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  • Day26

    Das australische Portugal

    September 15, 2017 in Portugal

    Dieser Strand ist echt krass! Man fühlt sich wie in Australien wenn man die rote Steilküste entlang läuft. Irre! Ich war zum Sonnenaufgang da. Noch schöner ist es beim Sonnenuntergang. Dann leuchtet die Felswand richtig rot.

  • Day10

    If the beaches (praias) here weren’t that packed with people at this time of the year (come here in spring time!), they, for sure, would be the most beautiful ones in Portugal and worth to stay at for some beach days. However, after some days we preferred going back to the West Coast and its less crowded and wider beaches (even if the water is quite colder).

  • Day80


    October 25 in Portugal

    Zumindest mal in der Region wo ich die nächsten Monate bleiben will 🙂🙃😎👍
    Heute waren wir noch ganz im Westen beim Leuchtturm und der letztem Bratwurst vor Amerika 😆😎🌭
    Morgen werde ich Plätze erkunden.

  • Day14

    Vida Nova Wine Tour, Guia

    May 15 in Portugal

    Jacob and Jodie took us to a winery for a tour, and tasting, of course! Vida Nova means New Life. We found out why this area is so good for grapes--the abundant sunshine and constant sea breezes that prevent molds on the grapevines. The wine was great!

  • Day12

    Albufeira, Portugal

    May 13 in Portugal

    Jacob and Jodie met up with us in the afternoon, and we went into town. Albufeira used to be a fishing village, and now is a bustling tourist town with beaches, tourist activities, and nightlife. There are lots of restaurants, of course—here we are at a good Chinese restaurant.

    Most of the buildings in town are white, but there are some pastel condos by the marina. The chimneys in the Algarve (Southern coast of Portugal) are made of pottery, unique, and varied.Read more

  • Day16

    Jacob and Jodie left for home. It was sad to say goodbye, but we'll see them in England.
    Now it was time to wash clothes. Our attempts to find a laundromat were funny: At our resort, there is none, but they told us we could find one at a resort across the road. We asked directions, got a map, and walked all around, finally finding it, but there were only two washers and one dryer, and parking was not close. So we searched online and found one, but it was closed for the lunch hour. Then we found a tourist information place and couldn’t understand all of the information, except we found out that a certain grocery store chain, Intermarche, sometimes has laundry facilities. We knew there was one close to our resort, so went there. It only had 2 washers and 1 dryer, but we could drive up, we could get change in the store, and they had coffee and yummy custard tarts!

    Next, we went in search of a beach for a good view. We didn’t stay as it was time for dinner. We found a great Portuguese restaurant a few blocks from our condo, and got a complete meal for 11 euros (about $13): soup or salad, garlic bread, fish or meat, potatoes or rice, a whole decanter of wine, dessert, and coffee! It was delicious and the service was wonderful too!
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  • Day29

