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  • Day1

    Den Haag

    November 24, 2010 in the Netherlands

    Peggy komt ons afhalen na haar werk en zet ons om 15u af in Centraal Station te Antwerpen. Om 16u nemen we hier de trein naar Den Haag HS om bij Ronny en Lisette te gaan overnachten. Omdat er een lek is in de slaapkamer gingen zij in de living slapen en lieten ons de logeerkamer.

  • Day12

    "Another city under our feets..."

    July 20, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Nu kör vi på med städer. Dags att upptäcka Haag eller Den Haag som det heter på Nederländska. Vi bor väldigt bra där vi bor. Närheten av 2 stora städer att upptäcka. Så idag blev det Haag med hjälp av kollektivtrafik. Tog buss och sedan spårvagn i 45 min in till Haag. Spännande tyckte grabbarna.
    Första stället var ett miniatyrland vid namn Madurodarm. Hela Holland i miniatyr i denna park. Kostade ca 15 euro per man, men helt klart värt det tyckte jag efteråt. Vilken fin miljö att gå runt i och titta på alla modeller. Först såg det "litet" ut men det var precis lagom. Man hade en bra överblick, för grabbarna sprang iväg på egen hand. Själv gick man runt o strossade och njöt av det fina hantverk som det var uppbyggt. Det roliga var att det var liv i "städerna" som de byggt upp. Det var inte bara byggnader utan trafik som rörde sig bland husen.
    Charlie var helt fascinerad av alla modelltåg som for runt. Han satt bara och kollade på dessa tåg och hela landskapet.
    Kevin sprang runt och tryckte på alla knappar han kunde hitta. Om ni kommer till Haag missa inte detta så fint.
    Sedan begav vi oss ut till Scheveningen, där vi var för några dagar sedan med husvagn och ingen bra kombo då. Nu var det bättre.
    De är som ett stort nöjescentrum, massa casino, hotell o restauranger. Och de har en känd pir man kan gå ut på, påminner lite om Birminghams pir. Längst ut har de satt upp ett pariserhjul och ett torn man kan hoppa bungyjump och zipline ifrån. Gött o sitta där med en kall Weisebeer o titta på.
    Sprang på en mamma med sina 2 barn från Sverige som var där o kollade. Satt o kollade på hennes ungar när de hoppade o åkte zipline. Lite väl dyrt för en kort zipline. 25 euro kunde de ta för det. Hennes telefon dog så jag fick hjälpa till o filma lite
    Efter detta åkte vi in till Haag Centrum för att få i oss lite mat o titta på centrum. Hamnade på en grekisk restaurang med riktigt god mat. Sedan gick vi runt o kollade och insåg att klockan började springa iväg.
    Men mysig stad här med. Vi var väl hemma vid campingen vid 23.30 efter en lång dag. Bra slut i benen.
    Imorgon blir det nog en annan stor stad Rotterdam.
    Tills dess, krama varandra i trafiken and over and out.
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  • Day74

    The Hague

    June 16, 2017 in the Netherlands

    I showered this morning and his shower had the strangest water flow - it was almost, but not quite mist. Definitely the smallest water streams I've used.
    His toilet is pretty gross. Well, it's more very stereotypical male bachelor toilet - it smells like piss.
    We headed into town around 11
    We went to Burger King for brunch.
    Ahhh I hate being given mayonnaise, it really irks me.
    We then went and booked in for the torture tour for 1:45. We were early so we took ourselves through the very basic self guided section.
    The best bits were walking through the "judging chambers" - a normal room the judges would discuss everything and then give their verdict through the window to the crowd below.
    The second cool bit was all the original humiliation signs on display.
    We were still early so we went to sit by the water. We watched a very determined duck/bird collecting things for his nest. He didn't stop - he dropped one thing off to his partner who took it by her mouth and went out for more.
    The girl was sitting on about 5 eggs which was exciting.
    This entertained me for ages.
    We walked back...
    We were told when buying our tickets that the tour was in Dutch but we would be given audioguides - when we arrived we were told the wonderful news everyone one our tour spoke English so the guide was going to try and do it in English. We were very pleased.
    The place is called the prison gate.

