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  • Day18


    March 6 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Today the Nordnorge took us to visit the city of Ålesund - our first long stop on the Norwegian coast heading north. We left the rain behind in Bergen and we were blessed with a dry, cool day and an amazing sky. We climbed to the top of Mount Aksla (a steep but short one) to look far over the city and into the distance. A great cardio workout with amazing views as the reward. A quick stroll through the quiet city and it was back on board. We’ve had good sailing weather to date with some rolling around when the ship has been out in more open water but this is limited and easy enough to cope with.Read more

  • Day18

    First Glimpses

    March 6 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    A quick update - tonight at about 9.30pm we had our first Northern Lights showing! It was unexpected and so we were unprepared, rushing up on deck to view them and I forgot to take off my lens cap... after a few minutes of wondering what was going on, I worked it out. It was too dark to check all my settings on the new camera and so I missed capturing them. The forecast is looking good though and fingers crossed we will see them again. To the naked eye they are a grey blur that shifts across the sky. It was a great opportunity to observe the settings for more serious photographers and make a few notes for future reference. The photo here is one taken by Red (Sonia) using an iPhone app.Read more

  • Day4

    Alesund - Land of the Trolls

    September 6, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    Off the boat all day today on a tour which took in Borgundfjord, the valley of Validal, the powerful Gudbrandsjuvet Gorge and then down the 11 hairpin bends of ' Trolls Path - the Trollstigen mountain road. We also saw the waterfall at Stigrora and the Trolls Wall (3280 feet vertical mountain face) at Andalsnes.
    The weather could have been kinder at the start but the rain stopped and we had dry coach stops until the final one where the Wall was lost to low level cloud. Overall, a great day out.
    We were back on board for another delicious dinner and ended the day watching another show from the entertainment team who range from very good to room for improvement!
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  • Day391

    Bergsøya Island + underwater video

    July 22, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Today was another warm sunny day that showed the glorious Norwegian scenery at its best; rich green trees covering so much of the landcape, brightly coloured flowers at the roadside, including some magnificent displays of blue, pink and purple Lupins, blue skies, lakes and sea with silver sparkles of reflected sunshine- just gorgeous!

    Making a pitstop for lunch just before the little bridge to Valsøya island, Will took the chance to fish, then snorkle in the mini bay and the Straight. The water was clear and the sun lit the underwater world beautifully, the wavelets causing light to shimmer on the little fish and long strands of fawn coloured weed. There is a video of what he saw on VnW Travels' You Tube channel here:

    Driving on, we took to island hopping. From the mainland we crossed a bridge to Valsøya, swiftly followed by another bridge to a small island and back again to the mainland, through which we travelled for some time before boarding a ferry to cross from to town of Halsanaustan to Kanestraum. Despite it being a short sail, we had time to get out of the van and up on deck to enjoy the warm wind and sea views from this smooth and efficiently run ship. A few more bridges and we'd reached the island of Bergsøya where we found a large layby to spend the night. We are covering so much distance and visiting so many islands that we are getting to the ridiculous situation of not knowing whether we are on the mainland or an island without looking at a map!

    Our stopover looked out onto the sea, with a few small islands and a view of the mainland accross the water. Behind the van was the impressive Gjemnessundbrua bridge, leading back to another point on the mainland. Ahead was a tunnel which would take us under the sea to the island of Hansøya. Will was revelling in all this water and took his rod over the road to fish, coming back with a big smile on his face because he'd managed to catch our tea; a good looking Pollack big enough for the both of us to share!

    That night was the time we'd been able to watch the sun set for about a month!
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  • Day392

    Håholmen, Geitøya, Atlantic Ocean Road

    July 23, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Travelling through Norway is unlike any other country we've been to. Within a kilometre of leaving our island stopover, we'd submerged ourselves in the 5km long Freifjordtunnelen undersea tunnel, complete with crawler lanes for each ascent. We then crossed countless bridges, little and large, hopping over the islands on which the town of Kristiansund was based, before once again descending into an undersea tunnel. The Atlantic Ocean Tunnel was longer, at 5.7km and levied a toll of 138NOK (about £13). Yet more bridges skipped over the large island of Averøy where we passed the village of Kårvåg and officially began our journey on the section of the 64 known as the Atlantic Ocean Road, an 8km route over an archipelago of small islands and skerries and is reputed to be 'The World's Best Road Trip'. Along its length it passes over 8 bridges that connect 17 islets.

