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  • Day77


    October 21, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Das letzte Mal in der ältesten Stadt Europas.
    Es ging hoch hinaus auf die wunderschöne Kathedrale und da wir heute recht spät auslaufen (23 Uhr), haben wir uns nochmals einen leckeren Tapasabend in der Altstadt gegönnt - gibt ja sonst nichts zu Essen auf dem Kutter. 😉

  • Day17


    May 4, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Heute haben wir vom Campingplatz eine kleine Radtour ans Meer nach Conil gemacht. Anschließend ging es nach Cadiz. Jetzt warten gerade auf unser Menu-Surprise! Um dem Chaos zu entgehen haben wir den Wagen am Stadtrand stehen gelassen und sind mit dem Rad am Strand entlang in die Altstadt gefahren. Wenn wir hier aufbrechen geht es langsam wieder Richtung Heimat.Read more

  • Day98


    January 6 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Missed Cadiz out last year but always fancied a wander around the old town. Couldn't have parked any further away but enjoyed a walk along the beach. The front is like many tourist towns with high rise hotels, bars and resturants however once into the old town it's a maze of narrow cobbled streets. It was and extremely warm day and we walked over 8 miles, Tess did amazingly well although she was very tired when we got back to the van, as were we! A really good day but a very busy place. Ideal for a days sightseeing but not where we would choose to spend more than a day or two.Read more

  • Day5

    Day 5 - Cadiz

    September 14, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Wow! So far, every day has been better than the last. Cadiz is absolutely amazing.

    Today started off great. Tim squeezed us some fresh orange juice to drink after our morning workout. Then we hung our laundry to dry on the rooftop clotheslines and took the bus across town to "New Cadiz", where the beautiful Playa Victoria spans miles down the coast. It is one of the most beautiful beaches either of us have ever seen - a wide beach with soft sand and clear, warm, calm water. There is a stunning backdrop of "Old Cadiz" - stone walls and fortresses lining the coast. We relaxed and read on the beach for hours before grabbing lunch at a seaside cafe (seafood paella with green sauce). We then walked the mile or so back to our Airbnb for a late afternoon siesta.

    After the siesta we finished our bottle of wine, danced a little, and read our books on the rooftop. Then we walked through the streets until we found a nice outdoor restaurant for dinner - delicious tapas of sausage and grilled clams followed cuttlefish...we ordered this knowing it was local to the city but thinking it was a fish and having no idea it was really a giant, purple, grilled squid. It was actually pretty good, but I don't think we'll order it again! Then we wandered several more windy alleys before a couple of beers on a beachside bar to finish the night.

    We love Cadiz!!!
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  • Day4

    Day 4 - Cadiz Arrival!

    September 13, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Today might have been the best one yet, despite being a travel day. Checked out of our Madrid Airbnb, had one last pastry from our favorite breakfast spot, and ventured to the train station. Had a lovely train ride south, even catching a great view of the Mezquita in Córdoba.

    Cadiz was one of the cities on this trip that I was most excited about, as I discovered it through my own research without any recommendations from friends and family and was anxious to see what it was all about! So far, it did not disappoint! Cadiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. There are fortresses, stone walls, and several beaches lining the coast. We sipped cervezas while watching the sunset over a fortress from the 16th century (2,500+ years after the city was discovered by the Phoenicians) on the water. The old fishermen's city is also known for its seafood, and that's all we've eaten since our arrival - mussels (unexpectedly cold, but fresh), garlic shrimp, and fresh grilled snapper. Now it's time to enjoy the bottle of red wine left by our Airbnb host on the rooftop of this wonderful apartment! Buenos noches!

    Beach tomorrow!!
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  • Day27

    Museum von Cadiz

    December 19, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Um 1100 v. Chr. entstand an der Küste die phönizische Siedlung Gadir. Das Museum von Cádiz, das sich im ehemaligen Kloster San Francisco befindet, beherbergt eine schöne phönizische Sammlung. Was gibt es besseres bei Regenwetter als ein trockenes Museum?
    Einiges von dem, was wir sehen, wie die Sarkophage und die Statuetten kommt uns bekannt vor, haben wir doch ähnliches letztes Jahr im Museum in Beirut gesehen. Anderes wiederum, wie die Büsten, haben wir in der Form auch noch nicht gesehen.
    Bild 4 zeigt eine Statue des Melkart, des Hauptgottes von Tyros - die phönizische Mutterstadt - der im Laufe der römischen Epoche von Cádiz dann gleichgesetzt wurde mit Herkules.
    Ein spannender Ausflug in die Geschichte, der uns mal wieder ein paar neue Einblicke bietet... 🤔
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  • Day27


    December 19, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Wir bummeln noch ein bisschen durch die Gassen von Cádiz, was allerdings im strömenden Regen nur bedingt Spaß macht, spitzen noch in die Kathedrale hinein, sind aber nicht gewillt, 5 Euro Eintritt für eine Kirche zu bezahlen. Museum und römische Ausgrabungsstätte waren kostenlos zu besichtigen 🤔. Fürs spanische Mittagessen sind wir zu früh, noch länger möchten wir nicht im Regen rumspazieren, also zurück aufs Schiff und erstmal trockenlegen...
    Auf der Albatros erwartet uns die nächste Änderung: der Hafen von Cádiz wird um 22 Uhr geschlossen. Entweder die Albatros ist dann schon weg, oder wir liegen über Nacht, was allerdings bedeuten würde, dass wir es nicht mehr pünktlich nach Monaco schaffen (und damit eventuell unseren Rückflug verpassen). Da Liegezeit bis 23 Uhr angekündigt war, können wir nur beten, dass es allen anderen Landgängern auch zu nass ist.
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  • Day641

    Cadíz Strand

    March 29, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    As much as we had enjoyed our stay at Playa de los Lances, the weather had become overcast and with a just month to explore the whole of western Spain we needed to get a move on!