    He gave us a brief overview of the prison gate.
    It was not built as a prison - the Bennihof castle next door was a hunting castle. Before the Hague existed the lands were great for hunting so they built a castle here next to a big river.
    The gate was originally a strategical entry point. It became a prison 200 or so years later when the castle residents didn't want the criminals in the castle dungeons anymore so they were moved.
    The prison then worked for 400 years. Up until the 1850's (I think) only in 1924 was the river moved back so that tram lines and things could be layed down.
    This was when the gate, once so important, became irrelevant.
    You can't tell outside the significance the gate must have had once.
    The first room he took us to was a jail cell for poor people. He explained the conditions.
    The one cell held 15 - 20 people as they awaited there sentence.
    I found it interested to note that being in Jail was never a given punishment. It was only ever used when awaiting you sentence of either humiliation, corporal or capital punishment.
    The cell had no light and you stayed in the clothes you came in which ranged from 2 weeks to 6 months.
    They gave them water but the water was from the lake that the toilet was connected to..
    There was no glass on the windows so during winter they would have been freezing.

    The best room was where the rich stayed if they were accused.
    It was laughable the difference. They were allowed to bring their own furniture from home, order food and expensive wines, buy firewood for the fireplace, candles so they could work during the night and all sorts of other creature comforts.
    The room played host to one of the most famous and dark injustices of Holland apparently.
    I will find out there names later but story goes
    - it was the Witt brothers.

    The brothers were very unpopular politicians. (Are there any other type?)
    1 brother got accused of planning an assassination of, i think, the Prince or King.
    He was tortured for a confession because apparently they couldn't sentence you without one.
    He never confessed so they said he could go.
    Only problem was because of the torture he couldn't walk so he wrote to his other brother to come and get him.
    He did. They both were in the room when the crowd outside demanded they die - they forced their way into the room and dragged them out side and killed them.
    Instead of being sentenced themselves, the murderers where rewarded by the king.
    It's widely accepted that this was planned by the king.
    Both of the brothers portraits hung in the room.

    The next room was a room containing the corporal and capital punishment items such as swords for decapitating - the blades don't have pointy ends so they are easy to identify.
    They all so had a breaking rack which looked horrendous.
    Apparently only men were hung, woman were strangled on a pole because if the were dropped from the gallows people would be able to see their knickers up their dresses and that was simply unacceptable and not child friendly.... HAHAHA
    A very loud stereotypical American man found that very funny.
    They also had the humiliation racks where you were shown off in the street. People could pee and spit on you but they couldn't hurt you.

    Our guide was doing a very good job as you could tell he was uncomfortable with English but because he had to think every sentence through he took much longer than usual and we were running late - we rushed to the torture room which I'm pretty sure the red stained floor didn't come like that..
    it had some grizzly looking items but because of time he skimmed over a lot.
    I'm glad he did it in English and I'm appreciative but I do wish he was slightly more fluent. Oh well, I actually really enjoyed it and it was only 10€ each.
    We then went over to the park to plan our next move and on the map found what looked like to be another big park.
    We walked and had a hot chocolate on the way. A lady was losing her shit inside because she couldn't pay by credit card. She was talking to herself and swearing and it was very funny.
    We wanted to see if we could go in so we walked around - it had a sign but it said private :(
    We kept walking around past the central station - I love that on one side of the road was city and the other had a deer enclosure with such unkept forests. It's so beautiful and different from the staged botanical garden style parks.
    On our walk we passed a lot of ducks and geese.
    We enjoyed deer spotting. I've looked up many "what to do in The Hague" websites and non of them have mentioned the deer park - ludicrous.

    This app is so annoying. I had to re write half of this entry because if I turn my phone on the side it malfunctions and doesn't save it -.-
    It's happened a few times.
    The 2nd time I write it is never as good and misses a lot of detail.

    The Hague has this random red, blue, yellow, black and white checkered symbol everywhere. Literally everywhere.
    We walked past home back to the other station to buy groceries. We have bought breakfast, lunch and dinner for tonight and tomorrow. So hopefully we can save some money.

    We had a huge nap.
    We had a bread roll before going to sleep but now random people are in the house and we don't want to get in the way by making dinner.
    I guess we will go without haha.

