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  • Day277

    Dort, wo die Uhren stehen geblieben sind

    July 13 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Es ist als würde man durch eine andere Welt fahren. Die Landschaft ist saftig grün und wunderschön und es ist interessant zu sehen, wie die Einheimischen leben. Hier und da sieht man mal einen Touristen, aber die meiste Zeit sind wir die einzigen Weißen weit und breit.

  • Day277


    July 13 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wenn man der Hauptstraße raus aus dem Dorf folgt, überquert man automatisch die Landebahn des kleinen Flughafens von Ometepe. Scheinbar landen hier nicht so viele Maschinen, da wir kein Mal warten mussten. Der See ist so groß, dass es sich anfühlt, als wäre man am Meer.

  • Day279


    June 4, 2015 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    The island of Ometepe was the highlight of our trip in Nicaragua. Everywhere you go, there will at least be one giant volcano in the background. The island has beautiful beaches and rustic villages. Riding the motorcycle and sharing the roads with cows, horses, and pigs. Enough expats have come here and opened up decent western restaurants, but the local lunch platters have not failed us a single time.Read more

  • Day276

    Endlich wieder Motorrad fahren

    July 12 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wir leihen uns für die nächsten zwei Tage ein Motorrad und erkunden die doch sehr große Insel auf zwei Rädern. Man muss nur aufpassen, dass man kein Huhn, Pferd, Schwein, Hund oder Rind umfährt.

  • Day100

    Montezumas Rache

    November 5 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Die geplante Inselrundfahrt auf „Ometepe Island“ ist für uns ausgefallen, Gestern hat mich „Montezumas Rache“ schlagartig außer Gefecht gesetzt. Es begann mit Schüttelfrost und dann das ganze Programm. Heute mussten wir ärztliche Hilfe holen. Die Ärzte haben bei mir eine schwere Infektion festgestellt. Eine private ärztliche Verorgung gab es auf der Insel nicht - entsprechend chaotisch ging es im öffentlichen Krankenhaus zu. Letztlich hat Jules es geschafft einen Arzt ins Hotel zu holen. Heute habe ich die erste von 5 Injektionenen bekommen. Ich werde jetzt in Costa Rica noch in den folgenden 4 Tagen weitere Injektionen bekommen. Heute Abend ging es schon etwas besser - ich konnte mich sogar wieder setzen und die ersten Zwiebacks essen. Neben mir haben noch andere Reiseteilnehmer ähnliche Symptome.

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  • Day123


    August 10, 2015 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Zweite Station in Nicaragua war für uns die Insel Ometepe im Nicaragua See. Diese Insel ist mit seinen beiden Vulkanen die grösste Vulkaninsel der Welt. Mit der Fähre setzten wir über nach Moyogalpa, unser Basislager für die folgenden beiden Tage. War es anfangs noch bedeckt hatten wir an unseren beiden Tagen auf der Insel eigentlich immer gutes Wetter und konnten, was nicht immer der Fall ist, den grösseren der beiden Vulkane (Concepcion) sogar wolkenlos bewundern. Am besten lässt sich Ometepe mit dem Roller erkunden, was wir natürlich unbedingt machen mussten.Read more

  • Day4


    March 14, 2015 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Ziel ist der beschauliche Hafen Moyogalpa. Um die Fähre festzumachen muss einer von der Besatzung schwimmen gehen. Nach 1 1/2 Stunden Seegang sind wir tatsächlich glücklich wieder festen Boden unter den Füßen zu haben.
    Der Sage nach entstand die Insel Ometepe sowie der Nicaraguasee aus einer tragischen Liebesgeschichte: so verliebte sich Nagrando in die wunderschöne Tochter eines Nachbarstammes namens Ometeptl. Beide Indianerstämme waren jedoch zerstritten, eine Liebe zwischen den verfeindeten Stämmen verboten. Das Paar musste schon bald fliehen und versteckte sich in einem Tal. Aus Verzweiflung entschlossen sie sich zum Selbstmord und öffneten sich die Pulsadern. Ometeptl stürzte nach hinten, Nagrando taumelte noch ein paar Schritte und stürzte ebenfalls nieder. Das Blut beider füllte das Tal aus - der heutige Nicaraguasee. Von Ometeptls Körper ragen nur ihre Brüste über den Wasserspiegel, die heutigen Vulkane Concepción und Maderas.
    Die Fahrt über die Insel ist beschaulich, der Gegenverkehr tierisch. Die Landebahn dient mal als Straße, mal als Flughafen.
    Und wir begegnen das erste Mal in Mittelamerika bewusst einem jungen Kapokbaum. Der Kapokbaum ist einer der größten Bäume des tropischen Regenwaldes und kann bis zu 75 m hoch werden. Die jungen Kapokbäume sind dicht bedeckt mit kegelförmigen Stacheln.
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  • Day58

    Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

    March 14, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    A couple of gross ferry rides, volcanoes, motorbiking on a horrifically shoddy road and the most free range animals I've seen in a while.

    The team travelled from Granada via chicken bus, ridden in true local style this time - standing most of the way for the hour or so trip. It's not ideal being packed in the aisle when people are getting on and off, nor when vendors are pushing their way through trying to sell food and drinks, but it did have the perk of not sticking to the seat in the heat. We had such a quick changeover between buses - the staff on our first bus knew we were heading to Rivas so as soon as a bus came up behind us that was heading that way, they stopped the bus and chucked us and our bags off before we could blink. For the first time our bags were thrown on to the top of the bus before we could have a say in the matter. We were already moving again and then we were told we had to pay extra for our bags to be on the roof, bit of a stich-up but there was nothing we could do at that stage. The bus took us directly to San Jorge port where we quickly realised we were in for a rough boat trip to Ometepe. It was the most swell I've ever seen on a lake, at least a metre or so. Somewhat reluctantly we piled onto the lancha (a two storey wooden boat) but gratefully took the life jackets handed to us as we boarded. We were all very relieved to be on land again an hour and a half later, that's for sure. Albeit with wet feet from the leaky boat.

    Isla Ometepe is an island in the same Lago de Nicaragua which Granada is perched on the edge of. It's essentially made up of two volcanoes, with a couple of little towns and settlements around the outskirts of each. Volcán Concepción is active, stands at 1600m and is almost a perfect cone shape with traces of magma still visible. The slightly smaller Maderas is now dormant and covered in bush. It's a beautiful sight, like no island I have seen before!

    Ometepe was the point at which we parted ways with our two trusty companions Rich and Cat, who we have been travelling with since Cancún - roughly six weeks. Mike and I were having a shorter time at Ometepe due to a tight schedule in order to meet other pals in Costa Rica and therefore we ended up staying in different areas of the island. Cheers team for an awesome few weeks of adventures :)

    Mike and I stayed on the Concepción side of the island near the ferry port, at Life is Good Hostel. Life was good there actually, it was a pretty relaxed place to stay and the staff were super friendly and helpful. Not to mention the food served there was awesome, all locally sourced and organic too. And they had the cutest wee dog called Macho, who of course was the complete opposite of what his name would suggest.

    Not long after we arrived, we asked the hostel about hiring a scooter for the following day. Our time on Ometepe was limited to one afternoon and one full day so we figured this was the best way to see as much as possible, instead of tackling either of the volcano summits - both of which were strenuous, full day affairs. If we had more time, it would have been on the cards but also the Volcán Acatenango hike is going to be tough to beat. Roads on Isla Ometepe are minimal, there's essentially just one that goes the around each volcano with a join in the middle, but the quality of said roads is variable. We were talked into hiring a dirt-bike as opposed to a scooter for ease of travel and more access to the rough roads, and before we knew it Mike was out on the road having a quick lesson on how to drive a manual bike. After passing the test, (which was really just driving 100m down the road and back) and with time to spare, we hired the bike for the night as well so we could get to Punto Jesus Maria for sunset.

    Punto Jesus Maria is essentially a sandbar that at some points of the year, juts out up to 1km from the mainland. Only 7km down the road from our hostel, it was definitely worth the short trip to this popular spot. It was a calm and relaxing place to watch the sun disappear for another evening, and if you walked out far enough and looked back to the island, it gave a stunning view of both volcanoes.

