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  • Day80

    Lake Bohinj

    August 25, 2017 in Slovenia

    After a day of waterfalls and mountains it was time for a swim at the beautiful Lake Bohinj.
    While Lake Bohinj may not be as glamourous as Lake Bled, it is less crowded, and an ideal summer holiday destination. People come to chill out or to swim in the blue-green clear water. There are lots of outdoor pursuits like kayaking, cycling, hiking - it is big enough to accommodate everyone, and it is close to all the quaint villages including where we are staying (about 15 minutes).Read more

  • Day69

    Lake Bohinj

    August 25, 2017 in Slovenia

    This is a beautiful place. Very unspoiled as part of the National Park with camping, serious hiking, biking, canoeing and swimming (although just a little icy). Tonight is our last night in Slovenia, tomorrow we are on the road again to Italy for the next part of our trip. Slovenia is a truely beautiful country- one of my favourite places we've been to so far.

  • Day80

    Slap Savica, Triglav National Park

    August 25, 2017 in Slovenia

    Beautiful 24 degrees today, perfect for a hike up to Slap Savica ( Savica Waterfall) in the Triglav National Park. It is 78 m high and is fed by a karst spring just above the waterfall. The waterfall continues in a stream which flows into the Bohinj lake as its main source.
    There were 500 stone steps up to the waterfall - lovely shady trees and the sound of water flowing over the rocks as we climbed the steps made it easier. Photos don't do it justice .Read more

  • Day69

    Cable Car & Chairlift

    August 25, 2017 in Slovenia

    After the long hike to the waterfall and back we then took the cable car then the chair lift up to the top of the mountain. View across to the Julian Alp and Mt Triglav ( highest mountain in Slovenia) were spectacular, also looking down onto the top.end of Lake Bohinj.

  • Day318

    Bohinj Lake and Savica Waterfall

    May 10, 2017 in Slovenia

    Our four days at Bled were over. Ali and Tom had booked a hotel in Ljubljana, but before we returned to Slovenia's capital city we wanted to squeeze a little more nature time out of our stay in the North West. We'd heard from several people that Lake Bohinj was even more beautiful than Bled so we thought we'd put it to the test.

    On arriving, we first drove alongside the lake to the start of a walking trail that would take us to Savica Slap, a 78m high waterfall. There was a small charge for parking and admission but we loved the walk. It was a steep climb up the V shaped valley, through Beech forest where the copper leaves of last autumn still carpeted the floor. White Wood Anemones bejeweled with raindrops grew here and there among a few other wild flowers. The views of the river along whose course we walked, were obscured by the trees much of the time but there were a few viewpoints along the way, including one that showed a great outline of the glacial U-shaped valley that Lake Bohinj was part of. We've often said that our travels are one great big Geography field trip and this was a perfect example.

    Savica Slap was a tall thin stream of white water emerging from a narrow fissure in a cliff face at the head of the valley. A smaller waterfall beginning some way down formed an 'A' shape as both plunged into the green-blue pool at its base. Unfortunately the path that led down to this pool was gated so we couldn't get as close as we would have liked, though it was still impressive from our vantage point.

    Returning to the van, we drove and parked at a layby near the shore of Lake Bohinj. Walking through a wide band of trees, we reached the still surface of the water. The area was far less developed than Bled; the only building we could see was a small wooden topped house on the distant shore and there was only one boat making its way towards where we had just come from. We seem to be saying this a lot in our Slovenia blog posts, but the scenery was stunning!

    It didn't take long to get to Ljubljana. We stopped at the same overnighter we'd used when we met Cath and Paul only 2 weeks ago. Ali and Tom's hotel was even closer to us and after they'd booked in we met them for drinks at a riverside bar near the famous Triple Bridge. The wildlife in Ljubljana is incredibly tame and Tom amused himself and us by feeding the Sparrows on the wall beside our table.
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  • Day22

    Lac de Bohinjska et Lac de Bled

    October 2 in Slovenia

    Le Lac de Bohinjska a su garder son côté sauvage au milieu des massifs montagneux (nous avons retrouvé la fraîcheur.. je dirais même qu'on a froid) tandis que celui de Bled est plus touristique mais une vraie carte postale

  • Day224

    Day 225: Lake Bohinj & Slap Savica

    September 27, 2017 in Slovenia

    Slightly more relaxed day today. Got up a bit late since neither of us had slept all that well - the room got quite warm with the heating, so overheating under the doona happens quite quickly. Had breakfast in the room, then hopped in the car heading for our first destination: Lake Bohinj.

    This is another lake about 20 minutes drive west of Lake Bled. Quite a bit larger, but much more rural and remote. Since it was already after 11, we grabbed a couple of bureks on the way out of Bled and tucked in for an early lunch when we arrived at Bohinj. Very pretty scenery, since the lake was super still and we got lots of great reflections of the trees on the water.

    Everything seemed set up for hordes of people that just weren't there, so I assume it's quite a busy place during summer. I think you can do a lot more watersport here, like swimming, fishing and kayaking, more than in Lake Bled at any rate. I think it's probably also where Slovenians go on their camping holidays, avoiding the (mostly international) crowds at Lake Bled.

    Wandered around a little bit, checking out a few different vantage points and taking some photos. Surprised a young German guy at the deserted campground who was emerging from the lake in his birthday suit! Not sure who was more startled at the accidental nudity; probably us since Germans are stereotypically comfortable in the buff.

    Decided to press on for our secondary destination, Savica Waterfall. It was a bit further along the road we'd already driving down, at the far end of the lake. Another 10 minutes drive to the carpark where we actually had to pay for parking! Though thankfully the walk up to the waterfall was free, and Schnitzel was allowed as well!

    Surprisingly tough walk, around 30 minutes mostly uphill, and several hundred stairs. Good views from the top though, and the waterfall was very powerful though not as tall as the one we'd seen the other day. Nice spot.

    Back down we went and back to the car, where we drove back to our apartment in Bled. Rather than have another super busy day we decided to chill out for the rest of the afternoon, so Shandos had a snooze and I worked on some video and a bit of forward planning.

    In the evening we drove back around to Shandos's parents' hotel, where we had dinner again. More tasty food, good company and long chats!
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  • Day15

    Lake Bohinj

    August 19, 2017 in Slovenia

    We didn't want the rain to stop us from making something out of the day (which is not so easy in a purely outdoors-oriented destination like Bled). Thus, we took a bus to the close by lake of Bohinj, to at least walk around a bit and have some coffee.

  • Day6

    Lake Bohinj

    July 22 in Slovenia

    From Tolmin we drove through the mountains to Bohinj. It is a small village neighboring the Triglav National Park and at the foot of a big lake. When we arrived in the early afternoon it was raining and the clouds were very low in the sky making it difficult to see the extend of the lake. In the meantime it became clear that Bohinj is gaining quite some touristic attention. Luckily no big busses and hotels yet, but compared to the other places we visited it is definitely a more popular place.

    The big clouds disappeared towards the evening and as such we decided to drive around the lake and go for a hike to the Savica waterfall.
    It was definitely worth it! Beautiful clouds floating on top of the lake made some very pretty pictures. Also the scenery with the mountains was very beautiful. A bit further we hiked up in the forest to the waterfall. Because of the bad weather we were almost alone there and so we could enjoy the beautiful place. On our way back we stopped again along the lake and saw the sky turn orange and red. Very beautiful and peaceful.
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