    Hi folks,
    Last Wednesday, Mike and I left the Douro Valley on a postcard perfect day. Bright blue skies, sunshine on the vineyards and the sound of the village’s old men arguing at the local cafe- likely over a strong coffee with a side of muscatel, as is their custom. We pointed the Peugeot south to find more sun and ended up in the town of Evora located in the south Alentejo region. Mike wanted to get some miles in so we wouldn’t have a huge drive on Friday. Our drive took us up, up out of the Douro onto an expansive plain. Earlier on this trip I was wondering about the source of all the cheese and milk, and beef. We found it on this huge plain. Hundreds of kms of cattle and grazing lands.
    Evora was a nice surprise considering neither of us had even heard of the place. Lots of historic sites including the ruins of an old Roman temple, an impressive ancient aqueduct and the second oldest University in Portugal. In fact there were so many ancient/historic sites in Evora that we came across a castle that wasn’t even on the tourist map- ho hum, another castle.
    We lucked out and got a room in a small funky hotel with a roof bar. Nice place to sip some local wines. And we caught some great weather. Wandered in the countryside to see the area’s cork groves. This area of Portugal produces over 50% of the world’s cork. It comes from a specific oak tree which has actually adapted to produce a thick bark to survive forest fires. The bark of the lower trunk areas of these trees are harvested every 7 years or so. Much of the cork goes to wine stoppers although you wonder if that’s a good future source of income given the move to other products and screw tops.
    Another interesting thing about the Evora area is the number of neolithic or prehistoric standing stones or (new word...... cromlechs). Mike is excited that he has a new crossword word and one with which he can baffle his friend Burns. We hiked up to a couple of these cromlech areas and wondered at the ingenuity it must have taken to create something so precise in 6000 BC. Mike said it was the structure he’s been most impressed with so far in Portugal because it was all built without EU funding ( zzzzing)
    On Friday we blasted the last 200km back to the coast to the town of Albufeira on the Algarve. We were met by our Air Band B host and some wet, rainy weather. We are reminded often that this country needs the rain as they suffered terribly from forest fires only 2 years ago and this will give them some protection. Can’t argue with that since we have experienced the same on the west coast. Anyway, the forecast is looking up!
    For the next few days we are staying in a condo within walking distance of the old town of Albufeira. Unfortunately, our first impressions of Albufeira when we biked through a few weeks ago have turned out to be pretty accurate. Lots of stag and hen parties, loud bars and sunburnt Brits. On Friday night the town felt like a bad all- inclusive resort. Lots of signs for full English breakfasts and Sunday roast beef dinners. Mike said, why don’t they just stay home? I replied, the weather of course. But the weather has actually been warmer in the UK this week. Enjoy it up there, Al and Helen. In fairness, the beaches here are beautiful and we have easy access to lots of lovely small villages which we will visit over the next few days. We have a number of recommendations for restaurants and places to see so we’ll stay out of trouble.
    Yesterday we “headed for the hills” and spent some time visiting the super well preserved castle at Silves that is the best example of moorish, military architecture in Portugal. If Helen were here she would describe it much more eloquently no doubt. We then drove up, up to the hills and had a lovely meal in the village of Monchique. Wildboar stew for me and a huge“mature bull”steak for Mike. We had lots of leftovers tonight. Away from abundant seafood on the coast, Portuguese cuisine is very heavy on meat, loads of carbs with hardly a vegetable in sight. Yesterday, the waitress asked me THREE times if I really wanted a salad with my meal as the portion was so large.
    . We head back to Lisbon on Friday to drop off our trusty Peugeot and then we take the milk-run flight route home Saturday via London and Toronto. We hope to see the girls and Malcolm enroute.
    Well that’s about it for Portugal. I don’t expect much more excitement or news over the next few days.
    We’re looking forward to getting home as much as we’ve enjoyed this latest adventure.
    Thanks for traveling with us,
    We look forward to seeing most of you soon. Until then........
    Signing off from Albufeira, Portugal.
    Love Heather/ Mom.
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  • Day11

    On to Albufeira Portugal

    May 12 in Portugal

    Then we went around Seville and crossed the border into Portugal. Upon arriving in Albuferia, the GPS lady couldn’t find our condo and took us all over on some one-track “roads” so we asked someone for directions. Our condo is at a Golf resort and is very nice. We are looking forward to having Jacob and Jodie join us tomorrow!

  • Day174


    October 6, 2017 in Portugal

    Hello again, I'm getting lazy, the sun is still shining and sky is blue. Only a few of things worthy or note to tell you about.
    The whales we saw, we are fairly sure we're Brydes Whales
    The night before we left Alvor john had already gone to bed and I was getting there when we heard a very loud scraping noise and assumed that as it was dark some idiot had just run into us, Opps we had run into some we had managed to trip our superdooper Rocna anchor and it was dragging, good or bad we hit the only other boat in the anchorage rather than ending up on a sand bank. Needless to say I got little sleep that night, but the anchor had held fine for previous 36hours, we have to assume that as we swung round on it in the afternoon with the tide change that it tripped.
    Last thing was that on our way to Albufeira we saw a submarine I tried to take a photo but you still can't really see it , we used the binoculars.
    The cliffs to Albufeira were dramatic, and as you can see the buildings in the marina are all pastels a bit twee but nice.
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  • Day21

    Paderne Castle

    February 23, 2013 in Portugal

    Found ruins of this ancient and drove here for a wee exploration. Extremely high walls certainly made it difficult for enemies to enter (and tourists! We weren't able to get in either...it was unattended so no gate or anything...).

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