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  • Day15

    Landa Park

    July 17, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    Wow! Was für eine schöne Strecke das heute war!

    Zunächst ging es sehr hügelige Wälder in Serpentinen rauf und runter, mit tollen Aussichten in tiefe Täler mit tiefblauen Seen. Dann ging es rauf auf eine Hochebene, ins Fjell der Urvassheia. Dabei waren die Straßen zum Teil so eng, dass man nicht aneinander vorbei kam. Wie gut, dass Matti so schlank ist! Manchmal musste man auch Schafen ausweichen, die es sich auf dem warmen Asphalt bequem gemacht hatten. Kurz vor dem Ziel war dann aber die Straße gesperrt, die ich eigentlich nehmen wollte. Im Konvoi mit Safety Car vorneweg ging es einen etwa einstündigen Umweg, der aber nicht minder schön war. Der krönende Abschluss war dann eine Überfahrt mit der Fähre.

    Auch wenn ich den ganzen Tag im Auto gesessen habe, kam mir die Zeit nicht lang vor, denn es gab die geballte Ladung schöne Aussicht, sozusagen eine Scenic Outlook Overdose, sodass ich eigentlich nie müde wurde.

    Jetzt steht Matti hier für die nächsten paar Tage auf einem kleinen Platz am Rande des Lysefjords.

    Tageskilometer: 306 km
    Gesamtkilometer: 1625 km
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  • Day3

    Auf zur Preikesthole

    May 27, 2018 in Norway ⋅

    Nach dem gebrauchten Erholungsschlaf ging es zum Frühstück. Die Auswahl war riesig der Kaffee leider Furchtbar 🙈
    Nach dem Frühstück ging es 41 km zu einer kleinen Inlandsfähre auf der wir uns gerade befinden .
    Das Panorama welches sich uns bietet ist phänomenal

  • Day12


    September 6, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    ...auf die Fähre nach Lauvvik.

  • Day101


    July 13, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    Alarm was set for 8:20 we got up about 10:40. Snooze goes off every 9 minutes, I obviously pressed it a lot hhah.
    We left around 11 I would guess.
    At the start of our journey we found a petrol station so we filled up and bought some brekkie and snacks for our walk - Oreos and bananas :) heh.
    We drove up a bit and parked in a cute little rest bay thing. My baguette was delish. 👌🏻
    For our journey we had to stay on the same road until the ferry.
    We drove for about 30 minutes and then Will asked if we were still on track - it was rhetorical because why wouldn't we be but lucky he asked because nope, we were going the wrong way. 😓 a cute 2 hours later I finally was able to link us up on the map again. Longest detour ever.
    We arrived at the ferry crossing - it's the only way to get to that part of the country which is ridiculous- especially if it's such a big tourist zone.. anyway we waited only about 15mins until we drove onto the boat.
    It was a cool little experience - it didn't take long either.
    Once across we had to drive another 30 mins or so until we arrived in the car park. Another 200krone parking ticket 😩😩 this little side trip is so damn expensive - worth every penny but omg it's like 3 weeks budget for 3 days.

    It was 3:30pm by now so I enquirer at the info center when the car park closed and when the ferries stop running - 2am was the last ferry and it's a 24hr car park so we were good to go 🎉 a few time today I though we might not make it.

    Onwards and up!

    Oh god.
    The thighs.

    Within the first 50m I was sweating and already too hot.
    I preferred yesterday's weather.
    Oh how I hate hills.

    Once we reached the rocky steps it got better and I got into the zone.
    So many people were on their way back that it sometimes made it difficult to move because we have noticed all over Europe that they must not be taught the same walking courtesies as us as and they don't walk In Single file and just block paths - surely it's culture - they cant all be rude.
    Will was so impatient on many of the climbs because a lot of old people were attempting the hike and struggling hardcore. I didn't mind waiting haha.

    Let's be real walking on the flat wooden bridges across the marches was the best bits lols
    The trail got redone or walker friendlier in 2014 I think - a lot of rocks though.

    The last half of the walk was much better because it was up and down and so you got breaks.
    Didn't see a moose :(

    We finally found the rock platform. People were littered everywhere- we sat down and had some Oreos. I people watched. One little girl was crying hysterically and started screaming when her sister went near the edge - it was kinda cute.

    As expected,a lot of asians posing for photos and a few dangerously so. Don't dangle off a cliff face - this should be common sense, but no.

    As we were sitting there I notice I had a few bruises coming up from my little falls yesterday. Good, I like when my pain has evidence. It's like it validates my whinging. Though to be honest I have internalised my whining these last 2 days more so that usual because I have been having a great time. I don't often mean my complains. Well i do, just not as dramatically lol.
    Will didn't want to take a photo of me. I didn't just walk 4km for no photo on a cliff face. He ended up doing it 🤗 we for some nice couple ones too.
    The view was fantastic!

    And so began the rocky journey home.

    Our legs weren't doing well.
    I had a laughing fit on one of the last hills because I felt like I was going to fall over. I had no more strength so I tried copying an old Asian couple in front of us who were walking down backwards. It helped a little bit becuse it was some different muscles but it was too steep to keep up with out tripping over a rock.
    We overtook the couple .. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 they were struggling too 😂😂

    We were keen to eat in the resturant only it was apparently completely booked ( there was only about 4 people inside but whatever )
    So began our journey home - we had to pay for parking when leaving so we sadly did that and drove back towards the ferry.
    We waited 15 mins again for it.
    This area is nowhere near as pretty as some of the sights and landscapes we have seen.

    So obviously this time around I watched the gps like a hawk so we went the right way.
    We got to the intersection where we met up with the correct route on the way there only there were fluro signs - We had no idea what they said so we carried on.
    20 minutes later we figured out they must have said road closed - turned out we had to take the detour way anyway 😩😩😩

    Gah it's so far.

    The car gps wouldn't shut up - it kept wanting us to do a U turn because it didn't know about the road block -.-
    There were heaps of roadworks on the way back. I had anxiety it too was going to be closed and we would be stranded but we got there- phew!

    We were starving though because we got home at 11 😤😑 but the kitchen was closed 😫only the kiosk was open..
    We ended up buying a chocolate bar each and 2 mini packs of chips each.
    IT COST OVER $30 😭😭😭
    There is a lovely female worker here though ( I've only seen 2 workers for the whole place - the cranky man and her)
    She was very sympathetic lol.

    I have a blister on the under arch of my foot and when I was walking earlier I kept trying to figure out why I recognised the feeling because it's not a common blister spot.
    I cracked it. It's where I got them when I speed skated. oh beautiful nostalgia 😍lol
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