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  • Day1


    March 30 in Mexico

    Hola! Got to da hotel yesterday at 3pm, it’s amazing!!! Jacuzzi bath in wir bedroom next to wir king sized bed (I wakened up last night and couldna was even reach Ian it was dat big!) no used the jacuzzi yet so no sure if it will make me bed claes wet (sorry Katie!!). Drinking a ridiculous amount o cocktails, playing in da pool and lying in da sun daday, went for a walk and saw a peerie lizard thing. Da restaurants are so good, I’m going to be 2 stone bigger afore I’m heem. Planning what wir going to do the rest o wir two weeks shortly. Miss u, love u bye bye xxxRead more

  • Day10

    We’ve been oot on 3 trips since I posted last, soz guys, so busy!!! Chichen Itza was so cool, we went to a proper Mayan village after it asweel which was cool to see how folk really live. We went to the island called Holbox which was so boannie, the island dusna hae ony cars so we drove around on golf buggies dan went and laid and drank on dis beach. Dan daday we’ve been to Sian Ka’an which is in Tulum and it’s like tonnes o mangroves that we drove through on a boat and saw a crocodile, dolphins, huge turtles etc. So good going oot and seeing more as da hotel, kinda brunt in places but tan is coming no bad. Going to coco bongos on Tuesday I’m excited aboot dat 🤪Read more

  • Day4

    Turtles & Caves

    April 2 in Mexico

    We went to Akumal Bay yesterday and snorkelled, saw tonnes o cool fish and two turtles!! Ian had the go pro so hopefully get some good footage fae dat and no just videos o his face! We dan went into this underground caves called cenotes we stalactites and stalagmites, we swam through one dan walked through annider! So cool. Yun photo we the footprints under da water is fae a Jaguar going through the cave!! Got back to the hotel and drank a grain so been pretty hungover daday😵. Getting picked up at 5.20am damorn to go to Chicen Itza so going to bed noo at 7.30pm haha.Read more

  • Day13

    Nearly Home Time

    April 11 in Mexico

    Can hardly believe wir leaving to come heem damorn, hardly feels lik it’s been two weeks but I’ll be blyde to get heem and stop eating so much and give my liver a rest, for a week 🤪. We went to dis really nice lobster restaurant da idder night, it was amazing! Oh and I held a snake!!! We went on a pub crawl and to coco bongos last night, it was mad. Just been to an Asian restaurant where they cook afore you which was so cool! Going to work on my last minute suntan damorn afore we leave, wir flight is at night dan we land at Manchester at 7.30am da next day.Read more

  • Day315

    Kickin' Back in Cancun

    June 9 in Mexico

    The three amigos, Julie, Jason and Ricky, were set to travel to Cancun to spend a week on the Riviera Maya. We arrived at the airport early and, at this point, our flight did not have an assigned gate. Go budget airline! We kept a vigilant eye on the information screens waiting for a gate number to be assigned but it didn't seem forthcoming. Then, all of a sudden it changed to T. We all looked puzzled at each other, trying to work out what this meant. Was it to be announced or was there some other (hidden) code to all of it? Then, 20 minutes prior to the flight, we saw a sign in the distance with a T on it and we figured this was the correct direction to board our plane. Two hours later, we landed in Cancun and were taken to our Airbnb by a pick-up service, which was actually cheaper than a taxi. Über had been operating in the area, but due to some violent incidences with taxi drivers, this was no longer an option.

    The first afternoon, we took a bus for 12 pesos (less than AU$1) to go to La Isla Shopping Centre in the Hotel Zone. We were staying in between the Hotel Zone and Downtown so it took only about ten minutes to get there. Amazingly, or maybe not, the price of food (and everything) was about three to four times more in the Hotel Zone compared to Downtown, where tourists rarely go. On the way home from the Hotel Zone, the bus seemed to be converted into a nightclub as the music blared from the speakers and the coloured lights flashed throughout the bus. It seemed that the bus driver was on commission as he stopped for anyone who might look like they needed a ride home. This meant that the ten minute journey took about half an hour to forty minutes. It felt like a lifetime as some of the passengers yelled at the bus driver, rather aggressively, to hurry up while others started to busk on the bus.

    The next day, we headed to el Rey, a Mayan ruin in the Hotel Zone, but little known by most tourists who visit Cancun. El Rey is a site that includes 47 structures from various phases of the occupation from 200 CE until the Spanish invasion, when it was abandoned. After a brief tour of the ruins, we crossed the road to one of the beaches along the Hotel Zone, Playa Defín to check out the crystal blue water and fine, white sand. Playa Defín was one of the very few beaches that we have visited that could actually rival an Australian beach.