    Before we could leave, we needed to pump up the back tyre again. It was behaving like a slow puncture, which meant we'd need to take it to a garage. Unfortunately, the hole allowed air to escape a lot faster than we'd expected and when on the motorway we were hailed by a passing car, we knew immediately what the problem was and pulled over onto the narrow hard shoulder. A quick look confirmed our fears; the tyre was flat as a pancake! Being on the left, there was no way we were going to risk standing in the carriageway to pump it up, so we called Saga breakdown, then got out to sit behind the crash barrier and wait. Luckily it was a dry day, not too hot and not too cold. In just over an hour's time a transit van arrived and the two guys informed us they could fix the tyre then and there for €15. When we readily agreed, they proceeded to lay a little square of carpet down and kneel in the inside lane to remove the wheel. There were cars pulling out and zooming by at full speed but they hadn't even put out any warning cones! Our nerves were in tatters for their safety, but everything went well and after they'd removed the offending roofing nail and pushed a glued length of rubber into the puncture, tested it and refitted the wheel. 90 minutes after calling the breakdown hotline, the recovery people watched us drive away, then overtook with a friendly beep when they were sure the tyre was holding! We still can't quite believe they knelt down on the motorway to fix our tyre (albeit with a square of carpet to protect their knees), but we are very grateful to them and touch wood, the repair will last for a good long time.

    There were fewer roads to choose from on our journey northwards and it was necessary (but not undesirable) to go via Cadíz then Seville. Cadíz is reputedly the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Europe and we were planning on staying in this coastal town, but approaching it via a long sandy strand, our eyes were drawn to a large car parking area over the other side of the dual carriageway, adjacent to the dunes. We made a quick decision that we'd rather stay there and turned round at the next exit. The area extended far enough away from the road for traffic noise not to be a problem. It was bordered by a weathered wooden fence, beneath which a multitude of bright flowers opened their petals to the sunshine and quivered in the sea breeze. Spring has sprung down here in Spain! The wind also whipped up excitement in Poppy, who bounded over the low dune to watch Will skimming stones on the surf.

    We spent a few hours on the beach, sheltering from the wind in a dune hollow and flying the kite. Will went body boarding and we again noted the sudden increase in tidal range since passing through the Gibraltar Straights and over to the Atlantic.

    Being so close to the town of Cadíz, we ummed and ahhed about whether to visit. We had decided to do so the following morning, but quickly changed our minds when we awoke to a chilly grey day, with heavy downpours thundering on the roof. We instead opted for a drive through. High rise flats with balconies lined the outskirts, but the original settlement was surrounded by a thick, castelated stone wall with black canons visible through the battlements. We passed through via a large archway and soon reached the industrial port area. Our exit route took us over a striking modern suspension bridge whose white painted cables fanned out from the inverted V struts. Cadíz certainly had some memorable features, but we were glad we'd had the option to view them from Martha's warm, dry cab.
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  • Day27

    Cadiz im Regen

    December 19, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Nach 1 1/2 Tagen durchaus recht bewegter See erreichen wir früh um 8 Uhr den vorletzten Hafen unserer Reise, das spanische Cádiz. Das europäische Festland empfängt uns mit ziemlich viel und ziemlich nassen Regen. Und es sieht auch nicht so aus, als würde das heute noch mal besser.... 🙄
    Petrus stimmt uns quasi ein auf kalt und ungemütlich zuhause. Wie gut, dass wir Sevilla und Andalusien schon mal gesehen haben, und daher nicht in Versuchung geraten sind, einen Ausflug zu buchen.
    Es hilft ja nix, daher machen wir uns nach einem späten Frühstück auf, Cádiz im Regen zu erkunden. An der Plaza de Espana mit seinem Denkmal an die erste moderne Verfassung Spaniens von 1812 gibt die Kamera endgültig auf. Zuerst der feine Sand der Namib, dann die heißen 80% Luftfeuchtigkeit in Westafrika und jetzt auch noch 100% Luftfeuchtigkeit in Cádiz: die Kamera, die die letzten 2 Wochen noch mit gutem Zureden funktioniert hat, macht gar nix mehr. Wenigstens haben wir die alte Ersatzkamera in der Tasche.
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  • Day74

    Cadiz mit dem Roller

    December 14, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Mit dem Roller nach Cadiz und da war heute richtig etwas los. Ute konnte wieder mal richtig bummeln und Schaufenster anschauen. Einen Weihnachtsmarkt haben wir auch entdeckt und wieder eine Flamenco Tänzerin. In der Stadt gibt es noch viel in den engen Gassen zu entdecken.
    Wir sind schon am überlegen ob wir bis nach Weihnachten auf dem Campingplatz bleibenRead more

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