    We pulled up at the Håholmen restplace on Geitøya island. A number of vans were staying overnight and we were lucky to find a spot facing away from them all, looking down at a pond sized section of sea in which Terns and Gulls dived for food, bobbed on the calm surface or hung around on the rocks. Beyond was a small wooden jetty, a swathe of peaty grassland and a whitewashed cottage keeping its distance from the hustle and bustle of the tourist area. The day was calm and dry and we wanted to explore this unusual section of sea with its spatterdashing of rocky islands by canoe. We launched a little awkwardly but successfully over the slippy seaweed covered rocks and set off, towards the landmark Storseisundbrua bridge. As we passed a hump shaped, uninhabited island, our attention was drawn to a Tern-like bird circling overhead crying out at us. Unlike many seabirds, this ones' feathers were all dark grey or black. It had a distinctive long fork in its tail and made it clear it did not want us near 'its' island.

    Moving on we encountered a moored boat with a jetski attached. It displayed a blue and white flag, again, something we hadn't encountered before, but luckily the person on board signalled for us to pass to the seaward side. After a few minutes we saw divers and guessed they must have been what the flag was alerting us to. However, when we saw the unmistakable silhouette of a spear gun emerge from the water, we began to think that the flag was there to protect us, rather than the divers!

    By this point we were approaching Storseisundbrua bridge and were intending to paddle underneath it, but the flow was so fast it produced standing waves. We didn't want to risk capsizing in this busy channel a few kilometers away from the van so we instead took a circuitous route back. Once Will had dropped Vicky off on the small wooden jetty, he carried on exploring for an hour or so, finding a small bridge to skirt under and approaching the van from the other side of the island.

    Upon his return we looked up the black seabird and found it to be an Arctic Skua; a pirate of the sea who feeds by terrorising other birds until they disgorge their last meal for it!

    That evening we were enveloped by a blanket of fog that blotted out all but the nearest features of the island we were on. It persisted through the night and we were considering postponing the second leg of our journey along the highly scenic Atlantic Ocean Road until the following day, but after we'd had a walk up to a nearby viewpoint, it had lifted and there was even hints of blue sky!
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  • Day393

    E39 layby SW of Vestnes

    July 24, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We made a good start to the day by completing the second leg of the short but scenic Atlantic Ocean Road running between Kårvåg on Averøy and Vevang on the mainland. The blue sky was slowly revealing itself as the sun burned through the lingering cloud. The sea calmly lapped at the many low lying islands and skerries over which we drove or by which we passed. We were once again transported into 'picture-postcard land' with charming little wooden board houses of burgundy, white or pale yellow nestling individually in hollows that would protect them from the elements on wilder days than this.

    Beyond this idyll we began to see more and more signs of the high density human habitation we'd been used to in the rest of Europe. Towns with concrete houses, factories and large shops are becoming gradually more frequent as we head south but there is still a whole lot of unpopulated countryside.

    By lunch time the sun was fully out so we found a layby with picnic benches that had views down a tree lined valley and over its fjord. Will found an electric socket in the toilets which he was able to plug his shaver into (a lot easier than trying to charge our bulky and heavy power pack from the 12V socket then hoping it would have enough electricity to last until the end of the shave!). Poppy had sat out with us but the older she gets the less well she copes with heat. She ended up being very grateful for the cool blown air when we once again set off. We are still north of Scotland's Shetland islands and have been surprised at how hot it can get on a sunny day up here.

    We'd already passed through many tunnels and over many bridges and it was near the end of the day's drive that we came to a queue for a ferry. Although we'd programmed the route into the sat nav and seen there were ferries, we are covering so much distance and passing through so many regions that we can rarely keep the names of places in our heads. So it was, that we boarded the ferry in a town whose name we didn't know and travelled for an unknown length of time to a port whose name we didn't know. We are getting a lot more relaxed about taking ferries and bought our 403 NOK (£40) ticket on board when we happened to bump into an official who sold them.

    After disembarking we drove for a while along the busy E39. We hadn't seen any good overnight spots for a while so settled on a layby a little way off the road. It was noisy and the larger vehicles rocked the van slightly as they passed but it did the the job for the night.
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  • Day39

