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  • Day1


    May 3, 2017 in Laos

    The few days in Vientiane were definitely slower paced than my previous few days.

    On the first night I met 3 lovely English girls who happened to be from near Guildford which makes me feel almost at home being able to talk about mutual friends and the comforts of Surrey. However, being exhausted from the previous week and travelling to Laos I had an early night in order to be up in good time to do my Thai visa.

    On the return to the hostel after visiting the embassy I got surprised by Simona who had just come from Thailand. Despite knowing we would be meeting in Laos I didn't think she would be there until the evening so I was extremely happy I had her to spend the day with. We spent the day together exploring Vientiane and eating the BEST burgers I've had since being out in SE Asia. I would even go as far to say they would give some of the burgers I've had at home a run for their money. Having heard there was very little to do in Vientiane, which there literally isn't much to do, me and Simona spent the rest of the afternoon cafe hopping, treating ourselves to some goodies.

    Meeting back up with the girls from the previous night, we finished the day by going out for dinner and a wonder around the night market. The following day was another cafe hopping day as well as collecting my visa from the Thai embassy. We also treated ourselves to a £4 pedicure, absolute bargain I would say. Then finishing the day with a Rays Grille infamous burger.

    Safe to say my belly has indulged heavily in these few days.
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  • Day47

    Vientiane, Laos

    February 8, 2017 in Laos

    We really only traveled to the Laos capital Vientiane in order to catch a flight to Vietnam, but we ended up enjoying our short visit. The bus ride there was surprisingly better then the last one with full reclining leather seats. We luckily got the last two spots on the bus and Rupal got the best seat in the house right in the back with a clear view of the road watching the driver take scary sharp turns and take over cars on the mountainous road.

    We walked to the nearby park and heard some loud music and found a Zumba-like dance class and joined in. Then we strolled through the local market and found Rupal some replacement sunglasses for less than $2 since her old pair was lost in the river the day before. Then we finished the evening with a kebab and a Belgian beer at a Lebanese shop which was a nice change.

    The next day we headed to the airport and enjoyed some much needed Dairy Queen. The hot dog was "Laosy" but the blizzard hit the spot.
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  • Day42

    Flight to Hanoi

    July 15 in Laos

    I'm having lunch (chicken shwarma yum), then I'm heading to the airport to catch my flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Laos has been interesting, but so far I prefer Thailand. I'm really looking forward to Vietnam.

    The Vientiane Bush H3 yesterday was a fantastic trail. Tromping through the shiggy (bush, jungle, etc.), splashing in the huge puddles, sliding in the mud, trying and occasionally failing to avoid the cowpies...terrific. Afterwards, several of us went to the Nam Pho Fountain where a projection screen was set up for the World Cup third place game. Good job, Belgium!

    Food is here, so out for now. ✌️

    P.S.: The food picture is Red Ant Egg Salad that I for nd in the Lao Airline plane magazine.
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  • Day38

    After arriving yesterday around 1330, I checked into the hotel and then had two missions to accomplish. First, I had some magazines that my American friend, whom I met in Hong Kong and ran into in Bangkok, asked me take to an Aussie hasher here. Target acquired and mission complete. Second, I needed to take 50,000 kip owed on a bet to Darren, the proprietor of the Billibong Bar, from Gary, the proprietor of the Irish Bar in Vang Vieng. Again, success.

    I'm on a search for a motorbike to rent and, after grabbing a pin at the Hard Rock Rock Shop (no cafe right now), stopped in at a place on the fourth floor of a building overlooking the Mekong River.

    Even after 12 days in Lao PDR, I still do a double take when I see the Hammer and Sickle flag. There are no McDonald's, no Burger Kings, no Taco Bells allowed here. Yesterday, I saw a soldier (?) walking with his AK-47 or some sort of fully automatic long weapon. I've seen several BMWs and a Ferrari, which are most likely owned by government officials, so I've been told. It's very strange.

    I just noticed this morning that my leech bites are just about fully healed. They never hurt, but certainly bled for quite a while after removing the leeches because of the anticoagulant in their saliva. Pretty cool.

    Weather Underground says it's 90°F and feels like 102. I believe it. I've taken to wearing only dry fit shirts with my pink shorts (both dry very quickly) and carrying a waterproof bag so I can walk in the rain, which cuts the humidity and feels great.

    Time to finish my beer, have a snack (it's too hot to eat a full meal), and find that motorbike for tomorrow.

    Out for now. ✌️

    P.S.: What's the point of putting the cardboard tube in the toilet paper roll if there's no where to hang the roll? 😀
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  • Day41

    Yesterday, I finished up with my photos around 5 pm, then popped down the Aussie pub for a few pints. Time flies when you're laughing your head off, and I wound up back at the hotel around 3 am. Whoops. I got up for breakfast (included with the room), then back to bed. Just my kind of morning. I'm off to meet up with the hash in a few hours and am very much looking forward to it.

    Out for now. ✌️

  • Day40

    Organization Day

    July 13 in Laos

    Today, I absolutely have to get my pictures organized, so I'm at the hotel doing just that. The only table and chair by an outlet is in the heat of the courtyard, but the proprietor was kind enough to set up a sun umbrella and blow a fan on me. Sweat is still running down me, but it's bearable.