    For the remainder of our stay, the heavens opened up and flooded most of the area, which meant we were largely house-bound, except for a quick outing to get food or a short tour of the downtown area. On one occasion, we headed to the Downtown area to indulge in some cocktails and Mexican food. The prices were a quarter of the tourist area so why not have four times the amount and become gluttons. Bart, not Bart Simpson, was the owner of the restaurant and dressed us up in traditional Mexican costume, as we sat back and sipped (sculled) on our cocktails before stumbling home.

    The rain, however, wasn't confined to Cancun. Many areas of the country were affected by flooding caused by two hurricanes off both coasts of the country. But fortunately, the sky held out for our day trip to Chichen Itzá and the flooding had receded at our next destination.

    Next stop: Mexico City.

    For video footage, see:
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  • Day4

    Playa Marlin und Parque Las Palapas

    April 30, 2017 in Mexico

    An unserem ersten ganzen Tag in Mexiko waren wir, Jetlag sei Dank, schon ganz früh wach und sind an den Strand frühstücken gegangen. Hat sich als nicht so gute Idee herausgestellt, da der Wind so stark war das wir wahrscheinlich hauptsächlich Sand gegessen haben 😁
    Das Wasser ist unglaublich türkis und klar, der Sand ist total fein und hell und wir waren die meiste Zeit wirklich alleine am Strand, was schon sehr cool war.
    Nachmittags sind wir dann zurück ins Hostel und haben uns ausgeruht und unseren Sonnenbrand gepflegt, bevor wir dann abends den Parque Las Palapas gefunden haben! Das ist ein großer Platz, der von vielen Essensständen gesäumt ist und auf dem eine große Bühne ist, wo die Einheimischen tanzen und Musik spielen! Wir haben total gut gegessen und es war echt cool den Mexikanern beim Tanzen zuzusehen! 😍 Vor allem waren wir gefühlt die einzigen Touristen vor Ort, wodurch wir das Gefühl hatten ein richtig authentisches Mexiko zu erleben. Das hat uns auch viel besser gefallen als das, was wir bis dahin von der Stadt gesehen hatten.
    Das nächste Mal melden wir uns dann aus Merida, adios!
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  • Day109

    Cancun, Mexico

    February 3, 2017 in Mexico

    Food, glorious food!

    Getting to Mexico was better than sitting down to a sunday roast after a week on dehydrated rations. I was still recovering from an upset stomach, so I didn't have much of an appetite. That quickly changed when our new found gang of hombres stumbled across an open air food market. Guacamole, burritos, empanadas and tacos had never tasted so good! I think I'm going to like Mexico.

    Mike and Char are in good shape, they've spent the last week or so cruising through the Yucatan from Mexico City. Great to catch up after a good few years!

    Cancun was just how I imagined it. We stayed in a shady hostal in Cancun town, to avoid the extortionate prices of food, drink and accommodation that are found along the huge resorts and hotels which stretch along miles of white sandy beaches comprising the peninsular. All the major American brands are back in play, Starbucks as usual, the biggest culprit.

    We're enjoying spending the Mexican peso. At 16MXN to the AUD, a 10 peso bus ride wasn't enough to deter us from getting to the beach, nor from indulging in the bakery section of the supermarket for another delicious meal. Avocados for $1 per kilo, I'm in heaven!

    Cancun was a short stop. We're headed to Tulum by bus. Glad for a pit stop in civilization, but equally glad to leave it behind as soon as we did. Hasta la vista baby!
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  • Day1

    Dan 1 - Bienvenido a Mexico

    April 22 in Mexico

    ...dolgopričakovani odhod v Mehiko je končno tukaj. Vmes je bilo še malo potovalne vročice, dvomov ob novicah kako je Cancun nevaren, koliko so jih ubili itd...ampak, tudi v Portorožu se menda po novem streljajo mar ne?...

    Malo pred drugo uro zjutraj odrinemo proti Benetkam, kjer nas British Airways dostavi v London Heathrow. Karta je bila ugodna, catch pa v tem, da smo morali v Londonu menjati letališče, iz Heathrowa na Gatwick. Vesel sem, da nisem “šparal” in naročil National Express bus kart, saj verjetno danes ne bi bili v Mehiki. Po malo brskanja sem naročil Hummingbird prevoz, privat, ne sicer najbolj poceni, ampak voznik je bil točen in če ne bi pravočasno uporabil vseh trikov stranskih poti, bi nas promet v Londonu obdržal na cesti in bi zamudili letalo. Bilo je blizu :), ampak zaslužil je tistih 70 GBP, ker nas je 30 minut pred boardingom za Cancun dostavil na Gatwick. Pot, po kateri bi šel bus, bi trajala zaradi zastoja cca 45 min več.