    Alesund Norway

    July 26, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Hi Family

    We have had two incredible days in the fjords. Yesterday we arrived in Flam early in the morning where there was a spectacular cloud hanging around the cliffs of the fjord. After brekkie on the deck we set off for a big day climbing up one of the steepest roads in Norway up numerous hair pin bends in a bus. Amazingly the sun kept breaking through. The scenery as we looked back to the Aurlands fjord was out of this world. There were neat little farms and patches of snow on the mountain tops , numerous waterfalls and fast flowing rivers tumbling over rocks. Pools as clear as a bell . We often had to pass other buses on single lane roads very scary!!! We had lunch in a majestic old hotel and walked up onto the grass roof of the culture centre for a fabulous view down the valley. Then we went on two trains . The last one stopped at Kjosfossen waterfall right beside the track where the spray covered us. Hilariously a lady dressed in red popped out the vegetation beside the waterfall and danced to some haunting music. Bizarre. The ride back down to the ship was so lovely. After our return we had cocktails and caviar as the ship sailed slowly through the fjord. We had the urge to burst into song but controlled ourselves. Certainly it was one of those moments we will never forget and probably the best day so far .Now we are in another fjord at a town called Alesund which has art nouveau architecture . We went to the high point above the town and looking down was quite amazing. It was sunny while we were out and surprisingly the last few days have been the warmest of our trip so far. We don't leave here until 11.30 as we don't have far to go tonight so we plan to eat up on the deck by the pool. My back has been so terrible that I decided to try a short course of Bette's prednisone and after one day it is better than it has been in 5 weeks. Not sure what will happen when I stop. Bette's right knee is playing up and she will have to have that investigated on our return. We trust Lucy and Josh got away and that Ruby had a wonderful birthday with her school mates. Can't believe you are 6 !!! Miss you all all of love ❤️
    Barb& Bette
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  • Day13

    Fjorderkundung per Kajak

    July 28, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Durch idyllische Täler mit Gletscherflüssen (die Landschaft erinnert sehr an Alaska) und zahlreiche, schwindelerregende Serpentinen rollten wir bergab nach Geiranger am Geirangerfjord! Dieser ist einer der bekanntesten Fjorde und gehört zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe!

    Das wollten wir uns doch mal genauer ansehen, und so buchten wir eine 2-stündige, geführte Kajaktour!
    Nach einer kurzen Einführung ging's dann mit noch 3 weiteren (1 netter Schweizer, 2 wortkarge Asiaten) und unserem Guide Danny, trotz ziemlich starkem (aber total warmen) Wind los!
    Die Technik hatten wir - im Gegensatz zu den zwei Asiaten - gleich raus und so ruderten wir an Küste und Steilklippen entlang, aber nicht zu dicht, wegen möglicher herabfallender Steine! Unser Guide Danny (ursprünglich aus der Ukraine, macht den Job schon seit ein paar Jahren über den Sommer) berichtete uns Spannendes über diesen Ort, den Fjord, die Einwohner, die Höfe hoch oben an den Klippen, die Tiere in diesem Gebiet und auch spannende Geschichten von früher, die sich die Leute hier erzählen. Wir waren begeistert!!!! 😍

    Auch sahen wir von der Ferne den bekannten Wasserfall "Sieben Schwestern".
    Der Sage nach wollte der Freier (Fels am anderen Ufer) jede der Schwestern heiraten. Leider lehnten alle sieben ab! Daraufhin wurde er zum Alkoholiker, der Arme! Das zeigt uns der Wasserfall an diesem Felsen, der die Form einer Flasche hat! 🤣

    Doch jedes Abenteuer hat ein Ende und so suchten wir uns heute einen Campingplatz an einem tosenden Wasserfall. Denn duschen sollten wir auch wieder mal und zum ersten Mal Wäsche waschen! 😁
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  • Day35


    August 6, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Zum Frühstück gab es Camperpfanne Deluxe, mit frisch gebratenem Lachs. Leider nicht selbstgefangen. Überhaupt stellt sich das mit dem Selberfangen gerade schwierig dar. Wir wollten hier wie auch schon auf der Insel Runde eigentlich gerne eine geführte Angeltour aufs offene Meer machen. Nur finden wir niemanden, der uns mit raus nimmt. In der kurzen Zeit, die uns noch zu dritt bleibt, ist es auch nicht möglich, noch einen Abstecher zu einem entsprechenden Anbieter zu machen. So wird diese Aktion wohl bei einer anderen Gelegenheit durchgeführt werden müssen.
    Heute stand Sightseeing in Thrilling Kristiansund auf dem Programm. Ich weiß nicht, lag es am Sonntag oder ist dieser Ort wirklich so tot wie er sich uns präsentierte? Wir irrten jedenfalls eine ganze Weile durchs Zentrum auf der Suche nach dem prallen Hafenstadtleben. Nur fanden wir es nicht. Immerhin konnten wir den Plan, Fischsuppe zu essen, umsetzen, aber danach hielt uns nichts mehr hier.
    Enttäuscht durch den teuren Tunnel zurück auf dem Campingplatz konnten wir zum Glück wenigstens das Frauenendspiel in einem urigen Hinterzimmer des Haupthauses sehen.
    Der Entschluss, morgen abzureisen, fiel uns aber ganz und gar nicht schwer.
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