    It's nearly 1am so I said I wanted to go to bed. Wills response

    " yeah no worries, I'm just watching this video, 8 amazing balloon tricks, then we can go to bed"
    Important stuff👍🏼

    Forgot to write on our way home we walked down their red light district street - can't wait to go to the Amsterdam one but this one was pretty funny too. I mean this with love..... but goodness most of the girls were so damn ugly. Like noticeably so.
    Fake drawn on moles and coloured eye brows. Ew lol
    They all looked so cranky ha.
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  • Day75

    The Hague

    June 17, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Goooood sleep.
    We ate cereal for breakfast then made up sandwiches for our trip to the beach. #adulting
    It was a 6km walk there 😩
    On the way we walked back down the red light district street heheh.
    We also walked past the Palace of Peace where they give out the Nobel peace prize so that was pretty cool.
    Also found out the other day we did not walk past the international criminal courts - bummer.
    I had a wedgie the whole way it was so uncomfortable. Undies kept riding up 😒
    Just before we reached the beach we got stuck up in an obviously very popular, Saturday Market.
    We tried to get through quickly but people were so slow.
    I was busting for the toilet so we had a drink at a cafe so I could have access to the loo. They had a bowl asking for 50c. I did not pay.
    We then walked along the beach for a while.
    The beach is very nice but simply doesn't compare. The sand is similar but the waves were practically non existent. The lack of palm trees also made it look bland.
    We wanted to sit in the shade rather than in the sun so we set off towards the pier.
    While this beaches surf is lacking it is incredible on every other way.
    For the section of beach we walked past it had sea life, a circus, zip lining, bungee jumping, a ferries wheel, trampolines, beachside restaurants/cafes, set up sport zones, games, markets, carousel you name it!
    Will reckons they wouldn't need all that stuff if the beach itself was better but I would love to just combine both 😍😍 great day out for families!!
    Oh, a jumping castle too.
    We sat under the pier and smashed our sandwiches. The pickle mayo we bought we were going to donate to our host - not anymore - is coming for the ride 🤤
    We had a very small snooze in the sun. We covered our faces with our jackets.
    We decided after procrastinating for a long while we might as well head back.
    6kms to go! Woohoo!..
    We had 3 separate breaks on the walk home. 2 on benches and 1 in a park. We finally made it and we were both so glad. It was a great day but also very very long.
    I had another nap.
    I then really needed to book Denmark to lower my stress levels but Will wanted food first.
    He wants to take the soup to the next place and get a kebab.
    We are both a little burnt but not too bad considering our lack of sun safety today.

    Our host has had like 5 showers the past day.
    I booked 2 trains and Copenhagen + Aarhus accommodations.
    The trains will be interesting. One goes to Hamburg then the next takes 7 hours to get to Copenhagen.
    Afterwards we were going to go to Berlin but looks like now we are going to Norway. I suppose I'll cope better in their Summer than Winter lol.
    We FaceTimed Jess. I miss Jaxon.
    So keen for Amsterdam tomorrow.
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  • Day9

    Den Haag & Delft

    February 21, 2017 in the Netherlands

    We got a late start to the day. Breakfast at our apt to use up what we had left essentially. We walked to Amsterdam Centraal Station and caught a 9:30 train to Delft. Delft is a small town, famous for Delftware. We walked around the town for about 3 hours, stopping at the old church, new church, central town square, an amazing Lego store, and a Delftware place (de Chandelaar). We ended up buying a gorgeous Delftware vase there, which was expensive but well worth it. We could see the artists in the back of the store making and glazing the pieces. We had lunch at Stads Koffiehuis, a small cafe with artisan sandwiches, coffee, high tea. It was very good!

    After a few hours, we made our way back to the train station and took the train to Den Haag which was only a 10min ride away. At Den Haag we made straight for the Mauritiushuis, a small art museum with a number of works by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters. This was probably our favorite museum of the entire trip!

    After the museum we walked to Impero Romano. We were there a bit early (around 4:30), but wanted to go there per a friend's recommendation, and needed to head back to Amsterdam soon after. So we were the only ones in there and it was very awkward to say the least. They basically opened just for us even though they were still preparing for the dinner crowd. Oh well. The food was good..I got a black papardalle pasta with scallops and M got a gnocchi dish. After dinner we made our way back to the train station to Amsterdam. Since we had eaten so early, we got a few sandwiches from Albert Heijn and had those while we packed that evening.
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