    Po vkrcanju na letalo za Cancun lahko po 10 urah rečem samo to, da lahko prvič pohvalim hrano na letalu, British Airways so oddelali dobro. Filmi na letalu so tudi super in praktično, če zanemarimo sedem ur časovne razlike, smo po skoraj 24 urah na poti, prispeli v Cancun. Tudi tukaj smo si uredili prevoz, Happy Shuttle Cancun...odlično, vse kot so napisali, čakali, oddelali, v avtu dobili lastno hladilno skrinjo z vodo, pivom, soki...pot iz letališča je trajal cca 20 minut in tukaj so se začeli prvi vtisi.

    Cancun je pač očitno party mesto, resort do resorta, lokali, trgovine, vse raztegnjeno na t.i. Zona Hotelera. ( po zadnjih 14 mrtvih na cestah Cancuna sem nas iz centra mesta prestavil v malo bolj turistično okolje). Hotel v katerem smo, je predelan trgovski center v hotel, trgovine bivše so zdaj hotelske sobe, vse čisto, zanimivo, brez pripomb.

    Po nujni osvežitvi še na krajši sprehod in prvo mehiško večerjo, saj smo bili malo lačni. La Casa Tequila je restavracija, ki nas je kar dobro olajšala za prvo izkušnjo, ampak bili so mariachiji v živo, bila je tequila, Margarita, quesadilla, tacosi, chimichanga...hrana top. Utrujenost nas je morda prehitro odnesla nazaj v hotel in potrebno je spanje. Buenas noches
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  • Day1

    Dan 2 - Cancun

    April 22 in Mexico

    Dobro jutro, ura je 5 zjutraj tukaj in ne moremo spati :) malo še časovna razlika dela, ampak do jutri bo vse ok. Kaj smo se še naučili včeraj, ne menjati denarja na letališču, USD kupijo za 14 MXN po dolarju, v mestu po 17 MXN po dolarju.

    Čakamo na sonce in potem nas čaka raziskovanje Cancuna. Ob 6 smo šli v Oxxo (market kao), je 24 ur odprto, po kavo, vodo, zunaj še kar mrak :) po kavici mali sprehod in potem na zajtrk v hotelu, 12 EUR za 3 osebe, “all you can eat”, dobro, poceni.

    Vsesplošna obsedenost s “Soy Luna” nas seveda danes prvo vodi do znaka Cancun :) Peš do avtobusne postaje, ki so praktično povsod, cena je 12 pesotov, kar je cca 60 centov na osebo. 11 km je do tja, praktično na koncu hotelske zone, zraven Playa Delfines, ikonični napis Cancun. Ljudje dejansko stojijo v vrsti, da se slikajo, vendar smo mi napis brez ljudi našli tudi na plaži. Več kot 7 km peščene plaže, resort do resorta, leguani se sprehajajo mirno kar po plaži in pločniku. Sonce je izredno močno, vlage cca 84 %, lepo kuri, ampak je prijetno, ker cel čas piha iz morja. Na koži se bo poznalo zvečer verjetno :)

    Ujamemo bus do La Isla, komercialni del hotelske zone Cancuna. Pivica ena tu, tam, malo sprehod, kosilo in še nazaj do “mestne plaže”, turkizna barva, beli pesek...res lepo. Sprehod se po “stripu”, kjer so vsi nočni bari, diskoteke, show bari, mora biti pestro tukaj ponoči. Po aktivem dopoldnevu si punci privoščita jacuzzi kar v hotelu, sredi hotela :) . Cancun je sicer zanimiv, v hotelski zoni je kot v kakem Miamiju, vse prilagojeno za turiste in tudi cene so temu primerno malo višje. Cocktaili so cca 8-9 USD, kar je kar normalna cena, hrana je sicer povsod dobra, jaz sicer bolj čakam bolj pristnost ulic, kot pa Hooters in podobno. Pričakujem, da se bo poraba spustila, ko se bomo premaknili drugam. Tako pač je, pa tudi napitnine so tukaj obveza, ne gre mimo tega, dejansko pričakujejo, čakajo na napitnine in te celo opozorijo na to, da račun ne vsebuje napitnine. Pričakujejo pa nekje med 15-20 % napitnine na račun. Ni to Azija :)

    Malo si spočijemo in zvečer še sprehod, nežna večerja in spat. Jutri se odpravljamo baje v raj, Isla Mujeres.
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  • Day0

    Aloft Cancun

    October 28, 2017 in Mexico

    Arrived Cancun after spending the day in the air or airport. It is located at the convention center and close to a supermarket and shopping, while not on the ocean it has a rooftop garden with pool and is a short walk to the beach.

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