothing too impressive to see...
    The next day we took a bus to the outskirts to the city next to the Mekong River and the border to Thailand. There is the so-called Buddha Park, a seemingly random area with all kinds of statues of gods and goddesses. A rather impressive sight even though the composition is pretty random and there's absolutely no information on the history or the statues itself 😅 We took the bus back, had a quick lunch and then hired bikes to go to "Lao's most important cultural landmark" - a golden stupa located within beautifully renovated temples. Even though I didn't like the massive fake golden shiny stupa it was still nice to look at from a distance. Vientiane is a nice city but it lacks the natural features other parts of Laos has to offer.
    An evening stroll along the Mekong river and the night markets with a traditional Laotian barbecue concluded our journey to Indochina. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed all three countries that have similarities and yet are so different.
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  • Day318

    Oktober 2010: Cambodia, Laos, Bangkok

    October 24, 2010 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Vang Vieng:
    Take a private mini van through dusty villages and winding mountain roads to Vang Vieng (approximately 7 hours). The mountain scenery on the drive is as impressive as that of your destination. En route, take in scenes of small village life at various points along the hilly highway. Situated on the Nam Song River, Vang Vieng is surrounded by towering limestone karsts and is a great place to walk through local markets and along the riverside.

    Ich erinnere mich, dass wir damals einen Nachtzug von einer Grenzstadt in Thailand zu Laos zurück nach Bangkok genommen hatten

    Wolfgang im April 2017
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  • Day3


    December 10, 2017 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Oh yeah, LAOS! Not as sunny today but still 27 degrees :) Some tough immigration control they have but I’m in! Just got to Vientiane. Of course I met some australian dude on train and of course we had 4 beers before 11 :) It’s so wonderful to meet people, so many stories. Vientiane is pretty quiet town, and officialy - I’m a millionaire! You go to ATM and withdraw a million :) 1€ = 10.000 KIP. And it’s cheap. But in 2 hours I’ve seen all places worth seeing. I’m glad I’ve shorten Vientiane to only two days, still have to see the night market though.
    Oh, the street on the picture - it’s a main road :) Pretty empty, huh?
    I ended up eating some awesome bbq chicken by river, soooo good! But had too much so I just had another danish in hostel and went to bed for an hour. Met John in the evening for few more beers, many discussions, ignoring hookers/ladyboys (I’d swear that was a girl though, an ugly one though) and now finally some rest. Buddha park is on tomorrow 😁
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  • Day42

    Organizacija COPE, Vientiane

    March 30, 2016 in Laos ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Vientiane je glavno mesto Laosa ampak ni prou dosti stvari za pogledat. Prvo mesto na Tripadvisor-ju drži center organizacije COPE, ki se ukvarja z razminiranjem Laosa, kjer ocenjujejo, da je še vedno cca. 25 milijonov eksplozivnih sredstev, največ iz Vitnamske vojne. Poleg razminiranja se organizacija ukvarja tudi z žrtvami in ponesrecenci, ki se s temi sredstvi poškodujejo, ko delajo na polju ali zbirajo železo za prodajo. Med njimi je tudi cel kup otrok. Marsikateri od teh ponesrecencev bi v razvitih državah dobil protezo in živel približno normalno življenje naprej tu je to seveda bolj izjema... Še posebej ostane v glavi zgodba, ki jo o svojem otroku pripovedujeta starša, ki sta otroka po poškodbi s staro bombo peljala v 2 bolnišnici, kjer pa niso imeli krvi na zalogi zaradi česar sta lahko otroka samo pripeljala nazaj domov, da je umrl v domači postelji... Beda...Read more

  • Day45

    Verkorkste Ankunft (Vientiane)

    December 30, 2016 in Laos ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Um dem größten Partyrummel (und dem Totalabsturz 😬) zu Neujahr zu entgehen, nahmen wir Abschied von VV und brachen auf in die laotische Hauptstadt Vientiane. Am frühen Nachmittag erreichten wir unser Hostel und brachen direkt auf, um die fußläufigen Sehenswürdigkeiten anzuschauen. Jedoch wollte alles nicht so wirklich klappen wie geplant: Zuerst führte uns ein kaputter BH in eine wunderhässliche Shopping-Mall anstatt in die geplanten Tempel. Am Abend wollten wir dann am hosteleigenen PC die inzwischen schon zu Hauf geschossenen Bilder von den Einzelgeräten (Handy/GoPro/etc.) auf mitgenommene Speichermedien kopieren. Der Computer sprang aber nicht an (was vom Hostelmitarbeiter noch nicht mal mit einem müden Schulterzucken quittiert wurde). Ersatzweise wollten wir den Übertragungsprozess in ein nahegelegenes Internetcafe verlegen, mussten aber feststellen, dass dieses schon am frühen Abend (des 30.12.) bis nach Neujahr die Schotten dicht gemacht hatte (obwohl der 01.01. in Laos kein offizieller Feiertag ist). Außerdem fanden wir an der nur sehr mittelprächtigen Flusspromenade keinen (in Karten verzeichneten) Nachtmarkt vor. Die einzig an diesem Nachmittag besuchte Sehenswürdigkeit - ein Museum über den "stillen Krieg" auf dem Ho-Chi-Minh-Pfad in Laos sowie die Folgen dieses für die hiesige Bevölkerung - konnte (obwohl dokumentatorisch sehr gut und anschaulich aufbereitet) die Stimmung (dem Thema geschuldet) auch nicht heben.Read more

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