    After yesterday's post, I rode to Buddha Park, a collection of numerous Buddhas. The park only began in 1958, but it looks much older and was pretty cool. Check it out here: After that was the torrential monsoon storm (video on yesterday's post). I turned in the scooter and, since the Irish bar was closer than my hotel, rode out the wet with a cold beer and great air conditioning. They even had Western-style toilets!

    Last night, sitting on my white duvet and looking at my arms, I realized how tan I'm arms anyway. The Farmer's Tan is alive and well, and the dark circles on the back of my hands from my motorcycle gloves have been gone for a while now.

    Back to work. Out for now. ✌️
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  • Day56


    August 8 in Laos

    The bus ride from Vang Vieng to Vientiane was pleasant compared to previous tortures. So we were still pretty refreshed to go out and explore the vicinity of our hostel. It's a pretty small city for being a capital with just around 200.000 inhabitants. Consequently it has a really laid back and relaxed atmosphere making it perfect for a stroll. We visited the Victory arch in the middle of the center which is the major landmark. Afterwards we took a detour to a Wat which is named the "Black Stupa". Nothing too impressive to see...
    The next day we took a bus to the outskirts to the city next to the Mekong River and the border to Thailand. There is the so-called Buddha Park, a seemingly random area with all kinds of statues of gods and goddesses. A rather impressive sight even though the composition is pretty random and there's absolutely no information on the history or the statues itself 😅 We took the bus back, had a quick lunch and then hired bikes to go to "Lao's most important cultural landmark" - a golden stupa located within beautifully renovated temples. Even though I didn't like the massive fake golden shiny stupa it was still nice to look at from a distance. Vientiane is a nice city but it lacks the natural features other parts of Laos has to offer.
    An evening stroll along the Mekong river and the night markets with a traditional Laotian barbecue concluded our journey to Indochina. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed all three countries that have similarities and yet are so different.
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  • Day196

    Eine Reiseroutine in Asien kann leicht aus Tuktuk-Fahrten, Keksen und eiskalter Cola bestehen. Kleine Belohnungen nach einer langen Busfahrt, Erfrischungen an einem heißen Tag, kein Sport mehr nach einer Sightseeing Tour, Junkfood nicht nur am Wochenende.

    Das ist nicht nur ungesund, sondern kann auch ohne das man es merkt - man trägt ja jeden Tag bequeme Alibaba-Hosen - ein paar Kilos auf die Hüften schummeln.

    Also heißt es früh genug das Ruder rum reißen. Früh ist heute bereits um 6h morgens. Raus aus dem Bett und rein in die Laufschuhe. Endlich gibt es auch eine passende Strecke für mich. Bei Sonnenaufgang entlang des Mekong.

    Anschließend dann in den Bus zum Buddhapark. Klein aber doch ganz nett.

    Ab Mittag wurde dann das Verwöhnprogramm angeschmissen. Nach einem leckeren Salat, ging es mit Emma aus Belgien erst zur traditionellen Kräuterdampfsauna und danach noch weiter zur laotischen Massage (bissl wie die Thai Massage). Morgen früh geb ich ihr dann noch ne Yogastunde.

    .... und um 10:30h hab ich nen Zahnarzttermin 🙈 .... zum Glück "nur" ne Füllung erneuern.
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  • Day95

    Laos - Vientiane

    February 7 in Laos

    Gestern ging es mit dem Bus von Vang Vieng in die Hauptstadt Vientiane. 🚐

    Die Busfahrt führte an vielen Dörfern und holprigen Straßen vorbei - ab und zu sind wir auch in die Höhe gehüpft. 😄

    Abends haben wir den Nachtmarkt (nur 5min. von unserem Hotel entfernt ... 🤗) besucht - dieser erinnerte uns sehr an die Märkte in Thailand, hier gab es viele leckere Streetfood-Stände und thailändische Gerichte (Yummi ... 😋).

    Am nächsten Morgen ging es zu ein paar Tempel und dem Stadttor von Vientiane - auf dem Balkon des Stadttors konnte man eine tolle Aussicht über die Stadt genießen. 💗

    Zum Abschluss des Tages haben wir den traumhaften Sonnenuntergang am Mekong Delta beobachtet. 😍

    Vientiane ist als Hauptstadt echt entspannt! 😊
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  • Day56

    Was gibt es in Vientiane zu sehen?

    December 22, 2017 in Laos

    Da es keine Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing Tour mit dem Bus in Vientiane gibt, haben wir beschlossen unsere eigene Tour zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt mit einem privaten Fahrer im Auto für umgerechnet 60 Euro zu machen.
    Unser erstes Ziel war der Buddhapark, der ca. 25 km von Vientiane entfernt ist. Da der so spannend war, haben wir dem Park einen extra Foodprint gesetzt.

    Weiter ging es zur großen Stupa Phat That Luang, das Nationalsymbol von Laos.

    ...und zum Wat Si Saket, einem alten Tempel, der im Krieg mit dem Siamreich 1827 vor der Zerstörung verschont blieb, wahrscheinlich weil er siamesischen Tempeln ähnlich sieht.

    .....und zum Patuxai, Laos Triumphbogen, errichtet zur Unabhängigkeit Laos von Frankreich

    ....und zum Haw Phra Kaew, einem Museum in einem ehemaligen Tempel....

    Nach 5 Stunden Sightseeing bei ca. 28 grad mussten wir uns erst einmal am Pool dann abends den Nachtmarkt am Mekong unsicher zu machen.😋
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