    We were a bit slow getting going the following morning, a couple of weeks of crap sleeps in the heat and many hours of travelling are definitely taking their toll. Once we got going though, we managed to cover a lot of ground. We circumnavigated almost the entire island, which amounted to a good few hours of driving, partly due to a large proportion of the roads being unpaved on the Maderas side. Even though we had a dirt-bike, the suspension on our particular bike was somewhat non-existent so it was rough on the old backside and on Mike's wrists and hands.

    We made a few stops along the way, the first of which was to Ojo de Agua. This is a natural spring filled by an underground river that flows from Volcán Maderas. It's been supplemented with concrete walls, presumably to try and preserve it from collapsing. It's a good spot for a refreshingly cold swim and a bit of people watching, particularly in the form of a Tarzan swing and some interesting dismounts!

    We continued around the island and there's barely any buildings or anyone around. Aside from loads of free range animals that is. We saw many horses, pigs, cattle and chickens, all either just walking on the road or closeby. Every now and then we'd reach a small settlement of houses, or even just singular houses on their own. There did seem to be an abundance of schools on the island, given the lack of civilisation otherwise, so who knows where all these children come from! Otherwise it was just nature; trees, flowers and many, many banana plantations. The heat and the rich soil from the volcano must provide some great growing conditions.

    We stopped at local comedor just on the side of the road for lunch with no menu, no English speaking but it was surprisingly some of the best food we've had in Nicaragua. We had the "plato del dia" which is the plate/meal of the day, which is generally just a meat with rice, beans, salad and sometimes plantain. We both had chicken which literally tasted like it had come from KFC but without the dripping oils. Yum!

    We continued round the Maderas volcano, back to the join in the land between the two volcanoes. There's a nice stretch of beach here which was perfect for a fruit juice stop and a bit of respite for our backsides. We popped in for another refreshing dip at Ojo de Agua on our way back to the Concepción side and ran a few errands in the Moyogalpa town before we had to return our bike at nightfall.

    It was fun having a bit of freedom for the day with the bike, reminiscent of our time in Asia where we had one in most places we visited. We enjoyed being amongst nature and animals and although we still did a bit of travelling in a sense, it was still relaxing - well for me it was! Mike perhaps not so much, as he had to concentrate a lot on which part of the road was best to drive on as opposed to being able to look around and see the scenery.

    With this we bid farewell to our short time in Nicaragua. I enjoyed this country but much like El Salvador, I struggled to find a true sense of identity in its culture. Maybe if we had more time we could have visited more rogue places and perhaps this would have made a difference, who knows.

    Hasta la proxima, Nicaragua. Hasta pronto Costa Rica and our new travel companions, Em and Shorty!
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  • Day15

    Isla de Ometepe

    September 7, 2016 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Nach 2 Nächten in León gings weiter nach Moyogalpa. Die Stadt liegt inmitten des Nicaraguasees auf der Insel Ometepe. Der Nicaraguasee ist circa 16x größer als der Bodensee und ist Heimat von Bullenhaie. Auf der Insel liegen 2 aktive Vulkane: der kleinere Maderas und der größere Concepción.

    Die Fahrt von León auf die Insel war lang und anstrengend. Erster Umstieg war in Managua, dann Jinotepe, Rivas und schlussendlich landeten wir im Hafen von San Jorge. Eigentlich dachten wir, wir hätten nun das gröbste geschafft und können uns auf der Fähre entspannen.. Aber nein. Wir hatten das Glück nicht die Fähre zu bekommen, sondern ein mittelgroßes Boot das uns schaukelig nach drüben gebracht hat. Das Boot hatte zu unserem Unverständnis kein Geländer (wer baut denn so was??) und unsere Rucksäcke wurden für unseren Geschmack zu nah an den Rand gelegt/geworfen. Immerhin gab es Schwimmwesten die verteilt wurden. Die Fahrt dauerte gefühlt Stunden, aber wir kamen sicher an. Abenteuer pur!

    Das letzte Bild zeigt die Insel von der Punta Jesus Maria, eine Sandbank die in der Trockenzeit bis zu 1km in den See ragt.
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